1. Physcology

    Final Project: Interview Profile • Resources: Ch. 5 (pp. 213-19); Ch. 6 (pp. 225-38); Ch. 9 (pp. 330-39); Ch. 11 (pp. 441- 46); Ch. 15 (pp. 571-80) in Psychology: An Introduction (12th ed.) Appendix A • Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum]
  2. Science help (just 4 questions)

    1. Which of the following is an example of an environmental pressure? (1 point) the air pressure in the atmosphere a lake that is gradually running out of water a fight between two members of the same species breeding between two members of the same
  3. pre-algebra

    Mara ordered 5 bags of seed for $7.00 each and 3 wildflower seed kits for $9.00 each.She also paid a $13 shipping fee.Which expression shows the total cost? What is the solution of 5(n+m)when n=3 and m=6? Which inequality symbol makes the statement true?
  4. physics

    Water flows steadily from an open tank into a pipe. The elevation of the top of the tank is 10.2 m, and the elevation at the pipe is 3.90 m. The initial cross-sectional area of the pipe is 6.40×10^−2 m; and at where the water is discharged from the
  5. Science

    PLEASE HELP Science Test Friday Study Guide? I have 1 to 22 already but I am stuck now I have to have this completed and correctly for my study guide. I have a C right now I need an A on this test to bring it up to a B or I stay on restriction please help
  6. Science

    PLEASE HELP Science Test Friday Study Guide? I have 1 to 22 already but I am stuck now I have to have this completed and correctly for my study guide. I have a C right now I need an A on this test to bring it up to a B or I stay on restriction please help
  7. Physics

    Compared to yesterday you did 3 times the work in one third the time. To so so your power output must have been: a) the same as yesterday's power output b)one third of yesterday's power output c)3 times yesterday's power output d)9 times yesterday's power
  8. Physics

    A transformer is to be used to provide power for a computer disk drive that needs 5.8 V (rms) instead of the 120 V (rms) from the wall outlet. The number of turns in the primary is 414, and it delivers 500 mA (the secondary current) at an output voltage of
  9. Social Studies Please help

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? a) one country giving money to another b) two countries sharing c) two countries working together d) one country ruling another country**** 2.What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange
  10. psychology

    This solution covers the following theories of emotion: the James-Lange theory, the Cannon-Bard theory, the two-factor theory, and the cognitive-mediational theory. It begins by defining them and explaining them in terms of the interactions between their
  11. statics

    16. The Roper Organization conducted identical surveys in 1990 and 2000. One question asked women was, “Are most men basically kind, gentle, and thoughtful?” The 1990 survey revealed that, of the 3,000 women surveyed, 2,010 said that they were. In
  12. Sociology

    1). A major source of increasing economic inequality in the U.S. is the fact that: A) the U.S. is a racist society B) the overwhelming majority of new jobs have been in the lowest paying sectors C) Social Security payments are unable to keep up with
  13. Microeconomics

    The Burning Belly Taco Stand is considering buying some new special ovens. Each oven will cost $1,000, and will last for 2 years before it wears out. The ovens will be used to make the Taco Stands famous "Burning Ring of Fire" tacos, and will generate a
  14. Macroeconomics

    I've been reading my textbook, watching Khan Academy, and Googling to no avail. Can someone please help me with the following questions? 1 - Which of the following is NOT true about the national income identity given by the equation: S+(T-G)=I+CA? A) If CA
  15. Art Please check answers

    1. These two technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution helped lead to the development of Impressionism. the railroads and the printing press the railroads and photography photography and electric lighting** the automobile and electric
  16. Art Please check answers

    1. These two technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution helped lead to the development of Impressionism. the railroads and the printing press the railroads and photography photography and electric lighting** the automobile and electric
  17. CRT 205- argument

    Is this a correct evaluation of an argument, it's premise and conclusion? Thank you! The author states that “The disability rights movement has a long history of healthy skepticism toward medical professionals, and there's an established body of research
  18. Economics

    I think I get this but could use some guidance to make sure, I am having problems with 2e). 1)In an article about the financial problems of USA Today, Newsweek, reported that the paper was losing about $20 million a year. A Wall Street analyst said that
  19. Life Management

    One of the disadvantages of using electronic money is it is possible to lose track of one's budget. A. false B. true I honestly thought that it was B - but really it should help you keep track....what do you think?

