1. ELA

    What would be a wise qoute about sleepovers???
  2. Qoutes

    What can be a qoute for scary sleepovers?
  3. poetry

    hello umm i have a question? theres this qoute "i have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict juctice" -abraham lincoln do u know what else this qoute could mean?
  4. Chemistry

    Choose the bond that is the weakest: A) Na-Cl B) I-I C) C=N D) Li-F E) C=O I don't understand the question... do they mean polarity wise, IMF wise or bond length wise. I know the answer is C but why C.
  5. reading qoute

    what does this qoute mean "It is not enough to be good if you have the ability to be better. It is not enough to be very good if you have the ability to be great." PLEASE HELP!
  6. qoute

    "The best way out is always through" Robert Frost
  7. English 4

    Which words best describe the character of the bridegroom in “Woo'd and Married and A'”? A. clever and wise B. foolish and poor C. wealthy and wise D. irresponsible and clever A?
  8. reading

    what those this qoute mean "The young think they know everything and are confident in their assertions." -Aristotle
  9. math

    Suppose that 25% of all wise people are nice and half of all the nice people are wise. Suppose further that 25% of all the people are neither wise nor nice. What percent of all the people are both wise and nice?
  10. reading

    what does this qoute mean: "Forgive your enemies but never forget their names." -John F.Kenedy
  11. WISE Program???

    What is the WISE program??? i saw this in my program studies book (my school district). it stands for wISE Individualized senior experience. It's a national elective program that allows hs students seniors anIndividualized experience during the second haft
  12. PCM

    Please tell me websites for online chapter wise test series for jee advanced 2015 preparation. (Chapter wise) if not then mock test papers
  13. computer science

    write RTL code for the following 1 bit transition and draw the corresponding logic circuit using D flip-flops: a) if a=1 then copy X to W; other wise copy X to Z b)if a =1 then copy Yto X; other wise copy Y' to X.
  14. English

    47. Two of the following proverbs have similar meanings. Which ones are they? 1. No one is wise all the time. 2. A word to the wise is sufficient. 3. The doors of wisdom are never shut. 4. 'Tis wisdom sometimes to seem a fool. 5. The greatest good is
  15. Psych220

    Wise Judgment Scenario Choose one of the following scenarios and discuss how each of the five components of wise judgments can be applied to the scenario you have chosen. Then, make a decision based on the five components. Explain the rationale behind your
  16. Psych

    I am writing a power point on 5 components of wise judgements. Below is my subject which I have to develop the 5 components of wise judgement. I am totally clueless, the material given in school does not specify those components. A teenage girl is “in
  17. psychology- please helllp

    I am writing a paper on 5 components of wise judgements. Below is my subject which I have to develop the 5 components of wise judgement. I am totally clueless, the material given in school does not specify those components. A teenage girl is “in love”
  18. English

    Which of the following provides the best example of parallelism? A. Their chief use is for delight B. To spend too much time in studies is sloth, using them for ornament is affection C. Crafty men despise studies; simple men admire them D. Histories make
  19. Math

    piece wise function{y=x^2-2, x=<1 and y=1.5x-2.5, x>1. find slope of tangent at x=1 of piece wise function. So is it 2, 1.5, or no tangent? I am confused by the 2 graphs(piecewise). Thanks
  20. MATH

    your high school diploma ffrom american academy landed you a job paying good money.you were wise and saved $150,000 to buy the compmany.the nuts are listed at .01 pernut.you say you are wise and you are buying 3 millionnuts.the owner give you a
  21. freshmen

    can you pls give me a qoute about freshmen year
  22. math

    Mrs. Healthy walked along a running track at 2400 m/h. She took 4 min more than Mrs Wise to walk the entire length of the track once. If the track is 800 m ling, Mrs Wise's average speed was ____ m/min.
  23. math

    I REALLY NEED HELP IN SOLVING THIS PROBLEM PLEASE HELP!your high school diploma from american academy landed you to a job paying good money.you were wise and saved $150,00to buy your own company.the nuts are .01 pernut.you say you are wise and you are
  24. please everyone post opinions. everyone is welcome

    is it wise to plan your life for next twenty years now? i'm asking opinions from people for my project so i will appreciate if you please participate. To start off, this is my answer: i think it is wise because have broad plans in goals in life will give
  25. English-Sci

    I'm writing a paper about book that purposely has no theme that I can read, " Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy." The problem I am having is that I am asked to write what theme is and find a qoute that explains it. I'm not exactly sure what to do, I've
  26. english (from language to litrature)

    give examples of of litrary and non-lirary prose by citing examples from any source of your choise in 350 words (you may qoute the source
  27. Quadratic Equations

    Can anybody tell me step wise step how to solve this quadratic equation? x^3-3x^2+4=0 Please tell me step wise step as i haven't solved such type of equations before. Thank You
  28. macbeth

    In macbeth is the person that sees a ghost is it macbeth and also for this qoute The prince of cumberland that is a step on which I must fall down or else oerleap that's macbeths quote right. Thanks These are odd questions: have you read the play? I
  29. research paper

