1. chemistry

    True or False CH4 probably has a lower boiling point than SnH4
  2. biology

    chemical reaction involve changes in bonds between atoms. true or false
  3. Math

    Show why the below equation is true using the areas of rectangles: 2p+5p=(2+5)p 3(4-1)=3x4-3x1
  4. Math

    When you multiply a whole number by 10, what is always true about the ones place in the product? Answer: It is always zero.. is this correct
  5. math

    who do u make this true by putting parentheses? 4 plus 1 minus 3 divided by 2 equals 1
  6. physical science

    for an ionic compound, the name of the negative ion comes first. True or False?
  7. Math

    True or False square root of 41 is a rational number. Explain
  8. Adding & Subtracting Expressions

    How do I use the distributive property to show that the following is a true statement? 8.5m + 1.3m = 9.8m
  9. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  10. English

    True or False? An adverb is a word used to modify a verb. Ture???
  11. english

    When the monarchy was restored in England, the theaters were almost immediately closed. true?
  12. english

    Some ancient and medieval works have several qualities present in novels. true?

    Who has the true leader of the Senate by virtue of having the most power and influence in the chamber
  14. math

    For each of the following find all integer values of x, if they exist, that make the equations true. a) ¨Cx ¨C 3 = -8 b) x3 = -27 c) ©¦x©¦ = 16 d) 8 ¨C 5x < 2x ¨C 20 e) ©¦-x + 5©¦= 8 f) (x ¨C 2)4 = 16
  15. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  16. world history

    A dissident is a person dissatisfied with the government. True False
  17. chemistry

    the closeness of a measurement to its true value is a measure of its________. percent error?
  18. pre-calc

    True or false: Perpendicular lines have slopes that are reciprocals of one another.
  19. English

    True or Fasle: Try not to use formulaic language. Strive for originality in your commentary.
  20. math

    Insert symbols from order of operations to make the statements true: 14 2 5 5 = 10 2 8 9 5 = 34 40 8 7 3 =32
  21. english

    the coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma are for and nor because yet so is this true.
  22. math

    directions: rewrite each sentence using parentheses to make it true. 1.) 4x6+2-6=26
  23. algebra1 HELP PLEASE

    find the value of x and y that make each equation true -4+(y)^i=-12x-i+8 please show the steps thanks
  24. English

    True or false? An audience would give much praise to a pathetic speaker.
  25. Math

    I do not understand how to decide which method would you use to determine whether this proportion is true or false? 19/6=4/27
  26. math

    12. Determine all possible digits to fill in the blanks to make each of the following true. (a) 9 „º482____
  27. Biology -Genetics

    True or False X and Y chromosomes are found only in eggs and sperm. T or F ?
  28. World History

    Westernization-Mustafa Kemal-Turkey True or False
  29. science

    air masses that form over land are moist true or false
  30. Chemistry

    Since gases can be highly compressed, what must be true of the spaces between the molecules of the gas?
  31. Calculus

    Suppose that f (x) is a function such that the relationship given below is true. f (3 + h) - f (3) = 9h^2 + 8h (a) What is f '(3)? (b) What is the slope of the secant line through (3, f (3)) and (7, f (7))?
  32. Statistics

    True or False All probabilities can be expressed as decimal values ranging from 0 to 1.00.
  33. chemistry

    True or false? Constitutional isomers and conformations have the same molecular formula.
  34. social studies

    true of false. everyone has the same basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.
  35. math

    Write an equation that uses 18 - ? and 10 + 2. Explain how to decide which numbers would make it true.
  36. chemistry

    True or false? Constitutional isomers and conformations have the same molecular formula.
  37. Math

    find the brackets in the right place to make the statement true. in the expression 4*15-11+8-2=20
  38. math

    true or false? a fair question makes assumptions about the population??
  39. Statistics

    True or False For any normal distribution, the proportion in the tail beyond z = 2.00 is p = 0.0228.
  40. gRammar

    Familiar titles, such as uncle, are capitalized when used with a proper name. true false
  41. english

    When the theaters reopened, the age of Restoration drama began. true?
  42. phyicss

    Torque due to action reaction force is not zero true false
  43. The Psychology of Love

    Commitment is usually at its peak at the beginning of a relationship a) True b) False
  44. physics

    true or false an object with a mass of 9.0 kg has an acceleration of 3 m/s. the force acting on it is 3n
  45. Math

    Which pair of ratios can form a true proportion? A: 7/4,21/12 (I CHOOSE THIS) B: 6/3,5/6 C: 7/10,6/7 D: 3/5,7/12 Pls help
  46. Math

    Which pair of ratios can form a true proportion? A: 7/4,21/12 (I CHOOSE THIS) B: 6/3,5/6 C: 7/10,6/7 D: 3/5,7/12 Pls help
  47. Math 3 grade

    wright a true number sentence using all of the given numbers and symbols 6,9,7,5,3,=,+,+,
  48. math

    copy and place parentheses to make each statement true 22. 6*6+6*6=426 23. 6+6/6*6-6=0 24. 6-6*66+6/6=1 25. 6+6/6+6*6=6 26. 6-6/6*6+6=0
  49. math

    copy and place parentheses to make each statement true 22. 6*6+6*6=426 23. 6+6/6*6-6=0 24. 6-6*66+6/6=1 25. 6+6/6+6*6=6 26. 6-6/6*6+6=0
  50. Math

    Place parentheses in the following equation to make it true. 6 + 6 ÷ 6 X 6 – 6 = 13 where do i put the parenteses
  51. Physical Science

