1. Math

    Where do I put parentheses to make this true: 12-8-2•2^4=35
  2. Math

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true A = {r,i,s,k,e,d}, B={r,i,s,e},C={s.i,
  3. Geometry-help please :(

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true. A = {l, a, t, e, r}, B = {l, a, t, e}, C = {t, a, l, e}, D = {e, a, t}
  4. science

    which of the following is true about the magnetic field diagram below
  5. science

    Is it true that Synapse and Ranvier nod are same?
  6. Math

    Is 72.98 = 72.980 my answer is true.. Is it correct?
  7. MATHS

    lim(sqrt(x^4-x^2))=0 True or false?
  8. math

    Which one of the following statements expresses a true proportion? A.2:3 = 3:2 B.14:6 = 28:18 C.3:5 = 12:20 D.42:7 = 6:2
  9. Math

    I say this expression is true: if x and y are both integers, then xy= |x| |y|. Is this correct?
  10. Math

    I say that this expression is true: if x is positive and y = -x then x + y =0. Am I correct?
  11. intro to psychology

    Which one of the following statements about heritability is true?
  12. intro to psychology

    Which one of the following statements about heritability is true? Im sure that not B
  13. Statistics

    The value of the correlation coefficient can be between 0 and 1.True or false?
  14. adult education

    Which of the following statements about competition is true
  15. math

    for each mathematical statement below determine if it's always, sometimes, or never true. a. |m-n| = |m| - |n| b. b + (-b) = 0
  16. English

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is not true?
  17. math

    the letters g and g stand for numbers. if g + 9=h + 9, what is true about g and h?
  18. chemistry

    When the following reaction is at equilibrium, which of these relationships is always true? 2 O3(g) 3 O2(g) A. [O3]2 = [O2]3 B. Kc[O2]2 = [O3]3 C. [O3] = [O2] D. Kc[O3]2 = [O2]3 E. Kc[O2]3 = [O3]2
  19. Math

    Where does the parenthesis go to make the equation true 5+4*3-1=18
  20. math

    according to some student,what is the true purpose homework
  21. Rationa Numbers

    What makes the statement true? 8^-2=? A. 64 B. 16 C. -1/64 D. 1/64 Please help
  22. math

    least two things that are true about prime numbers
  23. math

    name at least two things that are true about prime numbers.
  24. math 0511

    Suppose G={x E N : x> 1} and H ={-3;-2; -1; 0; 1; 2} which statement is true? G=[1;
  25. math

    (B-C)^2=(C-B)^2 ,where B and C are (n x n) matrices.what is the answer, it is true or false
  26. Math

    Given the following set, select the statement below that is true. V = {a, e, i, o, u}
  27. child care

    which of the following statements about learning are true?
  28. Math

    which symbol is used to make -5 ? -8 a true statement? A > B < C =
  29. Math

    Is this a true statement and what are the steps to figure it out? 5x-3y=15:(0,5)
  30. Math

    which symbol is used to make -6 |-8| a true statement? A > B < C =
  31. Biochem

    The pK of acetic acid is 4.76. Which statement is true at pH 5.0? [A^-] = [HA] [A^-] < [HA] [A^-] > [HA]
  32. math

    1.Which of the following is a true statement? a) -7 > 5 b) -7 < 5 c) -7 < 7** d) 0 > -5 2. Solve the equation. b/-4=-2 a) 8 b) -8 c) 1/2** d) - 1/2
  33. math-Probability

    Let E and F be events such that the following is true. Pr (E) = 0.26, Pr (F ' ) = 0.61, Pr (E F) = 0.61 What is Pr (E ∩ F)?
  34. Basic programming principles

    Is the following true or false? b + c <> (d + e) * 4 where b = 4, c 20, d = 4 and e = 17 
  35. calculus

    What conditions must be satisfied by vectors u and v for this to be true? |u + v| >|u - v|
  36. science

    Which of the following is true about the electric charges on the objects below?
  37. math

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is NOT true. A = {s, i, r}, B = {r, i, s, e}, C = {r, i, s, k, e, d}
  38. Math

    How do you make this problem true 4+3x5-1=22
  39. math

    Determine whether the equalities are true or false. 1.√2 /2=√(10 /20) 2.√11 /24=24/√11 3.2/∛3=(2/√9)/3 4.1/√2 =√2 /2
  40. english

