1. Physics

    The earths mass is m=5.98*10^24 kg and physics students masss is 70 kg. Knowing that the gravitational force between the student and the earth is 392 N of force, what is the distance between the student and the Earths center?
  2. science

    The acceleration of gravity on the surface of Venus is 8.9m/s^2. Would a ball thrown upward on Venus return to the ground sooner or later than a ball thrown upward with the same speed on the earth?
  3. Physics

    A 6 kg brick is falling at a rate of 48.9 m/s toward the earth at a current height of 14 m. What is the total mechanical energy of the brick? (total mechanical energy= Eg+Ek+Eel) What is the answer in Joules?
  4. EArth Science to DAMONpl

    If sea level has risen by 20 cm over the past century on the coast of North America,by how much do you think it has risen over the past century on the coast of India?Explain.
  5. Physics

    Physics Homework _____________________________________________________________ 1.) A particle at t 1 = -2.0 s is at x 1 = 3.4 cm and at t 2 = 4.5 s is at x2 = 8.5 cm. What is its average velocity? Can you calculate its average speed from this data?
  6. Physics 2

    A 60 cm long wire is oriented from east to west directly above the equator and carries a current of 5 A (toward the east). What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force on this wire due to the earth’s magnetic field (30 µT oriented south and
  7. pre cal

    assuming that Earth is a sphere of a radius 6378 kilometers, what is the difference in the latitudes of Lynchbug, Virginia, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Lynchbug is 400 kilometers due north of Myrtle Beach?
  8. English

    Thesis: My favorite thing to do is listen to music. Transition-- Cool Closing Sentence: "Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never get hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth" I need help on my transition
  9. CUC

    1. A rocket was found to be 150m when measured on earth.It then leaves and move at a constant velocity of 2 x 10m/s. What is its new length? 2. Two spaceships A and B are moving in opposite directions, A with a speed of 0.9c while B with a speed of 6c.
  10. physics

    An accelerating voltage of 2.46 * 10^3 V is applied to an electron gun, producing a beam of electrons originally traveling horizontally north in vacuum toward the center of a viewing screen 34.0 cm away. What is the magnitude of the deflection on the
  11. language arts

    LORD OF THE RINGS STORY which answer choice best describes how the conflict of the story is revealed? A)Bilbo Baggins returns,and everyone lives happily ever after. B)Sauron's defeat leads middle earth to change forever. C)Frodo ecounters danger when he is
  12. Algebra

    Please help me to to solve this quadratic equation word problem. Here is the question: Studying Microgravity. NASA'S Glen Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, has a 435-foot drop tower that begins on the surface and descends into Earth like a mineshaft. How
  13. Forces Within and Deciphering Earth's History

    If you find a large piece of granite that, upon inspection, contains smaller fragments of sandstone, which would you say is older, the granite or the fragments of sandstone? A. Sandstone B. It's impossible to tell. C. They're both the same age. D. Granite
  14. Physics

    Help please A wire carries a current of 5.2 A from east to west through a 6.0 m section of wire in the earth's magnetic field of 1 × 10^-5 T at a location where the magnetic field points south. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force acting on the
  15. physics

    does anyone know who conducted the experiment or a credible description of the experiment that helped prove Einstein's thought experiment: the twin paradox? as in the experiment in which one cesium-beam atomic clock stays on Earth, while another one takes
  16. Physics 11

    A man jumps from a great height and falls freely to the Earth. Another man jumps from the same height 1 s later. How much are the two men separated by, 2 s after the second man jumps? I'm not sure exactly how to tackle this question. I'm sure I'm making it
  17. Earth Science

    A classification system is based on the use of (1)the human senses to infer properties of objects (2)instruments to infer properties of objects (3)observed properties to group objects with similar characteristics Is it (3)?
  18. physics

    Find the magnitude and relative direction (e.g., NE, NW, SE, SW) of the velocity of an airplane relative to the earth, if the velocity of the airplane relative to the air is 165 km/hr. south to north and the wind velocity is 65 km/hr. at an 50o angle from
  19. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . A block of mass 23.0 slides down a frictionless surface inclined at 35. Part A To ensure that the block does not accelerate, what is the magnitude of the smallest
  20. Physics help!