    TRUE OR FALSE When shopping in Guatemalan markets, it is customary for tourists to address the seller as SEñOR or SEñORA. false?
  21. History

    True or False. (If false correct it) The ancient Greeks were interested in philosophy, not nature,so they did little to advance scientific knowledge. Please help! Thank you :)
  22. SCI207

    Net- zero refers to a building or installation that produces less energy less than consumes, considered to be energy reliant. True or false
  23. 5th Grade Math

    About 7/10 of the U.S population in 1991 believed saying look before you leap to be true (175,104,000). What was the total population?
  24. Math

    1. When constructing a congruent line segment to cd , the ray needed for the construction must be shorter than CD. A) True B) False Is the answer false?
  25. physics

    which statement is true about weight 1) pull of earth on a body 2) mass of a body 3) scalar quantity 4) unit per kilogram
  26. physics

    which statement is true about weight 1) pull of earth on a body 2) mass of a body 3) scalar quantity 4) unit per kilogram
  27. Maths

    If the sum of circumferences of two circles wirh radii r1 & r2 is equal to the circumference of a circle of radius r, then what is true 1 r1+ r2 = r or sum of their squares= r2
  28. science

    how can a drop of rain in Denver become a flake of snow in Montana. Rain, and water vapor, freeze in temperatures below 0C. True
  29. College Mathmatics

    Fill in the blank with the correct symbol to make the resulting inequality true. 4 4/3____ 4 1/2 A-> B-< C-< (with a line under it) D-> (with a line under it)
  30. Science

    If you were to walk toward a Van der Graaf generator, the effect of its electrical field would get weaker as you got to it. True or False? I say False.
  31. Math

    1.If two angles have equal measures, Then the angles are congruent. True*** False Write the converse of the conditional and problem 1. Can someone help walk me through this please?
  32. Math

    One model of Earth's population growth is , where t is measured in years since 1990, and P is measured in billions of people. Which of the following statements are true?
  33. social

    The “conventional deviant” is depicted in Becker’s typology of deviant behavior as one who is perceived as engaging in ordinary deviance. I think it True but not sure
  34. English

    Does my thesis statement make sense? The quote ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ (I.iv.90) is true; Denmark’s well-being is corrupted with decay.
  35. Pre-Algebra

    determine whether each statement is sometimes, always, or never true: 1) a whole number is an integer. 2) a repeating decimal is a real number. plz help me..... tnx
  36. Algebra

    True or False: If an agebraic expression calls for Y=8, that means that you will use the number 8 to replace the letter Y in order to solve the expression?
  37. COMM 215

    The capitalized verb agrees with the subject: One of my friends LIKE this brand of coffee. It is True/False. I picked False.
  38. biology

    please help me on true or false, i put false, according to natural selection, individual organisms can evolve new phenotpes in response to their environments.
  39. Health

    Please check my answer thanks :) True of False A problem with lumbar plexus may cause pain in the posterior part of the thigh. I said False
  40. Inequalities & Absolute value

    |2x+4|<5 |5-3x|<9 What values of x are both of the inequalities above true? i. -2 ii. -1 iii. 1 I got -1 only and its right because I just plugged it in to find out, but is there another way of solving this perhaps algebraically? For example
  41. Math

    A function is a rule, which assigns one and only one range element to each and every domain element? I want to answer that this is true but the word "every" is questionable. am i reading too much into this?
  42. applications

    if the costs of a retailers merchindise are rising,which of the following statements is true? a. using FIFO will lower taxes B. using LIFO will increase taxes
  43. Business- Labor

    true or false Arbitration and grievance procedures have done virtually nothing to prevent chaos and disorder in labor relations.
  44. nutrition and wellness

