1. statistics

    a companys ceo wanted to estimate the percentage of defective product per shipment. in a sample contianing 600 products he found 45 defective product. a. find 99% confidence interval for the true porporton of defective product show calcultions and explain
  2. Law

    Please choose the correct answer 21. All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT: a. Generally, courts will refuse to enforce contracts that involve illegal activities. b. Generally, courts will refuse to enforce contracts that are determined to be
  3. outline

    I need help on constructing a persuasive speech outline. Do you know a good website that will show me how to do this? Thanks. Persuasion and argument are almost the same thing. The principles for writing an argument (essay or speech) are the same.
  4. chemistry

    1) The color of bromocresol green indicator is??? when pH < 4, green when pH 4- 5.3 and ???? in pH > 5.3. 2)(A) A student performed the freezing point depression experiment according to directions but mistakenly recorded the mass of lauric acid as
  5. home economics

    Suppose that 200 gallons of gasoline are demanded at a particular price. If the price drops by 1 percent, the quantity demanded of gasoline increases to 200.5 gallon. which of the following statement is true? a) The elasticity of demand is equal to 0.5 b)
  6. Earth Space

    Do the phases of the moon affect how much of the moon is illuminated? I said yes because that's what causes us to have the different shapes/phases of the moon. Whichever parts are lit up. Is the following sentence true or false? The cycle of the phases
  7. CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

    *** By my answer Please check! 1. Which statement best describes the importance of the Magna Carta? (1 point) British judges should hold judicial power. Even the king must respect certain rights of the people.*** Federalism is the best form of government.
  8. statistics

    The statement 'The median of a distribution is approximately equal to the mean of the distribution' can be made true by adding which of the following: a. For all distributions b. only for symmetric, mound-shaped distributions c. For skewed distributions d.
  9. Chemistry

    Check my answer please? A reaction requires 22.4 L of gas at STP. You have 45.0 L of gas at 100 kPa and 373 K. Which of the following statements is true? The gas constant is 8.31 L-kPa/mol-K. You will have an excess of gas and the reaction will occur.
  10. Sentence Completion

    Demonstrate your understanding of the Word Bank words by completing each sentence in the space provided. Word Bank: aerodynamics; hydraulic; pursue; improbable; derides; legacy; riveting; ruminative; adept; compelling 1. Aerodynamics affect flight
  11. chemistry physics

    Which following assertions are true ? - unanswered 13C NMR is more sensitive than 1H NMR because of the 1.1% natural abundance of 13C nuclei. 13C nuclei have a ½ spin and can be detected in NMR, opposite to more abundant 12C nuclei. 13C NMR requires a
  12. math 4th grade

    If Sally gave a survey with five colors listed and ask each person who takes the survey to pick one color. She assumes that the results if given to 24 persons the results would be 1/2 blue, 1/12 red, 1/8 blue, 1/4 green, and 1/24 orange. What number of
  13. Chemistry

    1.) It took Beethoven (the composer, not the dog from that movie) 4.5 years to compose the Ninth Symphony (this may not be true, I made it up). How many decades did it take him? 3.) Michael bought a pumpkin that had a mass of 18,165 grams. What was the
  14. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for some language help. 1) Is the preposition "in" OK in the following sentence (maybe, no preposition at all or "when"?): "He made no mistake in choosing true friends"? 2) Is the word "contain" natural in the context: "I fully
  15. Religion

    If you were to learn about a new religion, what are the ten questions you would ask a person from that religion? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Without knowing what that new religion is, assuming it is already an established one, it is
  16. history

    1. Which of the following crimes would result in a slave’s execution? (Choose all that apply.) (2 points) murder failing to work diligently plotting a rebellion stealing food 2. Which of the following was true about the life of a slave? (1 point) They
  17. History

    European countries sought new territory and expanded trade markets during the Age of Exploration (1). In particular, when the Ottoman Empire seized control of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, Turkey), it blocked European trade ships traveling to Asia
  18. Math