    How do you do the little number cite next to a qoute in a research paper in microsoft word?
  30. english

    embed a portion of the following qoute by writing your own introductory phrase and properly citing your source at the end of the sentence. "If you are considering a career in law, English is actually one of the best majors to consider as an undergraduate.
  31. Writing:Quotes, Journal

    Please may you check my answers for a quote that says---> Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.<--- My answer to that quote is this ---> This quote indicates that people with knowledge will give aedvices to people, and people that listens to the
  32. Credit Cards - Situations

    Here, Im given some lists of situations, and for each situation, Ive got to figure out if using credit would be a wise or unwise decision. A. Aron sees a latest computer system which he really wants. Even though the price seems to be high, he’s too
  33. english

    1. It's sometimes difficult to balance family, friends, and to do school work, as well. family, and friends, and school work, as well. <--- family, friends, and school work. family, and also friends and school work, as well. No improvement or correction

    What does the qoute mean. Can a counter example or counter claim be made? "To enjoy good wealth , to bring true happiness to ones family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control ones own mind. If a person can control his mind he can
  35. English

    Hey there, can someone help me translate this part of the text from Oedipus the King written by Sophocles? I need to translate it so other people can understand it. II. 1 Of a truth dark thoughts, yea dark and fell, the augur wise doth arouse in me, Who
  36. math

    How do you subtract radicals? Example wise.
  37. Geography

    What is a geographical midpoint (defintion wise)?
  38. math

    How to make a quarter turn counterclock wise
  39. College Algebra

    Give a piece-wise function p(x) where p(2)=5 and p(-1)=3
  40. Math

    Solve the piece wise function when f(17) f(x) = f(x-3)+2 if x > 10 -5 if x <= 10 Would the answer be 1? Thanks
  41. science

    what characterizes most of the ocean world temperature wise?
  42. psychology

    Where can I find information on the five components of wise judgments . Please advise
  43. education

    Why is it wise to avoid a struggle with a child about conforming to a particular routine?
  44. Accounting

    Is it wise to manage a company's debts by consultants or by foreigners and why?
  45. english

    was marc wise to tell alice why his previous marriage failed?
  46. PSY 210

    Why is it that children raised in the same family can be so different personality wise?
  47. 5th grade

    what are the wordly wise words for lesson 16 story?
  48. Biology

    Describe the changes you'll see (evolution wise) if you were granted 1 million years of life.
  49. precalculus

    i want to know if leo is hispanic :) It is never wise for anyone to reveal personal information on the web.
  50. math

    Average of 4 dates marked in calender 4,5,6,10 how do u write method wise
  51. History

    In what ways did our wise forefathers look to the Iroquois League to make the U.S. constitution?
  52. Spelling

    Wordly wise 3000 book 7 lesson 7c vocab answers?
  53. Biology

    Describe the changes you'll see (evolution wise) if you were granted 1 million years of life.
  54. World History

    Who was the Isralite king known for his wise sayings, or proverbss? A. Sargon
  55. Algebra II

    Hi, can someone please explain how to graph piece wise functions to me? I am extremely confused. Ex.: -x+3, if x<2
  56. science

    How to cal. The range of π+arcsin(3x-4x^3).give the whole solution step wise
  57. early childhood education

    Why is it wise to avoid a struggle with a child about conforming to a particular routine?
  58. Science

    Someone help me urgently!! WTF does the Big Idea of Energy mean?!?!?! KS3 Wise!!! <33333
  59. Calc

    how do you graph a peace wise that has one of its parameters stating 2 if x=1 (just how would you sketch that specific part)
  60. Chemistry

    Balance the reaction step-wise: As2S3(s) + NO3^- + H^+(aq) to AsO4(aq) + S(s) + NO(g) + H2O(l)
  61. english

    What nursery rhyme character was a "wise galoshes wearing feline" answer has 12 letters.
  62. lit

    is this right? punctuation wise. Franklin Roosevelt said that December 7, 1941, was "A date which will live in infamy."
  63. english

    interesting vocabulary to describe someone is optimistic ,out going ,compassionate, relluctant, responsible, easygoing and wise . thanks!
  64. Can someone proofread before submission?

    Narcotics trade is one of many criminal activities that exist today, and therefore particular actions will have to be taken according to the intensity of the situation. The police officer investigating a large narcotics trafficking organization will gather
  65. World History

    Who was the Isralite king known for his wise sayings, or proverbss? A. Sargon B. Nebuchadnezzar C. Tutankhmen D. Solomen
  66. PCM

    From which website I can get offline test papers(chapter wise) for preparation of Jee advanced 2015.
  67. Chemistry

    Why does the white precipitation turns dark when adding Na2S2O3 drop wise to AgNO3 sollution
  68. history

    what was the impact of the social class and relics of feudalism on france (revolution-wise)? what did the church do during the french rev?
  69. Physics

    A vector has a magnitude of 3.50m and points in a direction that is 145 degree counter wise from the x-axis. find the x and y components
  70. accounting

    Do you really think a company would offer a free gift to understate sales? It may avoid paying tax, but it is then giving away inventory. Do you think that is wise?
  71. Buiness

