1. Chemistry

    Thermal Decomposition What is the ratio of moles of CuO produced per moles of malachite decomposed? I have 0.004522431/0.01257071 but am not that confident that I am going the right direction. Can any one tell me if I am going in the right direction or do
  2. chemistry

    The first order rate constant for the decomposition of N2O2 of 0Cis 5.2*10/6 per minute. If the activation energy is 6200J/mol, calculate the rate constant at 25C
  3. chemistry 101

    How many molecules of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of 8.75 g of hydrogen peroxide in the following equation Mg + H2O2 --> MgH2 + O2 options: 8.75 x 1024 6.02 x 1023 1.55 x 1022 5.27 x 1024 1.55 x 1023
  4. chemistry

    First of all, you need to know how many g of Mg actually reacted in the first reaction. You can determine this by determining the limiting reactant. The reaction is Mg + F2 -> MgF2 16.2 g of Mg is 16.2/24.32 = 0.666 moles 25.3 g of F2 is 25.3/38.0 = 0.666
  5. AP Chemistry

    The structural formula for acetic acid is CH3CO2H. What is its empirical formula; what is its molecular formula?
  6. Please Help Me

    Use the equation for the synthesis of hydrogen to answer the following. C (s) + H2O (l) -> CO (g) + H2 (g) deltaH = + 31.3 kcal/mol carbon deltaS = +32 cal/(mol•K) Calculate the energy change (deltaH) when 5.00 g of carbon is consumed. Calculate the
  7. Chemistry

    Hydrogen gas is a very environmentally friendly fuel source. One factor that is important in determining whether it is used as a fuel source is the cost of production. Use the two equations below to evaluate which reaction requires more energy to produce 1
  8. chemistry

    What effect does raising the temperature of the reaction chamber at a constant pressure have on the following reaction at equilibrium? 2NO2(g) N2O4(g) + heat A. The equilibrium shifts toward the reactants because the reverse reaction is endothermic. B. The
  9. english 9

    in the following sentances are the words in quatation marks Compound Direct Object, Compound Indirect Object, Object Complement,or Object of Preposition ?? We should pray the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary" every day. The Church considers the saints
  10. Chemistry

    Oxidation of bis(bipyridine) copper (I) ion by molecular oxygen is described by the equation: Cu(C10H8N2)2+(aq) + O2(aq) ----products The reaction is first order in oxygen and second order in Cu(C10H8N2)2+ (a) Write the rate law (b) What is the overall
  11. science

    I'm doing a lab for Le Chatelier's Principle. I'm concerned that all my answers sound very similar. Can someone help me and let me know if my answers are making sense? ~Thanks 1.) How is the reaction Zn(OH)2 Zn^+2 + 2OH- affected by adding OH- I think
  12. chemistry

    the diagram below shows a structural formulae of 3 cabon compounds labelled 1 2 and 3 and the eaction between compounds 1 and 2. The equation for this reaction is incomplete only the reactants are shown, the missing products being indicatedby a? :o ch2
  13. Chimstery

    (white Powder) : 42.2% carbon, 6.4% Hydrogen, and 51.4% Oxygen Formula Mass = 342.2965 amu Molecular Formula: Empirical Formula: Identity?what does the drug do?
  14. Chemistry

    To an initially evacuated 50.0L container maintained at 155C were added 3.20g of gaseous xenon and 4.00g of gaseous fluorine. A spark was used to initiate reaction between xenon and fluorine, and gaseous xenon hexafluoride was the sole reaction product.
  15. Chemistry

    Use the equation for the synthesis of hydrogen to answer the following. 10 points. C (s) + H2O (l) -> CO (g) + H2 (g) deltaH = + 31.3 kcal/mol carbon deltaS = +32 cal/(mol•K) Calculate the energy change (deltaH) when 5.00 g of carbon is consumed.
  16. chemistry

