1. Grammar

    Form Questions: 1/ I went to london last year. When.............? Answer: when did go I to london? 2/ She bought a new car. What.............? Answer: what did she buy? 3/ he visited his uncle . Who.............. ? Answer: who did he visit? 4/ I did my
  2. Mat 116 Final

    Is it true when the problem says solve x= then it is one number, or fraction. The test does say below where it is looking for an answer will say type integer, or fraction. Then I get myself confused when it says 7x = -56 I figured this is dividing -56 by 7
  3. Health/Law

    Which one is True Please check my answer thanks :) In jury trials ..... 1. The judge has no role. 2. Parties may request a trial jury for any type of case. 3. The judge and jury both have a role 4. The jury decides whether edvidence should be admitted I
  4. Chemistry (Acids and Bases)

    The natural pH of rainwater is 5.6. The acidity of rainwater is caused by the dissolution of (TRUE OR FALSE) boric acid sulfuric acid carbonic acid calcium carbonate calcium oxide nitric acid
  5. Chenistry check

    Can someone check my answer? The question is: In order for the reaction 2Al(s) + 6HCl(aq)-> 2AlCl3(aq) + 3H2(g) to occur, which of the following must be true? a. Al must be above Cl on the activity series. b. Al must be above H on the activity series.
  6. TRIG

    There are two questions of my homework I'm having trouble with.. I think we are supposed to show how they are true. In other words, make one side look exactly like the other one by using the identities. 1. cosX/(1-sinX)=(1+sinX)/cosX 2.
  7. Statistics

    A health care professional wishes to estimate the birth weights of infants. The standard deviation of the birth weights is known to be 8 ounces. How large a sample must she select if she desires to be 95% confident that the true mean is within 6 ounces of
  8. English

    I've asked myself THE question over and over again. When on Earth am I going to write something in English class that somebody would actually want to read other than the teacher? Throughout my school carrer I've been wandering this and began hating
  9. ELA

    "The Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution were twin explosions in thinking that made the 17th and 18th centuries one of the most exciting and dynamic eras in European history. People cam to believe the power of human reason apart from the guidance
  10. Grammar

    True or False Is the following sentence properly functuated. The young appearing patient went to the doctor's office. Answer is FALSE My question is WHY? - Is it BAD sentence structure - we have ruled out that the apostrope is CORRECT. Should there be a
  11. ELA plez help

    what statement is true about dialogue? 1.The words each character says are enclosed by quotation marks 2. the words each character says appear next to the characters name. 3. The words that the main character says appear in italics or brackets 4. the words
  12. Algebra!!!

    Complete this sentence with the correct choice: y = 4 is a horizontal line with ________. undefined slope. a slope of 4. a slope of 0. None of the above will make a true statement. Think this through... If y=4, then x can be any number, but y will always
  13. economics

    which ones are true or false? property rights include the right to buy or sell one's resources and goods All countries are equally effective at enforcing property rights Property can be tangible or intangible The enforcement of property rights prevents
  14. Statistics

    A new screening test for a disease is developed for use in the general population. The sensitivity and specificity of the new test are 60% (240) and 70%, (280) respectively. Four hundred (400) people are screened at a clinic during the first year the new
  15. chemistry

    What is formed at the anode and cathode when the following solutions are electrolysed? sodium iodide copper II chloride sodium sulphate NaOH HCl magnesium nitrate also is this true: if the metal in the compound is higher in the reactivity series than
  16. intro to psychology

    Which one of the following statements about heritability is true? A. Heritability estimates indicate whether an attribute was inherited or acquired. B. Highly heritable traits, like height, will always be inherited, regardless of environmental factors. C.
  17. intro to psychology

    Which one of the following statements about the Human Genome Project is not true? A. Researchers have identified almost all 3 billion units of DNA. B. Locating a gene is the first step to understanding how it works. C. Most human traits are affected by
  18. earth science

    Which of the following statements is TRUE? S-waves are able to pass through the Earth's core. Continental-continental plate convergence is reponsible for the creation of mountain ranges. Oceanic crust is on average about 60 - 100 km thick. The Richter
  19. Poem

    In my dreams, creeps up a guy, Mysterious he is, as I know him not. He smiles and I gaze-with a heartfelt/heavy? sigh, Daydreaming often of a true love knot. Earlier I posted this poem up and writeacher told me to change the second line. I still can't find
  20. chemistry

