1. MAth (make equation true)

    PLease help 5 + 4 x 3 - 1 = 18 use grouping symbols to make each equation true.
  2. Math

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. If the statement is true of false explain why. Can you please help?
  3. To: Economyst

    Hi there. You helped me with a couple of questions regarding Econ. I appreciate the help but my issue is I don't understand how you calculate the minimum average variable cost or the output that maximizes profit. I do understand that the price is more than
  4. English 2

    Hey everyone! (: It's been a while. I just started my new sophomore year course. I need help with this-- 'When you finish with the first collection you will write a persuasive essay that includes a personal narrative in your journal. This essay is intended
  5. eth

    how do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? is there any websites that might help me with this question? As I was starting to answer your question, I had a conversation with BobPursley. He has summed this answer
  6. college

    a researcher reports an F-ratio with df=3,36 from an idependent-measure research study. a-how many treatment condition were compared in the study? b-what was the total number of participant in the study
  7. Sign Language

    A comparative adjective is used to show comparison between two or more nouns or pronouns. True*** False To make the comparative form of an adjective in ASL, you add the -ER sign to the beginning of the work. True False***
  8. chemistry

    the Ka for acetic acid, HC2H3O2, is 1.8x10-5 at 25 deg. Celsius. In a .10 M solution of potassium acetate, which of the following are true? I. [HC2H3O2] = [OH-] II. [H+] = [OH-] III. [C2H3O2-] < .10 M a. I only b. II only c. III only d. I and II e. I,
  9. history

    (south Carolina) 1. a two-thirds vote of both houses will pass a bill over the governor's veto. True** false 2. if the house make changes, the bill goes back to the original house for a vote. true false**
  10. Math - Discrete math

    1). Let G be the statement: " for all real numbers a and b, if a -|_a_| < 1/2 and b - |_b_| < 1/2 then |_a + b_| = |_a_| + |_b_|" (the symbol is for the FLOOR of a and b) A. is G true? prove it b. state wether the CONVERSE, CONTRAPOSITIVE AND
  11. Algebra

    Could you please check my answers and help with the ones I can't figure out- 1. Solution to the radical function sqrt(12x+1) = 1 is x = 0 True or False I think it is true according to my calculations 2.Solve x = sqrt(8x) 8x = x^2 x^2 - 8x = 0 x(x-8) = 0 x
  12. statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example,
  13. math

    Using the formula, compute the true annual interest rate. Loan amount = $9,500 Monthly payments = $227.50 Time of loan contract = 5 years True annual interest rate (to the nearest tenth) = _____.
  14. math

    18. Exponential growth follows the formula y= a(1+r)^x and exponential decay follows the formula y= a (1-r)^x. False? 23. In controlled experiments, the researcher is able to find a casual relationship between the variables- True 27. The explanatory and
  15. Spanish

    4. ¿Qué pasa? ¿No me oyes? A) si, te oigo. B) si, les oigo. C) no, no se oigo. D) no, no me oigo. 7. Le compro un regalo para mi hermana. A) se la compro esta tarde. B) me lo compro esta tarde C) te las compro esta tarde. D) se lo compro esta tarde. 9.
  16. Q&A Check Please, science 7th grade

    An impulse is sent from the motor neuron to a(n) _____. sensory neuron? In the part of the inner ear called the cochlea, receptors convert sound vibrations into nerve impulses. true? Involuntary actions are controlled by the ____. spinal cord? The
  17. Social studies

    Which of the following is a likely industry in Samoa compared to Australia. Growing copra and subsistence farming. (MY ANSWER) Building hotels and resorts along the coast. Using steel and electricity to make cars. Researching and developing
  18. Computer science

    I'm completely lost, need help to find which two are true: A A standard ID-1 payment card has a CVV1 code printed on it to assist with ‘card-not-present’ transactions. B A four-digit decimal PIN (commonly used for payment cards) can provide a wider
  19. math help please

    Posted by keri on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 1:08am. Janise is a sole proprietor owning a small specialty store. the business records show that the cost of the stores individual inventory items have been steadily increasing. the cost of the end of the
  20. English

    Name one advantages & one limitaion of the short poem in conveying meaning to the reader (compared to say, a longer poem e.g. a sonnet). http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1174475137 Already answered! =)
  21. Chemistry

