1. Social Studies

    So I am trying to write two articles and am NOT asking you to write them for me, just for help so I can write them. It's about the French and Indian war. I know that they were fighting and why, but what caused both of them to get into the war? Like I need
  2. language arts

    Is it better or correct to write like this: A. "...would be the classic idea box..." or this? B. "...would be the classic, idea box..."
  3. Sentence skills

    1. The following sentence is an example of which primary English sentence pattern? The toddler tossed his father the ball. A. Subject+ action verb + direct object B. Pronoun+ subject+ interrogative verb (C. Subject+ action verb+ indirect object+ direct
  4. English

    Hello. I'll be grateful for some help. 1) Is the preposition "for" OK in the phrase "our hopes for a better future" or is it "of"? 2) Is the sentence OK "April 5th is my sister's birthday"? 3) Please check the sentence "I often recollect our boat trip on
  5. english

    Writers often make common errors by adding improper punctuation. Identify and explain the sentence structure error in the following sentence: Terrance has collected sand from all of the exotic islands he’s visited, his favorite sample is the green sand
  6. Maths

    In a box of markers there are eight which have dried up and will not write. The box contains 15 red, 15 purple, 5 black and 10 white markers. A marker is picked at random from the box. Find the probability that a) it is red b) it is not black c) it is
  7. Com155

    •Resource: Weekly Readings •Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. •Mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific
  8. Language

    Write the complete subject in each sentence. 1/The sound of the piano mixes with the sound of the voices. 2/Beautiful music floats on the evening air. 3/Their next-door neighbors hear the music. 4/mrs. Ruiz listens from her window. 5/The tired woman falls
  9. History

    Write a sentence about the role, job, postition, qualification, checks and balances, and/or amendments having to do with the job of the presidency. i got the following.... can't think of others! P-President must be atleast 35 years old, 14 years resident
  10. Public Policy Development in Health and Human Serv

    • Due Date: Day 4 Thursday • Write a sentence outline showing how an agency creates goals and objectives. Instead of listing short topics and phrases like you would in a general outline, have all main points and supporting details written as complete
  11. Microbio

    Please write a one paragraph abstract arguing for or against one of the following statements: Hormone replacement therapy is carcinogenic Water fluoridation causes bone cancer Regulation of carcinogens should take hormesis into account Aneuploidy, not
  12. English & Composition

    Flowers are as common here… as people are in London. I'm stuck on finding or making up a sentence example that is similar to this as far as parallel structure. I think the the example shows parallel Independent Clauses.. But I need help on creating a
  13. English

    Choose a sentence that does not contain a helping verb: (1) Erica is climbing the steepest trail. (2) She will not go to the very highest peak. (3)She wants a photograph of the valley below. (4) Has she ever made the climb before? *Those are the four
  14. physics

    Through the process of doing work, energy can move between the external world and the system as the result of ____. The sentence is completed with the word FORCES. You have to rewrite the word to make the sentence true (if it is not already true.)
  15. English

    1. Kimchi is rich in vitamins and low in calories. (In this sentence, what is the meaning of the preposition "in"? ) 2. Kimchi is chosen as one of the world's five helthiest foods. (What is the active voice form of this passive voice sentence?)
  16. essay writing

    The first sentence of your introductory paragraph should do all of the following EXCEPT: A.Give the reader an idea of the subject matter. B.Include the title of the essay. C.Grab the reader's attention. D.Provide a thesis sentence. I chose D.
  17. grammar

    How to fix this sentence fragment. Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Found out what really happened to them. I would make it into a compound sentence. Put a semicolon after murdered; and add "no one has" before the found.....etc.
  18. physics

    Through the process of doing work, energy can move between the external world and the system as the result of ____. The sentence is completed with the word FORCES. You have to rewrite the word to make the sentence true (if it is not already true.)
  19. Language Arts - Dependent and Independent Clauses

    Question #1: Identify the dependent clause in the following sentence: "If we are going to make it to the movie on time, we really need to leave right now." a) If we are going to make it b) If we are going to make it to the movie on time c) we really need
  20. French

