1. SCI 275

    What are some alternatives to destroying tropical rain forests, which may be reducing nature’s ability to replace its species?
  2. Sociology

    The tropical rain forest is the most diverse ecosystem in the world. The extinction rates of organisms are on the rise because A. rain forests receive too much rain B. human are destroying the rain forests C. rain forests are not receiving enough rain D.
  3. Science

    Explain how the canopies of temperate decidous forests and tropical rain forests are similar and different. Check the information in this site. http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibits/biomes/forests.php
  4. Geography

    volcanic activity that formed much of the Malay Archipelago also created what? typhoons, tropical rainforests, fertile soil, all of the above? I think tropical rain forests, am I right?
  5. Geography

    question: Describe the various types of forest vegetation make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants. answer: There are various types of forest vegetations located around the world. Tropical rain forests grow in areas near the equator,
  6. Science-Weather

    What is the general location of the following places; -Tropical rain forest -Desert & tundra -temperate forests Thanks in advance :)
  7. Geography

    I have to write a short essay for this topic: Describe the various types of forest vegetation. Make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants. This is what I have: Forest vegetation grows on every continent except Antartica and there are
  8. Biology

    The tropical rain forests that are being cleared to grow crops for biofuels normally trap _____ carbon dioxide than the crops do. A. more B. less C. the same amount of Thank You.
  9. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What are some of the important resources of the rain forest? A: Some of the significant resources of the rain forest include timber and various types of plants which can be used to concoct medicine. 2). What are some of the costs of the destruction of
  10. Science

    Where are many critical biodiversity hotspots located? a.cities and developed areas of the world b.islands,tropical rain forests, and coastal areas c.desert and polar environments d.all the above [I picked d.] I wont disagree with you. So is d the
  11. Geography

    3. One of the main problems challenging the economics of many African nations today is a. a lack of diverse exports b. increasing their export of raw material c. competing with the industrial output of other African nations d. making fishing more
  12. world geography

    southeast asia's climates include tropical rain forest, a. tropical savanna, humid subtropical, and highlands b. tropical savanna, highlands, and marine west coast c. tropical savanna, steppe, and humid subtropical d. tropical savanna, marine, and humid
  13. Science 1 Question ASAP

    5. Which of the following reduces global warming A. driving more frequently B. reducing public transportation C. reducing electricity use *** My Answer D. cutting down forests
  14. Geography

    Need help with these 2- 15. The six climate regions into which geographers have divided the earth are defined mainly by a. latitude and elevation b. temperature and precipitation c. atmospheric pressure d. location and landforms I'm not sure but I think it
  15. Geography

    Regarding tropical rainforests, the term evapotranspiration refers to the fact that A. deforestation causes a decline in atmospheric oxygen. B. the humidity of rain forests can produce local and regional precipitation C. deforestation causes a loss of soil
  16. environmental science

    I mean I know sort of what Im doing. Im doing this project on tropical rain forest. But this was are insrutions. (A)Descrition of the Biome (B)Location or locations where it is found (C)Climate and weather of the biome (D)Biodiversity found in the biome.
  17. science

    Darwin, Australia has its coolest month in July, with an average temperature of 77'F. It has a dry season from May to October. The grassy areas nearby are home to cattle ranches. a) Tropical savanna b) Tropical rainforest c) Tropical monsoon d) Not
  18. Science

    Which statement best explains why tropical climates are so hot. They receive little rain. They receive more direct sunlight than other regions. (MY ANSWER) They lack vegetation. There are more hours of sunlight in tropical areas than other regions.
  19. Anthropology

    Which environment is least likely to be inhabited by pastoralists? (Points : 1) grasslands savannahs tropical forests deserts
  20. Math

    Cashews ,Brazil nuts, and peanuts originally grew in rain forests . Anne made a trail mix with 9 cups of each . How many cups of Cashews ,Brazil nuts , and peanuts did she use in all? Answer: 9x0=0 0x9=0 Yams also grow in rain forests . Connie cooked 9
  21. Earth Science?

