1. English

    "The cat is on the roof." Is it SVC or SVA?(sentence pattern).why "we painted the wall green." what is the sentence pattern used here. why?

    asked by nanbala on September 26, 2012
  2. English

    What is a good hook sentence for illegal immigration? I need a hook sentence that is able to grab the reader's attention and interest them.

    asked by Amy on October 23, 2014
  3. English Complements

    In the sentence They named him John. what sort of complement is "John"? The direct object is "him". How does this relate to a sentence like They made him do it.

    asked by Anonymous on December 8, 2011
  4. English--5th

    Plastic is hard and durable at the same time, it is lighter than metal. would this be a run on sentence or complete sentence? I think it is run on.

    asked by Hayley on August 20, 2009
  5. english

    Rewrite each run or sentence as two sentences or a compound sentence using and, but , or or. 1. Most fish are about a foot long some fish are giants.

    asked by Jess on September 29, 2011
  6. PHI103

    If the word "should" appears in a sentence, that sentence will always involve an ethical claim. True False To tell you the truth i really do not know this but maybe it could be true

    asked by Ashley on March 12, 2012
  7. Language Arts repost for Adam

    I need help understanding simple subject, & simple predicate of this sentence? Sentence #1 The first movies ere different from today's films.

    asked by Writeacher on September 23, 2008
  8. Grammar

    Is "about" capitalized in a sentence when it is the second word in the sentence?

    asked by Anonymous on May 16, 2014
  9. grammar

    what is a declarative sentence and a complex sentence?

    asked by bryan on November 11, 2009
  10. Writting

    a. What sentence is the topic sentence of the paragraph?

    asked by AngelicaT on May 15, 2015
  11. English

    what is immperative sentence and interrogative sentence

    asked by christian on October 21, 2011
  12. Writing

    I am writing an introduction for a history fair project, my thesis is approved all I need to know is hoe my form of my introduction should go. You know where to put the thesis and where to start off and how to be a,b, and c where it needs to be. A good

    asked by Beautiful on February 24, 2007
  13. English

    The crown lines the parade route and will stay until the last float has driven out of sight. Write the verbs or verb phrases in each sentence and identify each as an action verb or a linking verb. Underline any auxiliary verbs.

    asked by Cheyenne on November 13, 2018
  14. Maths

    suppose function f,g,h and l are defined as follow:f(x)=4xsquared-5x+1,g(x)=-1/2x-3,h(x)=squared root(2-x)squared+1/2x,l(x)=square root2-x-3. .write down Df and solve inequality f(x)

    asked by Joel on June 6, 2011
  15. imperative sentence

    Helping my son and double checking, could the following 2 sentences be considered imperative sentences? 1. Josh go to your room. 2. You better go to your room. Thanks. The first sentence, Josh, go to your room. is imperative. It's a command or request. The

    asked by cher on October 18, 2006
  16. college algebra word problem

    An open box is made from a square piece of material 24 inches on a side by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. Write the Volume V of the box as a function of x. Recall that Volume is the product of length, width, and height.

    asked by jenny on October 24, 2008
  17. Grammar

    Thus, Vlad [could, and did, refer]to himself as "Dracula" and even signed official documents with that sobriquet. A. NO CHANGE B. could, and did refer C. could and did, refer D. calls and refers The answer key says: If you look at (C) and (D), you will see

    asked by Anonymous on July 31, 2013
  18. English

    1. Read and translate each sentence. 2. Read and translate each sentence into Korean. 3. Read and interpret the sentences on this page one by one. 4. Read the first sentence and then translate it. After that read the second sentence and translate it into

    asked by rfvv on March 8, 2016

    Formal essay topic sentence guidelines: 1.) Topic sen. must be debatable, or, at the very least, worthy of discussion. They should not present straight facts with which most people would readily agree, nor should they be general statements about life. 2.)

    asked by Emily on September 12, 2015
  20. Algebra

    Terry is mailing two boxes. Together they weigh 21 lbs. If the smaller box is 5 lbs. less than the larger one, how much does each box weigh? Write and solve an equation that models this scenario.