    Check answers? 1) Write a comparative sentence: La tortue est intelligente mais le poisson est tres intelligent. A) La tortue est moins intelligente que le poisson.*** B) La tortue est aussi intelligente que le poisson. C) La tortue est plus intelligente
  21. English

    Which sentence is punctuated correctly? The contents of the box consisted of seven, long-haired kittens. Marilyn was a lively outgoing, girl. Most of the middle schoolers hang out at the old, cool ice cream shop on 23rd Street. Is it A or C?
  22. Language Arts

    I just need someone to double check my work. :) Here are my answers: 1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. D 6. B 7. A 8. A Here are the questions: Choose the option that correctly identifies the ( underlined words ) in each sentence. 1. (Stretching for 210 miles), the
  23. english/8

    Writing terms. Fill in the blanks. 1-final 9-topic 2-prewiting 10-introduction 3-idea 11-homonyms 4-conclusion 12-transition 5-voice 13-rough drapht 6-conventions 14-antonyms 7-persuasive 15-synonyms 8-organization -the( )writing trait judges your ability
  24. writing project

    Your aunt arrives with a huge box. You hear strange noises coming from the box. Write a story about what’s inside. what i wrote: every monday, my aunt would come and visit me.everytime my aunt visits me, she would always have something special for me.
  25. English

    1. Find someone who has moved into a new house. (In this sentence, does the person live in the new house or no?) 2. Find someone who has had more than two dogs. (In this sentence, does the person have two dogs now? Or does he have ever had two dogs before,
  26. health

    i am supposed to pretend that my dad is an alcohol addicted and i need to write him a letter saying how his drinking has an impact with our (my family's) life. it must be 250 words long. i have started to write but i don't know what more to write....please
  27. Spanish

    Give the correct form of the appropriate verb, saber or conocer, which would be used in writing the following sentence in Spanish. 2. Because he had already seen the movie, he knew what happened? El ya sabía lo que pasaba porque ya vio la película. would
  28. english

    Write a sentence containing a gerund; CAPITALIZE the gerund. Then, tell how the gerund is used (subject, direct object, subject complement, object of preposition, indirect object). please help me start off or explain how to do this i don't get it at all
  29. english

    Write a sentence containing a gerund; CAPITALIZE the gerund. Then, tell how the gerund is used (subject, direct object, subject complement, object of preposition, indirect object). please help me start off or explain how to do this i don't get it at all
  30. math

    Good 1 Steve so I sux at math but your here :) Heres another: X = [students playing football], Y = [students playing baseball], and Z = [students playing rugby]. Draw a Venn diagram of Z – (X U Y), and write a sentence describing what the set represents:
  31. lititure

    what are the cause and effect of these things in brave new world? In fiction, as in life, events have causes and, in turn, become causes of subsequent events. Here are some events from Brave New World. Write a sentence that describes a major cause of each
  32. Vocabularay

    First of all, look at the definition in the dictionary: Main Entry: van·guard Pronunciation: 'van-"gärd also 'va[ng]- Function: noun Etymology: Middle English vantgard, from Middle French avant-garde, from Old French, from avant- fore- (from avant
  33. Math

    Marlon has 4 baseball cards, Jake has 4 baseball cards and Sam has 3 baseball cards. Can you write a multiplication sentence to find how many baseball cards they have altogether? Explain.
  34. Art - Evaluation

    for Art i draw a fish, and i have to say what it mean. i write that i try to send out message to protect sea life, but i not know why? it be too hard to describe, i just say that these sea creatures be just like us, wanting hygiene, hving good habitat,
  35. Chemistry

    A beaker contains a solution that is 0.50 M in Au+3 ion and 0.25 M in Ag+ ion. A soultion of sodium chloride is slowly dripped into the beaker with stirring. Which ion will precipitate first, the gold or the silver? Clearly support your answer and write
  36. English grammar

    The words here and there have generally been labeled as adverbs even though they indicate place. In sentences beginning with here or there, the subject follows the verb. Ex) There (is / are) two pins on the table. In this sentence 'two pins' is the subject
  37. 3 grade english ms sue

    fact and opinion a statement of fact can be proved true or false. a statement of opinion gives someone's thoughts or feelings about something. words that express feelings,such as fun and wonderful,are clues that a sentence is probably an opinion. direction
  38. Spanish

