1. physical edu

    Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 4-33 years old. true right?
  2. physics

    A hunk of cast concrete with a weight of 10 N will float if it displaces 10 N of water. True or False
  3. algebra

    Thirteen times a number m is greater than or equal to three hundred. Is this statement True or False
  4. Science

    With today's advanced technology, scientists are able to predict when an earthquake will occur. A)true B)false

  6. Pharmocology

    Is this true? Water soluble chemicals tend to accumulate in the sediment in the bottom of rivers.
  7. Science

    TRUE or FALSE? when ice cubes melt into liquid water, its physical properties changes
  8. math

    If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 2.60m/s^2 and the balance reads 60.0 N, what is the true weight of the fish?
  9. Science

    With today's advanced technology, scientists are able to predict when an earthquake will occur. A)true B)false
  10. physics

    A hunk of cast concrete with a weight of 10 N will float if it displaces 10 N of water true or false
  11. science

    an object will accelerate in free fall because the only force accting on it is gravity True or false
  12. engllish

    Even after achieving such wealth, Oliver has always remained true to himself and never allowed his beliefs to waver. Correct?
  13. Algebra

    I've been stuck on this for a while. State whether the equation is true false or an open sentence. Show your work. 3(4+-5)=3(-6-2)
  14. english 3

    The primary way children learn language is through books and school work. True False
  15. Statistics

    Test a claim p=0.5 with the significance level of 0.05 and n=49 calculate beta when the true probability porportion is 0.7.
  16. Science

    gradually taking over farmland over a long period of time is known as commodities True or false?
  17. admas

    the true unemployment rate is 7% assume that 100 employable people are selected randomly
  18. Math

    What makes the statement true? 8-^2=? 64**** 16 -1/26 1/64 Evaluate the expression 4-^2x2^0 8 16*** 1/16 -64 Write 5^2•5-^1•5^3 as a single exponent 5^4 5-^6**** 5^5 5^2
  19. World History

    Ghana was the first SubSaharan nation to win independence after 1945. ( True or False )
  20. physics

    Mechanical energy is the difference between the kinetic and potential energies of an object true or false?
  21. physics

    Mechanical energy is the difference between the kinetic and potential energies of an object true or false?
  22. genetics

    With PCR, one gene is all that is necessary to create a useful genetic fingerprint to discriminate between individuals. True False
  23. Grammar

    A sentence will still make sense if you leave out an essential phrase. A) True B) False I answered B
  24. Grammar

    A preposition links a noun or verb to other words in a sentence. A) True B) False I answered B
  25. Politics

    At the national level, America is best described as having a direct democracy system of government. True or false
  26. Science

    A person roller skates down a street heading West. What is true about friction in this case?
  27. Microscope

    True or False? Resolution decreases as the amount of light coming in on the object increases?
  28. math

    each letter represents a different number find the value of p,o and f that will make this puzzle true. pop+of=opp
  29. psychology

    Motives are internal states that activate behavior and give it direction. True or False
  30. economics

    True or false: If the human capital possessed by two workers is nearly the same, their wag rates will be nearly the same. Explain.
  31. Social Studies

    True or False: The U.S. wanted to avoid war with Britain. I can't find it on Google
  32. social studies

    is it true or false that president Johnson tried to stop china from becoming a communist country
  33. Science

    Electrical energy is required to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. True or False
  34. English

    Is this thesis correct? Heathcliff is a mysterious, antagonist, and feels betrayed by his only true love.
  35. Dimension Personal Education

    True or False The indefinie pronouns all,any, more, most, and some are alwas singular in meaning
  36. Sewing and Technology

    Television design shows can be a good source for designers. true or false
  37. Algebra

    You take a three question true-or-false quiz. You guess on all the questions. What is the probability that you will get a perfect score?
  38. Sign Language

    An adjective is a word used to describe an action verb? A:true B:false*** Is this correct?
  39. Education technology