    asked by Steveo on February 27, 2014
  21. Algebra

    Terry is mailing two boxes. Together they weigh 21 lbs. If the smaller box is 5 lbs. less than the larger one, how much does each box weigh? Write and solve an equation that models this scenario.

    asked by billy on March 5, 2014
  22. English

    It is confusing me when it is at the end of the sentence... Amelia Earhart also flew nonstop across the Atlantic; the first woman to do so was (her, she). I am thinking try the sentence with one word at a time to see which makes sense.. so I am thinking

    asked by Kelly on October 16, 2011
  23. Persuasive Technique

    Read this sentence: "You can become one of the millions of people around the country who take the time to volunteer." This sentence is an example of which persuasive technique? A) transfer B) bandwagon C) ethical appeal D) emotional appeal Is it B?

    asked by Jina on August 10, 2015
  24. English

    I have a doubt on my personal sentences. Thank you. By the way, is the sentence "her vocal cords will be operated on next week" correct? What if I want to start the sentence with "she"? I'm going through a bad time (I'm not going through a very good time

    asked by Henry2 on January 10, 2012
  25. More Language Arts

    Identify what the sentence is: The bicycle path winds through the city *that is 40 miles long* a.Simple sentence b.Noun clause c.Misplace modifier* d.Adverbial clause

    asked by Mary on January 23, 2014
  26. Grammar

    Where is the verb on my sentence? I thought it was EDUCATION IS, but I was wrong about that. Was my sentence properly written? Thank you in advance Education is (simple present tense) the success to my financial planning.

    asked by Carmelita on January 2, 2011
  27. English

    Is the following sentence still a run-on sentence/or is there grammar errors...Grammar quizzes can be tough, there is a lot to learn and it is hard to remember. I find that it gets easier with practice. Thank you in advance for your help.

    asked by Angelina on April 21, 2011
  28. ELA

    What is the function of a preposition in a sentence? 1)to relate a noun or pronoun to another word. 2)to express action 3)to show the subject of the sentence is active with the main verb. 4)to tell more about the subject. I think #1 Thank you.

    asked by Jamie M on March 8, 2018
  29. history

    Review the sentence. A breakup of a religious group over disagreements about its principles is called a(n) __________. Which best completes the sentence? excommunication schism fallout indulgence Is it A - Excommunication?

    asked by Ophelia on November 7, 2018
  30. grammar

    looking for simple subects. we spent most the day picking berries in the woods. There is only one word in that sentence that is the subject. All the other words make up the predicate. Who is doing the action in the sentence? That's the subject. =)

    asked by Anonymous on January 29, 2007
  31. Reading/Language Arts

    Pedro looked at the roof and reminded himself to bring up a bucket of pitch next time to repair the new cracks. What does pitch mean in this sentence? What clues help you understand the meaning used in this sentence?

    asked by BUBBY on September 24, 2015
  32. compound sentence

    1.There was no break between the breakfast and lunch crowds, so Zach's first break was around 2:00. 2.Then he made some notes for the owner, Melanie, who was also the cook on the second shift. I think the compound sentence is the 1st sentence

    asked by Jim Collum on June 10, 2013
  33. Grammar

    When a the subject of sentence has 2 or more nouns or pronouns connected by “or” or “nor,” the verb must agree with the noun or pronoun that appears closest to the verb in the sentence. A) True B) False I answered A

    asked by Marie on November 28, 2012
  34. English

    The frog blew himself up too much because he wanted to look bigger than the ox. Am I bigger than him? No, you are still smaller than him. ------------------------------- In the last sentence, what is the meaning of 'still'? Is still the same as 'much, or

    asked by rfvv on October 21, 2017
  35. businesss

    When should I use their or there? THEIR is a possessive pronoun. Examples: Their house is the brick house on the corner. Have you seen their dog? We asked the children to pick up their toys. THERE is usually an adverb. It may mean a place or it may

    asked by nene on July 21, 2007
  36. writing skills

    6. Which of the following skills is most important in learning how to write? [A. Knowing how to plan before you write] B. Knowing proper grammar before you write C. Knowing proper punctuation before you write D. Knowing how to use the Readers' Guide before

    asked by jake on August 23, 2012
  37. english

    Q1. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence.(4) i There is nothing better for a cold than a hot coffee and a big box of chocolate ____________ ii She ran out of the room the shadows in the corner had scared

    asked by Anonymous on October 7, 2015
  38. English

    What is sentence structure in English? I know simple sentence structure.But I don't know about more sentence structure in english.And what is the determiners?