    What do the following people like? Write the correct form of the verb gustar in each sentence. 1. A mí la cena que prepara Sebastián. 2. A Patricia las hamburguesas, las papas fritas y los refrescos. 3. A nosotras la comida nutritiva. 4. A ustedes las
  39. Spanish

    What do the following people like? Write the correct form of the verb gustar in each sentence. 1. A mí la cena que prepara Sebastián. 2. A Patricia las hamburguesas, las papas fritas y los refrescos. 3. A nosotras la comida nutritiva. 4. A ustedes las
  40. 11th grade English urgent

    actually i am not clear about the question too. we have done a story of N. Scott Mamaday where he describes about his horse which he later sells to a Spainish man. He says " I knew where the journey was begun, that it was a learning of the beginning, that
  41. math

    1.)There are 35 roses.7 of theme are white and the rest are red.how many red roses are there? 2.)There were 27 children in the classroom.several more children came.and there were 58 children in all.How many children came in? 3.)Marie picked 31 empty
  42. Grammar

    I need the present tense form of the verb choose in this sentence. Fred chooses a piece of wood. Is it chooses or chose? Also in this sentence, Jim lies his jacket on the bench. Is lies or lays correct?
  43. Language Arts

    1. Identify whether the capitalized word in the sentence below is used as a participle or verb. I really need to get a WORKING charger for my phone. 2. What is the participle in the participial phrase capitalized in the sentence below? REFUSING TO SETTLE
  44. English

    What type of sentence is this? On July 4, 1976, the nation’s bicentennial, 10,741 American flags were flown over the U.S. Capitol, the largest number ever flown there in one day. It's a simple sentence with two appositives. Can you please help me with my
  45. Reading

    Choose the option that correctly identifies the words in () in each sentence. 5. (Stretching for 210 miles) , the Thames is in England. (1 point) prepositional phrase gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase 6. (Eating flesh with razor-sharp
  46. math

  47. Writing...Grammar

    Hello, The following sentence contains an unnecessary word... correct? Thank You The snake raised up its head and struck. Yes. This sentence has an unnecessary word. What do you think it is?
  48. Phi103

    What is the truth value of the sentence "P v ~ P"? (Points : 1) True False Cannot be determined Not a sentence 2. One of the disadvantages of using truth tables is (Points : 1) it is difficult to keep the lines straight T's are easy to confuse with F's.
  49. Maths

    critical thinking: follow the steps below to find how many combined points were scored by Howie and Theo. write a number sentence to show how to solve the problem. points scored: Howie 272,Theo 325 and Isabel 288.
  50. english

    Write if the sentence is simple, compound,or complex. 1-I'd like to help you ;however,I am very busy today. complex 2-Do you know what Willie said.simple 3-I think that I've seen that movie before.simple 4-The person in the middle of the line is my brother
  51. COM220

    The mother that would have a procedure like this done discover late in their pregnancy that the unborn fetus could not survive outside their wombs for one [This is a run-on sentence because there is not a comma before the conjunction. Run-on sentences
  52. Algebra 104

    1. A square piece of cardboard measuring 60 inches on a side is made into a rectangular box by cutting identical squares from the four corners and then folding up the flaps. Let represent the length of the side of the discarded square. Write a formula for
  53. Logic

    The sentence "P → Q" is read as (3) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only P 2. In the truth table for an invalid argument, (2) on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. on at least one row, where the premises
  54. spelling

    write the sentence with a verb in the incorrect tense correctly. welcome, friends of the Zoo! I'd like to thank all of you who kindly donate your time to our local zoo. It's a great honor to be asked to speak at the opening of the Reptile House. As you
  55. English

    Where is the preposition in the sentence order?Is preposition has at the end of the sentence?or where?
  56. language

    what is a sentence with the word off used as an adverb and another sentence with the word off used as a preposition!!!
  57. English

    I'm confused with imperative sentence. Is " You must go to school right now." a imperative sentence? Thanks.
  58. Grammar

    Can you please define "usable sentence?" Can you please give me an example of a usable sentence? Thanks for your help.
  59. Sentence Fragments