    The earth has an electric field of about 150 N/c pointed downward. A 1.00 (micrometer) radius of water droplet is suspended in a calm air. Find the 1) mass of the water droplet 2) charge on the water droplet 3) number of access electrons in the water
  21. physics

    a solar panel is 12% efficient at converting sunlight into electrical energy.on average the sunlight that strikes the earth's surface has an intensity of 250 w/m^2 which of the following is the best estimate for the area of the solar panel needed to
  22. Physics

    You use a rope to slowly pull a sled and its passenger 45 m up a 20∘ incline, exerting a 125-N force on the rope. How much work did Earth do on the sled for the trip in Part B? The answer for part is -5630 J I'm not sure what to do. I tried -5630 J *
  23. Science-please help

    The gravitational force of the Earth acting on an object with more mass is stronger than the force on a smaller mass object of the same size, yet they both fall at the same rate of increasing speed (i.e. balls of different masses but with similar sizes
  24. Physics

    An electron is relased into a uniform electric field of magnitude 8.35 N/C. How many times larger is this electrons acceleration than the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Earth? Is it just F= qE = ma (for the electron, and using E for electric
  25. Science

    Explain the law of motion needed to solve this problem and then solve it. On Planet Zorg, a 30 kg barbell can be lifted by only exerting a force of 180 N. What is the acceleration of gravity on Planet Zorg? Predict how the motion of this object would
  26. Science , Biology

    Cretaceous extinction... The evidence tells you that “overwhelming evidence suggests that the extinction was caused by a 10-km-diameter asteroid that struck Earth.” Suggest at least three lines of evidence that might have led scientists to this
  27. Physical Chemistry

    The escape velocity, the velocity required by an object to escape from the gravitational field is given V^e = (2gr)^1/2 where r is the radius for Earth (6.37 x 10^6m). At what temperature will the c of an H2 molecule and of an N2 molecule attain the escape
  28. Math

    A 120Ib person would weight about 20Ib on the earth's moon. A 150 Ib person would weight 28I Ib on lo, a moon of Jupiter. Use ratio table to determine which make a person weight the most
  29. 7th grade Science

    How does the internal structures of earth's density compare to the lithosphere's density? It is a lot greater, a little greater, a lot smaller or a little smaller?
  30. Earth science

    A sphere was dropped into water in a graduated cylinder as shown in the following diagram.The water level rose th the new level shown .What is the volume of the sphere
  31. Geometry

    Average diameter of about 7900 miles. Jupiter has an average diameter of 86900 miles. The volume is Jupiter is approximately how many times larger than the earth?
  32. science

    The flowerpot weighs 5 pounds on Earth and 0.29 pounds on Pluto. Which proportion could you use to calculate a 115-pound person’s weight on Pluto? A. 5 over 0.29 = 115 over w B. 0.29 over 5 = w over 115 C. 5 over 0.29 = w over 115 D. either A or B
  33. physics

    the speed of a car can be measured in s^-1 m right... it could be said that a speed of a car the velocity was 15 s^-1 m which is perfectly acceptable... by definition 15 s^-1 m can also be written as 15 Hz m just by definition... what on earth does that
  34. speed

    2 rockets are launched. The first one travels 9000 mph. 15 Minutes later the second launched at 10000 mph. What is the distance at wich both rockets are an equal distance from earth?
  35. Earth Science

    If sea level has risen by 20 cm over the past century on the coast of North America, by how much do you think it has risen over the past century on the coast of India? Explain.
  36. earth

    an area of high pressure is referred to as a anticyclone, and an area of low pressure is called a cyclone. is percipitation generally accosiated with a cyclone or anticyclone?
  37. astronomy

    The luminosity of the Sun is 4*10^33 erg/s, and its radius is 7*10^10 cm. What is the flux of sunlight on the Earth? i answer flux = luminosity/4pi*d^2 = 4*10^33/4pi*49*10^20=.....0,0064994151*10^13=6.49*10^10 erg/cm^2/sec thank you .please help me...
  38. Science

    Are the phases of the moon caused by Earth's shadow cast on the moon? No, the phases of the moon are caused by the alignment of the moon and sunin the sky. Please correct me if I'm wrong, thanks

    1. What measurement best describes the results of a scientific experiment regarding volume? A. 1425 mL B. 5 quarts C. 2 pints D. 125 gallons A? 2. How is the mass number calculated for an element? A. The product of neutrons and protons B. There is no
  40. Geology