    Describe whether the following statements are true or false and explain. A. If n(A)<n(B), then A is a proper subset of B. B. If n(A) is less than or equal to n(B), then A is a subset of B. C. If A is a proper subset of B, then n(A)<n(B). D. If A is a
  19. Science

    Which statement is true of an organ system? A. It supports all part of the organism. B. it is not necessary for the survival of the organism. C. One organ system can take over for another organ system. D. It has no connection with other organ system in the
  20. Math

    Is the following statement always, sometimes, or never true for numbers greater than zero: "In equivalent ratios, if the numerator of the first ratio is greater than the denominator of the first ratio, then the numerator of the second ratio is greater than
  21. Math

    According to the Pythagorean theorem, which of the following statements below is true for the triangle in the diagram? (1) a2+4 to 2 power= 5 2 power. 5 (2) a2-4 to2 power=5 2 power. A. (3) a2+5 to2 power=4 2 power (4) a2-5 to 2power=4 2 power. 4 (5) 5
  22. physics

    A car is moving with constant acceleration. Which of the following is true? a) the car travels the same distance in each second b) car's velocity increases by the same amount in each second c)car's velocity decreases by the same amount in each second
  23. Algebra 1b help

    Which of the following statements are true? There is more than one correct answer choice. Select all correct answer choices. A)All monomials are polynomials. B)All polynomials have at least one monomial as a term. C)All binomials are polynomials. D)All the
  24. SS again please help me asap

    Who was most likely to participate in a corn husking? Low Country residents Up Country residents house servants plantation owners All of the following statements about South Carolina society in the late 18th century are true EXCEPT job opportunities were
  25. 8th Grade Algebra

    1) An exam will have 20 questions worth a total of 100 points. There will be True-False questions worth 3 points each and short essay questions worth 11 points each. Several students ask how many essay questions there will be, but the teacher won't tell.
  26. Math

    I need help with this I keep putting the numbers in wrong on the formula ! PLEASE HELP Price of article = $315.50 Down payment = $31.55 Monthly payment amount = $16.50 Duration of payments = 20 months True annual interest rate to the nearest tenth = %

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is NOT true? A A literary movement is a period that shares a particular set of ideas, concerns, or characteristics. B Ideas, concerns, or characteristics may be shared by literary movements. C
  28. english

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is NOT true? A. A literary movement is a period that shares a particular set of ideas, concerns, or characteristics. B. Ideas, concerns, or characteristics may be shared by literary movements. C.
  29. Math

    1. If a number is not a rational number, then it is _____. (1 point) an integer an irrational number a whole number a radical 2. A picture frame is 12 inches long and 9 inches wide. In inches, what is the diagonal length of the picture frame? (1 point) 21
  30. Math

    1. If a number is not a rational number, then it is _____. (1 point) an integer an irrational number a whole number a radical 2. A picture frame is 12 inches long and 9 inches wide. In inches, what is the diagonal length of the picture frame? (1 point) 21
  31. math

    Hello tutors by any chance is there anyone who can assit me with theprevious problems that i posted..dealing with math subject Here is a website explaining how to invert a 3x3 matrix. http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1271704 Many steps are
  32. physical science

    a car traveling in a lage circlepasses by a motorcycle that is trveling in a straight line north to south.both of their speedometers read 10m/s.which statement is true; a: the car and motorcycle have the same speed ,but different velocities,b:the car and
  33. Math

    Sovereign each system by substitution.check your answer. 1/ y=x_2 y=4x+1 My answer: x_2=4x+1 2 2 x=4x+3 _4 _4 x= 1 y=x_2 y=_2 Solution:(1,_2) 2/ y=x_4 y=_x+2 My answer: x_4=_x+2 +4 +4 x=_x+6 +x +x x=7 y=x_4 y=7_4 y=3 Solution:(7,3) 3/ 2x+y=8 y=x_7 My
  34. Grammar