    What is the climate? Darwin, Australia has its coolest month in July, with an average temperature of 77 degrees F. It has a dry season from May to October. The grassy areas nearby are home to cattle ranches. a) Not tropical b) Tropical rainforest c)
  22. what do you think this is asking...

    For English, I have an assignment that goes along with a story and #4 says: Focus on Kate Chopin's ability to capture the complexity of human nature in a few paragraphs. Provide at least two examples in which the potrayal of Mrs. Mallard is realistic. I
  23. world geography

    when ranchers plant grass on burned rain forest lands, the grass: _a. thrives and provide feeds for decades _b. gives way to new rain forests within five years _c. dries up within four years _d. surivives for only one season
  24. English

    For each sentence below write the verb that agrees with the subject. 1.Plants ___ thickets along the edges of tropical forests.(grow grows) grow 2.The tropical forest____ warm and humid.(remain remains) remains 3.The trees____ year round (grow grows) grow
  25. science

    What climate is it? Saigon, Vietnam has heavy rains from May to November. Its temperature ranges from 78*F (coolest month average) to 84*F ( warmest month average). a) Tropical monsoon b) Tropical savanna c) Tropical raniforest d) Not Tropical c
  26. English

    Need help with some questions! A silent killer is spreading poison across the earth. Rain, polluted by the grass given off by factories and motor vehicles, is becoming highly acidic. This "acid rain" is slowly destroying our environment. Acid rain has
  27. Geography (Ms.Sue)

    I got it!!!! 13. The Southern tip of South Africa contains which of the following types of forests? a. tropical rainforests b. chaparral c. broadleaf evergreen d. mid-latitude deciduous B? Thanks -MC
  28. biology

    What biome has the largest biomass ?? Tropical Rain forest (assuming it is excluding the ocean)
  29. ecology

    true or false, the temp. varies greatly throughout the year in a tropical rain forest?
  30. ecology

    true or false, the temp. varies greatly throughout the year in a tropical rain forest?
  31. Physical Geography of Latin America

    What has the most natural resources, including rain forests and minerals.
  32. English

    Can someone check these sentences, please? I need to prepare them for Tomorrow. 1) Air pollution is mainly caused by gases from factories and car exhaust fumes. It can cause acid rain, breathing problems and it can increase the risk of cancer. 2)The
  33. life science

    true or false? The temperature varies greatly throughout the year in a tropical rain forest.
  34. Geography (Ms. Sue) - These are my final questions

    1). What are examples of an environment changed by humans? A: 2). How has industrialization hurt the forests of Europe? A: Industrialization has damaged the forests of Europe as Europe's factories produce high amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide,
  35. Science

    Why are rain forests the most diverse ecosystem? a. They are near bodies of water b. They have a favorable climate c. They are surrounded by mountains d. they have more pollutants that other ecosystems
  36. Geography

    overurbanization what one is it? A)resources are being used up at a faster rate than they can be replaced B)the increase in the population of a city C)more people live in an area than the area can provide services for D)an area's ability to meet its needs
  37. social studies

    please can someone answer these there destroying me !!! 1. Which region of Mexico are sinkhole most likely to be found? A. Mexico plateau B.Baja California C.sonoran desert D.Yucatan peninsula 2.what effect does altitude have on Mexico's climate? A. as
  38. Marine Science

    1.Which condition is believed to be caused by El Niño and effectively weakens hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean? *warm water temperatures *high wind shear *low wind shear *high pressure 2.We only see hurricanes in the summer months because *there is more
  39. Social studies check answers ***damon***

    1.B 1. where would you most likely find south americas largest cities? A. Mountains B. rain forests C. coastlines D.deserts
  40. history

    8.  Which characteristic ultimately led to General McClellan’s replacement as Commander of the Union army? his organizational ability his cautious nature on the battlefield his reckless nature on the battlefield*
  41. check geo

    what has caused the destruction of about 80 percent of polands forests? A)farming collectives B)acid rain C)global warning D)timber harvesting my choice is d
  42. Geography

    Hey, i'd like to know what this means: Tropical monsoon forests are located "between 10° and 25°N and S of the equator". What does this mean? I know that the 25°N and S of equator means that region near the equator, but what is that "10°"?
  43. Social Studies