    1. What are the products to the reaction below: NH3+CH3CH2CH2Br-->? 2. Why does oxaloacetic acid has a higher Ka compared to succinic acid? 3. Which hydrogen atoms will malic lose if it ionizes completely? No ideas on any of these questions. Please
  22. Cell Biology

    1. Which molecule is the major contributor to the increase in mass observed in a full grown plant (i.e. tree) compared to a plant seed? I'm thinking it could be either of these three: D-glucose, C02, or H20.. help?
  23. COM 220

    I am doing a persuasive essay on the war against drugs and my thoughts towards doing drugs are against it. I need help with creating a thesis for my essay here is what I came uo with can someone help me please. 1. Drugs in reality may seem cool, but drugs
  24. Social Studies

    Officials whose jobs are not provided for in the constitution but are required by law are known as____ a constitutional officers b secretaries of state c deputies-**** d statutory officers True or False: The state Supreme Court is an appellate court a true
  25. law please check my answer

    please check my answer thanks :) Dr Bob thinks Sue a minor needs an operation . Sue's parents give their consent to the oeration this is an example of an informed consent True or False I said True
  26. Chemistry

    A solution of a weak acid will consist of the acid and its conjugate base. True or False false Yes, of course: Take acetic acid acetic acid + H2O<-->H3O+ + acetateion- The system is in equilibrium. true
  27. Math

    Is the equation true, false, or open? 4y+8=6y+3 a. True; the expressions are the same for all values of the variables. b. False; the expressions are never the same. c. Open; there is a variable.
  28. C++

    Homework is over pointers 1. (3 points) True or false? If (x == y) then (&x == &y). T F Explain your choice: I think its true but I don't really understand why If (x == y) then (*x == *y). T F Explain your choice: False but not sure why
  29. math

    Indicate whether the following statement is true or false. If a figure can be translated, then it will tessellate. a)True, all translations are tessellations. b)False, not all translations are tessellations.
  30. Math

    Is the equation true, false, or open? 5x+2=6x+11 a. Open; there is a variable b. True; the expressions are the same for all values of the variables c. False; the expressions are never the same
  31. Math

    1. The quadratic equation -3x^2 – x = 10 has two real solutions. (true or False) Justify your answer. 2. If (2x – 3) (x + 5) = 8, then either 2x – 3 = 8 or x + 5 = 8. (True or False) Justify your answer.
  32. math

    If A, then B is equivalent to If not B, then not A Not (A and B) is equivalent to not A OR not B Not (A or B) is equivalent to not A AND not B Can you give an equivalent statement to 1. If an Iowa farmer does not grow corn or beans, then he grows alfalfa.
  33. Calculus

    State whether the following are true or false. The square roots of 36 are + and - 6. I wrote down false for this cause I thought it was only + 6, but the real answer is true, and I want to know that how can it be negative? Also for this: Convert the
  34. Anatomy

    Which of the following cells lacks mitochondria? a. neutrophil b. platelets c. basophils d. erythrocytes I just need some assistance and assurance that my answer is reasonable. I'm thinking that the answer is d. erythrocyte because it is not a true cell. I
  35. writing

    1. Identify the thesis statement in the article “Essay: The Communication Collapse.” State specifically where the author placed his thesis statement. 2. Identify the arguments the author made to support his position. 3. Which argument was the most
  36. health help me

    1. Starches and sugars that provide energy (1 point)kidneys enzymes carbohydrates vitamins 2. The system that removes waste from the body and controls the body's water levels (1 point)excretory digestive system liver kidneys 3. Organs that remove waste
  37. Project Management

    A Gantt Chart is good for planning but not an effective tool for control. Can you please let me know if it is true or false and why? The answer is "true". See "Advantages and limitations" at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantt_chart It tends to give too
  38. physics

    The planet mars has a mass of 6042e23 kg and a radius of 3038e6 m. how much would a 60 kg person weigh on Mars compared to their weight on Earth? How heavy he would feel he weighed in kg on Mars?
  39. math

    Emily,Zeke,Harry,& Brook each conducted surveys on the number of books people have in their homes. Then they answered the question below. "MUST ALL MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY APPEAR AS A NUMBER IN A SET OF DATA COLLECTED? A. Emily says this is always
  40. Grammar-Capitalization