    1.“Follow-up” or “followup” can be a noun or an adjective. A) True B) False I answered A 2. Select the 2 correctly punctuated sentences: A) His followup appointment is in 2 weeks. B) His follow up appointment is in 2 weeks. C) His follow-up
  35. Government

    Im reading about the oublic and campaign finance reform and how many candidates have talked about campaign finance reform but nothing has really changed. Many say that poltical contributions have too much influence on elections and that it is a major
  36. my math

    True or false? Intentionally writing a check on an account with insufficient funds is allowed under certain conditions. I say false? Ben Spender writes a $50 check which is returned by his bank with additional charges. The company he wrote the check to,
  37. grammar

    Indicate whether each of the following pronouns (in parentheses) is demonstrative, interrogative, indefinites, or relative. 1. Was Macduff the one (who) discovered the murdered king? relative 2. (Who) else went to the king's chamber? interrogative 3.
  38. English

    am not wanting for anyone to do my work, I just was a point of view. I have already done this and is completly finished. If this is not believed, you can look at my other english posts. My request is: Write an introduction for an essay in which you are to
  39. Social Studies check my answers

    1 which of the following is true of a parliamentary system of a government but not of a presidential system? the government is nnot regulated by a constitution the judicial ranch is part of an unelected senate the legislative assembly is determined by a
  40. Math, help

    I need help what formula would i use or what steps do i take? A professor gives a test with 100 true-false questions. If 60 or more correct is necessary to pass, what is the probability that a student will pass by random guessing? The brute force way of
  41. english

    Can you check my poem if it has 10 syllables per line and any other mistake? and thank you. You just didn’t know how much I loved you How hard I tried and you still didn’t know How close we were was something oh so true I don’t think it was right for
  42. Science

    In the following diagram, the greem ball changes direction after colliding with the red ball because the red ball has more momentum. True <---- False 2. What is the momentum of a 20.0 kg scooter traveling at 5.00 m/s. 4.00 kg m/s 20.0 kg m/s 25.0 kg m/s
  43. Sociology Multiple choice

    Can anyone help me with these questions as I am stuck in these 1. The finding that the number of women reporting physical assaults by their husbands goes up on Super Bowl Sunday may lead to the erroneous conclusion that watching the Super Bowl causes
  44. Math

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true. A = {l, a, t, e, r}, B = {l, a, t, e}, C = {t, a, l, e}, D = {e, a, t} B ⊂ C and C ⊆ A C ⊆ B and D ⊂ B D ⊂ A and A ⊂ D B ⊂ A and C ⊂ D D
  45. Geography

    Mexico’s maquiladora program has been a central feature of the U.S./Mexico border. This border stretches nearly 2,000 miles, from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Four U.S. states (Arizona, California, New Mexico, and
  46. Check my Science questions?

    1. Why is it rare for the soft parts of an organism to become a fossil? The soft parts take a long time to decay. The soft parts can be eaten by other animals. The soft parts cannot be buried in sediment. The soft parts form petrified fossils. 2. Which of
  47. History

    Which statement is true in the context of European exploration in Asia? A. Spain was the first European power to gain a foothold in Asia B. Portugal seized the island f Goa, making it their major military and commercial base C. For most of the 1500s,
  48. Socil Studies

    Which of the following statements about the state executive branch System of departments and agencies are true? Mark all that apply.(2 points) (A)The system is comparable in purpose to the legislative committee system in many ways (B) All State agency
  49. English

    Which of the following is not true? A. Alvarez's imagery allows the reader to see and hear her speaker's neighborhood. B. Alvarez's tone is measured and wry. C. Alvarez's speaker wishes to take the reader into her confidence. D. Alvarez's diction, or word
  50. Math help please.

    this is for a practice test. i just need the explanation on how to solve them and help solving them. or for a couple of them to check my answers. write each expression using a single exponent. 1) x^9/x^2 A)x^11** B)x^7 C)7 D)x^5 2) h^14/h^5 A)h^-9 B)h^1/9
  51. Chem-Temperature and Volume Relationships