    What is formed at the anode and cathode when the following solutions are electrolysed? sodium iodide copper II chloride sodium sulphate NaOH HCl magnesium nitrate also is this true: if the metal in the compound is higher in the reactivity series than
  21. Government

    True or False 1: The governor is the chief executive of the state. 2: The governor commands the militia. If I could have help on The Executive Branch in Georgia's State Government Practice that'd be great.
  22. Stat

    Of 84 adults selected randomly from one town, 62 have health insurance. Find a 90% confidence interval for the true proportion of all adults in the town who have health insurance. Please help mr solve.
  23. Chemistry

    An isotope, X, of a particular element has an atomic number of 15 and a mass number of 31. Which of the following statements are true? I. X is an isotope of phosphorus. II. X has 16 neutrons per atom. III. X has an atomic mass of 30.973
  24. Physics

    Diffraction grating #1 has half the lines/cm that diffraction grating #2 does. When used with a certain wavelength of light, both gratings give first order maxima. Which of the following statements is true for the same wavelength of light.
  25. history

    I know that during the McCarthy Era, people accused as being communists were asked to give names of other communists. I was wondering if it was true that if accused people gave names then they would be let off the hook? Thanks.
  26. horizontal tangent

    f(x) = sqrt(x^2 + 0.0001) At x = 0, which of the statements is true. a)f is increasing b)f is discontinuous c)f has a horizontal tangent d)f' is undefined Answer is c but why? f(x,y) = sqrt(x^2 + y) g(x,y) = df/dx = 1/(2*sqrt[x^2 + y]) * 2x = x/sqrt[x^2 +
  27. Research

    True or False Researchers who have strong opinions about the subject of a study are likely to do a better job of conducting the research. False, strong opinions could lead to bias results.
  28. chemistry kinetics

    1. Statement-I : Fractional order reactions are not elementary reactions. Statement-II : For an elementary reaction, order must be same as molecularity. are these statements true? give reason.
  29. Physics

    Is the maximum torque that a given force can exert on an object occurs when the force is applied to the axis of rotation. I think it is true because torque is always specific when it comes to the axis of rotation. Am I correct?
  30. calculus

    determine whether the series converges of diverges the sum from n=1 to infinity of 1/(the square root of (n^3+1)) I said that through the comparision test (comparing to 1/the square root of (n^3) the series converges is this true?
  31. Credit Cards

    Say if u had a credit card balance of five hundred dollars and paid only the minimum monthly amount, the actual amount u paid 4 that five hundred would be way higher? WOuld this be true?
  32. History

    Im in grd11 this year nd when i ws in grd10 i ws doing maths lit bt in grd11 they say that this year all grds frm 10 to 12 wl change maths lit to pere bcoz of CAPS.So iz that true?
  33. Algebra

    Which statement about the product is true? 5.5 Square Root 5 A)The product is rational. B)The product is irrational. C)The product is neither rational nor irrational. D)There is not enough information provided to answer the question. My Choice is B.

    Carl crumpled a piece of paper before throwing it into the trash can. Which is true about the paper after it was crumpled? 1. Its weight changed. 2. Its mass changed. 3. Its form changed. 4. Its density changed.
  35. Interpersonal communication

    In interpersonal communication, when two people are talking face to face, the channel is the air (or auditory channel) around them that carries the message. (Points : 1) True False
  36. can u help me

    Which of the following statements is always true of similar polygons? (1 point) Corresponding angles of similar figures have the same measure. The lengths of corresponding sides form equivalent ratios. The lengths of corresponding sides have the same
  37. science

    which of the following is true about Earths atmosphere? a)the atmosphere contains 78 percent water vapor b)the atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen c)the atmosphere allows radiation from the sun to pass through and warm Earths surface
  38. Social Studies

    Which is true regarding where pollution is most evident? a. areas with high population density*** b. areas with low population density c. polar regions d. desert regions
  39. English

    Just checking a few questions. Which of the following topics is the clearest example of the informative purpose? A. a short essay describing a recent trip to New Zealand ***? B. a eulogy for a deceased friend ***? C. a glowing movie review ***? D. a
  40. math Please help!!

