1. English

    Thank you very much. I still find it difficult to rephrase this sentence: Macbeth says that if he must know his deed, than (?) it would be best to lose all knoweledge of himself. Does it mean that "he would rather lose knowledge of himself than acknoledge

  3. Comm 155

    I have to write a paragraph in which I describe my strategy for using writepoint in the future. This must include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. I also need to underline the topic sentence. Could you please look at my
  4. communication

    extemporaneous presentation, what is the first step of the conclusion? A. Say, "In conclusion..." and continue with a summary of the body. B. Review the main points with a simple, single sentence that names each main point with its one-word or two-word
  5. Pre Cal

    find the surface area of a box of hieght h whose base dimensions are p and q, and that satisfies either one of the following conditions: a) the box is closed. b) the box has an open top. c) the box has an open top and a square base.
  6. Physics

    A box is sliding down an incline tilted at an angle of 2.14° above horizontal. The box is sliding down the incline at a speed of 5.15 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the incline is 0.387. How far does the box slide down the
  7. physics

    The red box has a mass of 20.1 kg and the blue box has a mass of 14.5 kg and the force is 290 N. To the nearest tenth of a m/s2 what is the acceleration of the combination? The diagram looks like this: F --> [Red Box][Blue Box] On a straight plane, not
  8. 3 grade english ms sue

    srffixes rocky,foolish,rainy,childhood,selfish, treatment,movement,neighborhood, childish,parenthood,crunchy,bumpy, payment,sleepy,shipment opposites write the missing list word.it will be the opposite of the underlined word. 1- this lizard's skin is
  9. Math

    Our difference is 6. We have a sum of 14. What numbers are we? We know number 10. How did you find 4? Please describe and solve the riddle.Write the number sentence.
  10. english

    define the term cliche and write one sentence that has a cliche in it. can u help i know it's easy but i want different exaples the book is kinda dull.
  11. english

    Trying to write a full sentence about drugs that includes effective arguments and counter arguments to support my thesis
  12. Writing

    what are good ways to start off personal statement letters? I have a idea on what i want to write about i just don't know how to start off. like the first two sentence
  13. Writing

    I have spent 2 weeks writing a paper and I am trying to perfect the introduction. Below I will paste the introduction tell me what I can do to better and what questions you have and what it make you think of... “The disease of jealously is so malignant
  14. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 2:24am. 1. It's very noisy here. I can't stand it any more. (What does "it" refer to in the first sentence? What does "it" refer to in the second sentence? Are both the same? Is 'it' an impersonal pronoun or
  15. algebra 2

    you can make an open box from a piece of flat cardboard. First cut congruent squares from the four corners of the cardboard. Then fold and tape the sides. let x equal the side of each congruent squares as x increases so does the depth of the box the
  16. Javascript

    I'm trying to write a script that will allow a user to enter a year and then determine if the year is a leap year. I need to include a form with a single text box where the user can enter a year. I also need to display and alert dialog box to the user
  17. English

    Write a speech in the following situation- You are the leading actor in a school play It is the interval in the play. The first half was dreadful, with actors forgetting their lines, props falling over and the audience laughing for the wrong
  18. Physics

    2. Tyler pulls a box full of baby ferrets across the floor by means of a rope that is tied to the box. The rope makes an angle of 41 degrees with the horizontal and tyler pulls on the rope with a force of 60N. a)What is the horizontal component of the
  19. physics

    Carol and Bruno drag a box of mass 58.0 kg along a frictionless floor. Carol pushes the box with a force of 11.4 N at an angle of 40.0 downward from the horizontal. Bruno pulls the box from the other side with a force of 11.0 N at an angle of 40.0 above
  20. physics repost

    Carol and Bruno drag a box of mass 58.0 kg along a frictionless floor. Carol pushes the box with a force of 11.4 N at an angle of 40.0 downward from the horizontal. Bruno pulls the box from the other side with a force of 11.0 N at an angle of 40.0 above
  21. Physics

    box of books weighs 350 n is shoved across the floor with a force of 500 n directed downward at angle of 37 with horizontal. if muk between box and floor is .5 how long does it take box to move 4 m starting from rest and what is largest value of muk that
  22. earth

    HELP? Two students are given cubic boxes, measuring 10 cm on a side. Robert puts a single glass marble with a diameter of 10 cm in the box. Susan puts 1,000 1-cm glass marbles in her box. 1.Whose box has more empty space? Explain. 2.Whose box will be
  23. Computer Science!!!! Help!!!