    What condition must be true when conducting temperature volume measurement? Why would a rubber balloon be a poor system for this kind of expirement? The general equation is (P1V1)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2 If V and T are being studied, then P must be held constant.
  52. social studies

    which of the following statements about the state executive branch system of departments and agencies are true? A.The system is comparable in purpose to the legislative committee system in many ways. B.All state agency heads are constitutional officers.
  53. Statistics

    3. The following table lists the frequency distribution for 60 rolls of a die. Outcome 1-spot 2-spot 3-spot 4-spot 5-spot 6-spot Frequency 7 12 8 15 11 7 Using the “Goodness of Fit” test at the 5% level of significance, test whether the null hypothesis
  54. Geography

    19. All of the following statements about Brazil's economy are true EXCEPT: a. Because of the development of gasohol, Brazil no longer has to import expensive foreign oil b. Industrial developments have destroyed the middle class c. Jobs in service
  55. english

    Which sentences use's iambic feet? It can be more than one. 1."My songs do tell how true thou art" (Sir Thomas Wyatt,1557) 2."Whatever fades, but fading pleasure brings." (Sir Philip Sidney,1598) 3."And the night is a-cold." (William Blake,1783) 4."The
  56. Science

    Which of the following statements is true about Earth's magnetic poles? A.They are located at earths geographic poles B.They are the areas where Earths magnetic field is weakest. C. They are the areas where Earths magneic field is strongest. D. Earth has
  57. Calc

    Year 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 Rate of change (million people per year) 29 49 67 76 98 If the population in 1940 were 2158 million and if the population in 1980 were 4846 million, what would be the true total change in population?
  58. human relations

    Which of the statements is true? A.Waste isn't a problem in reaching group goals. B.individual productivity is more important than group productivity. C. Sacrifice isn't necessary to achieve group goals. D. Individual productivity Is necessary for group
  59. Math help!

    5. Replace the ___ with <, >, or = to make a true statement. 7^4/7^2____ 49 < <--------------- > = none of the above multiply the following polynomials. 6. –2r(8r + 5) –16r^2 + 5 <-------------- –16r^2 + 10 –16r^2 – 10r –16r^2
  60. Language arts

    Which statement about dialogue in drama is true? 1.Dialogue is usually not as important in drama as it is in a short story? 2.Dialogue is very important in drama because I develops the plot and characters. (MY ANSWER) 3.Dialogue in drama is usually
  61. science

    what is the difference between a theory and hypothesis? I got this off another site i hope it helps.. Scientific Laws, Hypotheses, and Theories Lay people often misinterpret the language used by scientists. And for that reason, they sometimes draw the
  62. physiology and health

    True or False???? 1) During mediation, a mediator dose not have to maintain confidentiality. 2) Food, shelter, and clothing are baisc needs that parents are expected to provide for their children. 3) Affirmation is the act of giving positive input that
  63. Language

    Which sentence contains an indirect object? • The radio warned us of the storm*** ? • The police gave everyone three hours to evacuate • Carl remained at home on the island • He escaped the storm in a boat In which situation would someone be in
  64. environmental science

    Ecologists designed an experiment to determine if nitrates or phosphates are more limiting to algae growth. They divided a lake in Canada into two equal-sized sections by a vinyl curtain. Then they fertilized each sub-basin of the lake, one with nitrates
  65. English

    1. Mattie's first wish came true in 2001. 2. Mattie's first wish was realized in 2001. (Are both the same?) 3. His first poetry book, Heartsongs, came out and became a best-seller. 4. His first poetry book, Heartsongs, was published and became a
  66. i really need help with science pls help

    Two groups of scientists got different results while studying about the origin of the universe. Which of these statements is most likely true about the results of the two groups of scientists? They were not repeated and verified. They provide new testable
  67. Biology

    Which statement is NOT true about the proteins in the plasma membrane? -Proteins may be attached to the inner surface of the plasma membrane. -The hydrophobic portion of a protein is embedded within the membrane. -Some peripheral proteins are connected to
  68. math