    KCl(s) → K+(aq) + Cl‾ (aq) Solid KCl dissolves as shown in the above equation. A 6.60 g sample of KCl was dissolved in 42.3 g of water. The initial temperature of the water was 21.90°C. After the compound dissolved, the temperature of the water was
  17. Chemistry

    Answer the questions about the following reaction. 4Al(s) + 3O2(g) 2Al2O3 (s) How many molecules of O2 are used in the reaction? How many oxygen atoms are required? How many moles of Al2O3 are formed? What is the mole ratio of Al to O2?
  18. chemistry

    At 25∘C the reaction from Part A has a composition as shown in the table below. Substance Pressure (atm) C2H2(g) 4.65 H2(g) 3.85 C2H6(g) 5.25×10−2 What is the free energy change, ΔG, in kilojoules for the reaction under these conditions?
  19. chemistry

    What chemical reaction is responsible for the endpoint observed when the NH3/NH4Cl buffer solution is titrated with HCl? Write a blanced ionic equation for the reaction.
  20. chemistry

    '24.6 mL of 0.488 M NaCl is added to 24.6 mL of 0.312 M AgNO3. How many moles of AgCl would precipitate? What would be the concentrations of each of the ions in the reaction mixture after the reaction? Ion Concentration (M) Ag+ M NO3- M Na+ M Cl- M'
  21. Chemistry

    In a copper cycle lab if I add HCl to CuO to produce CuCl, what would a word equation for that reaction be? Is it a chemical reaction? and also for that step what complexes are observed? what does that mean?
  22. chemistry

    Determine whether a reaction will take place in the following and write a complete balanced equation: You must include phase labels. Use NR for no reaction. 1.) Ca(OH)2 (aq) + Al(NO3)3 (aq) → 2.) Cu(C2H3O2)2 (aq) + Na2SO4 (aq) → 3.) H2SO4 (aq) + KOH
  23. Chemistry

    I need to work out a mechanism for the synthesis of 2-cyclohexylpropanal. I am not sure what the reaction is to make this or what reagents to start from. I thought that maybe it could be an aldol reaction starting from cyclohexanone and propanal but I'm
  24. chem 100 electrochemisty

    . The reaction Pb(s) + 2HCl(aq)  H2(g) + PbCl2(s) occurs in a beaker and is found to be exothermic. Calculate Eo (So im assuming that CL does not change so i discluded it now im stuck with a reaction with a negative E which im pretty sure is wrong)
  25. chemistry

    write the balanced molecular and net iconic equations for the reaction between aluminium metal and silver nitrate. Identify the oxidation and reduction half-reaction
  26. Chemistry

    in a particular redox reaction, MnO2 is oxidized to MnO4– and fe3+ is reduced to fe2+. Complete and balance the equation for this reaction in acidic solution. Phases are optional.
  27. Chemistry

    In a copper cycle lab if I add HCl to CuO to produce CuCl, what would a word equation for that reaction be? Is it a chemical reaction? and also for that step what complexes are observed? what does that mean?
  28. chemistry

    the frequency factor and activation energy for a chemical reaction ate A=4.8 x 10^-12cm^3 and Ea=11.1kJ/mol at 327 K respectively. Determine the rate constant for this reaction at 327K
  29. organic chemistry

    Show the reaction of 1-naphthylamine hydrochloride with sodium hydroxide using structural formulas. Indicate which layer (aqueous or organic) each component in the reaction will mainly reside in (for both products and reactants). How is this done?
  30. Chemistry

    Diborane and related compounds were proposed as rocket fuels in 1950s. A representative reaction for this class of molecules that B2H6 and O2. Write the balanced chemical reaction
  31. chemistry help

    the rate constant (k) for a reaction was measured as a function of temperature. A plot of In k versus 1/T (in K ) is linear and has a slope of -1.01 x 10^4 K. Calculate the activation energy for the reaction. i don't know how to solve it???
  32. chemsitry

    1)Balance the following gas-phase reaction and 2) write its reaction quotient, Qc: CH4(g)+F2(g)......>>.....
  33. Chemistry