    The book is not doing anything for me. Anyone know where I can find step by step tutorial of this? Specifically for Visual Basic 2012? And not just a simplified version, I mean EXACTLY how to do this. I have been looking through YouTube, my textbook (An
  24. Math

    A number sentence is 50 1/2 ÷1/4 =202. Part A. Create a story or context for this number sentence. Part B. Rewrite this number sentence using multiplication. Part C. Give a verbal explanation that describes how these three numbers are related.
  25. Language Arts CHECK ANSWERS

    3. Everyone admired the grandeur of A. the rose garden. B. the mountains. ** C. the car. 10. Which sentence corrects the following sentence? Isnt that she by the side of the pool? A. Is that her by the side of the pool? B. Is that hers by the side of the
  26. chem

    The bottom of a box has a surface area of 31.4 cm2. The mass of the box is 47.1 kilograms. Acceleration due to gravity at sea level is 9.80 m/s2. What pressure is exerted by the box where it rests? how do i solve this?
  27. physics

    A box of unknown mass is placed at rest at the top of a 3m long ramp that is inclined at 30 degrees, and it slides to the bottom in 2s. What is the acceleration of the box, what is the coeff of kinetic friction between the box and the plank?
  28. biomechanic/physics

    A person applies an 80-N pulling force 25 degrees counterclockwise with respect to the right horizontal to a 100-N box. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor is 0.85. Will the box slide?
  29. physics

    A box with a mass of 2 kg is lifted (without acceleration) through a height of 8.0 m in order to place it upon the shelf of a closet. (a) What is the increase in potential energy of the box? 1 . J (b) How much work was required to lift the box to this
  30. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  31. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  32. Physics

    A rope is tied to a box and used to pull the box 1.7 m along a horizontal floor. The rope makes an angle of 30∘ with the horizontal and has a tension of 5 N. The opposing friction force between the box and the floor is 1 N. Part A How much work does
  33. physics

    A 6.0-kg box is raised a distance of 3.0m from rest by a vertical applied force of 80 N. Find (a) the work done on the box by the applied force, (b) the work done on the box by gravity, and (c) the final kinetic energy of the box.
  34. English

    Combine each pair of sentence into one sentence,or shorten a long sentence. Using an infinitive phrase 1)the mayor asked her aides.the mayor asked her aides to work hard. 2)kate was sad when she heard the news. 3)Andy was shocked when he discovered the
  35. Grammar

    Specify if sentences are complete, fragments or run-on: 1) The surgical team recommended that surgery be performed as soon as possible, the patient, however, wanted more time to think about it. SENTENCE FRAGMENT 2) Postoperative plan is for the patient to
  36. correct these sentence

    The students trying their best to look cute and not succeeding. The students are trying their best to look cute, but they are not succeeding. Lisette is right in her correction. What you posted originally is not a sentence -- it's a fragment of a sentence
  37. Physics

    A small box is held in place against a rough vertical wall by someone pushing on it with a force directed upward at 25o above the horizontal. The coefficients of static friction and kinetic friction between the box and wall are 0.21 and 0.51, respectively.
  38. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. He will be back after a few days. 2. He was back after a few days. ----------- In the past tense, do we have to use 'after' as in Sentence 2? What about Sentence 1? I used 'after' instead of 'in.' Is this sentence grammatical?
  39. French