    OMG I CAN NOT get this !!!! Purchase price of article = $495 Down payment = $50 Number of payments = 36 True annual interest rate = 18% Monthly payment amount = $ The formula is I= 2YC ________ M(N+1) y = the number of payments made in a year. m = the
  69. Math-one more

    The average length of time, per week, that students at a certain university spend on homework is normally distributed with a mean of 24.3 hours and a standard deviation of 1.4 hours. Jane tells her parents she spends more time studying than 75% of the
  70. 6th grade Spanish

    I have two questions-Which sentence is written correctly? Es un buen clase. Es un buena clase. Es un buena clase. I think it is Es un buen clase. Is that correct? Second question- The term pelota refers to any kind of sports ball. Pelota is a ball but what
  71. Science

    1. Which of the following is an example of matter A.Leaves B.Shadows C.Light from the sun D.Sound<--- 2.Which of the following IS an Example of a chemical property of matter A.ability to melt B.ability to frezze<--- C.Ability to Break D.Ability To
  72. reading stratigies

    1.Which of the following activities would best be suited for scaning? A. Finding answers to the chapter review in history. B. Looking at the article how to invest your money. C.reading the short story the hunters daughter. D. Both A & C. I chose b. 2.All
  73. philosophy (logic)

    I need to know if these two statements are independent: All winners are losers. All losers are winners. I am thinking that they are because I don't see that the truth or falsity of one tells anything about the truth or falsity of the other. Also, if "Some
  74. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    Is Common Law, Statute, and Jurisdiction sources of Criminal Law? What I have is, almost all criminal prosecutions today are based on criminal laws defined by statute rather than by the common law. That is true, because punishment is clearly stated in
  75. Physics

    A small marble is placed in the bottom of a large bowl. If the marble is given a small push it will oscillate back and forth about the bottom of the bowl, moving along a small arc with radius 0.50 m. Assuming the marble rolls without slipping what is the
  76. phyics 2

    Remarks The gravitational force between the charged constituents of the atom is negligible compared with the electric force between them. The electric force is so strong, however, that any net charge on an object quickly attracts nearby opposite charges,
  77. Geometry

    Given quadrilateral ABCD,ABllDC, diagonal AC. we can prove that angle 1= angle 2, but cannot prove angle 3=angle4 Why is this. What must be true about the sides of the Quadrilateral in order to prove that angle 3 is congruent to angle 4? My answer: The
  78. geometery

    does a rhombus has opposite angles that are supplementary yep they do..a rhombus' angles are all equivalent..so 360/4angles= 90 degrees each so if you add 90 and 90 = 180 and thus suplementary (180 deg) What do you mean by "opposite angles" ? The angles on
  79. Geometry

    Given quadrilateral ABCD,ABllDC, diagonal AC. we can prove that angle 1= angle 2, but cannot prove angle 3=angle4 Why is this. What must be true about the sides of the Quadrilateral in order to prove that angle 3 is congruent to angle 4? My answer: The
  80. Juniors Enligsh 3 Honors

    My online honors class had us read The Awakening by Kate Chopin and the assignment is to answer 15 questions, but I'm having trouble with these last 6. I have an idea about how to answer some of them, but I can't fully articulate an answer. Please help? 9.
  81. Philosophy

    Is this argument valid or invalid? If invalid, describe a possible situation where all of its premises are true and its conclusion is false. Lori is unhappy with some people who did not write thank you notes. Lori will send presents next year to everyone
  82. Math

    Rudulpho bought a set of wrenches to work on his car. He bought the following sizes 7/8 3/8 3/4 and 1/2. he wants to hang these on his garage wall in order from greatest to least. Which list shows the order in which he should have the wrenches A.7/8 3/8
  83. meiosis in humans

    Does it occur during the development of the zygote, repair of tissue, development or sperm, or a combination of the above? http://www.onelook.com/?w=meiosis&ls=a Chloe Of your multiple choices please read the following site page and I think the answer will
  84. Help with Psychology