    Which characteristic ultimately led to General McClellan’s replacement as Commander of the Union army? his organizational ability his cautious nature on the battlefield his reckless nature on the battlefield (my answer) his failure at the first Battle of
  44. Science

    Which of the following is an adaptation that helps plants survive on the floor of a tropical rain forest? A. deep roots B. small seeds C. large leaves D. bright colors

    I cannot find this one. Intertidal communities that are constantly battered by the waves may be as, or more, productive than the world's ______ _____ The answer is rain forests. I answered my own question. Thanks nice one!=)
  46. S.S. help plz

    1. Rain forests are important because they contribute to the world's supply of (1 point) soil. oxygen. food. harbors. 2. The capital of Brazil was moved from the coast to the interior because the government wished to (1 point) develop the interior by
  47. check geo

    in western africa a ______is welcome after heavy summer rains. A)monsoon B)pula C)harmattan D)wet season my choose is c as one moves away from the equator, climates change from: A)savanna to rain forest B)tropical to steppe and desert C)steppe to wetter
  48. Math

    A store has rows of T-shirts, with 8 shirts in each row. How many T-shirts are there in all? Answer,, 3*8=24 2/ there are 3groups of hikers in the Rain Forest Hiking Club. There are 7hikers in each group. Draw arrows on the number line below to skip count
  49. Earth Science (Climates)

    The Atacama desert in northwest Chile is located on the west side of the Andes and at same latitude in Chile, the east side of the Andes is part of the tropical rain forest. In southern Chile, there is a lot of snow and rain on the west side of the Andes
  50. Science

    Why are rain forests the most diverse ecosystems? a- the are near bodies of water b- they have favorable climates c- they are surrounded by mountains d- they have more pollutants then other ecosystems my answer is B
  51. environmental science

    What web site can I use to find the biodiversity of Tropical rainforest?=) Please help! Check these sites. http://www.rain-tree.com/facts.htm (Broken Link Removed) But what do I suppose to write about that? I don't understand./:| Click on those web sites
  52. Geography

    sustainable development, unsustainable development, urban form, urbanization, overurbanization 1) resources are being used up at a faster rate than they can be replaced 2) the increase in the population of a city 3)more people live in an area than the area

    Which of the following activities has a negative impact on biodiversity? a.)Regulating hunting b.)Establishing wildlife preserves c.)Buying a fuel-efficient car d.)Cutting down trees in rain forests to build more houses.
  54. Writing a paper.

    I need help with thinking of points for a long paper I need to write, i'm trying to get as many ideas as I can, so any help is greatly appreciated. Basically i'm looking for points on how humans are destroying the eart, for example, overpopulation,reducing
  55. science

    All the following are conservation practices, EXCEPT______? a) reducing consumption b) reducing production of goods using the resource c) recycling d) restoring the environment e) reducing waste I PICKED D
  56. Social Studies

    What is one way that the people have changed the environment in parts of West and Central Africa? a. They have made all of the land arable b. They have cut down trees faster than they can grow back c. They do not use any land for farming d. They use all of
  57. English

    Can you help me check the grammar and rephrase the parts in inverted commas? Thenk you very much in advance. 1) The tales that make up the Canterbury Tales are narrated by the different pilgrims. However, in “The General Prologue” we find the figure of
  58. world geography

    _______ in brazil's interior has led to the clearing of the rain forests. a. building roads b. building settlements c. mining for iron, copper, and tin d. all of the above
  59. Science

    The biome with the fewest seasonal changes is the A. temperate deciduous forest. B. grassland. C. tropical rain forest. D. coniferous (boreal) forest.
  60. scince

    During a rain storm, rain comes straight down with velocity Vi =-15 m/s and hits the roof of a car perpendicularly. The mass of the rain per second that strikes the roof is 0.060 kg every second. Assuming that the rain comes to rest upon strikingthe car (
  61. science

    Just need to know if my answer is right or wrong. Thanks ! :) All the following are conservation practices, EXCEPT______? a) reducing consumption b) reducing production of goods using the resource c) recycling d) restoring the environment e) reducing waste
  62. medical

