1. science

    true or false the force of friction acts in the SAME direction as the direction of the sliding object
  2. Physics

    If the electric field is zero everywhere inside a region of space, the potential must also be zero in that region. TRUE or FALSE, WHY?
  3. algebra

    How do you write equations for 4 lines that intersect to form the sides of a parallelogram? What must be true about such lines?
  4. statistics

    A standard IQ test has a mean of 98 and a standard deviation of 16. We want to be 90% certain that we are within 8 IQ points of the true mean. Determine the sample size.
  5. Stats

    True or false: The distribution with the largest range necessarily has the largest standard deviation.
  6. us history

    True or False The first US president brought a tone of informality and simplicity to the office. this is false right?
  7. Physics

    A car and a truck travel with same velocity, the car has more kinetic energy. True or false
  8. calculus

    Let f(x)= Cube root(x + 2) and g(x) = x^3 - 2. Which of the following are true? I. g(x) = f^-1(x) for all the real values of x. II. (f£»g) (x) = 1 for all reak values of x. III. The Function is one-to-one.
  9. Check Fib. Number problem please

    For any prime number p except 2 and 5, either Fp-1 or fp+1 is divisible by p. If I showed that this is true for p=7, the answer should be F8---is this correct because f8 is 21. P=11 would be divisible by 55 which is F10.
  10. health class

    smoke exhaled from a smoker's lungs is called mainstream smoke id this true or false
  11. calculus

    It is known that if m
  12. math please help

    can apple weighs 350 grams a pear weighs .04 kilograms.which of the following statement are true
  13. Statistics

    In hypothesis testing, as the a level gets smaller, the level of confidence increases. True or False? And why or why not?
  14. math

    1 side of the square is 0.25KM is the area of the square 6.25 KM squared? explain true or false.
  15. math

    1 side of the square is 0.25 KM is the area of the square 6.25 KM squared? true or false? explain your answer
  16. math

    about what percentage of the population believe saying F to ber true? = what percentage of 250148571.0 = 136,800,000?
  17. math

    what are he steps true ratio and proportion problems? what are the steps for solving when it is false? how do i know when to invert?
  18. History

    Some Mexican Americans who were U.S. citizens were deported during the Depression. (1 point) True False is it false?
  19. critical thinking please help

    True or false: It is the case that if an argument is inductively correct then the conclusion is factually correct as well
  20. eng 122

    You should introduce new evidence in your concluding paragraph. (Points : 1) True False answer false
  21. math

    Kelly estimate that 1 handful equals a cup. If this true how many handfuls equals a galloon
  22. math

    please answer this true or false. if all sides of the quadilateral are conguent,the quadlateral is a RHOMBUS ? is it false
  23. statistics

    On one 100-point test, Lisa managed to get 74 points. On a separate 100-point test, Paul managed to get 74 points. But when these scores were converted to z scores, Lisa received -1.25 and Paul received -1.30. Which of these students received a higher
  24. Math

    Ms. Sue please help! 7. Suppose you earned 7t – 1 dollars on Monday and 8t + 5 dollars on Tuesday. What were your total earnings? Simplify your answer. (1 point) –t + 4 dollars –t – 6 dollars 15t – 6 dollars 15t + 4 dollars 8. f 2 ∙ f 3 (1
  25. CRT 205- argument

    Is this a correct evaluation of an argument, it's premise and conclusion? Thank you! The author states that “The disability rights movement has a long history of healthy skepticism toward medical professionals, and there's an established body of research
  26. Algebra

    Can you please explain this problem to me? Determine whether 30 is a solution of the equation x-13=14. Is 30 a solution? My answer is no. x-13=14 30-13=14 No, not true. Thanks.
  27. Physical Edu

    Responses to stressors include physical and emotional behavioral responses. is it True
  28. Calc

    The tangent line to the graph of y=f(x) at both x=3 and x=4 is y=-x+5. Which of the following statements must be true? The function f(x) is the line y=-x+5 f(3)=f(4) f'(3)=f'(4) f(x) is not differentiable at x=3 and x=4 None of the above
  29. tourism and hospitality

    The goal of promotional advertisement is promoting goodwill true or false I think its false
  30. p.e

    The more active you are, the fewer calories you should eat? True False False? Thanks a bunch.
  31. Math