    Richard III supposedly had the young princess murdered. Found out what really happened to them. In order to fix the fragment here, you'll need to leave the first part alone (it's a complete sentence) and fix the second part. It has no subject. Let us know
  60. grammar

    Is this pronoun case correct? Perdo Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game. The problem with that sentence is you have a adjective clause that isn't in the right place. I would rearrange to start the sentence with For Chad, Pedro
  61. English

    (1) Do you enjoy being out in the fresh air? (2) Does nature restore your spirits? (3) You might want to consider hiking as a hobby. (4) It's a hobby you can begin with very little expense. (5) All you need to start is a good pair of hiking shoes. The
  62. English

    1. In time, Mr. Fleming's son graduated from a top medical school in London. (What is the meaning of "In time"? What other expressions can we use?) 2. You have to come to the party in time. (What about 'in time' here? What is the difference of 'in time'
  63. Comm 155

    I have to write a paragraph in which I describe my strategy for using writepoint in the future. This must include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. I also need to underline the topic sentence. Could you please look at my
  64. calculus

    A box with a square base is to be constructed with a surface area of 726 square centimeters. 1. Draw a diagram of the box. Label the diagram appropriately with variables. 2. Write an objective equation and a constraint equation (label each one as objective
  65. English

    Write the complete verb in each sentence. Label it active or passive. 1. It was propelled by six paddles on each side. Each side was propelled by six paddles. Passive?
  66. math

    From the pizza shop, James walks 12 blocks south, 22 blocks east, 18 blocks north, and 30 blocks west. What is the least number of blocks that he must travel if he returns to the pizza shop? Explain how you got your answer – draw a picture or write a
  67. Informal Logic

    rite two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. (If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use
  68. math

    A taco stand sells tacos for $3.25 each. The stand’s expenses for the day are $210. Define your variables and write an inequality to represent the amount of tacos they need to sell per day to make a profit, and then solve the inequality. Provide your
  69. Math

    Write a number sentence. Marshall sleeps 8 hours each day. How manu hours does Marshall sleep in one week? How many hours is Marshall awake each day?
  70. American Literature

    I have to write a report on Mark Twain. I'm not suppose to write his biography. I'm supose to write about his works, achievements, impact on his readers, society, american literature, etc. I haven't been able to find too much, because the internet just
  71. English

    From this morning, the rain will set in all over the country. ------------------------------- What is the meaning of 'set' in this sentence? Is 'set' used together with 'in' as in this sentence?
  72. Com/155

    This week, you were asked to review the Topic Sentence section in the Center for Writing Excellence. Using the topic of home ownership versus leasing, identify a topic and provide a topic sentence you would use in a paragraph about the topic.
  73. Reading/Lanuage

    The Basketball team came to play a game. First they went onto the court. which sentence completes the sentence. A. Before they went to the game, they ate a small meal. B. then at half time they were loosing the game. c. They all drove to the game with
  74. college mathematics

    9. Create a Euler diagram to determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All children like games. John likes games. John is a child., <--At the beginning of this sentence which is the last sentence is suppose to have three dots shaped like a
  75. grammar

    "The boys came and brought their hockey equipment" Is this sentence a compound, simple, complex, or compound-complex sentence?
  76. English

    1. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Is this a declarative sentence? 2. Which of these is a declarative sentence? a. You will go to swim tomorrow. b. I am hoping to be able to go to swim. Is it a? Thank you so much.
  77. Informal Logic

    A conditional sentence with a false antecedent is always true false Cannot be determined not a sentence i believe it is true but unsure Please help me
  78. Linguistic - Japanese

    What are the sentence structure rules for the Japanese language? I know you have the sentence -> (noun phrase) (verb phrase)
  79. Grammar

    I need help concerning relative pronouns. For example, I'll use this sentence: The poem that he wrote was a sonnet. I know that the relative pronoun in this sentence is 'that'. Is it's antecedent 'poem'?
  80. English

    1. It's very noisy here. I can't stand it any more. (What does "it" refer to in the first sentence? What does "it" refer to in the second sentence? Are both the same? Is 'it' an impersonal pronoun or just a pronoun which refers to something that is
  81. comp 155

    could you see if i did these sentences right? Sentence Correction and Changes in Writing Review the following sentences. Some of them are correct, whereas others contain an error with a commonly confused word. Identify those with errors by marking each of
  82. English