    Would the contraction for du and les be des?
  40. Grammar and Composition

    Can people just give me a bunch of difficult words that i can look up? i have to have 150 words that i don't know and look up their meanings and write a sentence with them.. i only have 21 so far :( thanks
  41. spanish

    anoche / mi esposa y yo / saber / que / Carlos y Eva / divorciarse, what would be the correct way to write this sentence using the correct preterit form. Thanks
  42. read and write

    what part of speech is bench in this sentence? Fred gave the player on the opponents'bench the game ball.
  43. true or false

    Write a true sentence using either < or > -4.005 __ -4.05
  44. Math

    Write the sentence as a proportion. Then solve the proportion * d is to 4 as 32 is to 56
  45. Spanish

    Need help with this-- 'Write the time in sentence form (in spanish) for each of the following: 77. 1:15 78. 2:30 79. 4:45 80. 7:10 Thanks! -MC
  46. Math Plz help

    When Tyson opens and lays a cereal box out flat, he sees that the top and the bottom of the box both measure 11 inches by 8 inches, the sides of the box both measure 11 inches by 6 inches, and the front and back of the box both measure 8 inches by 6
  47. English (please check my answers)

    1.What is the indirect object in the sentence? Sid built us a stereo cabinet in the basement. I think the I.O is 'us' 2.Which is the predicate nominative in the sentence? Switzerland is a politcally neutral country. I think the P.N is 'country' Last one...
  48. Physics

    A helicopter drops a box from 120m in the air. a. Determine the time the box is in the air. b. determine the velocity the box would have right before it hits the ground c. Before the helicopter had a horizontal velocity of 55/s. Determine the distance the
  49. Math

    1. When Tyson opens and lays a cereal box out flat, he sees that the top and the bottom of the box both measure 11 inches by 8 inches, the sides of the box both measure 11 inches by 6 inches, and the front and back of the box both measure 8 inches by 6
  50. english

    Does this sentence make sense?: A highly informative book, Marc Aronson wrote Witch-Hunt Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials. or does it make it seem as though Marc Aronson is the highly informative book (which he's not)? Thanks for the help! can u write
  51. 3 grade english

    write each sentence. use the past form of the verb in () to complete each sentence. we have (saw,seen) many creatures in the desert. my son wrote- we have seen many creatures in the desert. the gila monster (gone,went) toward the catus. my son wrote- the
  52. sentences

    what if anything,is wrong with the following sentences? Carmen is tall, slender,and a woman of great beauty. Nothing is wrong with it that I can see. It is one sentence, so you should have ended the previous question with "sentence", not the plural.
  53. calculus

    A car[enter will be building a stained glass jewelry box. The frame of the box is to be built from a 48 inch stripe of metal which will be cut into 12 pieces. The 12 pieces are then soldered to form a rectangular box whose base is twice as long as it is
  54. Composition and Communications 1

    i need to write an essay explaining how purpose, tone, audience, and content impact academic writing, and i am having trouble coming up with a good topic sentence, what are some ideas that i can use?
  55. english

    I have to write a college essay but I don't know how to begin it the prompt is who has been the most influentail people in my life and the answer is my parents so what's a good first sentence I want it to be catchy and let the reader be interested fast
  56. 5th grade

    Identify the pronouns in each sentence. Then decide if each is nominative (N), objective (O), or possessive (P). Write your answer according to the following example: Q: My favorite actor is better than yours. A: My; P, yours; P 1. Why wasn't he invited to
  57. Langauge Arts

    Having trouble deciding when to use a comma and when not to with the word "also". In the sentence "He also received money as gifts from his aunt grandparents and parents." Would the commas go after "aunt" and "grandparents"? I dont' think you need one
  58. Language arts

    How do you know the capitalized group of words is a dependent clause? Nancy pulled over to ask for directions BECAUSE SHE WAS LOST. a. It can stand on its own as a complete sentence and starts with a conjunction. b. It cannot stand on its own as a complete
  59. English

    I need help with homophone for a couple sentences I am stuck on. Sentence 1: The _____ in that phone booth has a shirt with a turtle-necked______. Sentence 2: The campers in their _____ are _______ about the reports of bears. Don't show your ____ while on
  60. Imperative sentence