    Which of the following statements about Anne Bradstreet is NOT true?
  41. Math

    8 more than the product of 2 and 3 does not represent the statement ( 8 + 2) x 3 is that true
  42. ACT Math

    For any real numbers x, y, and z, if z=x+|y| which of the following must always be true?
  43. children's literature

    which of the following statements about literary is true
  44. 10th grade algebra not ms.sue

    is the following always sometimes or never true? x+1=x+0
  45. Math

    A line is part of a line segment True A line segment is part of a line True
  46. Finite Math

    True or false. P (n, r) = r! C (n, r). explain why please, thanks
  47. algebra

    assume a > 0 and b < 0. Determine whether the statement is always, sometimes, or never true. a/b < 0
  48. Geometry

    Which statement about a figure ABCD would always be true ?
  49. MATH

    Where do I place the parentheses to make 16-30/10+5=14 true
  50. math

    which value of g makes the number sentence true
  51. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  52. Algebra 2

    insert <,> or = to make the sentence true. -1/3 -2/5 A.)= B.)> C.)< Thank You.
  53. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  54. algebra

    is the math statement true or false -11/8 > 23/15
  55. maths ///

    if a and b are both odd integers, which equation is always true? 1 a/b= b/a 2 a-b= b-a 3 a+2b= b+2a 4 a+b= b+a
  56. Economics

    Which of the following statements is true for a capitalist economy ?
  57. Calculus

    True or False If f is continuous at x = c, then f is differentiable at x = c.
  58. Math

    Are the following expressions equivalent, true or false: 3x+4 and x+x+x+4
  59. Math

    All Even Numbers Are To The Right Of Zero On A Numberline. True Or False
  60. health

    which of the following statements about risk management is true?
  61. English 11

    Which of the following statements about common sense is not true
  62. Science

    Can a hypotheses be accepted as true after one test?
  63. English

    If a letter is brief, be sure to explain why. True False
  64. math

    Which of the following equations are true. Select all that apply. A. 7+(-7)= 14 B.-4+9= 5 C. 3-(-10)=-7 D. -2-6= -8
  65. Math

    Write < or > to make a true sentence 1.18 23 < 2.-9 -1 < 3.-3 -5 > 4.8 -2 > 5.6 -3 > 6.0 8 < 7.6 -7 > 8.-23 -16 <
  66. math

    if x and y are real numbers such that 0<x<y^2, then which of the following inequalities must be true? A. x<y B. y>0 C. 3x>y^3 D. x<1 E. x>3y^2
  67. geometry

    if n(2,4)is reflected in the line y=2 the n`is (2,0) true or false and why
  68. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy?
  69. math

    one word associated with the division operation is each? true right
  70. chemistry

    is it true that most element and some compounds are paramagnetic.
  71. math

    which of the following statements is true 15divide 0=0 or 0 divide 15=0
  72. Math

    What makes the statement true? 7^-2=? A- 49 B- 1/49*** C- 14 D- 1/14 Am I correct?
  73. Chemistry

    Which statement is always true if ΔU sys is always negative? a) q = w b) +q>–w c) -w> +q d) +w>-q
  74. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy?
  75. Algebra

    x + 3y = 3 true or false? (9, -2) is a solution for this function
  76. Math

    Put < or > to make a true statement 1.-2 0 < 2.3 -3 > 3.-9 8 < 4.-8 -3 < 5.11 3 > 6.-2 10 <
  77. math

    HI, I am having trouble working this problem. This is the question: Two measurements are given. Find the absolute difference and then find the rlative difference as a percentage. Assume that the first quantity is the compared value and the second qualitity
  78. For Franco

    Hey, here are your other answers 1) She is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with a slogan in the front and one in the back. change your ending to: with a slogan on the front and back 2) How do you call a T-shirt with a collar that is half
  79. physhic

    For every reaction there is an exact opposite reaction. True! The question one could ask and explore is what came first? or who or what the reaction is. Could we agree good is supieror to evil just to make my point your preference, makes no difference. If
  80. Nutrition

    I am in need of some help on finding a article with the following could someone please help me find an article related to one of the following topics: o The role of protein in hormone/enzyme functions o How protein assists with immunity o The protein needs
  81. English essay

    how is this for the introductory paragraph: Since the Romans adopted most of the Greek deities, there are many similarities and some differences between the Greek and Roman cultures. Some of the names and characteristics of certain Greek gods can be
  82. Math

