1. algebra

    What is the difference between y=sqrtx +3 and y=2sqrtx +3 (I put spaces between x and the + to show that only the x is a squareroot) And what is the difference between y=2sqrtx +3 and y=sqrt2x+3 When I mean the difference, I mean how they would look
  2. physics

    even if drag force i.e air resistance is greater in magnitude as compared to other force ,there will be no motion in the direction of drag force, right?motion will be still in direction of that 'other force 'but as it is less than drag force there will be
  3. english

    is there a mention of sea monsters in the Bible as in the context of this paragraph: it says "monsters of the deep" toward the end of the paragraph it is from frederick douglass' narrative I have been frequently asked how I felt when I found myself in a
  4. PHysics

    Consider a space habitat that consists of a rotating cylinder. If the variation in g between one's head and feet is to be less than 1/105 g, then compared to one's height, h, what should be the minimum radius of the space habitat? (in terms of h) The
  5. chemistry (go-over)

    is this always true that the compound NH3 contains two double covalent bonds? and that the chemical formulas of molecular compounds show the number and type of atoms in each molecule. No. NH3 has no double bonds. It contains three covalent bonds, one
  6. Grammar and Composition

    ok, now that i have my pet peeve, i have to fill out this sheet. (please read my earlier post for more info on the assignment) Pet Peeve--Organizational Sheet Audience: Who will be your audience? You must indicate an audience that your delivery is geared
  7. math

    Thank goodness for this site! Two questions: first: in the 1990 U.S. census, the final count was 248,709,873 people. The general population is estimated to have been undercounted by 1.8%, that is, only 98.2% of the people were counted. If this were the
  8. physics. Can you check my answer?

    Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 2.41 x 10-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As
  9. Economics

    What is the primary difference between normative and positive economics? A. Positive economics makes value judgments inappropriate to scientific research. B. Normative economics is more firmly rooted in scientific tradition. C. Governments use normative
  10. Math stocks

    please explian thanks :) when talking about stocks the word proceeds refers to the amount of money that the borrower receives at the time a discounted note is made. (thats what I think anyways) but the trouble is I need to pick from these choices... 1. the
  11. american government

    Which of the following is NOT true in U.S. elections? a. A third party candidate can cause the candidates in a dominating party to lose votes. b. Third parties give those voters who do not support the political views of either dominating party a chance to
  12. Congruence-creating a triangle

    Three segments are given. I need to draw one segment with the same length as any one of the given segments. Then take the measure of another given segment with my compass and draw a cirlce of that radius from the endpoint of my first segment. The question
  13. physic

    a pipe is 40% blocked the water is coming into the region is moving at 8.5cm/s just before the blocked segment of pipe. What is the speed of the water as it goes through the partially blocked segment? By how many pascals does the pressure in the blocked
  14. Science please help!

    A lamp connected to a battery lights up. If a second, identical lamp is connected to the battery in parallel, the current drawn from the battery will _____ , and compared to the original brightness of the first lamp, both lamps will be _____ . will the
  15. English

    Check my answers please?? Match the litter of the author with his or her description. Not all letters will be used. A. William Bradford B. Captain John Smith C. Anne Bradstreet D. Okaudah Equiano E. Thomas Paine F. Thomas Jeffereson 1. I wrote an account
  16. Math

    1. In this scenario, identify the population, the sample, and any population parameters or sample statistics that are given. A medical study followed 675 cancer patients who received either the new drug Lafent or a standard chemotherapy drug. 76% of those
  17. check english answers please??

    Match the definition with the appropriate word. A. an appeal to logic B.the emotion that a speaker demonstrates towards his or her subject C.an appeal to the credibility of the speaker D.an appeal to the emotion E.devices in a speech that seek to convince
  18. Statistics

    A study shows that the probability of a baby being born with gene x is 0.6. The probability of a baby being born with gene y is 0.7. (a)What is the probability of being born with both genes assuming that the probabilities are independent? (b)In fact; 90%
  19. Physics

    You know that you can safely stand on the hang-over end of a heavy plank that rests on a table. How far depends on your mass and the mass of the plank. Suppose you can stand on the end of a plank that overhangs the edge of the supporting table 1/5 its
  20. english confused

    ive read this story over five times and still don't really get the meaning of bia's dream help plzz RED MESA, Arizona (Achieve3000, July 21, 2007). Although she grew up as a Diné, the term Navajo members use to describe their nation, young Andrethia Bia
  21. College physics-oscillations

