1. history

    The Wilmot Proviso called for popular sovereignty on the slave question in the territories won from Mexico. True False The Wilmot Proviso ____________________. passed the House and Senate. enraged the South. brought the North and South together on the
  2. Clinical Chemistry

    I have 2 questions relating to clinical chemistry... 1st: I have no idea where to even start with this. It seems like it should be simple, but I have no clue. The question is... "In serum, about 55% of total serum calcium is bound. The measurement of
  3. math

    which three statements are true? a) if x= -10^4 then log 10 = -4 b)if x= 2^8 then log 2x = 8 c) log2 2= 4 d) if x= 3 then log10 3=x e) log 10 256-2log 10 a/log 10 b f)log 10 (a-b)= log 10 a/log 10 b g) the gradient of the graph of y= 2x^x at x= 2 is 2e^e
  4. Chemistry-please help

    The relative mass of a proton is 1 and the relative mass of a neutron is 1. 1)Why do we use the term "relative mass" instead of mass? Is it because the mass of a proton is compared to the mass of a carbon-12 atom? 2) Can we say that the relative mass of an
  5. english

  6. World History

    Wow! Thank you very much! Do you have any ideas about the items I listed at the bottom which I am not sure how to incorporate. And, does my opening paragraph reflect an analytical thesis? Do I discuss, describe, evaluate and show in my paper? Is it logical
  7. physics

    Careful measurements of local variations in the acceleration due to gravity can reveal the locations of oil deposits. Assume that the Earth is a uniform sphere of radius 6370 km and density 5500 kg/m3, except that there is a spherical region of radius 1.7
  8. Social Studies

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? A. one country giving money to another B. 2 countries sharing resources** C. 2 countries working together D. one country ruling another country 2. What did West Africans trade to North Africans in
  9. statistics

    Siegel found that elderly people who owned dogs were less likely to pay visits to their doctors after upsetting events than were those who didn’t own pets. Similarly, consider the following hypothetical data. A sample of elderly dog owners is compared to
  10. Statistics

    Which of the following conditions doesn't need to be met before you can use a two-sample procedure? The responses in each group are independent of each other. Each group is considered to be a sample from a distinct population. The same variable is measured
  11. Statistics

    Which of the following conditions doesn't need to be met before you can use a two-sample procedure? The responses in each group are independent of each other. Each group is considered to be a sample from a distinct population. The same variable is measured
  12. Statistics

    Which of the following conditions doesn't need to be met before you can use a two-sample procedure? The responses in each group are independent of each other. Each group is considered to be a sample from a distinct population. The same variable is measured
  13. Statistics

    Which of the following conditions doesn't need to be met before you can use a two-sample procedure? The responses in each group are independent of each other. Each group is considered to be a sample from a distinct population. The same variable is measured
  14. English

    In any academic writing, it is appropriate to use the word you, as in: When you read the research, you know that the death penalty does not deter crime. True False I say false. Please check my work.
  15. medical billing & coding

    insurance claims may not be legally denied for payment even if submited after the insurance company's time limit. true or false
  16. Social studies

    True or false To accurately label exact locations on a map, geographers go to that specific location. If false what is correct answer
  17. american history

    true or false? During the 1970s, the southern and western areas of the nation grew more rapidly than the northeastern areas. **sorry...my book doesnt say anything about this
  18. Urgent math

    I eliminated 2 of the 5 and now I have 3 I am confused towards which is the right one? help mathematical induction to determine which formula is true for all natural numbers n ≥ 3 a) 2n2 > (n + 1)2 b) (n − 1)2 > n2 − 6 c) (n + 1)2
  19. Grammar

    Properly punctuated - True or False 1. The young appearing patient went to the doctor's office. answer = false no apostrophe needed. Thanks Leslie
  20. earth science

    When air is saturated, the relative humidity is 100%, the air is holding the max. amt. of moisture, and condensation can occur. True?
  21. History

    Southern states did not like Hamilton's plan to pay off the federal debt because they owed less for the cost of the American Revolution than Northern states? true
  22. accounting

    When fixed costs are unitized, they A. may appear to be variable costs. B. may cause managers to make decisions that are not in the best interest of the company as a whole. C. are stated on a per unit basis. D. All of the above are true.
  23. Economics

    The market demand in a Bertrand duopoly is P = 15 - 4Q, and the marginal costs are $3. Fixed costs are zero for both firms. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? a.P = $3. b.P = $10. c.P = $15. d.None of the statements associated with this
  24. Math

    An airplane is flying at a velocity of 300km/h S30degW in a wind blowing at a velocity of 50km/h S20degE. What is the true speed and direction of the plane?
  25. international business