    Quinine, which is found in tha bark of the cinchona tree is effective in A. Reducing fevers B. Reducing the sting of a burn c. Treating bacterial infections D. Reducing convulsions
  63. physical science

    During a rain storm, rain comes straight down with a velocity -15 m/s and hits the roof of a car perpendicularly. The mass of the rain per second that strikes the roof is .060 kg every second. Assuming that the rain cones to rest upon stiking the car (Vf
  64. check

    the term reforestation refers to planting new trees: A)where forestlands have been stripped and cleared. B)in old growth forests that have never beeen cut. C)in public lands that have been reclaimed for forsetry d)during the winter months when the rain are
  65. World Geography

    REVIEW Which ecosystem usually supports thick forests of deciduous trees? A. Tropical forest B. Temperate forest C. Savanna <<<<<<< D. Subarctic forest Love, death, peace, and war are examples of ____________ that relate to the entire
  66. Science

    Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of matter? -ability to melt* -Ability to freeze -Ability to react -Ability to break
  67. Science

    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all organisms share? Select one: a. ability to taste and smell b. ability to use energy c. ability to grow and develop d. ability to sense and respond to change
  68. science

    Hi. I am reading up on the Kyoto Protocol for a project and I am a little confused on the meaning of this paragraph. If someone could help explain it to me, that would be great!: Dispossession and prostitution loom for Costa Rica's rural women and children
  69. history

    1. Africa's Rain forests are located on either side of the what A. Equator B. Coastal C. Sahara D. Deserts 2. Much of the area north and south of Africas rainforest is _____ a rolling grassland A. Tundra B. Desert C. Savanna D. Semi-arid i think 1. is a
  70. History

    1. Africa's Rain forests are located on either side of the what A. Equator B. Coastal C. Sahara D. Deserts 2. Much of the area north and south of Africas rainforest is _____ a rolling grassland A. Tundra B. Desert C. Savanna D. Semi-arid
  71. ecology

    Why does the rainy season in the tropical dry forest and tropical savanna biomes come during the warmer months?
  72. math

    break it down into cases at most one day of rain in 3 days to me means we could have: norain norain norain ----> (1/3)^3 = 1/27 rain norain norain -------> 2/3(1/3^2 = 2/27 norain rain norain -------> same as above = 2/27 norain norain rain
  73. US History

    What were some alternatives to using the atomic bomb against Japan? Would any of these alternatives have been better than the action taken? I have to write an essay on this, so can I please get some good links? Thanks! -MC
  74. biology

    1,Why do autotrophs always occupy the lowest level of ecological pyramids? 2.Explain how the growth of one population can bring about the disappearance of another population during succession? 3. Describe some common plants and animals from a tropical rain
  75. english

    According to Dickinson, what is the character of Nature? Nature divides people from each other Nature is intentionally heartless Nature offers inspiration and meaning A or probably B.
  76. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful for some help. 1) Do you think it is possible to say: "Heavy rain started / began", and if yes, is it "heavy rain" or "a heavy rain"? 2) Is it possible to say: "Rain started falling", and if yes, is it "rain" or "the rain"?
  77. Meterology

    What does it mean when a Meterologist calls for 50% chance of rain? That it can rain but it might not. So their not sure it's in the middle! Sanca...dead wrong. Actually, 50% chance of rain means that it will rain 5 out of 10 times a forecast of 50% is
  78. Mba

    1- three ways that companies use to destroy their data before destroying their computers . 2-three programs that permanently destroy data on a hard disk. 3- Best methods or program for destroying data so nobody can recover it . Thanks.
  79. math

    the number of tropical fish Leon has is 3/8 of the number of tropical fish Haru has. Find the ratio of the number of tropical fish Leon has to the number of tropical fish Haru has. What fraction of the number of tropical fish Haru has is the number of
  80. health

    What healthful alternatives would you recommend to a teen who is thinking about using drugs to deal with stress? Explain the importance of alternatives to substance abuse. please & thank you :)
  81. English