    1. which property is shown by 6 + 9 = 9 + 6 A) Commutative property of addition B) Distributiove property C) Identity property of addition D) Associative property of addition 2. Which symbol will make /-8/ ? 8 true? A) > B) < C) = D) inequality
  41. math

    posted by rfvv Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 6:11pm 1. A dot is one-dimensional. 2. A surface is two-dimensional. 3. A cube is three-dimensional. 4. At is one-dimension. 5. At is the first dimension. 6. On is two-dimensions. 7. On is the second dimension.
  42. Math

    1) Describe the relationships you discovered in the Fibonacci sequences. 2) what strategies did you use to search for relationships. 3)how many examples of a relationship do you need to check before you start to believe that the relationship might be true
  43. statistics

    Us travel data center survey of 1500 adults found that 42% of respondents stated that they favor historical sites. Find the 95% confidence interval of the true proportion of all adults who favor visiting historical sites.
  44. Physics

    An ice skater, hasa rotational inertia of I = 4 kg m2, and spins at 2 rad/sec. Her rotational inertia then undergoes a change to 2 kg m2. Which of the following is true? a. Her angular momentum remains the same b. Her angular velocity increases c. Her
  45. et

    which of the following statements is a true statement? A) if it is printed or posted on the web, then it is a fact B) websites must go through a validity checker before they can be posted on the internet C) experts constantly check everything on the
  46. statistics

    A CBS/New York Times poll found that 350 out of 757 adults said they would travel to outer space in their lifetime, given the chance. Estimate the true proportion of adults who would like to travel to outer space with 95% confidence level.
  47. Biology

    ***I read the textbook assignment and I have read all the information on the lesson, however I cannot find the answer to this question. Nor can I find anything written about it anywhere in the lesson. Please help a girl out.*** True or False? There are
  48. Algebra 1 Polynomials

    Suppose n is an integer. Select all statements below that are true: (choose 3) A) n^2 + n is always an even integer*** B) n^2 + n is always an even integer when n is even*** C) n^2 + n is always an even integer when n is odd*** D) n^2 + n is never an even
  49. History

    How did Dorothea Dix's study of prison conditions in Massachusetts and Europe change American beliefs? She argued that poverty causes lawbreaking. She argued that innocent people are imprisoned. She showed that mental illness is treatable. She showed that
  50. Soical Stuides

    Which of the following are true statements about John F. Kennedy when he was elected president? A.He was the youngest person ever elected president. B.He ran against a Catholic opponent. C.He was the patrician son of a wealthy businessman. D.He was raised
  51. psychology

    Which of the following statements regarding the nature of stress is true? A. Continued exposure to stress is associated with the secretion of stress-related hormones. B. Cataclysmic events such as earthquakes are, inevitably, the most devastating stressors
  52. Criminal Justice/Probation & Parole

    Each of the following statements is true about the indeterminate sentence except: A. it originated at Elmira Reformatory. B. it requires the use of a parole board. C. it was not popular during the Great Depression. D. it usually involves a minimum and a
  53. writeacher

    i writing essay on what true love be and this be one sentence in my essay you please able to change it to positive? i have negative word which be unable in essay. In the short story, "The Painted Door", by Sinclair Ross, the main characters John and Ann
  54. introduction to health care

    which of the following statements are true a.when a patient dies in surgery the doctor is automatically guilty of negligence b.doctors are held to the same reasonable person standard as the general public c.professional standards can determine if
  55. US history HELP

    Which of the following statements about the Social Security Act is NOT true? 1. It was based on a progressive tax that took a larger percentage of higher incomes. 2. It provided old-age pensions. 3. It was, according to Roosevelt, the “supreme
  56. matrices

    Two matrices can be multiplied only if their sizes are compatible. Suppose that U is an m × n matrix, and that V is a p × q matrix. In order for U•V to make sense, what must be true of the dimensions of these matrices? Although matrix multiplication
  57. Geometry

    1. If line JK is perpendicular to line XY at its midpoint M, which statement is true? a) JX = KY b) JX = KX c) JM = KM d) JX = JY Is it c? 2. What information is needed to conclude that line EF is the bisector of ∠DEG? a) m∠DEF = m∠DEG b) m∠FEG =
  58. algebra