    True or False: It is possible for a firm to purchase complete insurance against the risks that arise from changes in exchange rates in the foreign exchange market.
  26. Math

    Insert parenthesis in each expression to make a true equation. A) 5-2*6-4+2=5 B) 22-32-5*3-6=30 I really need help I have been doing this homework for about 2 hours and me and my mom never found where to put parenthesis Ok and these are my attempts no
  27. calculus

    An airplane is flying at a velocity of 300km/h S30degrees W in a wind blowing at a velocity of 50km/h S20degrees E. What is the true speed and direction of plane?
  28. consumer math

    A trust is an agreement whereby a person or bank manages the estate according to the specific directions of the owner of the estate. True or false i don't know it can you please help
  29. business

    ____ 1. The form of organization for a business is not an important issue, as this decision has very little effect on the income and wealth of the firm's owners. TRUE OR FALSE
  30. french 1

    A wide variety of activities are enjoyed by French young people but in their schools, there are generally not programs for competitive sports. True False
  31. science

    if a geologist found two fossils of different species buried next to each other in a rock layer, he or she might hypothezise that the two organisms may had been alive during the same period. true or false i think false but not sure
  32. Chemistry

    According to Hund's rule,electrons occupy equal energy orbitals so that a maximum number of UNPAIRED electrons results. True or False
  33. Calculus

    True/false: x^2-3 is concave up on the interval (-1,1) The second derivative of x^2-3 is just 2. How do I determine concavity of a function when I can't set it equal to 0? And then how do I answer this question when it's asking for a specific interval?
  34. physics

    A plane flies at 150m/s at 35 degrees east of north. It encounters a wind from the west blowing 26 m/s. What is the true course of the plane? (speed and direction)
  35. Science

    A basketball momentarily changes shape as it bounces off the floor. This is due to balanced forces acting on the ball. True False Is the answer False? Thank you
  36. integrated physics and chemistry

    If the torques on a lever are not equal, the lever will rotate about the fulcrum. i cant find the answer to this anywhere in the lesson. it is a true/false statement. can someone help me?
  37. chemistry

    what would happen to the accuracy and precision of the measurement if the mass is measured to 10th of a gram instead of a thousandth of a gram. would the result be higher or lower than the true value.
  38. Physics

    Give one block a small initial displacement and the other block a larger one. Click start, and watch the animation. Then select each statement below that is true.
  39. Adult education- child care development

    An appropriate activity for a pre-schooler is to try on a fire man's equipments after the fire saftey demonstration? I think it is: true?
  40. EDU 673

    Describe how assessment can be created that evaluates a student's true knowledge without bias towards language barriers, learning differences, or cultural differences.
  41. math

    In electric circuit theory, the phase angle of "true and real" power is expressed in terms of what function in reference to the apparent power?
  42. physics

    Show that the period ( time for one complete swing back wards and for wards of a pendulum T=√L(costeta)/g is only true for small angle almost less than one radian.
  43. English

    If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true: Judge Miller represents the primordial condition.B Buck represents some characteristic of humanity
  44. world history

    true or false if false why hindus believe that souls are born and reborn many times each time into a new body which is a process called reincarnation
  45. chemistry

    Is it true that more potassium bromide can dissolve in distilled water than in a solution of potassium chloride? Im thinking maybe the common ion effect is present here?
  46. history

    President Taft's secretary of the interior, Richard A. Ballinger, disapproved of conservationist controls of western lands? true or false if false then what.
  47. chemistry

    True or False? Two identical beakers of water that have been over the same size flame for the same length of time will ALWAYS stay at the same temperature, no matter how much water is inside.
  48. math

    If a cube is built from an one inch cubes and if each new cube has an edge N times as long as the previous model what would be true of consecutive surface areas
  49. spanish

    what of the following is not true about palacio nacional 1. it contains a large mural that shows the history of mexico 2. it is located in teotihuacan 3. it is where the mexican president office is located
  50. History

    Is this statement true or false? Europeans theorized that their economic superiority justified their claim to foreign resources for technological advancement. false??
  51. American U.S.History

    1.Which statement is not true concerning the Albany Plan of Union? 2.How did Americans oppose the Stamp Act? 3.What was the purpose of the 1764 Sugar Act?
  52. Education

    The goal of the culture-general model is to help individuals understand intercultural interactions so that useful contact can be avoided. True or False? I think this is false, is this correct?
  53. world history

    Corporatist state is a system in which a country's major economic activities, such as agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and commerce are formed into syndicates that resemble corporations. True False
  54. Riddle

    A dead heart can start beating words with no sound can be known Where eyes can tell a story And you dream of the unknown Where your life can take you places But your thoughts are your true home When a smile is not yours But you happy that it was loaned
  55. world history

