1. english

    She thought she saw a stranger, but he turned out to be her neighbor who was back from vacation early. this would be a compound sentence, correct?
  2. English

    What is the independent and dependent cluase of this sentence: "One of our most experienced trainers drowned in an incident with one of the killer whales," he said.
  3. english

    please explain the use of Using regular and irregular Verbs in this sentence below: Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids.
  4. English 101

    The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic. Niraj, I do not see anything wrong with that sentence. What is your question?
  5. Spanish

    Rewriting this sentence in DIRECT OBJECT PRONOUNS. -Vamos a ver a mi actor favorito en el teatro.
  6. college english

    How to correct this sentence Since 1980, the aids epidemic has continued to spread widely throughout the world.
  7. ENG1511

    paraphrase the sentence, ''To cut a long story short, one day i decided to be a man about my feelings.''
  8. Similes

    Complete each sentence with a simile. His tail wagged like..... the old man petted him as tenderly as he would...... Like, can someone please help me with these two. It's driving me crazy! thank you,
  9. 4th grade English

    What would be the common noun or nouns in the following sentence: Mrs. Rawlings swims almost every day.
  10. comp

    what is the verb tense in this sentence? Education is contributing a good role of successful financial planning.
  11. LA

    Hey anybody i am trying to do a practice for my test but i suck at La can someone help me with at least one question heres one :) what is the prepostion in the sentence? i think i last saw your keys by the kitchen sink.
  12. english

    How important of a factor does money play in the lives and happiness of individuals? is this sentence grammatically correct?
  13. com 155

    Is the comma placement and capitalization correct in this sentence? The class went to the Botanical Gardens, it's a spectacular sight.
  14. vocab

    what are the common nouns in the following sentence? "He was also concerned about poverty in America, some of his paintings illustrate his varied interests."
  15. English

    Please tell me the meaning of the sentence below: "Everyone but 4 people voted for Menu I." Remember tha we hve two menus to choose from. Thanks.
  16. com 155

    Does this sentence use possessives correctly? 1. My neighbor's computer files were wiped out, so he lost all of his financial records.
  17. Critical Thinking

    A strawman is when someone makes a claim,or refute by putting words in someones mouth.Please help I need an example sentence please!!!!!!!!!
  18. com 155

    Is this sentence using the possessive correctly and are the apostrophes correct?: Vincent's personal file's are stored in the attic.
  19. ENG1511

    paraphrase the sentence, '' To cut a long story short, one day i decided to be a man about my feelings.''
  20. spanish

    Choose the answer that best completes the following sentence. _________ postres son deliciosos. a. El c. Unos b. Las d. La
  21. Grammar

    In the following sentence I think ambition is a noun that is an idea. Is that right? The strong supporter of the League of Nations had great ambitions.
  22. English

    Second guessing myself again, Cigarette advertising has been banned from television, it does, however, appear in printed material. Has to be a comma splice sentence to me am I right?
  23. Critical Thinking( Urgent)

    How would I refute this sentence please? Mike Smith should not be a presidential candidate.After all, he has never held office.
  24. Grammar

    Sam confidently placed th oars in their locks and started to pull, but we didn't move. Do I need a comma after but in th above sentence?
  25. English

    Could you please check this sentence? As I haven't heard from you, I'll email the module, you sent to me this morning, to my secretary's office myself(without making ANY CHANGES AT ALL)
  26. English

    According to some economists, neither high unemployment nor large deficits will keep the economy from rebounding. How to make this a parallel sentence?
  27. college

    in the following sentence i have to add an adjective clause at the indicated point. Companies that.....are prospering more today than firms that..... How do I answer that???
  28. English

    1. He will ask you what you like. 2. I doubt what he will do. 3. Tell me what you want. 4. I don't remember what he said. 5. I know what his job is. 6. He told me what I liked. (Are the sentences all correct? 'What' in each sentence is an interrogative
  29. Grammar

    Rewrite the following sentence, correctly using like, as, or as if. 1. Odysseus and his mean would experience great anguish, ____ Tiresias warned. A: Like or as?
  30. grammar