    asked by Bayarbold on June 24, 2011
  39. English (essay help)

    I have to write a essay about the confederation of Canada in 1867 and why it was a good choice. I have all of my body paragraphs done but I'm having trouble thinking of a proper introduction. My first sentence for my intro is: confederation was the best

    asked by Anonymous on April 6, 2014
  40. English - to JJ

    If my thesis is Social networking is a powerfull force in modern society. It helps us stay connected with friends, even if we don't show them the 'real' us and it has shaped current events and our views on these events... will my topic be about facebook or

    asked by Anna on April 2, 2011
  41. Math

    Which number goes in the box to make the number sentence true? (3+4)+7=3+ (4+_)

    asked by Brandi on September 10, 2015
  42. ELA

    What should be changed in this sentence? Yes, only six rooms is finished A. change Yes, to Yes B. change is to are C. change finished to finish D. make no change B? What should be changed in this sentence? Construction was started eight years ago in 1792,

    asked by Jaycee on January 20, 2012
  43. Math

    a basketball tournament starts with 64 teams. after one loss the team is out. how many games does the team that wins the tournament have to play? 64/2=32 32/2=16 16/2=8 8/2=4 4/2=2 2/2=1 The answer is 6 games. How would I write the number sentence?

    asked by Heidi on March 18, 2015
  44. Public Policy Development in Health and Human Serv

    • Due Date: Day 4 Thursday • Write a sentence outline showing how an agency creates goals and objectives. Instead of listing short topics and phrases like you would in a general outline, have all main points and supporting details written as complete

    asked by Dominique on June 5, 2008
  45. Compter Science ASAP please

    How do you check if the words exist in the sentence in Python? So far I have got... the_sentence = ("I love chocolate and chocolate loves me") sentence = the_sentence.split() print(sentence) sentence_1 = raw_input("Enter a word") def "word": if word in

    asked by Reece on December 2, 2016
  46. College Geography

    "The desert was tamed but the price was calamitous, the worst climatic disaster in the history of the Soviet Union." Can someone explain what tamed means in the sentence? This sentence has to do with the Aral Sea.

    asked by Ana on January 26, 2015
  47. English

    The boy was asked to read the sentences on the page. He started to read the first sentence and then the next sentence...There was a pause...The teacher said " _______" 1. Go ahead. 2. Go on. 3. Keep on. 4. Keep on reading. (Can we use all the expressions

    asked by rfvv on March 18, 2015
  48. english 1 honors

    Can someone tell me the sentence structure of this sentence? In Frank R. Stockton's short story "The lady or the tiger?" one knows that the semi- barbaric princess motions to her lover to pick the door that contains the tiger.

    asked by Katy on February 27, 2009
  49. English

    Having problems with a introductory sentence. Its a essay on dying and living. I wrote a question to start my intro. Sentence. Or I wrote The professor died in 1974 of Cancer. Someone please let me know if I started out right. Please

    asked by Mike on April 12, 2013
  50. writing skills

    16. What is the name of the common error in the following sentence? Having risen because of the rains, the hikers were unable to cross the river. A. Infinitive phrase B. Prepositional phrase [C. Dangling modifier] D. Run-on sentence

    asked by jake on July 2, 2012
  51. english

    what does this sentence mean? He would take her there, of course, for he wasn't such a coward that he would mind a little exploring now and then farther in amongst the ever-darkening columns of the tall pines. How would you answer this question according

    asked by miller on September 16, 2014
  52. Grammar

    The patient is to follow up in the surgery clinic. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I think it is a(a complete sentence)

    asked by Marie on October 9, 2012
  53. Linguistic - Japanese

    What are the sentence structure rules for the Japanese language? I know you have the sentence -> (noun phrase) (verb phrase)

    asked by Sam on October 13, 2011
  54. English

    1. Is it okay if I open the window? (What does 'it' refer to in this sentence?) 2. Do you mind if I borrow your pen? (What is the meaning of 'mind' in this sentence?)