    TRUE OR FALSE: Based on the text of the final declaration of the Geneva conference the US and the Vietnamese Bao Dai government were right to withhold their signatures. **its more of your own opinion, no right or wrong answer**
  56. introduction to health care

    which of the following statements is true a.doctors are held to the same reasonable person standard as the general public b. professional standards cans determine if negligence has occurred my answer is b
  57. Biochemistry

    True or False Cofactors and coenzymes are usually larger than enzymes and participate in catalysis . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coenzyme Notice the 3rd word under the definition when at the above site.
  58. Math

    Find the APR (true annual interest rate), to the nearest half percent, for the following loan. Amount Financed = $1200 Finance Charge = $90 Number of Monthly Payments = 12
  59. english 9a

    which of the following statements would best state the main theme of the call of the wild? 1.)True courage cannot be learned. 2.)have faith in the values of humanity 3.)it id better to be clever then strong 4.)we are driven by our ancient animal instincts
  60. English

    I also have to describe Cyrano de Bergerac's personality-all I can think of that it is flamboyant,charismatic, poetically inclined, arrogant yet timid and fearful in love and holds true to his belief system to his own demise. Is any of that correct?
  61. Pschology 202

    True or False? Based on your learning from this week’s Mindsets YouTube video (2011), an example of fixed mindset about intelligence would be if a teacher sat her students in a classroom according to IQ. (Points : 1)
  62. Government

    Which of the following statments about standing committees is true? A. They exist in the house but not in the senate. B. They all have about the same amount of influence. C. They have only recently been set up in congress. D. They play a critical role in
  63. social studies

    true or false:arts in the region include landscapes paintings calligraphy weaving carving and pottery making. PLEASE HELP ME!!!THIS PAPERS DUE TOMORRW AND I CANT FIND AN ANSWER

    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF RHETORIC IN INFULENCING PEOPLE'S ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS? This site give excellent information on the use of rhetoric. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhetoric This site gives you what many orators have said about rhetoric.
  65. English 10

    Can someone please check my answers for me please 1. Which of the following is NOT a behavior associated with editing? checking your spelling cleaning up formatting developing a subtopic fixing punctuation errors (MY ANSWER) 2. True or False: The purpose
  66. English

    Hello, everybody! I'm back from my holiday and I need you to check a few sentences I have to include in a test. Thank you very much for your invalubale help. 1)He paid £200 for that shirt. It was a real rip-off. 2) How much money did he pay for that
  67. phys

    Water flows steadily from an open tank into a pipe as shown in the figure. The elevation of the top of the tank is 12.3 m, and the elevation at the pipe is 3.80 m. The initial cross-sectional area of the pipe (at point 2) is 5.60×10−2 m^2; and at
  68. help asap gov't

    We have held that a liberty interest protected under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment will be deemed fundamental if it is "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty." Palko v. Connecticut... In construing the phrase "liberty"
  69. Statistics

    The Tribune claims that the time of travel from downtown to the University via the bus has an average of µ = 27 minutes. A student who normally takes this bus believes that µ is greater than 27 minutes. A sample of six ride times taken to test the
  70. Chemistry

    This is a limit test for chlorides. 1.0g of NaOH sample was dissolved in 5ml of deionized water, acidified with 4ml of concentrated nitric acid (65%) and diluted to 15ml with deionized water. (Test tube A) 10ml of 50ppm Standard NaCl solution was prepared.
  71. phi 103

    1. Logic can help analyze ethical problems. (Points : 1) True False 2. Putting an argument into premise-conclusion form can make it easier to (Points : 1) ignore the argument. think the argument is pretty. evaluate the argument. avoid the argument. 3. Karl
  72. English

    Can you please check of these sentences are possible? Thank you. 1) You limited yourself to include (including?) the various themes without linking them in a coherent paragraph. 2) In your paragraph you didn't change any single word from the notes I gave
  73. math

    Initially two painters are available to paint a picket fence. Peter alone could paint the fence in 6 hours; Pat alone in 3 hours. It is decided that they will work simultaneously to paint the fence. Before they start, however, along comes Mary, who alone
  74. English

    Please help me. I only want to know if I've answered these correctly. Thank you. 1. After the rioters in "The Pardoner's Tale" abandon their search for Death, they murder one another. This is an example of: A. dramatic irony B. situational irony C. verbal
  75. Env Science

    Discuss the importance of each step in the scientific method. Why do you think scientists utilize this type of experimentation and reasoning? This is my answer but I am not sure if it is what my instructor is looking for. Ask a question: The scientific
  76. English

