1. Geography

    List 10 countries wich pacfic ring of earth is found.

    asked by Yaekob on January 20, 2016
  2. science..help

    name a rock composed of mostly plagioclase and pyroxene that has formed deep within the earth.

    asked by Anonymous on November 11, 2008
  3. wireless communications

    what is the period of the space shuttle traveling at 250km above the earth and what is its velocity

    asked by tony on December 2, 2012
  4. physics

    Find the density of the earth if its mass is 6×10^3kg and radius is 6.4×10^3km

    asked by cadaawe on August 29, 2016
  5. sci

    why does the earth cool off at night much more quickly when the sky is clear than cloudy

    asked by billystar on April 22, 2008
  6. Living environment

    in what period of earth time did the great increase in animal diveristy

    asked by ADAM on December 6, 2011
  7. Earth's Heat Resources

    How is the energy that reaches earth's surface returned to space? is is by radiation?

    asked by Sydney on December 8, 2010
  8. physics

    find the moment of inertia of the earth. Radius is 6,000 km and mass is 6 x 10^24 kg

    asked by chloe on May 6, 2014
  9. Selamola secondary

    What is micro-organism that is regarded as non-living thing and its found only on Earth

    asked by SETIPA THABO CHUZ LA VIGA on August 20, 2015
  10. earth

    Compare the patterns of earthquakes, colcanoes and mountain ranges on Earth.

    asked by Clammyson on December 7, 2010
  11. Physics

    two satellites are launched from earth to the same altitude. One is twice the mass of the other. How will their periods compare?

    asked by la... on November 7, 2012
  12. Science

    What would be the effect on the seasons and the northern and southern hemispheres if Earth were not tilted?

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody on March 16, 2017
  13. Science

    Can you give me some information and facts about the flow of matter and energy in the earth -thank you

    asked by Christina on November 27, 2009
  14. 6th grade

    The large landmasses on Earth are called continets,oceans, or plateaus

    asked by mo on September 17, 2008
  15. science

    The deepest layers of the earth is called the inner Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) inner core

    asked by ant on August 18, 2010
  16. Science

    where can i find a good site that will show me the change's of the earth's atmosphere?

    asked by christina on November 5, 2009
  17. Math

    Why animals and plants are found on earth but are not on other planets of the solar system? Please ,,help me

    asked by NAwaf on February 26, 2014

    1. which of earth’s spheres contain most of its mass? A. atmosphere b. hydrosphere c. geosphere d. biosphere

    asked by PIIZAA SJDHFSKDFJS on February 26, 2014
  19. science

    a person weighs 815 N on the earth, what is the persons weight on the moon?

    asked by brian on December 18, 2011
  20. 4th grade science

    What kind of heat transfer cause Earth's najor wind pattern?

    asked by Damian on November 8, 2009
  21. literary

    What is the mood of A Journey to the Center of the Earth,book by Jules Vernes?

    asked by babalooey on October 22, 2008
  22. Geography

    Describe the formation of the earth in refference of Nebular cloud theory

    asked by Petrucci on March 8, 2017
  23. Earth's Heat Resources

    How is the energy that reaches earth's surface returned to space? is is by radiation?

    asked by Sydney on December 8, 2010
  24. science

    What imaginary line encircling the Earth is 90 degrees from both poles at every point ?

    asked by amatullah on May 22, 2008

    A hypothetical planet has a mass 1.49 times that of Earth, but the same radius. What is g near its surface?

    asked by Anonymous on August 18, 2015
  26. Physics urgent

    What is the weight of a 76 kg astronaut on the Moon where the value of 'g' is only 17% the strength of 'g' on the Earth? (Answer should be expressed in N).

    asked by moe on October 8, 2009
  27. Science one question dont understand plz help ASAP

    i know that from earth to the moon is 238,855 miles but i don't know how much that is in months

    asked by Thikra on May 5, 2016
  28. science

    how does running water contributes most to the general wearing of earth's surface?

    asked by Anonymous on March 18, 2009
  29. world history

    where on earth is a place that is uninhabited by humans... in other words... where can a civilization not exist???