    asked by rfvv on May 6, 2010
  55. Civics/writing

    Can someone please help me with a sentence? this is what i have so far~ We were inspired to use the Miranda rights as our topic when in school learning about rights and responsibilities.*****sentence I need help with****.

    asked by Anonymous on January 4, 2014
  56. Vocabulary

    Can I have sentence for 'Edict' and 'Diction'. This is for my context clues assignment. The word should be understandable by the context of the sentence. Thanks

    asked by Sam on November 18, 2008
  57. 6th grade English

    the shiny red car and the bicycle. I have to tell whether the sentence part can be used as a subject or a predicate then use the part in a sentence.

    asked by Jake on August 24, 2010
  58. english

    Choose the correct sentence pattern for the sentence below. There is good reason to be thankful. E-V-S S-V-DO-OC S-LV-PA S-V-DO S-V-IO-DO S-V S-LV-PN Question pattern

    asked by alex on January 23, 2015
  59. Grammar

    The patient tolerated the procedure well without any complications. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on To me it is a, a complete sentence..

    asked by Marie on October 9, 2012
  60. Science

    Write an operational definitoin for each underlined idea in the space provided. The first sentence is.. List the plants found in the ecosystem, with the smallest one first. Smallest one is underlined. So what in wondering is what is an operational

    asked by Jesse on August 21, 2008
  61. Language

    write one word that means the same as the phrase: expressed his regret is the phrase but this is the whole sentence : The father expressed his regret for his misconduct of his son. PLEASE HELP! I have also tried to answer nearly all your questions! I have

    asked by colette on December 31, 2016
  62. Math

    Natalie has 138 dvds and 419 cds. If you were to estimate the sum of the dvds and cds, what sentence could you write? Then find your estimated sum. My answer is 140 + 420 = 560 is this right..

    asked by Michael on September 22, 2011
  63. English third conditional

    Hello! For example we have a sentence If you________ (not/be) late, we____________(not/miss) the bus. Is it correct to say If you hadn't been late, we wouldn't have missed the bus? Can we write would have not missed? This is wrong right?

    asked by Mark on June 23, 2011
  64. Math

    There are 10 purple, 5 yellow, 2 green, and 3 red jelly beans in a bowl. Write a sentence that explains how likely it is for a purple, red, or yellow to be chosen in one pick.

    asked by Camron on April 14, 2016
  65. QUESTION--Please Help

    What,if anything,is wrong with this sentence? Do you advise me to go to college or that I should get a job after high school? A. Properly constructed sentence B. Misplaced part C. Lacks parallel parts D. Run-on I think the answer is C, am I CORRECT? Joyce,

    asked by Joyce on October 19, 2006
  66. Sociology Research Methods

    What is a confidence level? What is the confidence interval? Write a sentence that could appear in a research report that would exemplify a confidence interval.

    asked by Faye on June 25, 2017
  67. algebra

    use guess and check to solve the following problem. Write your solution as a sentence. A cable 84 meters long is cut into two pieces so that one piece is 18 meters longer than the other. Find the length of each piece of cable.