    A ball is attached by two spring as shown [vvvOvvv]. If the mass is displaced a distance â–³x BELOW the equilibrium position h (see figure A). Determine whether vertical SHM is possible for the system shown.If so, find the natural frequency. [Assume
  22. math libral arts

    1. In this scenario, identify the population, the sample, and any population parameters or sample statistics that are given. A medical study followed 675 cancer patients who received either the new drug Lafent or a standard chemotherapy drug. 76% of those
  23. Algebra

    1.Is the equation true false or open ? 9p+8=10p+7 A. Open; there is a variable B. True; the expression are the same for all values of the vaiables. False; the expression are never the same 2.Which is the solution of the equation 5-4x=-3? A.0 B.2 C.-3 D.1/4
  24. English

    Paragraph One: the Resume Statement I need to write a one paragraph resume statement. This paragraph will go at the top of my resume, and convince the human resource officer to take my application seriously. It must be persuasive. Paragraph Two: The
  25. Biology-genetics

    tribbles were fictional animals featured in a certain , now ancient ,science fiction television series. Lets say that tribbles have an X-Y sex determination mechanosm like that of humans. the trait bald (Xb) is X-linked and recessive to furry (Xb+), and
  26. Math

    5. The following random sample was selected : 4, 6, 3, 5, 9, 3. Find the 95% confidence interval for the mean of the population. 6. In a sample of 35 high school seniors, 14 of them are attending college in the fall. Find the 95% confidence interval for
  27. Statistics

    A paper manufacturer claims that fewer than 1 in 100 of its reels (2 ton rolls) of paper is flawed. A customer has just received a large shipment of these reels and proceeds to check a random sample of 600 of them for flaws. Of this sample, 14 reels are
  28. Maths - Polar Coordinate Systems

    I've received an assignment to investigate the polar coordinate system compared to the cartesian one. Theres a question that asks you to investigate into how to convert polar coordinates into cartesian. From my text book, I know in Polar coordinates, that
  29. math

    You are paid $8.55/hr at your part-time job. You work 10 hours per week. You are considering working a part-time job for $6.25/hr, and it pays tips. You will earn an average of $3.00/hr in tips. If you work the same 10 hours at the new job, how much more
  30. Math

    All Even Numbers Are To The Right Of Zero On A Numberline. True Or False
  31. Chemistry

    Which statement is always true if ΔU sys is always negative? a) q = w b) +q>–w c) -w> +q d) +w>-q
  32. science

    True or false: Everything that moves has velocity?
  33. algebra

    Write a true sentence using either < or> -7.82 -7.802
  34. science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy
  35. reding

    isit true that frankiln diein1896
  36. Math

    The Additive Inverse Of 7 Is -7. True Or False
  37. Math

    Which exponet makes the statement true? 1/5^9=5^? A. 9 B. -9 C. 1/9 D. -1/9 B?
  38. Math

    1 fourths of 32 = 1 over 2 of 16? True or false? and explain.
  39. English

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is not true?
  40. MATHS

    lim(sqrt(x^4-x^2))=0 True or false?
  41. Algebra

    Is the equation true, false or open 4y+8=6y+3
  42. Algebra

    x + 3y = 3 true or false? (9, -2) is a solution for this function
  43. math

    which of the following is true about the metal boxes pictured below
  44. Medical

    True or False There's no cure for ALS
  45. 10th grade algebra not ms.sue

    is the following always sometimes or never true? x+1=x+0
  46. Pre-Calculus

    For what values of x is it true that |sin(x)-x| < 0.01?
  47. apples

    Is the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" true?
  48. Math

    Where does the parenthesis go to make the equation true 5+4*3-1=18
  49. Science

    You may have heard "Nothing is Free" explain why this is true
  50. Science

    Can a hypotheses be accepted as true after one test?
  51. Math

    8 more than the product of 2 and 3 does not represent the statement ( 8 + 2) x 3 is that true
  52. math

    Which one of the following statements expresses a true proportion? A.2:3 = 3:2 B.14:6 = 28:18 C.3:5 = 12:20 D.42:7 = 6:2
  53. math

    which value of g makes the number sentence true
  54. Calculus

    True or False If f is continuous at x = c, then f is differentiable at x = c.
  55. algbra