    Which of the following is not an example of an Objective question? Multiple choice Essay •• True/false Matching
  40. science

    Tight junctions prevent the movement of the extracellular matrix between cells. A) True B) False Which one is it please :)
  41. accounting

    Corporations are subject to specific corporate tax rates different from those for individuals. True False
  42. true

    find the resultant of two vectors of 3units and 4units acting at a point,o at an angle of 45 degrees with each other
  43. science

    Tight junctions prevent the movement of the extracellular matrix between cells. A) True B) False Which one is it please :)
  44. Chemistry

    As the number of carbons increases, the boiling point of alkanes decrease True or False
  45. Math Question

    Suppose that y varies inversely as x. If y = 63 when x = 3, the constant of variation is 189. True Or False?
  46. Geometry

    1. A conditional can have a ____ of true or false. (1 point) a) hypothesis b) truth value *** c) counterexample d) conclusion Am I right? Thank you!
  47. chemistry

    Using a value of Ksp = 1.8 x 10-2 for the reaction PbCl2(s) = Pb+2(aq) + 2Cl-(aq). If a solution has a current value of Keq of 1.2 x 10-2, which statement is true?
  48. Algebra II

    Find the coordinates of the vertices of the figures formed by: y<=x+2, x+y <=6, and y>= -2 A. (0,0), (2,4), (8,-2) B. (-4,-2), (2,4), (8,-2) C. (-4,-2), (4,2), (8,-2) I have substituted all of the above in the equations and they all are true. I'm
  49. space

    Keplers second law notes that a planet should move fastes at aphelion. true or false
  50. statistics

    A test has a mean of 104 and a standard deviation of 16. We want to be 98% certain that we are within 4 points of the true mean. Determine the sample size.
  51. Math

    Right triangle ABC is reflected over AC, then dilated by a scale factor of . Which statements about the two triangles must be true?
  52. history

    The use of black soldiers in the Union Army proved militarily ineffective-true or false
  53. English

    11. Absurdism is the attempt to show the absurdity of the human condition. • true<--- my anwser • false
  54. Pre-Calculus

    Help please, am i correct? The border line of the linear inequality 4x-2y < 1 is solid. True False <--
  55. math

    Determine all possible digits to fill in the blanks to make each of the following true. a) 9 482__ b) 6 24__35 c) 4 63__
  56. science

    True or False...The CLOSER the origin of an earthquake to an inhabited area , the greater the destruction?
  57. algebra2

    s 1103-01-02-00-00_v2_files/i0050000.jpg a true statement? If yes, identify the name of the property demonstrated.
  58. Research

    1) What is the relationship of the Mean, Median and Mode as Measures of Central Tendency in a true Normal Curve?
  59. pre calculus

    The conic section whose equation is x^2 - 3y^2 - 8x + 12y + 16 = 0, is in Position is I. Is this statement true or false
  60. science

    the temperature of the water that forms while ice melts is 32 degrees fahrenheit true or false?
  61. physics

    Doubling the frequency of a wave source doubles the speed of the waves. ( True or False)
  62. MATH

    A functions graph may include solutions that do not appear in its table of values True False**** ****is my answer
  63. History

    How does freedom for our own religious beliefs achieved during war? ( I don't believe that this is true at all but this is one of the points that he wants us to expand on)
  64. world history

    Which of the following is NOT true about Nelson Mandela? I say B. He led massive peaceful protests against apartheid.
  65. Science

    Which Energy conversion lets you hear music? Plz give true and right answer.
  66. Chemistry

    Are polysaccharides absorbed into the blood directly from the gut without the need for digestion? I think that is true but I can't find it written.
  67. English

    Ture or False An adjective is a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. True???
  68. Political science

    True or false the government sells bonds in order to lower inflation.
  69. Math

    A. L1: (0,-1), (5,9) L2: (0,3), (4,1) The lines are perpendicular because there slopes product equal -1. The point they intersect is (1.6,2.2).(Is this true and how do you solve it)
  70. science

    true or false:: When the electrons are aligned in the magnetic domains of two materials, magnetization can occur.
  71. reading

    explain three ways the setting is important to the plot in the the true confessions of charlotte doyle
  72. health