    asked by precious on September 25, 2007
  30. physic

    How fast (in meters/second) is an object moving on the earth, if its speed is specified as Mach 0.2 ?

    asked by kassy on December 6, 2016
  31. Science

    At what latitude (on Earth) is the elevation of the South Celestial Pole greatest?

    asked by Raj on September 26, 2007
  32. Science

    What kind of heat transfer cause Earth's major wind patterns?

    asked by Ng on December 6, 2016
  33. miami dade

    a student designed an experiment to demonstrate the interactions between earth systems

    asked by tjames on September 30, 2016
  34. science

    what keeps the moon traveling in the same path eah time it orbits earth

    asked by liz on February 15, 2011
  35. Projectile Motion Problem

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×10^4 km/h. How high does it go?

    asked by Mike on April 5, 2010
  36. english

    To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier. what type of rhetorical device does this sentece contain

    asked by mat on February 8, 2011
  37. Science

    Which terrestrial planet has an atmosphere similar to Earth's? Mars* Venus None of the above

    asked by Dylan on January 5, 2018
  38. physics

    How many minutes would it take a radio wave to travel from the planet Venus to earth?

    asked by Musiyab Awan on November 22, 2016
  39. biology

    What parts of the solid earth, atmosphere and hydrophere are not included in the biosphere?

    asked by lizzie on September 14, 2007
  40. Science

    WHat fraction of the earth is covered in water? Forgot my science book HELp

    asked by JOshua on January 18, 2013
  41. science

    Are there any questions on earth that haven't been answered or are to compicated for scientists to get to or understand?

    asked by Maya on March 1, 2010
  42. Science

    Ok, so I'm doing a project on the Earth's layers, and I just have a question on the model. DOES IT HAVE TO BE 3-D? If it is, I'm dead meat.

    asked by Catherine on February 21, 2011
  43. earth

    please write an essay about earth and its environment. please mention a suitable site

    asked by ramesh reddy on June 26, 2009
  44. Science

    Give an example of how animal behavior would chnge if the Earth become hotter in the future.

    asked by Robert on September 15, 2010
  45. Maths

    Calculate the density of earth given that its mass is 5.98x10^24 kg and volume is 8.78x10^8 m/s

    asked by Beth on September 25, 2012
  46. language

    is this a sentace......... A block of four different,colorful stamps that commemorate Earth day.

    asked by matt on October 3, 2007
  47. science

    On Earth, the ratio of the force (newtons) to the mass (kilograms) of an object is always the same

    asked by Matt on October 4, 2012
  48. geology (science)

    how does the earth's four subsystems (lithosphere, hydrosphere, biospehere, atmosphere) interact with one another?

    asked by scooby9132002 on February 27, 2009
  49. Science

    Help find the mystery phrase. We are studying the Earth and were not given anything except letters. They are: RORPSPNGLOADEEASI. Please help!!!

    asked by Anonymous on January 23, 2011
  50. physics

    need the formula to find jupiters orbital period in earth years

    asked by deb on January 16, 2008
  51. space

    does taking a photo from outer space help earth spherical shape?

    asked by Anonymous on October 7, 2009
  52. physics

    what device could use th earth's magnetic felds to produce energy and how it would work?

    asked by mary on October 12, 2012
  53. Science

    I need help answering with the below question please What are three ways resources are brought up from under Earth's Surface? Thanks!

    asked by Stella on January 20, 2011

    in what state are the Everglades located? What is the northernmost place on Earth called?

    asked by SAMMY on December 2, 2008
  55. grade nine space

    What is the difference between the terms rotation and revolution? I need to use the Earth to support my answer.

    asked by peyton on January 17, 2011
  56. gaya ,college science

    Which one of the following is an alkaline earth element? a) carbon b)sodium c)zinc d)iron

    asked by gaurav verma on October 18, 2015
  57. physics

    Which of these two bodies gets its internal heat from nuclear processes? A) Both.B) Sun.C) Neither.D) Earth.

    asked by Jim on March 25, 2012
  58. Science

    The middle layer of the earth, made of solid, hot rock, is the what?

