1. hcc

    It’s true that children depend in the parents for food, clothing and shelter. next one : The man’s heart attack scared him badly and he decided having a regular check up from then on. i would change having to To have.
  2. Physics

    Is the average velocit over a specific timeinterval always half of the instantaneous velocity at the end of the interval. I said False, because if the curveis not linear this would not be true. Would this be a a sufficent answeror am I missing anything.
  3. Language Arts

    Which of the following is always true about a haiku? A. It has one three-line stanza. B. It has a specific rhyme scheme of abab. C. It uses alliteration. D. It expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker. Is the answer A? Thank you
  4. Civics

    Which of the following is true about laws in the united states? They are made by the police The forbid or require certain actions*** They are invalid unless every citizen has voted to accept them They prevent criticism of the government.
  5. english/grammar

    I need help editing errors in parallelism in the following sentence: Is it true that Superman could leap tall buildings, run faster than a locomotive, and that bullets would bounce off his skin?
  6. Stats. Class

    a. What sample size would be needed to estimate the true proportion of students at your college who are wearing backpacks, with 95% confidence and and error of +/-0.04? b. What sampling method would you recommend? Why?
  7. world history

    One reason the Irish wanted homerule was the great number of high yield potato crops that occurred in the mid-1800s. True False
  8. Health plz help

    1.survival floating can only be done by good swimmers {True} or False 2.an accident Chain always contain the A:problem*** B:unsafe action C:solution D:witnesses Please help correct me if I'm wrong
  9. Language help ASAP!!!!

    Help!! 1. Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores? Support your answer with evidence. 2. TRUE or FALSE. An argumentative essay should be in your own voice.
  10. english

    the climax comes at the end of the middle section of the story after which the author "ties up loose ends" by telling the reader what happened to each major character. true or false
  11. PreCalculus

    I tried to do these questions, however I can't seem to get the answer. Can someone help me? I would really appreciate it. _____________________________________ Mathematical Induction Prove that the statement in true for every positive integer n. 1. 1/1*2*3
  12. science

    please could someone help me with these question please i have loked on websites but i am still stuck. true or false and i need to write a comment why:- plants photosynthesise 24 hours a day respiration uses up carbon dioxide thanks guys!
  13. child development

    Which of the following statements concerning the maturation of the reproduction systems is true? A.early menstrual are usually normal.b.in the first months of me strutting girls do not usually ovulate. C. At about 17 boys have their first spontaneous
  14. Physics

    (True or False) The cables used to transfer electric energy from the generating station to the consumers must be of low resistance to reduce losses due to joule heating
  15. English

    Thank you so much for your assistance with my thesis statement and topic for my persuasive essay. Now, can you tell me if I have answered theses two questions correctly pertaining to my thesis statement " solving our economic problems of fear and
  16. Econ MC

    Dick owns a dog whose barking annoys Dick's neighbor Jane. Dick receives personal benefit from owning the dog, and Jane bears a cost of Dick's ownership of the dog. Assuming Dick has the legal right to keep the dog, which of the following choices are true?
  17. physics

    An object of mass m is hanging by a string from the roof of an elevator. We want to compare the tension in the string due to the weight of the object under various conditions. Which statements are true? Choices: True, False. A. If the elevator is moving
  18. Spanish

    I need help with the subject verb agreement for this assignment: 1. It eats 2.It hears 3.It attacks 4.It doesn't eat 5.It doesn't hear 6.It doesn't attack 7.They eat 8. They hear 9. They attack 10.They don't eat 11. They don't hear I'm using the powerglide
  19. Lang arts

    PrintPrint Feedback Facts and Visions Practice Gavin Munro is taking this assessment. from “Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad”by Ann Petry 1 That first winter in St. Catharines was a terrible one. Canada was a strange frozen land,
  20. Bible

    Is this statement true? Because we are created in the image of God, God's Ten Commandments, in a sense, are written on all of our hearts.
  21. chorus

    Does anyone have a website I can go to for my to get the lyrics for "Time to Shine" It startsout with, "I may be young but I have great dreams, It's my time to make them come true"
  22. math

    In scientific notation, a number is written as the product of a coefficient and the number 10 raised to a power. True False
  23. American Gov

    True or False: All societies have differences. Politics provides ways to resolve differences without resorting to violenceor
  24. chemistry

    True or False? An equilibrium constant K_c=1x10^7 for a reaction indicates that the reaction favors product formation.
  25. PHYSICS !!