    Can you please tell me if the phrases in brackets are possible? Thank you. 1)Wordsworth imagines himself as (like) a cloud which overflows (better: floats over) valleys and hills. 2)Before (Wordsworth) nature was seen as a philosophical entity. Now it
  82. English 12

    how could i make these two sentences better. In the south pacific mountaintops there is vast number of forests. Hunters from this mountaintop civilization find it extremely difficult to hunt with the burden of the forests.
  83. check geo

    What are the most abundant resources in this region? A)soil and coal B)minerals and soil C)water and soil D)minerals and water my choose is b most europeans who came to africa south of sahara between 1400s and 1700s? A)avoided the african interior
  84. physics

    This question is roughly based on some historical data from tropical cyclone Clare which crossed the WA coast near Dampier in January 2006. It started off as a tropical low north of the Northern Territory and was upgraded to tropical cyclone intensity at 8
  85. Science

    1. Which climate is warm, wet, and located on the edges of the tropics? A. temperate marine B. highlands C. temperate continental D. polar 2. Which statement best explains why tropical climates are so hot? A. They receive little rain B. They receive more
  86. Geology

    which 2 would create a low pressure at the surface? warm temp., cold temp., air moving through a terrain constriction, or air moving out of a terrain constriction. What is the main reason hail is not associated with tropical thunderstorms: lack of
  87. statistics

    the average amount of rain per year in Greenville is 49 inches. the standard deviation is 8 inches. find the probability that nest year greeville will receive the following amount of rainfall. assume the variable is normally distributed. a) At most 55
  88. English Lit-Please help

    We had to read An Essay on Criticism by Alexander pope and answers some questins. I spent my weekend trying to figure out one of the questions-Could someone please help "Those Rules of old discover'd, not devis'd Are Nature still, but Nature Medthodiz'd
  89. Social Studies Please help

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? a) one country giving money to another b) two countries sharing c) two countries working together d) one country ruling another country**** 2.What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange
  90. Chemistry

    What is the reducing agent in the forward reaction? H2O2(aq) + 2 HI(aq)--->2 H2O(l)+I2(s) Since H2O2 can be both a reducing and oxidizing depending. I am confused on what is the reducing agent. Can someone please explain.
  91. geography

    Southwest Asia can best be characterized as A) an area with few resources. B) a desert with an arid and semiarid climate. C) a region of forests. D) an area of forests and grasslands. I think it's B, just checking! thanks in advance
  92. English

    Would someone look over my paragraph and let me know if and where I need to make improvements In Garrett Hardin's "Lifeboat Ethics", the paragraph that touched me the most is "Overloading The Environment". Hardin talks about India and how the population is
  93. Biology/Chemistry

    During a “perm”, disulfide bonds can be broken and reformed using which treatments, respectively? I think the answer is a. but can someone confirm this? a. an oxidizing agent followed by a reducing agent b. a reducing agent followed by the use of water
  94. Global Studies

    What is the name of the area on the side of mountains away from the wind that receives little rainfall? a. Dry spell b. No man's land c. Tundra d. Rain shadow **** Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, as well as parts of the central United States, form the
  95. MGT

    theses are the 8 steps... 1. Be alert to indications and symptoms of problems. 2. Tentatively define the problem. 3. Collect facts and redefine the problem if necessary. 4. Identify possible alternatives. 5. Gather and organize facts concerning identified
  96. Science207

    Describe at least two alternatives to oil that are currently available and discuss the barriers that keep these alternatives from replacing oil as our primary means of energy?
  97. Social Studies

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? A. one country giving money to another B. 2 countries sharing resources** C. 2 countries working together D. one country ruling another country 2. What did West Africans trade to North Africans in
  98. Marketing Foundation

    Select a purchase you personally have made recently and describe your buying process, including any other parties involved in the buying process and their roles in your purchase decision. To do this, please complete the following template and make sure to
  99. management

    Can someone give me their opinion of my answer if its correct or wrong please when someone has a few minutes thanks. Which of the eight steps in the decision-making model could be eliminated if a decision had to be made quickly? 1. Be alert to indicators
  100. world geography

    most of the ganges plain is: A)ebony rainforest with orchids and lush vines B)**desert irrigated by indus river C)framed for rice, seasame, sugarcane, and jute D)sprawling suburbs and cities what kind of climate does the southwestern tip of india have?