    Let x represent the number which shows up when a balanced die is rolled. Then x is a random variable with a uniform distribution. Let x-bar denote the mean of the numbers obtained when the die is rolled 32 times. For samples of size 32, which of the
  83. Statistics

    Which of the following statements best describes the uncertainty associated with a 95% confidence interval for a population proportion, computed from a simple random sample? A. We don't know whether the particular confidence interval is successful or not,

    Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $195,000 home if you put 20% down and financed

    Please help. I'm trying to figure these True or False questions. A President's threat to grant amnesty can sometimes convince Congress to make changes in a bill to satisfy the President's objections. T or F I think it's true. Am I right? As the nation has
  86. statistics

    Suppose that fÈ and fX|È are described by simple closed-form formulas. Suppose that È is one-dimensional but X is high-dimensional. a) Suppose that a specific value x of the random variable X has been observed. Is it true that the calculation of the LMS
  87. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi, I'm doing a science fair and they're asking us to put pictures of us doing experiments or to bring in a model. In my project I experimented on people so was I supposed to take pictures of people performing the tasks? I already did the project and
  88. PICOT Question

    I would like to to research on Concussions in College Football Players but am having trouble trying to use the PICOT to formulate a question. This is what I have so far: In college football athletes with concussions does current treatments and management
  89. english

    do you think a bias makes a source useless? I don't think bias makes a source useless. We need to know how other people think -- and a biased source provides this information. In order to come to rational and objective conclusions, we need to read and hear
  90. creative writing

    Here are some previous answers to this question: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1157494639.1157499174 Posted by PsyDAG on Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at 7:32pm. Although prejudice is often defined as a negative attitude, we all have prejudices
  91. Physics

    How does the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor change when its plates are moved to twice their initial distance and a slab of material with dielectric constant К = 2 is placed between the plates to replace air? I think that the capacitance
  92. science URGENT so need help

    PLS HELP ASAP True or False 1. If a 40 kg person is accelerating at 10 m/s2, then the magnitude of the force acting on him or her is 400 N. (1 point) true false Multiple Choice 2. How much force is needed to make a 60 kg object accelerate at a rate of 2.0
  93. Business English - WRiting to build goodwill

    Can someone double check my answers? 1. Which way of askin for action carries the highest level of politeness? A. a polite order B. an indirect request c. a question d. an order answer is: c. a question 2. Which of the following statements most effectively
  94. Astronomy

    Which of the below statements about the CMB are true? (i) The “hot” and “cold” spots are areas where photons have slightly more or less energy than average. (ii) It shows that the Universe was accelerating at the time the CMB formed, thus measuring
  95. College physics-oscillations

    A ball is attached by two spring as shown [vvvOvvv]. If the mass is displaced a distance â–³x BELOW the equilibrium position h (see figure A). Determine whether vertical SHM is possible for the system shown.If so, find the natural frequency. [Assume
  96. Spermatogenesis

    Which of the following is true of spermatogenesis? Sperm production occurs several degrees above body temperature. The sperm cell consists of an acrosomal unit, which carries enzymes to penetrate the egg cell, a haploid nucleus, a coiled mitochondrion, and
  97. Government

    Compared with college students in the 1960s, college students today are A.more liberal on most issues B.more conservative on most issues C.more liberal on some issues, more conservative on others D.about as liberal on most issues E. much more liberal on
  98. algebra 1

    Solve the following problem: Kate bought a car for $20,000. A study shows that a car will depreciate (go DOWN in value) by 15% each year. How much is Kate's car worth after 5 years? a) Formula used: ___________________________________ b) Substitute values:
  99. Biology

    Which of the following are the final by-products of glucose oxidation during aerobic cell respiration? A. ATP only B. heat only C. carbon dioxide only D. both ATP and heat only E. ATP, heat, and carbon dioxide I know that the following equation is true of
  100. Math: Vectors

    What conditions must be satisfied by the vectors "u" and "v" for the following to be true? a) |u + v| = |u - v| vector "u" is perpendicular to vector "v" b) |u + v| > |u - v| 0° ≤ θ ≤ 90° c) |u + v| < |u - v| 90° < θ