    A car weighing 10,000 newtons is parked in a garage. Which statement is true about the forces acting on the car?
  26. Math

    If weight is recorded in pounds for students in a class & the range of data was ten what statement would be true about the data?
  27. Chemistry

    Given an unknown mixture consisting of two or more substances, explain how we could determine whether that mixture is a true solution, a colloid, or a suspension
  28. p.e

    All aspects of health are equally important. A problem in one area can affect other areas. A. true B. False Is the answer false?
  29. Physics (HELP)

    The angle of reflection of a ray of light striking a plane mirror is ½ the angle of incidence. True or False?
  30. help with my science test 7th grade connection

    True or false Scientific inquiry incorporated many scientific methods.
  31. math

    State which of the following are logical statements and then classify the statements as true or false. a) 1 + 4 = 6 b) She is in our class c) Butte is the capital of Montana d) 3 + x = x + 3
  32. pol science

    True or False: "Framing" an issue (by the news media, for example) means giving the issue a particular slant.
  33. 6th Geography

    Mongolia's high elevation contributes to the extreme temperature experienced there. True or false. I think false, am I right?
  34. U.S. History

    True or False? General Sherman's 60 miles path of destruction was from Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia?
  35. Math

    5 6 15 9=24 I am trying to determine what symbol I need between each number to make the sentence true. +, - X or / I am not clear if I can use the same symbol multiple times in the equation
  36. Career Plz help........

    It is important to focus on only one career when determining what education or training you will need after high school. True False****
  37. Can you check my Math answer please?

    According to the first derivative test, a differentiable function must have a relative minimum between any two relative maxima. True.
  38. Career Plz help................

    If the pay for a possible career is less than you required for your ideal lifestyle, then you will just have to learn to live on that budget. True*** False

  40. Physical Science

    true or false in an atom, negatively charged electrons surround a positively charged nucleus
  41. statistics

    if we are testing for the difference between two populations, it is assumed that the two populations are approximately normal and have equal variances, true or false

  43. Accounting

    The percentage analysis of changes of corresponding items in comparative financial statements is referred to as horizontal analysis. A. True B. False A
  44. Physics (HELP)

    The critical angle is the angle at which a ray of light is no longer refracted but completely reflected. True or false?
  45. Health

    Repetitive and short-term exercises requires anaerobic energy. True or False My answer is False
  46. chemistry

    The Arrhenius theory explains why ammonia, NH3, is basic, but the Bronsted-Lowry theory does not. True or False
  47. Statistics

    For a sample group of 22, the mean is 86 with a standard deviation of 5. What is the 90% confidence interval of the true mean of the sample? Can you please explain the steps you used to get the answer. Thanks.
  48. Chemistry

    True or False? The amount of energy needed to form an activated complex is known as the activation energy of a reaction.
  49. psychology

    Sociocultural psychologists examine how things like gender and ethnicity affect behavior. False True False?
  50. business law

    true or false A grantor of a life estate in real property maintains a reversion estate.
  51. Science

    true or False in a physical change some of the physical properties of substance may be altered and the chemical composition remains the same
  52. World History

    Good Neighbor policy 0 Franklin Franklin Roosevelt - United States (True or False )
  53. media

    because of their dependence on government sources, the news media are unable to set the agenda of debate. true or false
  54. physics

    A passenger in a moving car and a passerby standing at the road side see each other as moving in the opposite direction. Which of the following is NOT true?
  55. Science

    Is the following sentence true or false? Acceleration refers to increasing speed decreasing speed or changing direction
  56. Biology

    The main function of the stomach is to soften the food so that the food can pass through the body quickly. Is this True or False?
  57. Accounting

    The percentage analysis of changes of corresponding items in comparative financial statements is referred to as horizontal analysis. A. True B. Fals A
  58. Education

    Resistance to learning the language of a country where one is visiting is an example of ethnocentrism. True or False? I would think this is false but I wanted a second opinion.
  59. electronics

    If we Thevenize the Norton equivalent of a circuit,the result will be the Thevenin equivalent of the original network. True or False
  60. eng 122

    You should introduce and discuss each quotation before beginning a new paragraph. (Points : 1) True False answer false
  61. Income Tax

    The canadian revenue agency collects taxes for the government. True or false? Im not sure if they collect for the government.
  62. English

    True or False Depending on the type of sentence, it will always end with a period, question mark or exclamation mark.
  63. People

    True or false Youth organizations typically focus on individuals between the ages of 15 and 24, although some may include younger individuals as well.
  64. us history

    True or False: The three-fifths compromise called for three fifths of a states LANDLESS CITIZENS to be counted as population.
  65. English/Writing

    An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it an it's usually set off with commas. a:true b:false ---- My answer is "a" Is that correct?
  66. child care

    True or False 80% of offenders of Shaken Baby Syndrome have no previous history of child abuse.
  67. To student with biology question

    Type in a true name or nickname if you want your question addressed. This nonsense with umpteen numbers won't do.
  68. Math