    Most media-based nutritional information is reviewed for accuracy by the USDA and the FDA. True False i think false
  45. applications

    if the costs of a retailers merchindise are rising,which of the following statements is true? a. using FIFO will lower taxes B. using LIFO will increase taxes
  46. English 3

    In the sentence I gave Ellen and Jane the card, the word Jane can be replaced with the objective pronoun her. True <------is this one False
  47. economics

    If the demand for a good has unitary elasticity, or elasticity is −1, it is always true that an increase in its price will lead to more revenues for sellers taken as a whole.
  48. Chemistry

    An analysis of nicotine (MW = 162 g/mol) gives 74.0% carbon, 8.65% hydrogen, and 17.3% nitrogen. What is the TRUE (MOLECULAR) formula for nicotine? All I need are the formulas!!
  49. math

    Hawaii's lowest temperature on record is -11degrees Celsius. What would you expect to be true about the elevation of the site where this temperature was measured.
  50. world geography

    south america has both the wettest and direst places on earth? true or false,(false) i think the united state has both
  51. Linear Algebra

    True/False question Suppose that A is a 2 x 3 matrix such that A[1, 1, 1]^t = [2, 3]^t = A[2, 3, 4]^t. Then [1, 2, 3]^t belongs to the nullspace of A. I have no idea how to start this question/what it means.
  52. chemistry

    VSEPR theory is a model that is used to represent the shapes or molecular geometries of individual molecules. True False false
  53. world history

    is it true or false that the united states was the first country to join the league of nations after the end of world war 1?
  54. phi 445

    In your opinion, is better to have a true capitalists type of market or do you think that there should be a combination of markets blended together to make up the overall market for our nation?
  55. MATH

    PEMDSR QUESTION. (9,278x15)/20x50-325+300>100+450x2+2,000/40,000 IS IT TRUE OF FALSE
  56. Accounting

    The financial loss that each stockholder in a corporation can incur is usually limited to the amount invested by the stockholder. Answer True False
  57. Civics

    Which of the following is true of the executive branch ? It can decide who gets to vote it can declare war it can decide if laws are constitutional it can conduct diplomacy***
  58. p.e

    MyPlate was created as a tool to help the average American eat one healthy meal a day. True False*** I think the answer is False am I right? Thanks
  59. Science 3

    There are a lot more M2V stars than M2Ib stars. True False http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellar_classification
  60. Science Help!

    Which of the following is true about photosythesis? A. It is an exothermic reaction B. It is an endothermic reaction C. It produces carbon dioxide D. It occurs in animals Is the answer C? Thank you
  61. xyz

    How large a sample will we need to be able to assert with probability 0. 90 that the sample mean will not differ from the true mean by more then 2.5 units? Assume that it is known from past experience that σ =18
  62. Language arts

    Think about King Azaz and the Mathemagician at the end of Act 2 of the phantom tollbooth. What is true about both kings at the end of the play?
  63. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    please check my answer thanks True or False The Fowler's position is used for an exam of the abdomen I said False
  64. Mathematics

    A professor gives a test with 100 true-false questions. If 60 or more are necessary to pass, what is the probability that a student will pass by random guessing?
  65. Chemistry; Check

    1. The amount of heat absorbed in a chemical reaction is measured with a thermometer. a. true b. false answer: False
  66. chemestry

    true or false an atom can emit photons in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum after absorbing photons in the ultraviolet?
  67. Check my french answer?