    asked by Renee on December 17, 2007
  59. social studies

    what were the lines of defence dug into the earth? and what was willsons plan for peace?

    asked by selena on January 28, 2010
  60. Physical Science

    Explain the importance of the water cycle to survival of the earth's organisms?

    asked by Jennifer on January 12, 2009
  61. english

    1 Sentence thesis on Jules Verne "A journey to the center of the earth"?

    asked by Robert on November 2, 2010
  62. physics

    what will happen to the bone structure if earth becomes more dense than its actual density?

    asked by g on December 20, 2012
  63. science

    A total solar eclipse is visable anywhere the Moon's umbra ? the earth?

    asked by connie on December 9, 2007
  64. Science

    What is the difference between the layers of the earth by physical properties and chemical composition

    asked by Anabelle on October 17, 2013
  65. science

    Calculate the weight of a person with a mass of 67 kg that is holding a 12 kg box on earth

    asked by bobby on October 10, 2013
  66. physics

    One of the tenets of the pseudoscience (i.e., "false science") of astrology is that, in some mysterious way, the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth somehow influence the characteristics of that person. To see if this proposition seems

    asked by andrea on February 22, 2011
  67. Enviro Science

    4. The Earth's tectonic plates and earthquakes are related because a. most earthquakes take place at or near tectonic boundaries b. during an eruption, the plates slip past one another c. of the measure of energy released by the earthquake, called

    asked by mysterychicken on April 24, 2012
  68. Pyhsics

    A) On planet X, an object weighs 19.2 N. On planet B where the magnitude of the free-fall acceleration is 1.17 g (where g = 9.8 m/s2 is the gravitational acceleration on Earth), the object weighs 34.9 N. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is

    asked by Kim on November 29, 2014
  69. Physics

    The atmosphere of Mars exerts a pressure of only 600 Pa on the surface and has a density of only 0.02 kg/m3. (a) What is the thickness of the Martian atmosphere, assuming the boundary between atmosphere and outer space to be the point where atmospheric

    asked by mymi on November 7, 2011
  70. Algebra

    1. Many people know that the weight of an object varies on different planets, but did you know that the weight of an object on earth also varies according to the elevation of the object? In particular, the weight of an object follows this equation: w=Cr -2

    asked by Sue Bonds on August 13, 2011
  71. Physics

    A particle with a charge of -60.0 nC is placed at the center of a nonconducting spherical shell of inner radius 20.0 cm and outer radius 33.0 cm. The spherical shell carries charge with a uniform density of -2.02 µC/m3. A proton moves in a circular orbit

    asked by Danielle on April 14, 2011
  72. English

    1. I feel painful in the stomach. 1-1. I feel painful on the stomach. (Which one is correct?) 2. The first seed was bigger than the second seed at first. However it was afraid of the cold. So it didn't try to go out. It waited for warm weather. However,

    asked by John on March 5, 2009
  73. Physics

    A hydrogen atom is in its third excited state (n=4). Using Bohr theory of the atom calculate (a) the radius of the orbit, (b) the linear momentum of the electron, (c) the angular momentum of the electron (d) the kinetic energy (e) the potential energy, and

    asked by Chi on April 28, 2012
  74. physics (Newton's law of gravitation)

    Can anyone please help me with this question? I am really confused. A neutron star and a black hole are 2.400e+12 m from each other at a certain point in their orbit. The neutron star has a mass of 2.78×1030 kg and the black hole has a mass of 9.94×1030

    asked by Kathy on April 22, 2013
  75. physics (please help elena)