    If I enjoy the cruise, and if I have enough money, I shall buy a yacht on which I shall continue to party until I drop - what kind of sentence is this
  31. English

    "That is what I did to make my difference." That's what I put for my body closing sentence and my teacher considers it lame. How could I improve it?
  32. English/language arts

    What is the complete subject in the sentence That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust.
  33. grammar

    Is this sentence. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez's plane tickets, incidentally were found in the lobby. Is this correct punctuation?
  34. english 3

    Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The senator wrote a letter to Carol and _____ expressing his thanks a. they b. me c.we d.I
  35. physics

    A 55.0-kg box rests on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the surface is 0.300. What horizontal force must be applied to the box for it to start sliding along the surface?
  36. math

    A box contains only quarters and dimes. If there 10% more quarters, the total value of the money in the box would increase by 7.5%. What is the ratio of the number of quarters and dimes in the box? Express your answer as a common fraction.
  37. math

    A box contains only quarters and dimes. If there 10% more quarters, the total value of the money in the box would increase by 7.5%. What is the ratio of the number of quarters and dimes in the box? Express your answer as a common fraction.
  38. Math

    I know a ratio compares two numbers. However, my niece came home with this homework question and I'm not sure what the answer would be. Complete the ratio scale 1 then a box is drawn 6 another box is drawn 4 16 then a box is drawn 8. Please Help Thanks
  39. Physics

    A 75 kg box slides down a 25 degree ramp with an acceleration of 3.60 meters per second squared. Find the coefficient of kenetic friction between the box and the ramp. What acceleration would a 175 kg box have on this ramp?
  40. Literature

    Make a list of characters from books, movies, or t.v shows that seem particularly real or beleivable to you. You will write a detailed expository essay on the character you choose later on. My list: 1. Harry Potter 2. Pheobe Winterbottom (Walk Two Moons)
  41. Essay Key Points

    So for school I have to write an essay over rock climbing, what are some key points that I should include in my essay? I am not asking anyone to write it or form any sentences, etc.,all I am asking is for some key ideas I could use, greatly appreciated,
  42. geometry

    a cube shaped box is 6 inches wide and the rectangular box is 10 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches high. how much greater is the volume of the cube shaped box than the rectanglar box?
  43. Physics

    A 20 kg box approaches the foot of a 30 degree inclined plane with a speed of 10 m/s. the coefficient of friction between the box and the inclined plane is 0.2. (a) How far up the inclined plane will the box go? (b) If the box slides back down the inclined
  44. English

    I was to write 2 paragraphs on how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions and underline the topic sentence of each one. I would like to know if my prargraphs are okay and if I chose the TS correctly. Since I don't know how to underline here the
  45. math

    a piece of cardboard is twice as it is wide. It is to be made into a box with an open top by cutting 2-in squares from each corner and folding up the sides. Let x represent the width (in inches) of the original piece of cardboard. a.Represent the length of
  46. English

    1. Which of the following is not a type of folktale? (1 point) A. cautionary tale B. mystery** C. legend D. myth Read the following sentence: Some friends from my dance class went to the museum's ballet exhibit. Which of the following is an adjectival
  47. English

    1. He has written this novel in easy English. (active) 2. This novel is written in easy English. (passive) 3. This novel has been written in easy English.(passive) 4. He has lost his pen.(active) 5. His pen has been lost by him.(passive) 6. His pen is
  48. english

    my writing is not very nice and neat should i practice more Here is what you can do: Start a Journal (blank book), writing on alternate pages. Write in it every day. Weekly, give it to a trusted friend (mom, aunt, friend) who can take the journal and mark
  49. English

    I need help finding action-packed words... and several other things cause the mid-term marks are gonna be tomorrow so I gotta boost my mark up before I fail... Action-packed verbs are those that are very specific and vivid -- that is, they give the reader
  50. English