    In a coordinate plane, the points (2,4) and (3,-1) are on a line. Which of the following must be true? 1. The line crosses the x-axis. 2. The line passes through (0, 0). 3. The line stays above the x-axis at all times. 4. The line rises from the lower left
  59. Calculus

    Which are true about the differential equation dy/dx = 2x(4-y) I.will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant I II.will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III.will produce a slope field with columns of parallel tangents
  60. College physics

    A toddler is on a playground swing. When she is right in the middle going forward (to the right), then ... a).her tangential acceleration is maximal to the right. b) her tangential acceleration is zero. c) her tangential acceleration is maximal to the
  61. Calculus

    1) Which are true about the differential equation dy/dx = (x)/(x-4) I.will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant I II.will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III.will produce a slope field with columns of parallel
  62. Noun

    physics: pls!!!!! i need ur help. in an experiment to verify Newton's law of cooling, the temperature of hot water in a calorimeter $T/^{o}C$ is plotted against time t/min. Which of the following is true about the graph? (a) The graph is linear and
  63. statistics

    2. An investigator wants to estimate caffeine consumption in high school students. How many students would be required to estimate the proportion of students who consume coffee? Suppose we want the estimate to be within 5% of the true proportion with 95%
  64. physics

    A ball rolls up a ramp and then back down again. The ramp is oriented so that the ball is rolling to the right as it rolls up the ramp. Assume that positive v and a vectors point to the right. Which statement is true about the ball's horizontal
  65. please check my answers

    To make sure its correct before I turn it in Q.If f(x) is a linear function, which statement must be true? A.f(x) has no x2-term. Q2.The graph of a function must be linear if it has what characteristic? A2.It has a constant slope. Q3.If f(x) is a linear
  66. English

    Can you please check these sentences on Shelleys's Frankenstein? Thank you very much for your help. 1) The monster can be compared to Rousseau’s primitive man, since he comes to life free from social constrictions and unspoilt by civilization. 2)However,
  67. English

    Consider the compound words blackboard and outfox and the relationship of their meanings to the meanings of the words that make them up. In what ways do these compound words show a degree of nonarbitrariness in their form-meaning connection? Will this true
  68. 10th grade Enlish

    This is my To kill a Mockingbird essay. Please have a look and fix any mistakes or awkward phrases ASAP Thank You Written by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel set in a fictional town of Maycomb during the 1930s. In this novel, Lee uses two main
  69. Math

    The school band is compromised of middle school students and high school students, but it always has the same maximum capacity. Last year the ratio of the number of middle school students to the number of high school students was 1;8. However, this year
  70. Math

    The school band is comprised of middle school students and high school students, but it always has the same maximum capacity. Last year the ratio of the number of middle school students to the number of high school students was 1:8. However, this year the
  71. Physics-check answer please (multiple choice)

    1. A 2.5 kg mass at rest on a horizontal surface is acted upon by an applied horizontal force of 150 N. A frictional force of 100 N acts on the mass. How much work is done on the mass? my answer: would the work be 0? 2. When a rock is thrown straight up in
  72. significant figures

    hi what is 43342 to 1sf because my old maths teacher said if you put zeros after the first number then they count as sf too, but on bbc bitesize it says the answer is 40000?? that is true because 43342 to 1sf is 4e4 which is 40000 the one sig fig is
  73. psy202

    according to your text research on adult think and behavior has found that specific child-rearing practices of parents have great influence how parents feel about their children has great influence development is predictable when all children are treated
  74. vectors

    Determine whether each statement is true or false. Provide a brief justification. a. Two lines with parallel direction vectors willnot intersect. b. Two linesthat are perpendicularin R3 willhave perpendicular direction vectors. c. Two linesthat
  75. Biology

    Which of the following is true of an exergonic chemical reaction? A.Reactants lose mass as products are reformed B.Bonds are broken in reactants and new bonds are formed in products C.No activation energy is required to initiate it D.The energy released is
  76. Ethics

    Which of the following was Tolstoys solution to the intense feelings of lifes utter lack of true and lasting meaning? my answer is C a. To devote his life to being an author. b. To devote his life to his family. c. An irrational faith in God. d. A rational
  77. health

    All of the following are true of alcoholism EXCEPT: - those who abuse alcohol are twice as likely to die of cancer - Much of the research suggests that genetics plays very little role in the disease - Males are three times more likely to abuse alcohol than
  78. Pre-Algebra