    The rate law of a reaction, A-> B+C is given by the expression: Rate=k, where k=0.0113 mol/L min. If the initial concentration of the reactant is 0.225 mol/L, how long does it take for the concentration to decrease to 0.180 mol/L? I know i have to find the
  34. chem

    A 2.241 g sample of nickel reacts with oxygen to form 2.852 g of the metal oxide. Calculate the empirical formula of the oxide. Give the number of moles of each element to support you answer.
  35. Chemistry

    A 99.99% pure, 0.4903 g sample containing only carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is subjected to combustion analysis, resulting in the formation of 1.373 g CO2, 0.2791 g H2O, and 0.1860 g NO. What is the empirical formula of the sample?
  36. journal article about running

    i need to find a peer reviewed journal article pertaining to my chosen behavior modification project, which is to start running regularly. the article should be at least 3 pages in length and must include empirical research.
  37. Chemistry

    What is the product of the following reaction: Mn(s) + Cu(NO3)2 -> I just want to make sure if it's Mn+2 + Cu(s) or if there's no reaction...
  38. Chemistry

    What is the chemical reaction for: The reaction of bromine with 2-pentene
  39. Chemsitry

    If Kc = 6.38 × 105 for the reaction A(g) ⇀ ↽ 2B(g), what is Kc for the reaction written as 2B(g) ⇀ ↽ A(g)? How would I solve this?
  40. Chemistry

    what is the relationship between reaction spontaneity and the extent of reaction?
  41. Organic Chem

    What is the generic reaction equation for the Maillard reaction? Please help ^_^
  42. Chemistry

    For a particular reaction, ΔH = -328.21 kJ and ΔS = 98.7 J/K. Calculate ΔG for this reaction at 298 K.
  43. chemistry

    HF reaction with MnO2 Explain why it is a redox reaction?
  44. Chemistry

    What is the chemical reaction for: The reaction of phenol and 1-propanol
  45. Chemistry

    What is the standard enthalpy of reaction for the following reaction: H2 + 1/2 O2 --> H2O(g)
  46. chemistry

    reaction of benzoic acid with propylamine. if there no reaction why
  47. biology

    what is the difference between an exergonic reaction and an endergonic reaction?
  48. Chemistry

    Oxygen gas, from the decomposition of KClO3, was collected by water displacement. The pressure and temperature in the lab during the experiment were 451.0 torr and 20.0 C. What was the partial pressure of oxygen?
  49. chemistry

    If 16.9 g sodium carbonate is obtained from the thermal decomposition of 75.0 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate according to the unbalanced equation, NaHCO3 ¨ Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2 What is the percent yield?
  50. Chemistry

    what volume of oxygen at 423.0K and a pressure of 127.4kPa will be produced by the decomposition of 129.7g barium peroxide to form barium oxide and oxygen gas? Thank you
  51. AP Chemistry

    1.A compound consists of 65.45% C, 5.492% H, and 29.06% O on a mass basis and has a molecular mass of 110 g/mol. Determine the molecular formula of the compound. 2. What is the formula weight of iron (II) sulfate? Answer in units of g/mol. 3. What is the %
  52. Chemistry

    LiI(s) → Li+(aq) + I‾ (aq) Solid LiI dissolves as shown in the above equation. A 8.00 g sample of LiI was dissolved in 57.5 g of water. The initial temperature of the water was 21.40°C. After the compound dissolved, the temperature of the water was
  53. English

    This is a chemistry lab report, but I was wondering if someone could edit the grammar and look at the sentence structure, etc. I know it's really long and boring, but even if you just look over a bit of it, I would really appreciate it. And I'm assuming
  54. Chemistry

    How do you know that a given reaction is not an acid base reaction? (apart from the fact that it should have an acid and a base and it should be a double displacement reaction)? I mean I know acids have protons (H+) and bases have hydroxides (OH-) but
  55. Chemistry