    What unknown number makes these equation true. 447+99 =447+100-
  32. chemestry

    true or false the equivalence point is the point at which a neutraliztion reaction has occured
  33. Math

    A true-false test consists of 10 items. What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test?
  34. Social studies

    The total membership of the legislature is 220 members. True or False? Is it false?
  35. Cover letter

    address your cover letter to a specific person, be name. true or false? false?
  36. Biology

    "wherever in the universe life exists, some of those life forms must be colored" is this true? if so please explain
  37. cal

    future value compounded continuously is B(t)=P(1+r/k)^kt and the present value compounded continuosly is P(T)=B(1+r/k)^-rt True or false and why
  38. Cover letter

    the cover letter is ur chance to tell employer how wonderful u are. true or false? this would be false right?
  39. Geometry

    Why is this statement NOT always true?: The longer diagonal of the rhombus is perpendicular to two sides of the rhombus.
  40. S.S

    Tariffs help us to maintain a favorable balance of trade and balance of payments. is this true? why or why not. Please help
  41. Computer

    Diagnosing is solving the problem, and troubleshooting is figuring out what the problem is. True False
  42. Writing

    I am trying to write an essay on What ideas are true/untrue of the North.What do it means by ideas. Help??
  43. science

    Is this true, animal cells are squire/rectangular and plant cells are circular? If so, why?
  44. economic

    A price set above equilibrium price creates a shortage. True or False
  45. science/Newton's third law

    if you kick a 5kg ball with one Newton it would push back on you with one Newton is this true???
  46. Statistics

    True or False As sample size increases, the value of the standard error also increases.
  47. Fitness (Check answers)

    The lack of balance can lead to disease. True or false My answer is FALSE.
  48. critique reasoning

    Alex decides that 21 divided by 3=7 is NOT a true equation. Is Alex correct? Explain
  49. Algebra

    True or False and please explain so that I can understand. Thank you. 1. (1,0) is always a point on the graphy of y = logb (x). 2. If x=b^2y for b > 1, then y = 1/2 logb (x).
  50. grade 7 math factors

    you can decide if 10 is a factor of a whole number without dividing the entire number by 10 true / false
  51. World History

    True or False The historian Herodotus wrote about the persian Wars. I got False.
  52. TO: SraJMcGin

    I replied to the true/false question. I meant atp is the answer false.
  53. algebra

    Replace each equation with constants to complete the square and form a true equation x^2+2x+--=(x+---)^2
  54. Computers

    True or False? RAM is the electronic holing area on the computer. False???
  55. Accounting

    Even when the trial balance is in balance, there may be errors in the individual accounts. True or False?
  56. Strategic Management

    Effective strategic management involves all levels of management. True of false
  57. Math

    is this statement always, sometimes, or never true: the absolute value of a positive integer is a negative integer. i think never am i correct
  58. Calculus

    Why is this statement true or false the magnitude of vector a + b is greater than and equal to vector a
  59. chemistry

    the idea of the atom was first proposed by john dalton. true or false false
  60. Science

    Does the tilt of the earth cause one hemisphere to be closer to the sun? True or false False.
  61. Algebra

    True or false. 1. The system (2x - y = 3) and (x + 3y = 5) is consistent and independent. 2. There are infinitely many solutions to the system (2x - y = 3 and y = 2x + 5).
  62. physics

    Is it true or false that momentum is conserved when total mechanical energy is conserved?
  63. physics

    Is it true or false that momentum is conserved when total mechanical energy is conserved?
  64. geometry

    I'm having a hard time with this question: "AB has endpoints A(n,4n) and B(3n,6n). Which of the following is true? A. AB=4n B. The midpoint of AB is (2n,2n). C. AB=n√8 D. The midpoint of AB is (4n,10n)". PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  65. english

    in "The Wager" is it true The banker was probably motivated to make the wager by his hatred for the jurist?
  66. geography

    Culture is seldom a factor in world conflict. A)True B)False i think its false
  67. statistics

    True or False For a sample with M = 20 and s = 1, a score of X = 17 would be considered an extremely low score.
  68. Math

    Write an algebriac expression 1. the quotient of m and two Tell rather the statement is true or false: 2. quotient of 3 and 12 is 4
  69. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. 2 CO (g) + O2 (g) −→ 2 CO2 (g) What is most likely true about the entropy change for this reaction? Why would the delta s of the rxn be less than zero? thanks.
  70. English