    Equation M: y = 3x + 4 Equation P: y = 3x + 7 Which of the following options is true about the solution to the given set of equations? No solution One solution Two solutions Ininite solutions I thought it was infinite solutions but i got the answer wrong.
  79. PHI103

    To criticize a deductive argument logically, one might: hit the person making the argument. show one of the premises is false. show one of the premises is true. show the conclusion follows validly from the premises.
  80. Chemistry

    What is true about a system in chemical equilibrium? No reactants remain in the system. There are no products in the system. The amount of product equals the amount of reactant. The amount of reactant changes, but over time remains about the same.
  81. statistics

    a test consists of true/false questions .to pass the test a student must answer at least 6questions correctly .if a student guesses on each question,what is the probability that the student will pass the test
  82. math

    Ture or false questions: Your teacher gives a true-false pop quiz with 10 questions. Show that the number of possible outcomes for the sample space of possible sequences of 10 answers is 1024. I got false and the number is 182 but don't think I have the
  83. statistics

    Annual household incomes in a certain region have a distribution that is skewed right, with mean 30.25 thousand dollars and a standard deviation of 4.50 thousand dollars. If a random sample of 100 households is taken, then the probability that the sample
  84. Geometry

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? a. A line has infinite length. b. Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. c. Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. d. The
  85. *****Help Statistic

    Imagine taking a 10-question true or false exam. You randomly guess at each question. Don't do any calculations, just tell me your first impressions a). Is this a binomial setting? b) How many question do you think you would get correct? c). How surprised
  86. Statistics

    The correlation coefficient between X and Y is the same as the correlation coefficient between Y and X. True - If you were to find the correlation coefficient with a given data set for x and y, it would have the same correlation coefficient value as y and
  87. Statistics

    True or False A jar contains 15 red marbles and 75 blue marbles. If you randomly select a marble from this jar, the probability of obtaining a red marble is p = 15/90.
  88. physics

    Can someone please explain to me why or how this statement is true? I don't understand it.. Two events that are simultaneous in one inertial frame of reference will not necessarily be simultaneous in any other inertial frame of reference. Thank you
  89. chemistry

    is this true or false? i think its false because isnt it spontaneous if its positive When (triangle i think its called delta) H for a reaction is large and positive, the reaction is not expected to be spontaneous.
  90. computer science

    is it true or false A fixed length hash value of 128 bits is less collision resistant than a fixed length hash value of 512 bits
  91. Chemistry

    After the volatile liquid has been added to the Erlenmeyer flask, the total pressure in the flask equals the vapor pressure of the volatile liquid. True or False?
  92. Geometry

    If a tangent segment and a secant segment are drawn to a circle from the same point, the external part of the secant segment is longer than the tangent segment. True or False?
  93. Pre-Calc

    Since cot x = cos x / sin x, if cot x = 1/2, with the angle x in the first quadrant, then cos x = 1 and sin x = 2 (1) State true or false. Is this a possible situation? (2) If false, explain why.
  94. chemistry

    When a solution is diluted with water, the ratio of the initial to final volumes of solution is equal to the ratio of final to initial molarities. true or false?
  95. s.s

    Which of the following is true with regards to the Navigation Acts by the eighteenth century? A. In general, the colonists despised the acts and smuggling was rampant. B. The acts replaced the colonial admiralty courts. C. The colonists became used to
  96. LA - I really need help, guys. :C

    Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider’s approach to living? a. “I don’t know much about being a father.” b. “It’s hard to put things into a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another
  97. Grade 12 Data Management math

    I'm doing math through correspondence so material is not explained very well. I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me. This lesson is review of set theory and first degree equations. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true
  98. Math 120

    A recent study of 750 Internet userd in Europe found that 35% of Internet users were women. What is the 95% confidence interval of the true proportion of women in Europe who use the Internet? A)0.321<p<0.379 B)0.316<p<0.384
  99. Algebra

    Which of the following statements from Euclidean geometry is also true of spherical geometry? A) A line has infinite length. B) Two intersecting lines divide the plane into four regions. C) Two perpendicular lines create four right angles. D)The
  100. Cover letter

    the cover letter is ur chance to tell employer how wonderful u are. true or false? this would be false right?