    If we know the number of black cats in a town, we can use the experimental probability to find out how many black dogs there are. True or False?
  69. chemistry

    QUESTION 9 The number of moles of the reagent in excess can be used to calculate the moles of the products of the reaction. TRUE FALSE
  70. Art History

    During the early 20th century, Americans saw themselves as different than Europeans and used art to reflect this idea. true or false?
  71. math

    when rotating a figure, we need to know three things. 1)the direction of rotation 2)the point at which it is being rotated 3)the degree it is being rotated A)true b)false
  72. production and operations management

    1. The master production schedule is a forecast of demand for families of products. True or False
  73. geometry

    Which is not true about adjacent angles? A They are coplanar. B They share a common side. C They have no interior points in common. D They have the same measure.
  74. 8th Grade math

    a student says there can only be 360 different rays emanating from a point since there are only 360 degrees in a circle. Is this true? Why or Why not?
  75. Science!

    1) Which of the following is true about photosynthesis? A. it is an exothermic reaction B. it is an endothermic reaction C. It produces carbon dioxide D. it occurs in animals I think it's A.
  76. physic

    Calculate the true mass (in vacuum) of a piece of aluminum whose apparent mass is 4.5000 kg when weighed in air.
  77. biology

    true or false soil in the taiga has a top layer of rich humus and a deeper layer of clay.
  78. Physics

    The critical angle is the angle at which a ray of light is no longer refracted but completely reflected. True False
  79. Life Management

    According to the Lemon Law, if you are not satisfied with the purchase of your new car, your new car can be returned or replaced. True False***
  80. english

    Is this question to inform: The bank says that I have no money left in my checking account, but that can't be true. I have plenty of checks left!
  81. Novel

    In chapter 13 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, why are the sailors hesitant about Charlotte taking Mr. Johnson's place on the crew?
  82. american government

    the plan for governing the nation is the united state contract? true or false, false its the constitution right
  83. Physics

    A ray of light perpendicular to a medium produces a refracted ray measuring 45º. * True False
  84. Geometry help check

    (1)Is a trapezoid a square? false (2) if all sides of a quadilateralare congruent,the quadilateral is a rhombis? true or false
  85. 5th grade math

    I am desperately trying to help my 5th grader figure out how many ways can we make this equation true 24 x 18 = 432 x
  86. Physics

    Calculate the true mass (in vacuum) of a piece of aluminum whose apparent mass is 1.6000kg when weighed in air.
  87. JCAHO

    please check my answer According to JCAHO standards, the delinquency rate for incomplete medical records should be no greater than 20% I said True
  88. marketing education

    timeliness in handling a customer's orders,qestions and complaints is not important? true or false , false right.
  89. Statistics

    True or False: For ANOVA you will reject the null hypothesis is the variability within a sample is greater than the variability among samples?
  90. Math

    When Multiplying Rational Numbers You Count The Numbers Of Decimal Place Values In The Fact. True Or False
  91. Math

    27 3 5 2 = 19 I am trying to determine what symbol I need between each number to make the sentence true. +, - X or / I am not clear if I can use the same symbol multiple times in the equation.
  92. Physics

    A ray of light perpendicular to a medium produces a refracted ray measuring 45º. * True False
  93. world history

    Contraband is war materials supplied by a neutral nation to a belligerent nation. True False
  94. computers

    Suppose Fred's Computers advertises that their new computer comes with exactly 1,200 megabytes of RAM in main memory. Why is this unlikely to be true?
  95. grammar

    Suboridiante clauses: What is the subordinate clause in the sentence: May the dreams you dream today be tomorrow's dreams come true.
  96. History

    William Shakespeare recorded early English History as a historian for the Tudor line True False
  97. Physcology

    Final Project: Interview Profile • Resources: Ch. 5 (pp. 213-19); Ch. 6 (pp. 225-38); Ch. 9 (pp. 330-39); Ch. 11 (pp. 441- 46); Ch. 15 (pp. 571-80) in Psychology: An Introduction (12th ed.) Appendix A • Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum]
  98. Science help (just 4 questions)

    1. Which of the following is an example of an environmental pressure? (1 point) the air pressure in the atmosphere a lake that is gradually running out of water a fight between two members of the same species breeding between two members of the same
  99. pre-algebra

    Mara ordered 5 bags of seed for $7.00 each and 3 wildflower seed kits for $9.00 each.She also paid a $13 shipping fee.Which expression shows the total cost? What is the solution of 5(n+m)when n=3 and m=6? Which inequality symbol makes the statement true?
  100. physics

    Water flows steadily from an open tank into a pipe. The elevation of the top of the tank is 10.2 m, and the elevation at the pipe is 3.90 m. The initial cross-sectional area of the pipe is 6.40×10^−2 m; and at where the water is discharged from the