    H2(g) + I2(g) 2 HI(g) The forward reaction above is exothermic. At equilibrium, what happens if I2 is removed from the reaction mixture at constant temperature and volume? The reaction absorbs energy. The reaction releases energy. [H2] increases. [H2]
  56. Algebra 1

    Will you please check my work? :) Choose ALL (if any) applicable terms for the events described, then calculate the probability of the events. Jason has a cube with colored sides: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 1. Rolling a red or a primary
  57. (1-16)Chemistry - Science

    Consider the reaction: SO2 (g) + NO2 (g) ==> SO3 (g) + NO (g) At T = 1000 K, where the reaction is exothermic with an equilibrium constant K = 9.00 The reaction vessel is charged initially with all four gases, each at a pressure of 0.5 atm. After
  58. chemistry

    1. name this compound ..........CH2CH3 ........../ hydrocarbon hectagon shaped ring ..........| ..........CH3 CH2CH3 are to the right of the "up/down" line on the right side of the hectago with the CH3 directly under the bottom point 2. name this compound
  59. Chemistry

    Using G (measure of free energy) to determine wether the reaction 4Fe(s)+3O2(g)-> 2Fe2O3(s) is spontaneous at 25C, given that H=.393kcal and S=-0.13 kcal/(mol*K). Is the reaction more or less spontaneous at 1000C assuming that H and S remain constant with
  60. english

    Write whether a sentence is simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex. 1-Mrs. Huang planned a party for Kim because she was graduating from high school. Complex 2=She invited Lisa,Elena,and Enrique to the party. Simple 3-Mr. Huang thought that kim's
  61. college chemistry - answer check ASAP!

    The corrosion of iron can be thought of as an electrochemical cell reaction. Calculate the voltage difference between two points of corroding iron differing only in their partial pressures of oxygen: 0.20 atm of oxygen at one point and 0.0010 atm of oxygen
  62. chemistry

    An endothermic reaction was found to have an activation energy of 100 kJ. If this reaction is reversed, the activation energy is only 20 kJ. What is the value of delta H for the endothermic reaction?
  63. Chemistry

    The heat evolved in the reaction of hydrobromic acid with potassium hydroxide was determined using a coffee coup calorimeter. The equation for the reaction is: HBr(aq) + KOH(aq) -------------> KBr(aq) + H2O(l) When 25.0 mL of 1.00 M HBr at a temperature of
  64. chemistry

    A compound of nitrogen and oxygen is 36.8% nitrogen. A second compound of nitrogen and oxygen is 25.9% nitrogen. What is the ratio of masses of oxygen in the two compounds per gram of nitrogen?
  65. chemistry

    A 15.27 g sample of Mo2O3(s) is converted completely to another molybdenum oxide by adding oxygen. The new oxide has a mass of 18.33 g. Add subscripts below to correctly identify the empirical formula of the new oxide.
  66. Chemistry

    a hydrocarbon is burnt completely in excess oxygen. it is found that 1.00g of the hydrocarbon gives 2.93g carbon dioxide and 1.80g water. find the empirical formula of the hydrocarbon (H=1,C=12,O=16)
  67. Chemistry Help!

    Anthracene which contains only Carbon and hydrogen, is an important source of dyes. When 250 mg of anthracene is burned in pure oxygen, 8.64 mg of CO2 and 1.26 mg of H2O are formed. What is the empirical formula of anthracene?
  68. Science- Chemistry Ap

    2SO3(g) -> 2SO2(g) + O2(g) Delta H = 197kj For this reaction shown above, describe the changes that will occur to the number of moles of SO3 under the following conditions: (a) Additional oxygen is added to the reaction vessel. (b) The pressure in the
  69. chemistry

    What is the standard entropy of reaction, the standard entropy of reaction, in J/K, for the combustion reaction of ethylene described in the previous questions? The temperature is 298.15K. (Enter your answer as a signed number in scientific notation
  70. Chemistry

