U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. history

    can you give me the importance of the indus river
  2. world history

    how are athens and sparta similar and different?

    Why did prohibition take place in mostly rural areas.
  4. Design Technology

    What is nylon threads and can you tell me the history of it?
  5. Honors history

    What is the irony of the French Revolution?
  6. us history

    who helped to expand women's rights
  7. history

    Describe why the senate was so important to Rome. =] thanks
  8. History in the west

    Propaganda in elections today
  9. History

    How did tea change the life in Europe?
  10. the world history

    Does any one have the question to exams007681-007682
  11. History

    How does syncretism relate to religious beliefs?
  12. History

    How was Andrew Jackson Effective on the US during his presidency ?
  13. us history

    what question was resolved with the great compromise?
  14. History

    Describe something about the industrial revolution in britain
  15. History

    I need as many reasons as to why slavery lasted so long.
  16. history

    list some advantages to Rome's location. thanks for the help =]
  17. history

    what influence did the Etruscans have on Roman development?
  18. american history

    what was the results of the war of 1812?
  19. history

    was the reign of terror necessary? what can we learn from it? pleasse help!!
  20. History

    Do you know a short meaning to the word: Umayyads?
  21. history

    How is the New Deal a conservative defense of capitalism?
  22. disease

    HELP What are the top ten plagues in history?
  23. History

    In what ways was Constantinople a golden city?
  24. History

    upport of and in opposition to American Imperialism
  25. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What are the effects of abolitionism?
  26. History

    Can anybody help me find some primary sources on the typewriter?
  27. U.S History

    what did the members of the temperance movement hope to do?
  28. History

    Is fish considered a livestock in Texas?
  29. history

    Examples of Afro-Asian ethnicities ?
  30. history

    who invented the drainage of south florida?
  31. history

    island that became romes northwester frontier
  32. american history

    what were the effects of the Indian Wars?
  33. history

    What were some contributions made to the bahamas by loyalists?
  34. us history

    how did the us try to stop communism during the cold war
  35. History

    which empire was dominant? was it Greek or Egypt??
  36. history

    How did Fort Repose adapt to the changes after The day?
  37. US History

    why did the rise of dictators cause concern in the 1930s
  38. history

    Explain the GATT principle of nondiscrimination.
  39. history

    what does it mean that the united states has a mixed economy
  40. us history

    How else can Jefferson 's election be considered a revolution?
  41. world history

    What is Hammurabi's code on vandalism?
  42. history

    who built the levee's for the okeechobee lake?
  43. History

    The Arian heresy asserted what concept?
  44. World History

    What is the basis of the feudal system?
  45. History

    Could the US have avoided entry into World War I?
  46. history

    during the slave trade, what was shore trading?

  48. civics

    What types of history are most important to the world?
  49. us history

    the American contitution is base on which belief?
  50. american history

    what was the purpose of finding each of the 13 colonies?
  51. History

    what compromises were made after shays rebellion?
  52. World History

    Why did Napoleon Bonaparte crown himself?
  53. history

    is the electric chair apart of the industrial revolution?
  54. history

    what countries were added to prussia in 1867?
  55. ap u.s history

    how could the trusts purchase a senate seat?
  56. history

    Explain when,where,how and why the volstead act was passed.
  57. history

    What happened to a knight when they broke a promise?
  58. history

    What is the meaning of virginia's state nickname.
  59. world history

    How did Buddhism spread beyond India?
  60. History

    why was the conversion experience artifact made?
  61. history

    What constitutes a middle class family?

  63. History

    What type of settlement did the Pilgrims build?
  64. history

    how did ancient egypt become so dominant and how did it decline?
  65. U.S. History

    Did the U.S. economy truly have a Peace Dividend in the 1990’s? 
  66. history

    What is the virginia state nickname meaning.
  67. history

    What policies led to the Boxer Rebellion?
  68. history

    what form of government was ancient egypt?
  69. history

    What happened to a knight when they broke a promise?
  70. world history

    Why was columbus's first voyage important?
  71. us history

    what beliefs did native Americans think where important
  72. History

    Who were the Civil War's Unsung Heroes?
  73. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of famine?
  74. history

    What caused Jeffersonian Democracy to develop?
  75. us history

    what group made up the Populist movement?
  76. World History

    What is the significance of the Republican Party?
  77. history

    2 big important facts about the 13 amendment.
  78. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of steerage?
  79. History

    What does it mean by being "pro-war diminishes overpopulation?
  80. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of prejudice?
  81. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of nativists?
  82. world history

    What did people use before batteries were invented?
  83. history

    why did the Fertile Crescent become a "crossroads of civilization"
  84. history

    according to the myans, when is the world schedueled to end
  85. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of transcendentalism?
  86. History

    What are the requirements to be able to know that a group of people are civilized?
  87. World History

    Who was firends with Joseph Stalin?
  88. H.S history

    Which is an example of the concept of manifest destiny in action?
  89. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of romanticism?
  90. Social Studies (History)

    What was the Women's Club about?
  91. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of immigrants?
  92. us history

    why do geographers divide areas into regions
  93. Us history

    The reconstruction finance corporation aimed to
  94. history

    Who was a democratic liberal during Reconstruction of the South?
  95. history

    The first humans who migrated to North America came on what?
  96. History

    Which amendment banned discrimination between genders?
  97. history

    the island that became Rome northwestern frontier?
  98. History

    What creatures did the europeans introduce in the new world?
  99. AP U.S History

    Can someone please explain what Federalism is? I don't quite get it yet. Please be specific.
  100. history

    i) who built first sarai ii) custom house is