    1. I found the film exciting. 2. I found that the film was exciting. 3. I found the boys excited. 4. I found that the boys were excited. 5. I found the boys exciting. ------------------ Is each pair grammatical and the same? What about the last sentence,
  51. Grammar

    If the quotation is punctuated correctly in the following sentences, write C. If it is punctuated incorrectly, write I. 1. When the speaker hears a tapping sound, he says to himself, "Someone must be knocking at the door". A: I 2. For suspense and horror,
  52. Algebra I

    Question:The number of students on the football team is two more than three times the number of students on the basketball team. If the basketball team has Y students, write a variable expression for the number of students on the football team. a)3y b)3y-2
  53. Spanish

    Hey, i just wanted to know if i got the questions right? Thanks Choose the sentence in which the verb, shown in quotation marks, is grammatically correct. A. El principe no "está" en casa. ➭B. ¿Dónde "es" Maria? C. Ella "está" de México. Choose
  54. English

    Write half page for each topic. What do you feel about? or something you wish to know or learned ? in college about? 1. Test preperation. 2. Faculty expectaton. I believe this is an assignment your teacher wants YOU to write. Anyone else's opinions about
  55. English

    I'm having trouble writing an introduction to this literary analysis. It's for "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings". I'm supposed to show how the elements point of view, character, setting, tone and style, and symbolism convey the authors themes or central
  56. English

    I have to write an essay on the Crucible on connections/ disconnections. I have one idea about one of my paragraphs, but I need another to write about. My 1rst is between Elizabeth, John, and Abigail. Here are 3 sites which may give you the needed
  57. physics

    A 20kg box rests ona table and a 10kg is placed on top of the 20kg box. Determine the normal force that the table exerts on the 20kg box and the normal force that the 20kg box exerts on the 10kg box. please help
  58. physics

    16)You are pushing a 55N lawnmower across the yard. Its handle makes a 55 degree angle with the ground. What force are you exerting on the handle? A)1 N B)67.1 N C)95.89 N D)3025 N I got C 17)Two men pull a 31 kg box with forces 9.7 N and 7.6 N in both
  59. physics

    16)You are pushing a 55N lawnmower across the yard. Its handle makes a 55 degree angle with the ground. What force are you exerting on the handle? A)1 N B)67.1 N C)95.89 N D)3025 N I got C 17)Two men pull a 31 kg box with forces 9.7 N and 7.6 N in both
  60. physics

    you do 300J of work to lift a box onto a shelf a)what type of energy are you giving the box b)how much energy are you giving the box?
  61. english

    1. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? A. The local police asked the F.B.I. to assist with the case. (B). Mr. Jones visited the YMCA before becoming a member. C. Mary remembered to buy milk didn't she? D. The company held it's annual
  62. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John is considering adding balloons to the product line he sells at the shop. There will be a cost of $200.00 for leasing the necessary equipment. The cost of buying balloons and helium and paying a worker is expected to be $4.25 per unit (balloon). He
  63. precalculus

    please check my answers 1.Use Gaussian elimination to write the system of equations given below in row-echelon form. 2x+4y+z=-4 2x-4y+6z=13 4x-2y+z=6 answer:2x+4y+z=-4 8y-5z=-17 z=1 2.Find the solution to the system of equations given below. x+y+z=2
  64. word problem!!!!!!!

    three people decide to share the cost of a yacht. by bringing in an additional partner, they can reduce the cost for each by $4000. what is the total cost of the yacht? $16,000 okay how did you get that. easy i multiplied 4,000 multiplied by 4 ... it says
  65. Vectors

    How would you write a vector equation for a line using parametric equations? For example: A line is defined by x=-2-t and y=4+2t,teR. a) Write a vector equation for this line using parametric equations. b) write a second vector equation different from the
  66. Physics

    A box is pushed down an incline from point A to point B by a force F (and also under the influence of its weight). The distance from A to B, along the ramp, is 5.0 m. The force F is parallel to the incline, as shown, and has a magnitude of 2.0 N. The force
  67. algebra