    What will be imperative sentence of this sentence:- 1. Will you lend money tomorrow?
  61. Math

    Deena has a tool box in the shape of a right rectangular prism. The volume of the tool box is 0.375 ft³. The height of the tool box is 0.5 ft, and the length is 1.5 ft. What is the width of Deena's tool box?
  62. Algebra

    The surface area of a box is 160. The length of the box is twice its width as well as 4 less than its height. How many units are in the height of the box? (The surface area of a box is the sum of the areas of all 6 of its rectangular faces.)
  63. Grade 12 Advanced Functions

    The length of a child's square-based jewelry box is 5cm more than its height. The box has a capacity of 500cm^3. Solve a polynomial equation to determine the dimensions of the box.
  64. Grade 11 Physics: Forces

    A girl pushes a wooden box across a floor and exerts 140 N to keep the box moving at constant velocity. If the kinetic coefficient of friction is 0.55, find the mass of the box.
  65. Language Arts

    Directions: Underline the verb in each sentence, then write past present or future. 1. We study English in Pete's class. -Underline study and this is present 2. English was not my first language.- I am confused on this sentence. 3. I will be a very good
  66. Writing Essay

    Where will you find the thesis sentence in an introduction paragraph? A.The middle of the paragraph B.Immediately after the topic sentence C.The last sentence of the introduction paragraph. i got C.
  67. college

    The proposed developer employed only certified programmers. Over the past five years they have redesigned more than 50 databases for local businesses. They will add innovative new functionalities to our system, while increasing the efficiency of our
  68. Calculus

    1. Chris makes an open-topped box from a 30-cm by 30-cm piece of cardboard by cutting out equal squares from the corners and folding up the flaps to make the sides. What are the dimensions of each square to the nearest hundredth of a centimetre, so that
  69. maths

    the weight of 4 boxes together is 66.5kg.the weight of box B is 2kg less than box A.and the weight of box C is 1.5kg more than box A.if the weight of box D is 1.5kg more than box C.find the weight of each box
  70. Calculus Follow Up

    A farmer wishes to build a fence for 6 adjacent rectangular pens. If there is 600 feet of fencing available, what are the dimensions of each pen that maximizes total pen area? The image looks like this: box box box box box box also: If the interior fencing
  71. Math

    elaine is stocking a new box that is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches high. Make a recommendation to elaine regarding a price for this box size. remember that her box supplier charges her 1/2 cent per square inch of surface area for each box
  72. Ratio

    I had a total of 129 marbles in 3 boxes at first. Then I threw away 2/3 of the marbles from Box 1, added 15 marbles to Box 2, and added marbles to Box 3 until the numbers in box 3 tripled. As a result the number of marbles in box 1 to the number in Box 2
  73. english

    The city of Munich plans many interesting festivities. In the above sentence i need to identify the nouns in the objectice case. I also need to know what part of the sentence is the word festivities. I know the subject is Munich and the form is simple.
  74. English

    This is new to me if someone could please explain how to do this it would be great. Sentence Patterns:draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of
  75. english

    I have to write an essay about the poem "The word is too much with us" by william Wordsworth. I have to talk about content and how he uses poetic devices to make his argument. Anyways, I'll probably be posting parts of essay through out today, so can you
  76. physics

    A horizontal force of magnitude F = 110 N is used to push a box of mass m = 6 kg from rest a distance d = 16 m up a frictionless incline with a slope q = 28°. a) How much work is done by the force on the box? b) How much work is done on the box by the
  77. com

    Write three sentence using plurals correctly and three sentences using possessives correctly on the topic of how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently.
  78. math

    Karen withdrew $30 from her savings account each month for 6 months. Write a number sentence to show the total amount she withdrew.
  79. grammar

    you have to underline the incorrect pronoun in each sentence.Then write the correct pronoun on the line provided 1.there was no apple cakebecause the dog ate them.
  80. English