    One student conducts a study on the relationship between people’s level of extroversion and the number of close friends they have. He computes Pearson’s r, which comes out to be – 1.70. Which of the following is most clearly true? A. The relationship
  85. Zoology

    as the size and volume of flying birds increase, surface area of wings cannot increase proportinal to general body surface area. is this a true statement? explain your answer using words and math. bird size seems severely constrained wheras aircraft size
  86. Chemistry

    How do you do the inverse of absolute temperature? My kelvin temperatures are: 298 308 318 328 338 348 358 368 378 Taking the natural log of both sides of both sides of the equation gives ln(k) = ln(A) – E/RT. Thus, a graph of the natural log of the
  87. statistics

    Six cards-ace, king, queen of hearts; ace, king of diamonds; and king of clubs-are all placed face down a table. One card is to be selected at random. Find the probability: a) of an ace, given that a diamond was turned b) of an ace, given that a club was
  88. english220

    I seem to second guess myself all the time...can you help guide me. The question is to locate the thesis statement of the article "A Nation Apart" below is the first two paragraphs of the article. The news from China in recent weeks has been dire. Violent
  89. English

    I just wanted to ask you why you think the statement in 2 (with reference to paragraph 1 is "correct", I mean true). Thank you. 1)Lorenzo says:” I’m not very fond of French and English. I think learning foreign languages takes a lot of time and you
  90. human services

    how might a human services worker need to adapt their communication approach from one individual to the next? The key to this question is the word "individual". Any time you are working with people, to be effective you MUST consider each individual as a
  91. Calculus check

    Help me check my calculus 1. The graph of f '(x) is continuous, positive, and has a relative maximum at x = 0. Which of the following statements must be true? a. The graph of f is always concave down. b.The graph of f is always increasing. c. The graph of
  92. Ed Tech. HELP PLZ ASAP

    1.How can you identify the values portrayed in a story? A.by reading old versions B.by reading descriptions C.by focusing on what the character**** thinks,say,and do D.by focusing on the setting of the story 4.Which of the following is true about hidden
  93. Statistics

    Please help. Find the probability of getting 2 hearts if the cards are drawn from a regular deck and the first card is not replaced. A true/false quiz consists of twenty questions. If a student answers the twenty questions by making random guesses, what is
  94. Statistics

    Which of the following statements is not true about samples that can be treated as matched pairs data? I. Data collected on these samples is analyzed by calculating the differences between paired observations and using that data in one sample tests. II.
  95. Global Issues

    So no one's helping me with my paper, I already posted twice. But I figured out everything myself and fixed it to the best of my capability. Can I atleast get some help with the conclusion?? Should the Richer Countries of the World help Poorer Countries
  96. dressmaking

    Which of the statements about a knotted fringe is true A)the no of threads in a fringe is determined af the fringe is fastened to the garment B)the looped threads of a fringe aren't cut til after the threads are fastened to the garment C)the fringe is
  97. math

    Company ABC offers a series discount of 20%,10% and 4% on a type of water filter while company XYZ offers a single discount of 32% on the same type of water filter. Which company offers a greater discount on its merchandise assuming the list price is the
  98. Chemistry

    For the reaction: H2(g) + I2(g) 2HI(g) , Kc = 12.3 at some temperature T. If [H2] = [I2] = [HI] = 3.21 x 10-3 M at this temperature, which one of the following statements is true? 1. ) Not enough information is given to answer the question. 2. ) The
  99. Geometry (Again)

    This is my last question, but this time I don't know how to do it... At least I think I don't. The directions say: State the converse of each conditional. Is the converse true or false? 1. If x>0, then x^2>0 2. If 6x=18, then x=3 I know
  100. Chemistry

    Question asking about how enzymes affect the rate of a reaction. Check all that apply 1. They shift the reaction equilibrium towards the products. 2. They increase the concentration of the reactants. 3. They lower the activation energy of the reaction. 4.