    Three planets interact with one another through their mutual gravitational forces only; they are isolated in free space and do not interact with any other bodies. They orbit around an axis going through the center-of-mass of the system and perpendicular to

    asked by Anonymous on August 12, 2013
  76. geology

    1. What fraction of the Earth is made up of each of the major compositional layers: core, mantle, and crust? 2. What cities lie the same distance from our town as the boundaries of the following layers in the Earth lie from the solid surface? a.Base of

    asked by student01 on September 4, 2008
  77. Algebra

    If you have these three origins: (0,0) (0,952) (863,0) How do you find the last point where the two lines intersect? Would really appreciate the help. Thanks. Parker, I'm not quite sure what the question asks. Three origins? Is this standard analytic

    asked by Parker on July 12, 2006
  78. Social Studie

    1: How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. 2,

    asked by Wolf on October 4, 2017
  79. science

    the acceleration of gravity on the surface of Mars is m/s squared. if an astronaut in a space suit can jump upward 20cm on the earth's surface, how high could he jump on the surface of Mars? You need to provide a number for the acceleration of gravity on

    asked by tasha on February 19, 2007
  80. Science

    Water on Earth is either freshwater or saltwater. What is the percent ratio of freshwater to percent saltwater on Earth? A) 1% freshwater : 99% saltwater B) 3% freshwater : 97% saltwater C) 30% freshwater : 70% saltwater D) 50% freshwater : 50% saltwater I

    asked by Sasha on March 30, 2017
  81. Physics

    In the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the speed of the electron is approximately 2.31 × 106 m/s.Find the central force acting on the electron as it revolves in a circular orbit of radius 4.95 × 10−11 m. Answer in units of N. Find the centripetal

    asked by CR on February 21, 2011
  82. science (conversion)

    At the time of this books printing the national debt is about $8 trillion. (a) If payments were made at the rate of $1000 per second, how many years would it take to pay off the debt, assuming no interest were charged? (b)A dollar bill is about 15.5cm

    asked by ~christina~ on September 15, 2007
  83. social studies

    What do you call maps thatshow features that humans have created on Earth's surface?

    asked by Nancy on August 26, 2010
  84. science

    what is the phsical layer of earth that is dividedunto tetonic plates is called the _____________

    asked by rae on October 5, 2010
  85. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×104 KM/HR. How high does it go?

    asked by Michael on April 6, 2010
  86. physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity (in meters/second^2), at 8600 km above the earth's surface.

    asked by kassy on October 11, 2016
  87. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×104 km/hr. How high does it go?

    asked by Zack on April 6, 2010
  88. english-what would you wish for

    This was the question of the day What would be one wish that you would wish for if you had a chance. I would wish for Earth to stay as our home forever. Can I have your outlook on this?

    asked by Belle on April 13, 2010
  89. physics

    A person can jump to a height of 1.5m on surface of earth. Find the velocity with which he jumps.

    asked by rakshit on December 20, 2014
  90. science

    why an astronaut would be able to lift heavy equipment more easily on the moon thanon earth?

    asked by esha on April 1, 2012
  91. physics

    The diameter of the earth is about 7.6 x 10^3 miles. What is the linear velocity of a person, on the equator, in feet per second?

    asked by Some kid on September 8, 2009
  92. Biology 1

    Briefly describe the basic characterisitics that all living things on Earth have in common.

    asked by Michael on September 10, 2012
  93. Physics

    What is the angular speed of the earth as it orbits the sun a) in radians/second? b) in degrees per day?

    asked by Anonymous on November 7, 2016
  94. Science

    green house effect influences the temperature on Earth because try not to give a link

    asked by M. on April 7, 2012
  95. Astronomy and Space

    Using a telescope, which planets acn be observed from Earth in a crescent moon phase?

    asked by Dan on September 15, 2010

    At what height above Earth's surface is the gravitational acceleration reduced from its sea-level value by 0.40%?

    asked by Judith on November 10, 2013
  97. physics

    State how the centripetal force is provided in the case of a satelite orbiting the earth

    asked by Cassandra on April 8, 2012
  98. Science

    If the Earth was tilted so that the Arctic and the Antarctic were in the equator's location, how would it affect the climate?

    asked by Keon on April 13, 2016
  99. physic

    calculate the attractive force between earth and sun. Neglect the radii, D= 1.50X10

    asked by Anonymous on February 21, 2012

    . If all life ceased on Earth, how quickly would the atmosphere become like that of Venus and Mars? Explain.

    asked by theresa on March 12, 2014