    True or False 1. A direct quote never begins with a capital letter. Answer: False 2. You should capitalize proper names only if they are part of a quotation. Answer: False 3. Familiar titles, such as uncle, are capitalized when used with a proper name.
  41. Chemistry

    1)The conduction band is at a higher energy than the valence band. True or false? 2)No electronic states lie between the conduction and valence bands in n-type silicon. True or false?
  42. Algebra

    If a researcher wanted to know the mean weight (the mean is the sum of all the measurements divided by the number of measurements) of women in the U.S., the weight of every woman would have to be measured and then the mean weight calculated, an impossible
  43. english

    Has anyone read Kate Chopin is so could you check my answers? 1. When Mrs. Sommers leaves to go shopping, she forgets to take money. her daughter Mag’s size. her preferred store. to eat lunch.***** 2. The resolution of a story should build to the climax
  44. history

    Hamilton / Jefferson Readings Quiz 1. Alexander Hamilton thought that having a virtuous citizenry was a necessity in a Repulic. A) True B) False 2. Who said "The goodness of a government consists in a vigorous execution?" A) Thomas Jefferson B) Alexander
  45. algebra 1

    4. Given the irrational number .14147…. choose an inequality which approximates to the 4th decimal place. a) .14 < x <.15 b) .141 < x < .142 c) .1413 < x < .1414 d) .1414 < x <.1415 B? 6. Choose an inequality to match this
  46. Writing Essay 5th grade

    Hello, I got an assignment writing persuasive essay why we should save water? Could plz check my essay and guide me if I need to change anything. Thank You for your help. Why we should save water. (Persuasive Essay) Have you wondered why we should save
  47. Science

    Which of the following units are in order from smallest to largest? a) Epoch, period, era. b) Era, epoch, period. c) Period, era, epoch. d) Epoch, era, period. True or False? Folding, as well as motion along faults, can change the position of rock layers
  48. English

    Oh I am sorry the point of this letter is to show that you can write persuasive letter Mark Jones is the Head of Disablity benefits in your localDisablity office. You have a court hearring date in three months to determine if you are entilted to get any
  49. Math

    Suppose that a wind is blowing in the direction S45°E at a speed of 50 km/h. A pilot is steering a plane in the direction N60°E at an airspeed (speed in still air) of 150 km/h. The true course, or track, of the plane is the direction of the resultant of
  50. EssayCHECK

    Online Vs Traditional Dating Innovations and technology has brought about many changes in day to day human life. More recently, and with the advent of the internet, communication amongst people from all over the world has drastically increased to levels
  51. Mental Health Diagnosis and assessment

    Greetings, I am having doubts about the following answers I selected. Can anyone help me? Certain behaviors, such as gambling, are often described as compulsive. Such behaviors differ from the compulsions associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  52. pol 201

    Should the Supreme Court's power of judicial review be strictly limited by a constitutional amendment? In answering either question, clearly state your position (thesis) at the beginning of your post. Define important terms and explain your position fully.
  53. physics

    1.What if Newton’s Third Law did not exist?. In your response to this inquiry, think of some of the consequences if Newton’s Third Law were not true. Describe in detail at least two consequences that would result if the Third Law were not true.
  54. MATH

    1. WHICH SYMBOL WILL MAKE THE NUMBER SENTENCE -|16| ? 16 TRUE? A. = **** B. < C. > 2.WHICH SET OF NUMBER IS FROM LEAST TO GREATEST A. 7,|-4|,-7,0,-|3|,3 B. -|3|,-7,0,3,7,|-4| C. -7,-|3|,0,3,|-4|,7 D. 7,|-4|,3,0,-|3|,-7 3. WHICH SYMBOL WILL MAKE |-6|
  55. MATH

    1. WHICH SYMBOL WILL MAKE THE NUMBER SENTENCE -|16| ? 16 TRUE? A. = **** B. < C. > 2.WHICH SET OF NUMBER IS FROM LEAST TO GREATEST A. 7,|-4|,-7,0,-|3|,3 B. -|3|,-7,0,3,7,|-4| C. -7,-|3|,0,3,|-4|,7 D. 7,|-4|,3,0,-|3|,-7 3. WHICH SYMBOL WILL MAKE |-6|
  56. CALCULUS. Check my answers, please! :)