    The Excel file contains a WBS for a proposal to implement a PMO. Convert the WBS into a project plan. WBS for PMO Quick Start-Up Effort and Schedule (Estimates and Actual) Tasks to be Performed Actual Hours Estimated Hours Actual (Week-wise) Plan
  72. French, for Mischa

    By now the "chart" for accent marks on the computer is at the end of your posting on page 2. If you have anything further to ask, it would be wise to use "Post a New Question" so it's not lost! Mme
  73. English

    1. What did Mike need at the store? He needed some things. 2. Who went shopping together? Mike and Ann did. 3. What did Mike and Ann do? They went shopping together. 4. What did they look at? They looked at the yellow bananas, the green peas, and the
  74. Sociology

    television advertisements typically portray the elderly as? a- wise and knowing b- dignified and nurturing c- respectable and accomplished d- feeble and foolish my answer is b
  75. Simple Maths

    Suppose student gets 30 marks out of 70 so how much will he get out of 100!!! And what will be the 50% of it tell me step wise step!!!
  76. Economics

    Can it ever be wise to produce even if total cost exceeds total revenue?
  77. English

    One of the proverbs I have to explain "a word is sufficient for a wise man." Does this mean people shouldn't go on and on and on when talking if one word will do?
  78. science

    what is the defenition of benifit SCIENCE wise. i need answers quickly!!!
  79. Physics

    You are explaining to a cousin what it really means to het something up in reference to a handshake and what term means and why it never ends (micro wise)
  80. Math

    Find the area of a path 1m wide,running breadth wise across a garden of length=30m and breadth=20m.
  81. Math

    Needing SERIOUS help with circumference and area circle-wise. Help? I'm not really sure where I'm messing up at, but could someone explain all the forumula stuff with area to me in layman's terms?
  82. Rotations

    How do I do 90 counterclock wise rotations about the origin on points (-5,-5) , (0,-5) , (0,0)?
  83. Science

    Three negatively charged spheres, each with a charge of 4*10^-6C are fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle wise sides 20cm. Calculate the size and direction of the net force on each sphere.

    state several reasons why England became such a powerful nation during the 16th & 17th centuries. I only got because of Elizabeth. She ruled England really well. She was a wise monarch.
  85. Science

    which bird cannot move its eyes at all? ( answer the riddle) It is known for being wise. It makes a sound described as a hoot. The bird is called an ___________. i think it's an owl but i am not sure about this question
  86. Science

    A mixture of iron nail , salt ,oil and water is provided to you give step wise method to separate each component from this mixture
  87. English

    Prepostional phrases Tons (of violets) are made (into perfume) each year. The heart (of a person) pumps more than four quarts (of blood)(in one minute.) One (of the secrets)(of success)is the wise use (of leisure time.)
  88. Science

    It is winter where Jenna lives. It’s been snowing all day, but now the snow has changed to sleet and then to freezing rain. What is happening at Jenna's house then- temperature-wise?
  89. math

    hundreds thousands millions That would be like turning BACK the hour hand of a clock by 3 hours. what is 90 degrees counter clock wise when rotating a figure
  90. History

    Why was Andrew Jackson considered a "common man" political wise, not how he lived. I mean what three or two events and decisions did Jackson do during his presidency that made him the citizen president?
  91. Mrs.Sue?

    John invest $2,975 at 4% interest compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after? a) 3,272.50 b)3,281.48 c) 5,493.86********* d) 7,735.00 if i am wrong please explain why i am and what i should do, step wise thanks so much and hopfully
  92. Math topic help

    John invest $2,975 at 4% interest compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after? a) 3,272.50 b)3,281.48 c) 5,493.86********* d) 7,735.00 if i am wrong please explain why i am and what i should do, step wise thanks so much and hopfully
  93. child growth and development

    A pregrant mother may be wise to avoid all alcohol since even moderate drinking may result in A. fetal alcohol B. spina bifida C. down sydrome D. Rh incompatibility
  94. English

    I am so confuse with this can you help me please? I chose I knew a Woman. How would you chance the information down different below I knew a woman, lovely in her bones, that look different inside and out When small birds sighed, she would sigh back at
  95. English

    Okayy Im really stuck on this one, Im usually good at analyzing and figuring out what a poem means. But not this one... QUESTION: What does the author achieve by mixing exact and approximate numbers in "A Contribution to Statistics?" A CONTRIBUTION TO
  96. uhh help

    the legendary king midas was a: a.very beautiful b.very rich man c.very wise man d.very brave man i choose c??
  97. English 1

    the old people i remember from my childhood were strong in their beliefs, and as we lived daily with them we learned a wise path of life to follow.this quote from 'A celebration of grandfathers' by rudolfo anaya shows what writing style?
  98. Maths

  99. chemistry

    I don't think there is any benzene in Elmer's glue. In fact, I suspect finding something with benzene in it will be tough to do unless you have some OLD OLD bottles of something. Its a carcinogenic thing. If you are looking for something aromatic (meaning
  100. PreCalculus

    Write an equation to construct a function whose graph is like that of y=x^2, except for pieces removed for values between 3 and 5, and 8 and 9. I am not sure how to approach this question. Would I make a piece wise function? PLease helpp brains about to


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