    Writeacher, I really need your help to check these sentences!! Too many mistakes. 1) Lady Macbeth compared the Duncan's murder with a painted devil, a picture that scared only children who thought it was real. Correction: Lady compares dead and sleeping
  77. Math

    Shelly compared the number of oak trees to the number of maple trees as part of a study about hardwood trees in a woodlot. She counted 9 maple trees to every 5 oak trees. Later in the year there was a bug problem and many trees died. New trees were planted
  78. math

    OMG I CAN NOT get this !!!! Purchase price of article = $495 Down payment = $50 Number of payments = 36 True annual interest rate = 18% Monthly payment amount = $
  79. ethics

    need help on this my answer Epictetus believes that the most important aspect of piety towards the Gods is:D not sure if im correct Answer a. To obey them. b. To have true beliefs about them. c. To accept all that occurs at their hands. d. All of the
  80. statistics

    if i have k = 36.86 +/- 4.78 and v = 113 +/- 9.92 both using 95% confidence limits and no true values of k or v given am i right in saying that accuracy cannot be determined and that v is a more precise measurement my question was to comment on what can be
  81. chemistry

    Which is not a true statement concerning electromagnetic radiation? It travels through space at 3.0 x 1010 cm/s. It travels in a straight line. It has the fastest speed possible in nature. The sun is a source of it.
  82. Health

    Muscular endurance is defined as the greatest amount of force that a muscle group can exert in a single effort. True or False My answer is false
  83. Physical Science

    A friend tell you that a refrigerator door beneath it's layer of white painted plastic, is made of aluminum. How could you check to see if this is true withoutscraping away the plastic?
  84. math

    Purchase price of article = $3,000 Down payment = $0 Number of payments = 36 Monthly payment amount=$93.33 True Annual Interest (to the nearest tenth) = a0 %
  85. Calculus

    If the functions f and g are defined for all real numbers and f is an antiderivative of g, which of the following statements is NOT necessarily true. (A)If g(x)>0 for all x, then f is increasing (B)If g(a)=0, then f(x) has a horizontal tangent at x=a
  86. English

    The sentence below requires a citation. In the last three years, Ford has sold more automobiles in America than any other auto-manufacturer. 1.True 2.False I say False. Please check my answer.
  87. statistics

    Is true that Much of the emphasis in TQM is an understanding and reducing variation within the process through which the product is produced, and samples of output are used in reaching inferences about the stability of the process?
  88. College physics

    According to Newton's Third Law, for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. If the current on the wire is such so that the magnetic force on the wire points upward, what must be true?
  89. U.S. Presidents

    Are former presidents of the United States who are still alive today have retired from politics? I think it's obvious that it's true, but George W. Bush is still the owner of the MLB's Texas Rangers.
  90. statistics

    True or False If one score is randomly selected from a normal distribution with  = 100 and  = 20, the probability of obtaining a score between X = 80 and X = 120 is 0.3413.
  91. critical thinking

    Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest support for an archaeologist’s conclusion that a particular stretch of ancient stone-paved road was part of the Inca road system?
  92. Teacher Aide

    Which statementis true regarding the structure of the school system in the U.S. a its centralized under the Dept of Education b It's decentralized c It's controlled by the teacher's and their unions d It's managed by the state
  93. algebra

    Prove by mathematical induction that x^2n - y^2n has a factor of x+y. My answer is incomplete since i do not know what to do next. here it is: i.) for n=1 x^2(1) - y^2(1) = x^2 - y^2 = (x+y)(x-y) ii.) Assume that the proposition is true for all n=k, that
  94. social studies/canada

    According to the United Nations,Canada is a great place to live. How do both natural resources and government policies combine to make this true?
  95. Economics

    According to the U.S. Constitution and judicial review, each person's individual rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment are absolute, meaning that there are no limits to your rights. True Or False
  96. Confused

    Somebody at my school said that Jiskha homework help blocked them from posting answers for no reason. That person is a big bully and I don't believe him. Is that true? Why would that happen...? Confused... Hello Kitty :-)
  97. mba stats class, help!!

    true or false. In an experiment involving matched pairs, a sample of 14 pairs of observations is collected. The degree of freedom for the t statistic is 12
  98. english

    Which of these is true of the novel form when it was first introduced? 1.Its status as an art form was questioned. 2.It appealed to the highly educated. 3.It was nonfiction rather than fiction. 4.It satirized the working class. i think its 2? am i right?
  99. informal Logic

    A strongly supported claim in science should be regarded as (Points : 1) correct, but something that can always be revised. necessarily true. meaningless but fun. correct, and never needing re
  100. Physics

    True or False: If a cannon fires a cannonball in an easterly direction, the tendency of the cannon to move to the west is a result of the principle of conservation of energy.