    Is it true that electric cars do not generate pollution because they have batteries?
  52. grammar

    True or false? The boy went to school. Is this the correct way to use punctuation for this sentence?
  53. math

    Determine True or false. The star polygon in the Figure-2 has five vertices.
  54. chem.

    the ionization constant of HF is 6.7 * 10^-4. which of the following is true in a 0.1 M soultion of this acid? the answer is HF is greater than [H][F]. HOW COME??
  55. Math

    Insert grouping symbols to make each statement true. 4 • 2 - 2 to the power of 2 ➗ 9 + 2 = 6
  56. English

    True/False Drunkards and prostitutes inspired Whitman's poetry.
  57. Math:Calculus

    State whether or not the following statements are true. Justify your reasoning. a. a• ( b+c ) = a• b + a • c b. a × ( b+c ) = a × b + a × c c. a × ( b•c ) = a × b • a × c Appreciating any help!
  58. english

    In the sentence: "Are you already almost finished?" "Are" is functioning as a linking verb. True or False
  59. Math

    What value of x makes this equation true? 1/3(9x-2)+1=2(4x+1) a) x=-3 b)x=-1/3 c)x=1/3 d)x=3 Please explain. Having a hard time figuring out.
  60. english

    The indefinite pronouns all, any, more, most, and some are always singular in meaning. (Points : 1) True False
  61. history

    Johnson was impeached by the Senate and tried by the House of Respresentatives. true or false
  62. PHI 103

    A valid argument is one that, if its premises are accepted as true, has (Points : 1)
  63. Algebra 117

    Is this equation true or false? Why? ãa+ãb=ãa+b Okay radicals are killing me. Please explain this to me
  64. bio

    Which are no longer classified as animals plants or fungi true or false.?
  65. biology

    true or false-Homozygotes for the BRCA1 allele will definitely get breast cancer.
  66. 5th grade math

    Find the value of 'n' to make each statement true. 1. 22 times n is between 80 and 85
  67. algebra

    Write four different numbers for which both of these statement are true. -The range is 8 -The mean and median are the same number
  68. Algebra

    Where do you insert parenthesis to make this equation true: 3x5+4-2x2+6-4=15
  69. sci207: dependence of man on the environment

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy
  70. chemistry

    an atom of cesium cs has 55 protons 55 electrons and 77 neutrons true false
  71. math

    write two equations that prove the associative property is not true for the subtraction
  72. biology

    Covalent bonds are not affected by chemical reactions. true ir false
  73. World History

    Guomindan- Sun Yixian - China True or False
  74. Physics

    Why is the CM of a 1.00m length of pipe at its midpoint, whereas this is not true for your arm or leg?
  75. Math grade 6, quadrilateral logic

    All trapezoids are parallelograms. True or false?
  76. Math

    Which pair of ratios does not form a true proportion? A 8:14–20:35 B 6 to 10 and 15 to 25 C 9/5 equals 27/15 D 12:15 and 30:50
  77. Physics

    True or false: If two planets have the same mass but the second one has twice the gravity, it must have four times the radius
  78. Grammar

    A prepositional phrase always starts with the preposition. A) True B) False I answered A
  79. Grammar

    Essential clauses should be set off with commas. A) True B) False My answer is B
  80. Math

    Every exponential function is strictly increasing. True or false? Explain
  81. math- Set

    Given A={1,2,3} and B={2,{3}}. Determine whether each of the following statements is TRUE or FALSE. a) ∅ C B b) B C A c) {3} C A d) {2,3} C A e) {2,{3}} ∈ P(B) f) | P(B)|=4 g) {0,1} c A
  82. Math - Geometry

    If more than one plane contains three points A,B, and C, what must be true? A)AB is perpendicular to BC B)A,B, and C are noncollinear C)A,B, and C are collinear D)AB=BC
  83. Chemistry

    True or false? 1 mole of ozone has 1.8 x 10^24 atoms? correct if wrong THANK YOU!
  84. Chemistry

    Is this true or false Both sublimation and melting are considered endothermic processes.

    TRUE OR FALSE In Tenochtitlán there was a stadium for a sport similar to basketball help
  86. Critical thinking

    Can a true conclusion be derived validly from false premises?
  87. Soc studies

    The Canadian Shield has few Rich minerals,is this true or false?
  88. English 3

    Young Goodman Brown is a dynamic character TRUE OR FALSE
  89. Math

    When Multiplying Fraction You Must Find A Common Denominator. True Or False
  90. Persnal Dimension of Education

    True or False Subjuect pronouns include me, her, him, and them.
  91. Science

    Hypotheses can be rejected or supported by experiments, or, in some instances, new observations. i think it's true
  92. Science

    True or False: a trapezoid is a quadrilateral, but it is not a parallelogram. Explain your thinking
  93. Science

    Footprints and trails are examples of trace fossils. True*** False
  94. Sex Ed

    Is it true that condoms are great at protecting sexual partnersy from STI's always?
  95. social studies

    Nubia was a kingdom to the south of egypt true or false
  96. math

    Decide if the following statement is true: Two concurrent lines can never be perpendicular. Explain why or why not?
  97. Grade 11 Art

    I believe that Baroque and Renaissance shoes were made by hand. Is it true?
  98. math

    True or false? In every triangle, the centroid, incenter, and circumcenter are collinear.
  99. maths --plse help me..

    Is eulers formulae true for spheres and cylinder ,please explain
  100. com200

    Self-concept can be changed through interpersonal communication. (Points : 1 true or false