    Scientists debate about the use of fossils as a tool to determine records of various events, such as the vanishing of the dinosaurs or the origin of our ancestors. Based on what you know of fossils from your textbook and other sources, discuss the role of
  41. Physics questions

    Hello, I was wondering how to explain the potential energy in a Ferris wheel, and if there were any reputable (aka not something such as Wikipedia, etc) that had an explanation for this? The only thing I have gathered is that mgh=Eg and that Eg is the
  42. Physics

    Can someone walk me through how to work this? It's worded weirdly and I'm not sure how to solve it. Mass M1= 2.2 kg lies on a frictionless table, pulled by another mass M2= 4.1 kg under the in of Earth's gravity. a) What is in N the net force acting on the
  43. earth

    What happens when a cold surface water current collides with a warm surface water current?
  44. english II

    Error in Sentence Consistency and Parallelism. the answer is b. A.If the rain would stop, then the grounds crew would uncover the infield and the game could resume. B.Cyclists and joggers are everywhere-on country roads, in city streets, on the boardwalk,
  45. English - The Lovely Bones

    I asked this question yesterday but no one has answered thus far so I thought I'd try asking again: If anyone has read The Lovely Bones novel could you please explain 2 things to me. 1) Is Ruth Connors able to see the dead? When she moves to NYC she writes
  46. Geology

    Can someone help me with these questions I have some material for them but not enough. • First-- Compare and contrast the geological features of a desert landscape and glacial landscape. Describe at least one process that creates the resulting landforms
  47. physics

    Suppose that three astronauts outside a spaceship decide to play catch. All the astronauts weigh the same on Earth and are equally strong. The first astronaut throws the second astronaut toward the third one and the game begins. Describe the motion of the
  48. math

    Venus begins a new year every 225 days. Earth begins a new year every 365 days. If both planets begin a new year on the same day, how many days will pass befor that happens again.
  49. Physics question bout falling

    Objects that are falling toward Earth in free fall move a)faster and faster. b)slower and slower. c)at a constant velocity. d)slower then faster.
  50. math

    Venus begins a new year every 225 days. Earth begins a new year every 365 days. If both planets begin a new year on the same day, how many days will pass befor that happens again.
  51. physics

    On earth, two parts of a space probe weigh 19200 N and 4130 N. These parts are separated by a center-to-center distance of 6.38 m and may be treated as uniform spherical objects. Find the magnitude of the gravitational force that each part exerts on the
  52. Science

    Your Science Club is tutoring some younger students in astronomy. You hear one student describe how people on Earth can never see “the dark side of the Moon.” You know that is an inaccurate statement. What reasons would you give to explain to the
  53. Physics

    On earth, two parts of a space probe weigh 18300 N and 4440 N. These parts are separated by a center-to-center distance of 5.11 m and may be treated as uniform spherical objects. Find the magnitude of the gravitational force that each part exerts on the
  54. Physics

    A 45-m length of wire is stretched horizontally between two vertical posts. The wire carries a current of 67 A and experiences a magnetic force of 0.15 N. Find the magnitude of the earth's magnetic field at the location of the wire, assuming the field
  55. Physics

    On earth, two parts of a space probe weigh 17300 N and 3260 N. These parts are separated by a center-to-center distance of 19.4 m and may be treated as uniform spherical objects. Find the magnitude of the gravitational force that each part exerts on the
  56. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . A 3000 truck tows a 1500 car by a chain. Part A If the net forward force on the truck by the ground is 3500 , what is the acceleration of the car? Part B What is the
  57. physics

    A ball is thrown straight downward from the surface of the moon. Is the maximum height it reaches less than, equal to, or greater than the maximum height reached by a ball thrown upwards on the earth with the same initial speed? Ignore air resistance in
  58. earth science

    I need to draw a diagram showing delta, oxalate, tributary and meander. I also need to draw a diagram showing water table, zone of saturation, cone of depression, working well, dry well, aquitard, aquifer, spring, perched water
  59. physics - HELP ASAP!