    Could someone check my work; 1. Generate the first five terms in the sequence using the explicit formula. yn = –5n – 5 –30, –25, –20, –15, –10 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 –10, –15, –20, –25, –30(my answer) 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 2. What is the
  68. language art

    Which sentence provides an example of swaggered? -Marco was so ashamed at the grade he received, he only stared at the floor as he walked back to his desk. -The audience could tell Kelsie was confident, based on the way she strutted down the aisle to claim
  69. language arts

    1.Which sentence provides an example of swaggered? -Marco was so ashamed at the grade he received, he only stared at the floor as he walked back to his desk. -The audience could tell Kelsie was confident, based on the way she strutted down the aisle to
  70. ela

    is there another way of saying better understand? the snetence im trying to write is "imagery can also help the reader to better understand the poem thus the reader is able to ...(is it appropriate to write better understand again here?)"
  71. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful for your help. 1)Do you think it's possible to say: "at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries (maybe,century?)" or do I have to use the word "century" twice? 2)Do you think the sentence sounds OK: "It is
  72. Chemical Oceanography

    Avg PO4^3- []'s in the deep and surface ocn's are 2.11 and 0.71umolkg^-1. Calc the residence time of PO4^3- in the deep ocn considering the carbon budget(Figure below) Write the general equation, calculation and units. ------ represents a Box outline
  73. Physics

    A box of mass m=1.5 kg is attached to a spring with force constant k=12 and suspended on a frictionless incline that makes a 30 degree angle with respect to the horizontal. With the spring in its unstretched length, the box is released from rest at x=0.
  74. English

    I need to write an essay for english about a theme in the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I have to write my thesis on the mockery of religion (picked out of a hat). The thesis is in the traditional style with three reasons and i can only think of
  75. Algebra

    I'd like to know if I am right... A rectangular box is twice as long as it is wide. The height of the box is 3 feet less than the width. If the box is x feet wide, what polynomial represents its volume in cubic feet? A. 4x - 3 B. 2x^3 + 6x^2 C. 2x^2 - 6x
  76. Physics

    An 87-kg box is attached to a spring with a force constant of 82 N/m. The spring is compressed 11 cm and the system is released. (a)What is the speed of the box when the spring is stretched by 7.0 cm? (b)What is the maximum speed if the box?
  77. Language Arts

    Rewrite each sentence below correcting the double negative. 1. The shoppers looked for bargains at the store, but there weren't none. Answer: The shoppers looked for bargains at the store, but there were none. 2. She couldn't hardly say her own name.
  78. physics

    An 85.7 N box of clothes is pulled 26.2 m up a 31.7 ◦ ramp by a force of 112 N that points along the ramp. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and ramp is 0.24, calculate the change
  79. physics

    A manager of a restaurant pushes horizontally with a force of magnitude 150 N on a box of melons. The box moves across the floor with a constant acceleration in the same direction as the applied force. Which statement is most accurate concerning the
  80. Statistics

    It has been reported that 48% of teenagers play video games on their phones. A random sample of 60 teenages is drawn. Find the probability that the proportion of teenagers in the sample who play videos games on their phone is less than 0.499 . Write only a
  81. Business

    I need to write a paragraph on Identifying the demographics and characteristics of my customer( or consumer). What the customer needs will my product attempt to meet? My product or business is a shoe company that sells for all ages and all shoes sizes.
  82. Chemistry 110

    3. Suppose that part (II) of the experiment were carried out with aqueous NaOH instead of Ba(OH)2 to form soluble Na2SO4 along with H2O as products. (a) Write the overall balanced equation. (b) Write the net ionic equation. (c) How would the graph of
  83. mathamatics

    on december31, 1995, paul invested $2000 in a stock. his stocker gains 20% ever odd month (jan, march, may..) and loses 15% every even month (feb, april, june...) it says write a piecewise defined function for the value of the stocker n months after the
  84. World Literature and Language