    Dr. Bob's computerized records have been compromised by a hacker,resulting in damages to patients.Which of the following is most true?
  73. Geo 7th Grade

    About half of the acid rain in Canada comes from the United States. true?
  74. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage to man only nt woman.is it true or false? Reason why,or why not?
  75. computer

    Statement: Bits can be used to represent A) numbers, B) names, C) colors and D) dates. This holds true for: A. A only B. A and C C. A and D D. A, B, C and D
  76. Physics

    Is this true or false? All objects moving in a circle are accelerated. I really don't uderstand this question.
  77. algebra

    i have to write a number in the block to make this true how do i get the answer for 70-30=40- please show me a example so i can complete my work
  78. physics

    The force produced by Earth's gravity on a 70 kg man standing on the moon is more than 0.5 N True or False?

    Prove that for all integers a, b, n: if n = a + b, then a < n/2 or b < n/2 . I WANT TO TRY AND USE PROOF BY CONTRAPOSITIVE. I KNOW THAT WE SHOULD ASSUME THAT IF NOT (a < n/2 or b < n/2) THEN ~(n = a + b) SHOULD BE TRUE. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO
  80. math

    If the solution to the linear programming problem exists, then it has to be at a corner point.it is true or false?
  81. Algebra

    I solved the inequality and now I have to graph and shade it in. Y<-5x-6 0<-5x-6 I used the test point 0,0 and substituted in y but how do I know if it's true or false?
  82. Physics

    Absolute temperature is proportional to the average kinetic energy of the atoms. True or false?
  83. Algebra 8

    How many values of x make each statement true? Explain your reasoning. a) 3x+3=3(x+1) b) x-4-x=0 I don't get what the question is telling me to do. Help?
  84. science

    Which statement is true regarding the cost of climate change adaptation discussed in the text? (Points : 1
  85. biology

    true or false water requires less heat to change its tempertature than do most other common liquids
  86. geometry

    Is the statement true or false? Explain your reasoning. Perpendicular lines always intersect at right angles.
  87. Math-

    Find all values of the missing digit that make the statement true. 5,33_ is divisible by 11. A) 8 B) 6 C) 1 D) 5
  88. Math

    Write the missing digits to make each number sentence true 7□7 <713
  89. english, poetry meanings

    using "a,b,c,d,e,f,g" notation, explain the ryme schem of "let me not to the marriage of true minds.
  90. physics

    true or false: according to einstein, a gravitational field is equivalent to an accelerating frame of reference.
  91. geography

    True or false: Migration doesn’t really affect population—it’s just a shifting of people from one place to another.
  92. chemistry

    A ternary ionic compound consists of a monoatomic ion plus a cation? true or false.
  93. chemistry help ASAP

    Water is often instrumental in promoting disproportionation reactions however, it cannot itself disproportionate? IS THIS TRUE OR FALSE?????

    TRUE OR FALSE A curandero is someone who practices modern medicine help please, i didn't find this one in my book
  95. creative play

    Which of the following encourages critical thinking? A. Let’s look at these two pictures. B. What did you think of the story? C. What do you predict will happen when…? D. How do you know that is true? C?
  96. Calculus

    True or False,... Im confused If the continuous function f(x) has a domain (-∞, +∞), then either lim --> ∞ exists, or limit X--> ∞ is +-∞
  97. Life science

    True or false, the healthiest position to sleep on for the baby while you're pregnant is on your back
  98. English

    Whitman, Bradstreet, and Wheatley included sensory details in their poetry. True/False

    TRUE OR FALSE In Costa Rica, it costs less to attend a university than in the U.S. ¡help! i can't find this in my book
  100. ethics

    Does the principle "the end justifies the means" hold true under each the three major ethical theories? Why or why not.