    Nitroglycerin C3H5(NO3)2 is a common explosive which decomposes according to the equation. 4C3H5(NO3)2 - 12CO2 + 10H2O + O2 +6N2 ΔH= -5.720*10^3 KJ. Calculate the heat for the decomposition for the 10.6g of the Nitroglycerin.
  71. CHEM

    PLEASE HELP! Two samples of sodium chloride were decomposed into their constituent elements. One sample produced 1.78 g of sodium and 2.74 g of chlorine. Which of the following could be the results of the decomposition of the other sample, being consistent
  72. chemistry

    Values of the rate constant for the decomposition of N2O5 at four different temperatures are as follows: T(K) k(s^-1) 658....2.14*10^5 673....3.23*10^5 688....4.81*10^5 703....7.03*10^5 The activation energy is 1.02*10^2 kJ/mol. Calculate the value of the
  73. Chemistry

    Potassium chlorate decomposes according to the following equation: 2KCIO3(s)= 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) what volume of a gas can be produced by the decomposition of 12.6g of potassium chlorate measured under the following conditions? a) at STP b) at SATP
  74. Chemistry

    . In a biochemical reaction, A + B-->C with äG = 30 kJ/mol. Which of the following reactions might be effectively coupled to this reaction so that it becomes more spontaneous? I. C + D are the reactants, and B + E are the products äG = -40 kJ/mol II. C +
  75. chemistry

    write the equations for the addition reaction of ethene with bromine under the following conditions. a) reaction in the presence of sunlight H2C=CH2+Br2 sunlight=? b) reaction in the absence of sunlight H2C=CH2+Br2=?
  76. Chemistry

    The theoretical yield of a reaction is the amount of product obtained if the limiting reactant is completely converted to product. Consider the reaction: P4(s) + 6 Cl2(g) → 4 PCl3(l) If 19.47 g P4 is mixed with 6.85 g Cl2, calculate the theoretical yield
  77. Check my answers? (Chemistry)

    I only get one chance for each of these questions so I was wondering if someone could check my answers, thanks! 1. Consider the following reaction at equilibrium. 2 BrNO(g) ---> 2 NO(g) + Br2(g) Predict the effect of the following changes to the reaction
  78. Chemistry-Dr.Bob

    Since most chemical reactions are conducted in containers open to the armisphere, why is the energy transfer associated with a chemical reaction generally expressed as the change in enthalpy? Is it because the enthalpy of reaction measures the change in
  79. Chemistry

    separate this redox reaction into its component half-reactions. O2 + 4Cu-->2CuO Oxidation half-reaction: ? Reduction half-reaction: ? I believe that the Oxidation is copper and that reduction is oxygen. So I tried to write it as 4Cu^+ --> 4Cu + 4e^- O2^2-
  80. chemistry

    An enzyme-catalyzed reaction is carried out in a 50-mL solution containing 0.1 M TRIS buffer. The pH of the reaction mixture at the start was 8.0. As a result of the reaction, 0.002 mol of H+ were produced. What is the ratio of TRIS base to TRIS acid at
  81. gen chem

    A nuclear reaction, such as the transmutation of uranium-238 to a stable isotope lead-206, involves exothermic and endothermic processes. In this reaction, is there any physical and chemical changes involved?
  82. chemistry

    If the breakdown half-life of a pesticide applied to a farmer’s field is 3.50 days, then what is the rate constant for this reaction? Assume the degradation reaction follows first order kinetics. The units are 1/d.
  83. Physics

    What is the gibbs free energy for the reaction a)temperature b)800 degrees celsius c)comment on whether the reactions are spontaneous or not (CHEMICAL REACTION) deltaH = -100kJ delta S= -200 J/K
  84. chemistry

    the reaction of aluminum metal (Al) with oxygen (O2) forms Al2O3. What is a balanced equation for this redox reaction. What are two half reactions to show how many electrons are gained or lost by each species?
  85. science