    asked by mike on September 18, 2009
  68. English

    (1) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade science, I have some experience with the faces

    asked by Odalis on December 3, 2014
  69. Grammar

    Seeing pulsation of the artery at the completion of this dissection. 1. This is a run-on that can be fixed with a period. 2. This is a run-on that can be fixed by adding a comma and a conjunction. 3. This is a fragment that can be fixed by adding a subject

    asked by Leslie on May 10, 2011
  70. English

    1. We have to motivate our customers to buy our products. 2. We have to ask our customers to buy our products. ========================== Do the two sentences have the same sentence pattern? In sentence 1, is 'to buy our products' an object complement as

    asked by rfvv on October 10, 2015
  71. Grammar

    Was concerned about the effectiveness of the high-flow nebulizers and the mist tent. 1. This is a fragment that is missing a subject. 2. This is a run-on that requires a semicolon after effectiveness. 3. This is a runn-on that requires a comma and a

    asked by Leslie on May 10, 2011

    1. 5h – 9 = –16 + 6h (1 point) 4 –7 7 10 2. 4x + 4 = 9x – 36 (1 point) –8 –7 8 –3 3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? (1 point) 3x – 3 = –4x 2y + 4 – y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y – 2 = 2(y – 1)

    asked by I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! on December 19, 2014
  73. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. 5h – 9 = –16 + 6h (1 point) 4 –7 7 10 2. 4x + 4 = 9x – 36 (1 point) –8 –7 8 –3 3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? (1 point) 3x – 3 = –4x 2y + 4 – y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y – 2 = 2(y – 1)

    asked by Delilah on December 19, 2012

    1. 5h – 9 = –16 + 6h (1 point) 4 –7 7 10 2. 4x + 4 = 9x – 36 (1 point) –8 –7 8 –3 3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? (1 point) 3x – 3 = –4x 2y + 4 – y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y – 2 = 2(y – 1)

    asked by I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! on December 19, 2014
  75. Math

    Natalie has 138 DVDs and 419 CDs. If you were to estimate the sum of the DVDs and CDs, what sentence could you write? Then find your estimated sum.

    asked by Nelson on September 22, 2011
  76. langue

    Read each sentence. Write the subject on the subject line and the predicate on the predicate line. Zebra live in Africa 1. Subject_______________ 2. Predicate_______________

    asked by luz on October 5, 2010
  77. language arts

    what's the answer to subject and object pronouns worksheet the directions is write each sentence replace the underlined words with subject or object pronouns

    asked by Jennie on February 10, 2016
  78. english

    this is a portion of my english homework that i cant do. i was assigned over 100 questions and these are the ones i need the most help with and i need to turn it in in like an hour so any help would be great :-) 1. Which is not a sentence fragment? A.

    asked by alan on November 30, 2007
  79. Math

    Need help on writing a system of equations. I can figure it out without the systems but now sure how to write a systems of equations not knowing how many the box can hold. Dark chocolates cost $0.25 each and milk chocolates cost $0.15 each. Tom wants twice

    asked by Brandi on October 11, 2015
  80. Philosophy

    can someone explain what this teacher wants me to do, do I put and x in the box or write something this all new to me. thank you HELP!!!! Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Matrix Fill in the matrix below, denoting each philosopher’s view concerning the

    asked by kathy on May 27, 2007
  81. english

    • I couldn’t decide which of the two sweaters to buy. • The saleswoman convinced me to take both. • At home, I regretted the expensive purchase. • I vowed to return one of the sweaters. (combine the above four sentence using complex compound

    asked by gouri on September 18, 2014
  82. essay writing

    The first sentence of your introductory paragraph should do all of the following EXCEPT: A.Give the reader an idea of the subject matter. B.Include the title of the essay. C.Grab the reader's attention. D.Provide a thesis sentence. I chose D.

    asked by elena on February 3, 2011
  83. help please:-)

    The first sentence of your introductory paragraph should do all of the following EXPECT: A. Give the reader an idea of the subject matter. B. include the title of the eassy. C. Grab the reader's attention D. Provide a thesis sentence. I got B. Is it right?

    asked by ciara on September 28, 2011
  84. Grammar

    The patient was taken to thje operative suite, placed supine, anesthetized, and intubated in the usual fashion. fragment- run-on- comma splice- complete sentence. Answer: complete sentence Thanks

    asked by Leslie on May 9, 2011
  85. grammar

    12. Identify the error in the following sentence. Emily didn't have no idea how to memorize so many lines. (1 point) run-on sentence missing end punctuation double negative missing comma