    The domain of f(x)=(1)/(sqrt(x^2-6x-7)) is (1, 7) [-1, 7] x > -1 or x < 7 ***{x < -1}U{x > 7} (-∞, -1]U[7, ∞) 2. In which of the following is y a function of x? I. y^2=9-x^2 II. |y|=x III. y=(sqrt(x^2))^3 I only II only III only
  57. Social Studies

    2. Compared to southern Mexico, Northern Mexico .Has a drier climate with less ----yearly rainfall .has fewer temperature changes during the year . suffer from more hurricanes during summer and fall .Has higher population
  58. Health

    1.The second stage of birth is a)labor b)postpartum period c)delivery of baby d) delivery of afterbirth 2.True or False: It is safe for a pregnant women to use over-the-counter medications without consulting a doctor a)true b)false 3.For parental care,it
  59. U.S History

    1) Air pollutants can do all of the following EXPECT: A) damage the respiratory system B) enter the bloodstream and harm other parts of the body*** C) cause discoloration to your hair D) reduce your protection from the sun's radiation 2) Biodegradable
  60. Statistics

    An analysis of variance was used to evaluate the mean differences from a repeated-measures research study. The results were reported as F(3,24)=6.40. a. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? b. How many individuals participated in the
  61. history

    a two-third vote of both houses will pass a bill over the governor's veto true false ** if the house make changes the bill goes back to the original house for a vote true ** false
  62. History

    True or False: English common law is based on the orders of the king. False?? Which of the following statements about the American Revolution is true? It inspired the people of France and people of other nations to start their own democratic revolutions.
  63. science

    i need to answer these statements true or false:- ive answered some but stuck on others. 1)only animals respire - false 2)respiration uses oxygen 3)respiration uses up carbon dioxide 4)only green plants photosynthesise-true 5)all living things respire-
  64. Math- Help!!

    A local tennis pro-shop strings tennis rackets at the tension (pounds per square inch) requested by the customer. Recently a customer made a claim that the pro-shop consistently strings rackets at lower tensions, on average, than requested. To support this
  65. 8th grade physical science

    what is the charge on carbonate ion? Compared to the number of protons, how many electrons does the carbonate ion have?
  66. music

    How did the media's representation of commercial music change during the years 1971-1989 compared to the 1960's? What caused this change?
  67. Energy question

    How would a $10.00 compact fluorescent light bulb (15 W) be an overall money saver compared to an incandescent light bulb (60 W) that costs $0.50?
  68. economics

    if the CPI for the year 2004 is calculated as 96.5. compared to the base year what can we say about the general price of goods and services at 2004
  69. Physics Energy

    How would a $10.00 compact fluorescent light bulb (15 W) be an overall money saver compared to an incandescent light bulb (60 W) that costs $0.50?
  70. philosophy

    Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison Paper Write a 700- to-1,050-word persuasive paper discussing how one Eastern philosopher and one Western philosopher make the most compelling cases for his or her ideas. I keep reading and reading but I am lost,
  71. Business Communications

    Which alternative indicates the message(s), if any, which can spend considerable time discussing negative aspects of a situation? A. Direct requests B. Persuasive problem-solving messages C. Sales messages D. Clearance messages This one gave me a bit more
  72. Spanish

    4. ¿Qué pasa? ¿No me oyes? A) si, te oigo. B) si, les oigo. C) no, no se oigo. D) no, no me oigo. 7. Le compro un regalo para mi hermana. A) se la compro esta tarde. B) me lo compro esta tarde C) te las compro esta tarde. D) se lo compro esta tarde. 9.
  73. social studies

    How is the tone of the newspaper article different from the tone of the letter Hi there, Does this question refer to a specific newspaper article and letter? If so we would need to see the two examples to note the difference in tone. The purpose of a news
  74. Financial Mgt

    How is estimates, benchmarking, and variance analysis used in financial management for health care mgrs? how is it compared in finical management?
  75. Earth Science

    Compared with dull and rough rock surfaces, shiny and smooth rock surfaces are more likely to cause sunlight to be… my answer is reflected. Am i right?
  76. statistics

    some 24% of the men compared to 62% of the women responded yes suppose that 150 women and 200 men were interviewed construct a 95% confidence interval
  77. physics

    a ball is thrown vertically into the air because of air resistance its speed when it returns to its staring level compared to it initial speed is what?
  78. short and long term memory.

    how can they be compared so far i have they both can be stored stm can contain info from ltm to work on and stm enters ltm.. what else could I possibly say?