    According to some students, what is the true purpose of homework
  56. ACT Math

    For any real numbers x, y, and z, if z=x+|y| which of the following must always be true?
  57. math

    what inequality is true if x=3.04/1.48, y=1.99+0.33, and z=(1.3) to the 3rd power
  58. science

    Is it true that Synapse and Ranvier nod are same?
  59. calculus

    What conditions must be satisfied by vectors u and v for this to be true? |u + v| >|u - v|
  60. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  61. math

    least two things that are true about prime numbers
  62. chemistry

    An equilibrium is dynamic. true or false
  63. English 11

    Which of the following statements about common sense is not true
  64. math

    if x and y are real numbers such that 0<x<y^2, then which of the following inequalities must be true? A. x<y B. y>0 C. 3x>y^3 D. x<1 E. x>3y^2
  65. com 200

    All of the following are true of what typically occurs when first meeting someone EXCEPT:
  66. Math

    Put < or > to make a true statement 1.-2 0 < 2.3 -3 > 3.-9 8 < 4.-8 -3 < 5.11 3 > 6.-2 10 <
  67. math

    name at least two things that are true about prime numbers.
  68. Math

    Write < or > to make a true sentence 1.18 23 < 2.-9 -1 < 3.-3 -5 > 4.8 -2 > 5.6 -3 > 6.0 8 < 7.6 -7 > 8.-23 -16 <
  69. Math

    Are the following expressions equivalent, true or false: 3x+4 and x+x+x+4
  70. Calculus

    If y= pie^2 then dy/dx = 2pie true or false ?
  71. algebra

    which of the following is true about the polynomial f(x) = x3 + 9x2 + 24x + 16 ? a. -1 is a zero b. 1 is a zero c. -2 is a zero d. 2i is a zero
  72. algebra

    write a true sentence using either < or> -7.82 -7.802
  73. maths

    what number makes statement true: 30=0.3
  74. math

    For what value of x is the following true? log(x+4)=logx+log4
  75. Math

    I say this expression is true: if x and y are both integers, then xy= |x| |y|. Is this correct?
  76. Math

    I say that this expression is true: if x is positive and y = -x then x + y =0. Am I correct?
  77. Science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy?
  78. math

    Which of the following statements is always true of similar polygons
  79. humanity

    Which of the following statements regarding postmodern art is true?
  80. Math

    true or false- the product of two fractions that are each between 0 and 1 is also between 0 and 1
  81. Math

    True or false. If n is a natural number and 4 | n, then 8 | n.
  82. math 0511

    Suppose G={x E N : x> 1} and H ={-3;-2; -1; 0; 1; 2} which statement is true? G=[1;
  83. calc

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. d dx |x2 + x| = |2x + 1|
  84. Math

    What value of x makes this equation true: 3x + 2 + (-1) equals x + 6 + -1 ???
  85. science

    Which of the following is true about the electric charges on the objects below?
  86. Geometry-help please :(

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true. A = {l, a, t, e, r}, B = {l, a, t, e}, C = {t, a, l, e}, D = {e, a, t}
  87. calculus

    If f(1) > 0 and f(3) < 0, then there exists a number c between 1 and 3 such that f(c) = 0. Is this true or false? Please and thank you
  88. geography

    which of the following statements about earths atmoshere is true
  89. Guidance and Discipline

    Which one of the following statements about lying is true.
  90. science

    what is true about red blood cells

    All of the following statements about the Declaration of Independence are TRUE except:
  92. Math

    Given the following set, select the statement below that is true. V = {a, e, i, o, u}
  93. science

    true or false,all mixtures are also solutions.
  94. chemistry

    When the following reaction is at equilibrium, which of these relationships is always true? 2 O3(g) 3 O2(g) A. [O3]2 = [O2]3 B. Kc[O2]2 = [O3]3 C. [O3] = [O2] D. Kc[O3]2 = [O2]3 E. Kc[O2]3 = [O3]2
  95. Math

    Given the following set, select the statement below that is true. V = {a, e, i, o, u}
  96. Math

    Given the following sets, select the statement below that is true. A = {l, a, t, e, r}, B = {l, a, t, e}, C = {t, a, l, e}, D = {e, a, t}
  97. Algebra

    Is the equation open, true, or false? 5x+2=6x+11
  98. english

    Which of the following statements about Anne Bradstreet is NOT true?
  99. adult education

    Which of the following statements about competition is true
  100. history

    Which of the following is true about the Puget Sound Lowlands?