    List the characters in the story. Write one to two sentences on the defining characteristics of each one, providing at least one citation to illustrate your comments. How do the villagers respond to the spider girl? What do you think their response
  85. socials

    for other event in 1960 i draw nuclear weapons and write beside as caption that many people thought nuclear war amounted to global suicide. or i write instead that Canada accept U.S Bomarc missiles that capable of carrying nuclear warheads and many people
  86. Algebra 2

    Evaluate the function when x=1. f(x)=4x-2. Write the input and output as a set of ordered pairs, and identify the domain and range of the ordered pair. Ordered Pair: Domain: Range: 2. Write an equation of direct variation that passes through the point
  87. French immersion grade 5 math perimeters

    My child needs to write out equations for various shapes on grid paper, using French. Finding the perimeter eg:P=(L+L)x2 also finding the Area. The shapes are complex, and I am lookin for help in figuring out how to write the equations properly, using the
  88. Chemistry 101

    Write the reaction that occurs when sodium phosphate and barium chloride react. Be sure to include the phase labels. Then write the total ionic reaction and the net ionic reaction including proper phase labels.
  89. calculus

    This is from our problem set. f(x)= 2(x^3)-3(x^2)-12x+20 write an equation of the line perpendicular to the graph of f at x=0 I think i'm supposed to take the derivate of f and then find the slope of the tangent line at x=0. Then take the opposite
  90. Chemistry

    I'm trying to write an equation for the reaction of zinc nitrate with aqueous ammonia. I know that zinc hyroxide is produced first but I don't really know how to write an equation for this. This is what I came up with: Zn(NO3)2 + 2OH- --> Zn(OH)2 +
  91. math

    for the following equations, write a word problem draw a picture, and find the solution to the equation. 5/12 - 1/3=? I know the answer is 1/12 but am stumped on how to write the word problem and draw a picture
  92. Math

    I need help please A computer can execute 64 instructions per second. How many instructions can it execute in 10 minutes? Multiply 3 1/6 x 9/11 x 6/17. Write the answer in simplest form Divide 6/25 / 2/15. Write the result in simplest form.
  93. English Parable

    I have to write a family story in the form of a parable. Any ideas on which kind of lesson I could write about? I know I have to pick the family story, but some ideas on what to start with would be great.
  94. Algebra

    Write a function rule to represent the sequence. 0.3, 0.9, 1.5, 2.1,... A(n) = 0.6 + (n - 1)0.3 A(n) = 0.6 - (n)0.3 A(n) = 0.3 + (n - 1)0.6 A(n) = 0.3 + (n + 1)0.6 Write a function rule to represent the sequence. 47, 32, 17, 2,... A(n) = 47 + (n - 1)15
  95. Math

    Mr.jacobs budgeted $1,200 for tiles. His sketch of the floor requires him to use 38 white tile. each white tile cost $12. Write and solve an inequality to find the maximum amount he can spend on his brown tile. I'm not sure how to write and solve the
  96. Alg 2 HELP!!

    1.) Find an exponential function of the form y=ab^x whose graph passes through the points (2,48) and (5,3072) 2.) The variables x and y vary inversely. Use the given values to write an equation relating x and y. Then find y when x=3. x=6, y=-1 3.) The
  97. 5th grade

    i need help with my homework! 6 squared---? write the 9 digit number that has, 5 in the tenth place, 6 in the thousands place 3 in the millions place 4 in the hndred-thousands place 9 in the hundreths place. 0 in all the other place. -,---,---.-- also can
  98. English 2

    'When you finish the final section of this lesson, you'll write a short research paper. You can choose any subject to research and write about, but you'll want to keep some guidelines in mind. Your subject should be interesting. It should be complex enough
  99. Geometry

    Can you tell em if this is right? If not, can you tell me what words go where? A truth value statement can be written in the form “if P, then Q.” This “if, then” statement can be true or false. The “if” part is called the hypothesis, and the
  100. English

    Are these sentences correct: The littel boy handed Santa a list that said he wanted: a truck, a train, and a million dollars. Her mind flew so quickly-she had so much to remember-that she forgot to stop at the light First sentence: ~~correct the spelling