    The gas-phase reaction, A2 + B2 --> 2AB, proceeds by bimolecular collisions between A2 and B2 molecules. If the concentrations of both A2 and B2 are doubled, the reaction rate will change by a factor of.....? Will you please explain instead of just giving
  86. Chemistry

    consider the following reaction: 2CH3OH(g) yields 2CH4(g) + O2(g) change in enthalpy= 252.8kJ Calculate the amount of heat transferred when 26.0 g of {\rm CH_3OH} (g) is decomposed by this reaction at constant pressure.
  87. Ochem

    In the reaction between p-aminophenol and acetic anhydride to form acetaminophen, what was the purpose of adding water to the reaction mixture? There are a couple of possible answers, and this requires a detailed explanation for credit. thanks!
  88. chemistry

    The chemical reaction for dissociation of an acid is: HA + H2O → H3O+ + A- Assuming all of the hydronium ion (calculated in in the previous problem) comes from this reaction, what is the concentration of conjugate base, [A-], in this system?
  89. Science

    Use the following equation: CO(g) + 2H2 (g)= CH3OH(g) delta H = -21.7 kcal Which direction will the reaction proceed after some of the methanol vapor is condensed and removed from the reaction vessel? please help im getting so confused on the directions of
  90. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2H2S (g) + 3O2 (g) --> 2SO2 (g) + 2H2O (g) If O2 was the excess reagent, 1.3 moles of H2S were consumed, and 18.7 g of wat were collected after the reaction has gone to completion, what is the percent yield of the equation?
  91. chemisty

    At 450oC, the equilibrium constant Kc for the Haber-Bosch synthesis of ammonia is 0.16 for the reaction writeten as 3H2(g) + N2 (g)-->--
  92. math

    During the last hour, a telemarketer dialed 20 numbers and reached 4 busy signals, 3 answering machines, and 13 people. Use this information to determine the empirical probability that the next call will be answered in person. it is 13/20, unless he dares
  93. chemistry

    Calculate the empirical formula for each of the following natural flavors based on their elemental mass percent composition. nitroglycerin (used medically as a vasodilator to treat heart conditions): C 15.87% H 2.22% N 18.50% O 63.41%. Express your answer
  94. chemistry

    Calculate the empirical formula for each of the following natural flavors based on their elemental mass percent composition. nitroglycerin (used medically as a vasodilator to treat heart conditions): C 15.87% H 2.22% N 18.50% O 63.41%. Express your answer
  95. chem

    Gaseous iodine pentafluoride, IF5, can be prepared by the reaction of solid iodine and gaseous fluorine: • I2 (s) + 5F2 (g) → 2IF5 (g). • A 5.00 L flask is filled with 10.0 g I2 and excess F2 with the reaction proceeds to completion completely
  96. chemistry

    Hii i was wondering if u cud help me solve this problem..im not sure how to start it. Calculate the delta H for the reaction of solid potassium with liquid water. If a 5.00 g piece of potassium is added to 1.00 kg of water at 24 degrees celsius what is the
  97. Chemistry

    2HI(g)--> H2(g) + I2(g) The rate law for the decomposition of HI is r=k[HI]^2. The rate of the rxn was found experimentally to b 2.5 x 10^4 mol/L x s where the HI concentration was 0.0558 M. Are these values ready to plug in to the equation, or because
  98. Science

    Which process of the carbon cycle is responsible for the release of carbon at the power plant, as shown by the arrow? A. combustion B. photosynthesis C. digestion D. decomposition @Ms.Sue can you check my answer I think the answer is A.
  99. can some one pleasee help me!!!

    The molecular structures of two ‘penicillin-like’ compounds, A and B. in the compound A the C-C-N ring is intentionally bold, as is the C-C-C-C-N ring in compound B. By comparing these structures assess which of A and B, might be (i) more active than
  100. Chemistry

    I need help with getting started: 1.The crystal structure of an ionic compound consists of alternating cations and anions lying next to each other in three dimensions. If the cation radius is 55.1% of the anion radius and the distance between the cation