    3. It is customary to greet someone on the street with "allô". (2 points) true false i think its false only causes theres many ways to say hello. any input?
  68. SOC 302

    Which of the following is true of how power functions in policy making? A:It is a means of influencing decision-making and other courses of action.
  69. History

    How does freedom for our own religious beliefs achieved during war? ( I don't believe that this is true at all but this is one of the points that he wants us to expand on)I don't understand. Any help would be appreciated.
  70. Accounting

    Available-for-sale securities are securities that management expects to sell in the future, but are not actively traded for profit. A.True B.False
  71. English

    When a writer paraphrases or summarizes information from a source, s/he does not need to provide a citation. True False. I say false. Please check my answer.
  72. 5th grade math

    About 7/10 of the US population in 1991, which was 175,104,000, believed that look before you leap was true, what was the total population?
  73. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x) = {0, x = 0 and 1 - x, 0 <= x <= 1}. Which of the following statements is false? a. f is differentiable on (0, 1). b. f(0) = f(1) c. f is continuous on [0,1] d. The derivative of f is never equal to zero on the interval
  74. Chemistry

    When 400ml of a 0.01M MgCl2 solution is mixed with a 300ml if a NaOH solution at pH 9.0, a precipitate will form. True or False?
  75. math

    Show that if a radioactive substance has a half life of T, then the corresponding constant k in the exponential decay function is given by k=-ln(2)/T I'm confused about how to show that that is true.
  76. algebra 2

    Maria created a graph of B(t), the temperature over time. For the interval between t = 3 and t = 7, the average rate of change in her graph of B(t) is 8. Which statement must be true?
  77. statistics

    What is the chance of getting 50/% correct on a test with 20 questions, each question is either True or False. Assume you are blindly guessing and answer all questions
  78. ionic compounds!

    why are ionic compounds abundant in nature? Betty, I don't know how to answer your question. Abundant compared to what? How is abundant defined? I would think there are more covalent compounds in nature than ionic compounds but I may be wrong. Can you
  79. English

    Has anyone read the book The Undomestic Goddess. Have to pick a subject and write about it. I think I picked a bad book. What could I write (an idea) that could set me off in the write track. I started writing how she was treated different when she was a
  80. Math

    True or False: 7/10=12/15 is a proportion. I wrote down False. Am I right?
  81. cars

    Which one of these statements is true about a "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.
  82. Information Literacy

    which of the following is true regarding doing online search for information
  83. Tourism

    Is it true that Tourism is like Life Orientation at Varsity?
  84. math

    what is the true pattern not the simple pattern! 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125
  85. PreCalc

    for what value of y would the following be true? [(1/3)πk(3 + 1/4 y)^8/3] = 2[(1/3)πk(3^)8/3] (weird symbols are pi) A.)6.2 B.)6.1 C.) 2.0 D.) 3.6
  86. history

    what is the difference between a true bill nad no bill
  87. Algebra

    Tell whether the each statement is sometimes, always or never true 1) If n is zero then x^-n is 1 2) If n is negative integer then x^-n=1 3) If x is zero then x^-n is 1 4) If n is an integer then x^-n>1
  88. Arthimetic

    The following sequence is arithmetic. 2, -2, 2, -2, 2, True or False I believe it's false
  89. math

    is this equation is a linear equation [x + 2y -3z / e^2 + In(2) =0.]true or false
  90. MATH

    What value of x makes this equation true? 2(x-5) - 7 =2 a.) 19/2 b.) negative 5 c.) 7 ********** d.) negative 15/2
  91. math

    every diameter of a chord is a chord. A TRUE B FALSE
  92. Trig

    True or false? tan x = tan(x-6pi)
  93. pop culture

    do you think consolation is true in todays culture
  94. Medical

    Is it true medical assisting are licensed by each state?
  95. Titanic

    Was the movie Titanic based on a true story?
  96. math

    true or false? the function f-1 (x)-x/9 is the inverse function of f(x)=9x
  97. Information Literacy

    Which of the following is true regarding doing an online search for information?
  98. math

    if absolute value of x-6 is greater than or equal to 4 which of the following must be true? A) absolute value of x > 10 B) x > 10 C) x < 2 D) x > -2 E) none of the above
  99. Math

    insert +, -, X, /, and () to make each math statement true 4 4 4 4 = 10 4 4 4 4 = 6
  100. math

    true or false 1 to the negative fifth power=(-1) fifth power