    1. Select the letter that indicated the correct modifier in the following sentence. A. The young Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been one of the ________ people in the U.S. A. strongest B. most stronger C. stronger D. most strongest I think it's D? 2.
  83. 6th grade Lang Arts

    Can you explain why the comma used in sentence 1 is not correct as compared to the comma used in sentence 2? (from homework) 1. The stadium, that my favorite team plays in, seats over 81,000 people. 2. My father, who is an excellent reader, finished a 500
  84. Literary Analysis and Composition

    Could you please check my answers? Thanks! 10. Identify how each gerund or gerund phrase is used in the sentence. All units will remain here for processing. (Points: 3) subject direct object predicate nominative X object of a preposition 11. Identify how
  85. Literature

    I really need help with this activity: 'Pretend that you're a mouthpiece, similar to Squealer from Animal Farm. Your job is to write and spread propaganda about a product, political party, idea, or cause. Write a short, factual description of the item and
  86. math

    Which is the best strategy to use to solve this problem? Jarrod wants to make a rectangular garden that has an area of 100 square feet. He wants to put a fence around it, but he wants to use as little fencing material as possible. What are the dimensions
  87. Literary Analysis and Composition I

    1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir. Answer: 1. Barrio Boy- 2. A Cub Pilot- 3. No Gumption- 4.
  88. Preschool/child dictation

    Can you help me with this? Jason was dictating a story about his pet hamster to his teacher. He said,"He climb to the top of his cage and jump down. He be fast." The teacher should: A. write,"He climb to the top of his cage and jump down. He be fast." B.

    Two horizontal forces, F1 and F2, are acting on a box, but only F1 is shown in the drawing. F2 can point either to the right or to the left. The box moves only along the x axis. There is no friction between the box and the surface. Suppose that = +6.2 N
  90. English

    I want to write a poem for tomorrow, but don't know how to write it or what to write it about.
  91. english

    This English project requires several hours of work everyday, my English skills are improving. Run-on - Replace the comma with a semicolon to make a complete sentence. Run-on - Add the word "and" after the comma to make a complete sentence. Run-on -
  92. Biology

    Which of the following is the muscle action that results in exhalation and causes the air pressure inside the lungs to be higher than outside the chest a) Contraction of internal intercostals b) Relaxation of the diaphragm c) Contraction of the diaphragm
  93. English

    In 25-50 words, describe what a thesis statement does. Once you have narrowed the topic of your essay, it is important to state your topic clearly in one sentence. Like the topic sentence in the paragraph, the thesis statement introduces what the essay is
  94. english

    I am having a hard time finding a full-sentence outline for this can anyone help me? What would a full-sentence outline be for this thesis? Native American Indian names, mascots and logos in all sports from elementary schools to professional teams can be
  95. mechanics of commun

    can you please identify the verb, complete verb phrase, sentence pattern, the subject, indirect object, direct object, complement, infinitive or prepositional phrases or clauses for the sentence, "Ms. Georges and I submitted purchase requisitions."
  96. Punctuation & Grammar

    She is a pleasant 18-year-old female who states that she was at a pub where she was eating and actually fell while holding a tray and rolled her ankle. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on My first thought is C) run-on, but I always second guess
  97. English

    Can a "claim" have the same meaning as the word "sentence"? Yes, in this context: A claim is a sentence that assets something to be true. 2) I am innocent of the crime 3) The moon is made of green cheese 4) A sentence can be a claim. 5) Saddam Hussein is
  98. English grammar

    A beggar with two children ____ taking a rest in the shade. (be) In the sentence, the subject is 'a beggar'. 'Two children' is not the sucbject of this sentence. Bracket 'with two children'. Then you can notice that you have to use a singular auxiliary
  99. Math

    Write a number sentence. Marshall sleeps 8 hours each day. How many hours does Marshall sleep in one week? How many hours is Marshall awake each day
  100. Math

    Write a number sentence. Marshall sleeps 8 hours each day. How many hours does Marshall sleep in one week? How many hours is Marshall awake each day?