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2010
  86. Language Arts

    Are these right? My aunt discovered a skunk under her porch and called the Humane Society for help in removing it. *simple sentence Some committee members preferred either a musical comedy or a mystery. *simple sentence

    asked by Helen on December 6, 2015
  87. American Literature

    I have to write a report on Mark Twain. I'm not suppose to write his biography. I'm supose to write about his works, achievements, impact on his readers, society, american literature, etc. I haven't been able to find too much, because the internet just

    asked by Jennifer on April 20, 2010
  88. math

    Chelsea has 10 yards of yarn. How many bows can be made if each bow uses 2/3 yard of yarn? Draw a diagram that represents the situation. How many 2/3 yard did he cut? Does he have any left over? How much? Write a division sentence to show the situation.

    asked by matthew on February 4, 2016
  89. English

    Hi, I'm writing an essay and I was wondering if this is how you would write the sentence below. By the way Giannetti is the author and 147 is the page number. According to Giannetti, “there are no fixed rules concerning rhythm in films and some editors

    asked by Jon on September 26, 2011
  90. Math

    An adult crocodile weighs up to 2200 lbs. If a young crocodile weighs 157 lbs, how many pounds might it be expected to gain in it's lifetime? How do you write a word sentence that describes the inequality situation?

    asked by Sally on October 30, 2010
  91. english

    In the answer area below, write the 2 adverbs in this sentence and explain how each adverb is used. Example: Eventually, she walked proudly. Answer: eventually - eventually tells when she walked ; proudly - proudly tells how she walked Sentence: She walked

    asked by Jason on October 19, 2010
  92. Language Arts

    Underline the verb or verb phrase in each sentence. Then identify the principle part used to form the verb. 1. I write a column for the school newspaper. -underline write and this is present 2. Gary waited half an hour for the bus. -underline waited and

    asked by Patrick on December 1, 2015
  93. physics

    How do we compensate for thermal expansion /contraction in the construction of railway tracks? How do we compensate for thermal expansion /contraction in the construction of steel bridges? How do we compensate for thermal expansion /contraction in the

    asked by anil on October 4, 2011
  94. English

    Thanks, Kitty. It's raining hard in London today. Many people are carrying umbrellas. Some young people are walking in the rain. Now, back to the Weather Station, Shelly. ----------------------- This is a part of a weather report. Would you explain the

    asked by John on June 14, 2008
  95. Spelling

    From the vocabulary word in lis 6, choose the word that bests completes each sentence. Write the word in the blank provided. 1. Sir Lancelot's _______ was so great that it was said, "He hath the strenght of ten because his heart is pure. - Is the words

    asked by Losa on September 20, 2012
  96. Comm 155

    Could you please check these sentences and tell me if they make sense. Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing. 1. With practice, I have gotten better at grammar and punctuation. 2. Working with a study group has made my sentence

    asked by Debbie on March 15, 2011
  97. English

    Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. 1:...did you take to the concert? Who....whom*** 2:They didn't tell me...the winners were. Who***....whom 3:With...did you have dinner? who...Whom*** 4:Tim is the kind of guy...spends all of his time

    asked by anonymous on January 30, 2018
  98. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. I made the changes you told me. Isnt't the subject missing in sentence? Is it possible to use the conditional in sentence 2? I divided sentence 3 into two separate sentences, as you suggested. 1) On the stone

    asked by Henry2 on September 8, 2011
  99. english

    Can anyone tell me if I have done this right. Because the store was closed. my answer: Because the store was closed, we went back home without the food. I think you did it correctly. I am not sure what the teacher was asking for. But you took an incomplete

    asked by NeNe on May 28, 2007
  100. English

    1) How many U.S. presidents can (you) name? (2) In the year 2000, U.S. citizens elected the 43rd (president). (3) Some presidents (were elected) more than once. (4) Franklin Roosevelt, for example, was elected to four terms (in office). (5) Many citizens

    asked by Bubbles on October 8, 2015