    What is the change in kinetic energy of a baseball thrown at 90 mph compared to one thrown at 45 mph? it is four times as much right?
  80. physics

    A null type of instrument as compared to a deflection type instrument has a higher accuracy or a lover sensitivity
  81. physics

    A ball is thrown upwards and returns to the same position. Compared with its original speed after release, its speed when it returns is about
  82. Dynamic Earth

    In Egypt, the Great Pyramids of Giza face slightly east of true north. Explain why the pyramids might not line up with true north as builders likely intended. Assume that the builders 4500 years ago could determine directions accurately. I tried searching
  83. language arts/earth science

    hey people.. I'm preparing a speech for my language arts and earth science class (the speech is persuasive, about "why should we use geothermal energy"). so I was looking for some methods how to start my speech (introduction), how to end it, body language
  84. memo or letter

    informative message that tells one of your colleagues at work or one of your friends how to enroll at school. which woul dbe the best way to send it I am thinking a memo am I wrong yep I think that is correct! yep I think that is correct! What is wrong
  85. intro to economics

    Please check my answers and I need help on some of the problems. I'm in a intro to economics course at a university. My professor did not provide a book for this course citing that she rarely had her students use it. So all I have are notes. I would like
  86. lit- the crucible

    I'm writing an essay on Abigail and how she is very persuasive by using fear as a tool of revenge. “Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you.” “ No, I
  87. chemistry

    liquids such as ethanol have a greater vapour pressure than water for any given temperature. comment on the strength of the intermolecular forces in ethanol compared to water.
  88. English

    Is this a simile? Just this void. The days raw and wide as this drought-blue sky. Just this nothingness. That's what hurts. Is it a simile because the day is being compared to the sky?
  89. AP english/comp

    in obama's speech at the democratic convention when he compared himself to other democrates like kennedy and rosevelt was he using ethos? or can you help me find examples or ethos in his speech?
  90. reading

    the story name is the fosbury flop by rich wallace basedon the passage readers can conclude that compared to other styles of jumping ,the fosbury flop?
  91. ww2 history

    How many Japanese fought at Pearl Harbor? I just need an approximation, I know that 55 were killed, which was lower numbers compared to the United States....I can't find the numbers for this anywhere because it isn't well documented except the causalities.
  92. literary

    Hi, I don't seem to understand Stephen King's "Why we crave horror movies" Give three examples of figurative language (in this case, a metapor) King uses. For each, explain what two things are being compared and state why you think this is an effective
  93. history

    from the movie THE PEOPLE SPEAK. -How is that document compared with the Constitution in thE film? -What are some of the ways slaves resisted their status as “property”? What were some of the risks of their actions? -What were some of the ways Native
  94. math

    Which three options are true about motion in a straight line. A. A particle which moves at an increasing velocity has a constant acceleration. B. If two particles always have the same velocity as each other, their separation does not change. C. A particle
  95. Health

    Research with animals suggests that compared with adults, adolescents are ________ to the negative effects of alcohol intoxication—such as sedation, hangover, and loss of coordination. A. More sensitive B. Less sensitive C. Not at all sensitive D. None
  96. english

    Which of the following statemnts BEST describes Saadi's message in "Relative"? a. A thing's value often changes when compared to something else b. Things are not always what they seem c. Things created by humans do not compare to things found in nature d.
  97. Statistic

    What must be true in order for P(A OR B)=P(A) +P(B)? a and b cannot be disjoint a and b must be independent a and b cannot be independent a and b must be disjoint it is always true 2. What must be true for P(A and B)=p(A) * P(B) a and b cannot be
  98. English - ms. sue

    for glass castle memoir i finally get assignment ms. sue i write persuasive essay, b/w deduction and induction i think deduction be easy cause i only hve to support my main points. i need to do it on dad. i not know what topic to do it on, and how to
  99. Science

    as u line up ur thumb with an object in the distance and see ur thumb "jump" compared with the object, what did u do and what baseline did u use? Can someone please explain this to me more clearly, thanks

    What do we assume about the volume of the actual molecules themselves in a sample of gas, compared to the bulk volume of the gas overall? Why?