    Obviously, the police will use force if you do not cooperate. Is this grammatically correct? I need to write a sentence to show how a comma should be used after introductory words or groups of words.
  81. English

    Write the simple predicate of each sentence. 1. Most people find cockroaches troublesome. 2. These household pests get into everything. 3. The history of these pests may surprise you.
  82. English

    Write a sentence using the words incessant and brief. This is my last one and I'm having trouble. Does this one sound okay? I prefer the brief disturbance of thunder to the incessant dripping of our kitchen sink.
  83. english

    When did you memorize the patriotic poem, "Paul Reveres ride"? In the above sentence is the predicate did memorize? If so what part of the sentence would the word poem be??
  84. Alegebra

    A box contains 10 cards numbered 1 through 10. Which events are mutually exclusive? (Points : 4) A card is drawn from the box and the number is even. A card is drawn from the box and the number is 8. A card is drawn from the box and the number is odd. A
  85. Computer Programming

    Hoe do I write a program to Create a C++ console application that uses cout to display a box of asterisks?
  86. English

    I am still working on this poem. And I'd like to know ur opinion about it. Its a magic box poem. The magic box I will put in the box Hugs and kisses from my family The daylight brought from the sun and My parent’s blessings I will put in the box The
  87. spanish

    How do I translate my spanish Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to determine the vocabulary in the sentence. When you actually post some work here we can help you use the dictionary. The very BEST way is to look up
  88. physics

    The drawing shows two boxes resting on frictionless ramps. One box is relatively light and sits on a steep ramp. The other box is heavier and rests on a ramp that is less steep. The boxes are released from rest at A and allowed to slide down the ramps. The
  89. physics

    A wooden box with a mass of 10.0kg rests on a ramp that is inclined at an angle of 25 degrees to the horizontal. A rope attatched to the box runs parallel to the ramp and then passes over a frictionless pulley. A bucket with a mass of m hangs from the end
  90. algebra

    have 50 sq ft of material to make an open top box with a square base. a) use formula for surface area to express the height h of the box in terms of x. b) find the dimensions of the box that will produce the maximum volume.
  91. physics

    A man applies a force of 150 N to pull a 20kg box with a rope that makes an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal.the box experiences a kinetic friction of 15 N. calculate the acceleration of the box. thanks in advance
  92. language

    Which word sounds better to use in this sentence? You are the coolest person I ever met. OR You are the coolest person I ever meet. Which word do I use? Is it the word MET or MEET? The first sentence is correct. You cannot compare "you" to people in the
  93. math

    How do I approach this problem? Seven green marbles and three red marbles are randomly placed in Box A and in Box B. Box A holds 4 marbles, while Box B holds 6. What is the probability that Box A has at least 2 green marbles?
  94. Math

    How do I approach this problem? Seven green marbles and three red marbles are randomly placed in Box A and in Box B. Box A holds 4 marbles, while Box B holds 6. What is the probability that Box A has at least 2 green marbles?
  95. Physics

    A box is pushed across a horizontal table by a boy applying a force of 32 N to the box. A force of friction of magnitude 19 N acts opposite the direction of motion. A stiff wind also opposes the box’s motion. What force does the box exert on the boy’s
  96. physics

    A short box with a large flat base is made of iron. The box has mass mI = 890 kg and specific heat cI = 450 J/kg◦C. The box is filled with water. The water has mass mW = 1220 kg and specific heat cW = 4180 J/kg◦C. The box and water are
  97. social studies

    I need to research on this sentence: Canadians are providing aid in the area of education. But I can't find a good website for this sentence. I've also tried typing this sentence on google but it's not giving me a good site. Please help me find a good site
  98. economics

    A prolonged economic contraction is called ?
  99. spelling

    won't is a contraction of ____________ and __________
  100. Language Arts

    1. Identify whether the capitalized word in the sentence below is used as a participle or verb. I really need to get a WORKING charger for my phone. 2. What is the participle in the participial phrase capitalized in the sentence below? REFUSING TO SETTLE