    A 3.60 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 184.8 m high. While the ball is falling to earth, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 12.1 N on the ball. (acceleration of gravity = 9.81 m/s^2) How far from the building does the ball hit the
  60. Physics

    On earth, two parts of a space probe weigh 14500 N and 6400 N. These parts are separated by a center-to-center distance of 19 m and may be treated as uniform spherical objects. Find the magnitude of the gravitational force that each part exerts on the
  61. Chem

    what is the meaning of "accepted value" with respect to an experimental measurement? Accepted value means that the majority of reasonable folks will accept that value as true. O thanks.. one more question When brought to the surface of the moon, will a
  62. Chemistry

    Which of the following is true about oxidation reactions? A. Oxidation reactions are the principal source of energy on Earth. B. All oxidation reactions are accompanied by reduction reactions. C. The burning of wood in a fireplace and the metabolization of
  63. alg

    1. (20 points) Police use the equation to estimate the speed (s) of a car, in miles per hour, based on the length (x), of its skid marks upon sudden braking on dry asphalt. a. Solve this equation for d. b. A motorist is involved in an accident. The skid
  64. Physics

    A large pendulum with a 200-lb gold-plated bob 12 inches in diameter is on display in the lobby of the United Nations building. Assume that the pendulum has a length of 78.4 ft. It is used to show the rotation of the Earth - for this reason it is referred
  65. physics

    Consider an asteroid with a radius of 15.5 km and a mass of 3.46E+15 kg. Assume the asteroid is roughly spherical. What is the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the asteroid? Suppose the asteroid spins about an axis through its center, like the
  66. Physics

    Air molecules create an upward force that impacts the free fall of objects on the surface of the Earth, differing form the way an object would fall in vacuum. Question: What kind of objects should be used for experimentation if we want to limit the impact
  67. Electrical Engineering

    Find the latitude at Stanford University using Google Maps to the nearest degree (This is how you do it) and calculate the Air Mass Factor on the autumnal equinox (when the center of the sun is in the same plane as the equator of the earth) at noon (when
  68. science

    advanteges and disadvanteges of fossil fuels Check this site. http://home.clara.net/darvill/altenerg/fossil.htm advantages easy to get energy from not expensive to get energy from disadvantages pollutes the atmosphere with carbondioxide which leads to
  69. physics

    The highest natural atmospheric temperature ever recorded on Earth was 58°C (136°F), at El Azizia, Libya on September 13, 1922. The record low temperature was −89°C (−129°F), which occurred at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July
  70. Physics

    Can a person, in principle, travel from Earth to the galactic center (which is about 2.30×104 lightyears distant) in a normal lifetime? Explain, using either time-dilation or length contraction arguments. If they want to make the trip in 26 y what
  71. Physics help please

    You are the science officer on a visit to a distant solar system. Prior to landing on a planet you measure its diameter to be 2.070E+7 m and its rotation to be 19.8 hours. You have previously determined that the planet orbits 1.590E+11 m from its star with
  72. physics

    A 120 N child is in a swing that is attached to ropes 2.20 m long. Find the gravitational potential energy of the child-Earth system relative to the child's lowest position at the following times. (a) when the ropes are horizontal (b) when the ropes make a
  73. Physics

    Suppose a straight 1.25 mm diameter copper wire could just "float" horizontally in air because of the force of the Earth's magnetic field B, which is horizontal, perpendicular to the wire, and of magnitude 5.00 multiplied by 10-5 T. What current would the
  74. Earth Science

    Quartz is made up of___________ a.)silicon and oxygen b.)iron and oxygen c.)silicon and carbon d.)iron and silicon
  75. chemistry - density and error (check)

    Calculate the density of earth and the density error. i got the answer 5.57*10^3k +/- 9.60 *10^7kg/m is that the correct answer? please help
  76. Exploring Space

    what wud hold the cable of a space elevator up? Would it be earth's gravity holding the cable of a space elevator up?
  77. Technology

    (this post never got answered :() I need help with these two questions: 1. Sheet metal and copper piping are examples of a. natural resources b. industrial products c. consumer products d. standard materials I think it's either B or D 2. Which of the
  78. Saint Michael.

    What was Saint Michael's life on earth like?
  79. science

    how are alkali metals and alkali earth metals different?
  80. science

    An astronauts boots weigh 100N on earth where the acceleration of free fall is 10m/s2. How much will they weigh on Mars where the acceleration of free fall is 4m/s2?
  81. check my science hw please.