    True or False? An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and it's usually set off with commas.
  71. eng 122

    Writer’s block cannot be overcome. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER FALSE
  72. Math

    If you had an equation zero is less than or equal to 2 would you say that's true because 0 is less than 2 or false because it isnt equal to 2? What would I write down if it asked for T or F
  73. science

    when wood burns, the ashes have different chemical properties from the wood.true or false?
  74. P.E

    Self-actualization means that you focus on yourself all the time. True False Is the answer False?
  75. 6 grade math

    Choose all statements that are not true. a 20% of 20 is 4 b 30% of 30 is 9 c 40% of 50 is 15 d 50% of 110 is 60 e 60% of 60 is 360 The answer I choose is all of them. Is this correct.
  76. SAT Math

    True or False: The least common denominator of each denominator in the following rational expression is (z-4)(z+4)(z-1)(z+1): 8 / z^2+5z+4 = 1 / z-4 + 1 / z-1 I am stuck on this one...
  77. Pre-Calc

    True or False: •Every equation of the form X^2+y^2+ax+by+c=c •The radius of the circle x^2+y^2=9 is 3 •The center of the circle (X+3)^2+(y-2)^2=13 is (3,-2)
  78. Algebra

    To convert from centimeters to inches, multiply the number of centimeters by 2.5. True or False?
  79. Pre-Calculus

    1.) Which equation represents a function? A. y=-2x+1 B. x=y^2-1 C. y^2=1/3x D. None Of These E. x=4 2.) The zeros of a function f are the x-values for which f(x) = 0. True or False?
  80. Chem

    Is this true? The molar mass of nitrogen gas is 14.0 g. Nitrogen occurs in nature as N2
  81. Pre-Algebra

    Which exponent makes this statement true? One fifth to the ninth power equals five to what power? A) 9 B)-9 C) 1/9 D)-1/9
  82. theology

    there are no variations within the catholic liturgy. all liturgy is identical worldwide. true or false?
  83. Math

    Which word describes the equation 17= t - 5? A. TRUE B. FALSE C. OPEN D.NOT GIVEN I know it's not a or b and I'm not sure what an open sentence is
  84. Science 2

    Young open clusters appear blue in color. True or False FALSE
  85. physics

    True or False? An iron bar has the same density as an aluminium bar that is twice as large
  86. World Literature

    I have to write an essay proving fate to be true using death as my example, but I can't think of any ideas to write about!!
  87. math

    How do I identify the number that' makes this number sentence true 4000_ hundreds
  88. Computers

    folders can hold files but cannot be divided into sub folders. True False I need help. I'm not sure what the answer is
  89. math

    Explain whether the following statement is true or false: “The ordered pair (1,5) is the same as the order pair (5,1).”
  90. P.E

    you feel anger not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. True false.**** I think false
  91. eng 122

    Plagiarism is a “victimless crime.” (Points : 1) True False answer False
  92. Physics (HELP)

    A converging lens is thicker at the center of the lens than the edges. True False
  93. biology

    TRUE OR FALSE all mutations in a gene would have an effect on the protein encoded by that gene. please help! :)
  94. psychology

    It is not possible for a patient to benefit from a drug that is not designed to help them, even if they expect it to. True False False?
  95. eng 122

    Academic sources should be used as evidence. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER false
  96. Physics

    I'm really unsure of how to approach this question... Polystyrene has a very low dielectric constant compared to most other solid materials. Therefore, we predict for a polystyrene slab pushed between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor: a. that the
  97. Science help (just 4 questions)

    1. Which of the following is an example of an environmental pressure? (1 point) the air pressure in the atmosphere a lake that is gradually running out of water a fight between two members of the same species breeding between two members of the same
  98. Social Studies Please help

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? a) one country giving money to another b) two countries sharing c) two countries working together d) one country ruling another country**** 2.What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange
  99. Accounting for Managers

    Question 11 of 20 5.0 Points Which of the following accurately describes a difference between job order and process costing systems? A. In job order costing systems, overhead costs are treated as product costs, whereas in process costing systems, overhead
  100. maths

    In the equation (he)^2 = she the letters represent digits.Find replacements for the letters to make the statement true.