    26. In the last few centuries, the number of species becoming extinct on Earth has A.decreased dramatically B. decreased slightly. C. increased slightly. D.increased dramatically I think it should be C.
  82. science

    An astronauts boots weigh 100N on earth where the acceleration of free fall is 10m/s2. How much will they weigh on Mars where the acceleration of free fall is 4m/s2?
  83. English

    In the movie "Like Stars on Earth," we can see the names 'Nikumbh' and ' Awasthi.' They are main characters in the Indian movie. How do you pronounce the two names? Do you pronounce 'bh' in Nikumbh'?
  84. English

    1. I heard the weather is usually windy and foggy on Dokdo. 2. I heard that he is very kind. 2-2. I heard that he was very kind. (What is the difference between them in meaning? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?) 3. I heard that two times five is
  85. Science Earth

    Label the year and name of each geologic area on your geologic time scale. Using the 1 cm = 10 million years scale, figure out and measure each distance below from the PRESENT line. Pre-Cambrian Era = 4.6 Billion years ago = _______________________ cm from
  86. art

    My internet is down for my computer and I can only use data. I can't go back for my notes 1. This drawing was made using what natural resource? (1 point) A. harvesting the clay from a corn plant B. making the clay from water and pigments C. making the clay
  87. Physics

    GPS can be used to determine positions with great accuracy. The system works by determining the distance between the observer and each of the several satellites orbiting Earth. If one of the satellites is at a distance of 20,000 km from you, what percent
  88. Earth Science

    I've been stuck on this question for half hour so please help me According to the principle of supply and demand, the price you pay for a product is determined both by its availability and by consumer demand for the product. on the basis of this principle,
  89. Science

    Can someone help me/check with this work? 1. _______ is the rate of change of position. A.Speed***** B.Velocity C.Acceleration D.Deceleration 2. Which of the following is the difference between speed and velocity? A. direction***** B.units C.speed D.none
  90. English

    One last thing. I varied this sentence since we are going to involve students from different third classes.I don't know how to express the second part. Pupils taken from different (or various) tenth classes will be involved in the project since the

    WHY CAN'T HUMANS LIVE ON VENUS? Too hot, no oxygen and very high atmospheric pressure. But this doesn't mean that we could live there, it only means that we can't walk on the surface without protection. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.
  92. physics

    On planet Tehar, the acceleration of gravity is the same as that on Earth but there is also a strong downward electric field with the field being uniform close to the planet's surface. A 2.16 kg ball having a charge of 4.80 uC is thrown upward at a speed
  93. science

    why do we find the major land biomes at specific locations on the earth in both the northern and the southern hemispheres? Variations in climate determine the biomes. These variations are determined by the frequency and direction of winds and ocean
  94. PHYSICS -urgent

    A bomber in level flight, flying at 92m/s, releases a bomb at a height of 1950m. (a) How long is it before the bomb strikes earth? (19.9s) (b) How far does it travel horizontally? (1832m) (c) What are the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity
  95. earth science

    if the base of a clound is located at an altitude of 2 kilometers and the top of the clound is located at an altitude of 8 kilometrs, is the clound located in the: troposhere statosphere or mesosphere
  96. astronomy

    how far away is the sun in science notation? The distance of the earth from the sun varies from 9.1407905x10^7 miles to 9.4512780x10^7 miles with a mean distance of 9.2960242x10^7 miles. Many use 9.30x10^7 as the mean distance.
  97. Earth and Space Science

    Clouds form primarily at the boundary between a)the stratosphere and mesosphere b)the mesosphere and ionosphere c)the troposphere and mesosphere d)the troposphere and stratosphere e)the hydrosphere and troposphere
  98. English

    I forgot to include the following questions. Thank you. 1) Anne Boleyn was executed and Henry VII married another four times. Elizabeth I restored the country to Protestantism. 2) She was often portrayed holding a rainbow, bearing the olive branch of
  99. Science

    Which of the following explains why water is limited resource 1:water is present on earth in a fixed amount that does not change 2:water is degrading slowly with time 3:only water not present in oceans is available for living things to use 4:once it ends
  100. physcis ! HELP !!!!

    which of collowing situations describe a particle that might have a non-zero velocity? canbe more than one A) a particle that has a constant position as a function of time B) a particle that has its position changing as a fnction of time c)when you graph