U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. us history

    the American contitution is base on which belief?
  2. history

    How did the consequences of capitalism lead to communism?
  3. history

    island that became romes northwester frontier
  4. History

    I need as many reasons as to why slavery lasted so long.
  5. Honors history

    What is the irony of the French Revolution?
  6. history

    did native american colonize or immigrate?
  7. history

    how native cultures affected eropeans
  8. history

    What was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire?
  9. history

    What was the last christian city conquered by the Muslims.
  10. History

    Why did Japan invade China in 1937? thank you so much =]
  11. us history

    why did people criti cize and the new deal?
  12. Social Studies (History)

    What was the Women's Club about?
  13. history

    which group did the virginia plan favor ?
  14. World History

    How did Aryans influence Hinduism?
  15. US History

    What were 2 compromises made at the Constitutional Convention?
  16. history

    what were the contributions of shang dynasties craftspeople?
  17. SS HEEEEEEELLPPPPPPPP@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How Is Communism Important In Chinses History?
  18. american history

    what was the purpose of finding each of the 13 colonies?
  19. History

    Was there anything significant that happened in Sparta? Were they important?
  20. History

    What does it mean by being "pro-war diminishes overpopulation?
  21. History

    How was prejudice at work in America during the 1960's?
  22. History

    Did Princess Diana of the UK die because of the paparazzi?
  23. world history

  24. History

    What is the difference between classical and modern archeology?
  25. World history

    What influenced the scientific revolution?
  26. Biology

    Whats the history/background on the pH Scale
  27. history

    when was willian (Bill) H. Gates born?
  28. history

    why did Britain have any control over Canada (1930s)
  29. American History

    How did the cold War start?

    is the temperance movement still in affect today?
  31. U.S. History

    Defend McCarthyism as appropriate for the time in which it occurred.
  32. history

    What 2 languages created the swahili language?
  33. history

    1. What was the ruling in the case Boynton vs. Virginia?+ m,n
  34. History

    What were the effects of slavery on race in America
  35. world history

    What are some characteristics of Greek civilizations?
  36. History

    what is pericles most likely suggesting about greek government

  38. World history

    why did the revolution of 1900s take place

    Why did prohibition take place in mostly rural areas.
  40. history

    In forty seven ronin what is the author's message?
  41. History

    What are some examples of racism in America during the 1930's?
  42. history

    What challenges did Alexander the Great Overcome?
  43. History

    How did spices change life in europe?
  44. History

    What is the least important reason for the 7 years war and why?
  45. history

    What were John f Kennedy's key legislation?
  46. World history

    What influence did the patron have during the renaissance?
  47. History

    What powers did Parliament have in the Bill of Rights?
  48. History

    What is the importance of self identification of race or is it really important at all
  49. world history

    What was the most effective remedy for plague
  50. history

    How did Fort Repose adapt to the changes after The day?
  51. History

    What was "the late war" ? (My teacher said it's not Vietnam....) Thank you
  52. History

    When was cursive writing used in newspapers? Was it the 1800s?
  53. US history

    what is habeaus corps? Battle of gettysburg?
  54. social studies

    i need to find the history of lambs. can you help???
  55. World History

    Where is the power to tax found?
  56. History

    Who were the Civil War's Unsung Heroes?
  57. History

    How many continents did the Roman empire cover?
  58. History in the west

    Propaganda in elections today
  59. History

    What did Kennedy hope to accomplish with the New Frontier?
  60. history

    what were orlando`s aimsat the treaty of versailles? thanks
  61. world history

    who sparked the 30 year's war?
  62. History

    Compare and contrast Christianity and Islam.
  63. History

    In Rome, If there were a crisis, the consuls could appoint who?
  64. history

    How and why did England avoid the path of absolutism?
  65. American History

    What two colonies were resistant towards slavery?
  66. US History

    Were Americans religiously tolerant or intolerant?
  67. US History

    What were British criticisms of the colonies in 1763?
  68. history

    culture of comsumption during the eisenhower administration
  69. History

    Explain why the development of printing was described as a "revolution."
  70. U.S. History

    Explain the Civil rights Movement in the US
  71. history

    what are three laws that were passed during antebellum era?
  72. U.S. History

    was hitler a political or military leader
  73. us history

    list some of the advantages of using indentured servants
  74. Writing

    What can I write about? (holidays, History people,etc.)
  75. world history

    What is the Relative location of Uniodale?
  76. World History

    4 changes that have occured to the original US Constitution?
  77. american history

    Ineed help revising my assignment
  78. history

    Chinas economic growth since 1990?

    what is the official currency of the united states?
  80. History

    How did Queen Hatshepsut ascend to the throne?
  81. World History

    What is the basis of the feudal system?
  82. American History

    what were the elements of urban liberalism?
  83. us history

    What is the International State of Affairs of 1450?
  84. History

    Why did people move west in the 1800s?
  85. History

    Why do we need taxes? Could someone tell me in two paragraphs besides that we need it for roads and schools
  86. history

    what form of government was ancient egypt?
  87. Maths

    What's the text meaning and history Factorization
  88. history =P

    what are the threee major categories of rights?
  89. history

    why is betsy ross an important person??
  90. US History

    Where can i find info on the Portsmouth conference?
  91. History

    how were consensual crimes controled during the 1850-70's
  92. U.S history

    reasons for the growth of imperialism around the world?
  93. History

    who was alleys with Britain during the war of 1812?
  94. world history

    In the article it says that nefertiti was disliked. Why?
  95. History

    Descirbe "To provide common defense"
  96. History

    What are the risks and benefits of propaganda campaigns?
  97. history

    What were Americans afraid of during the Cold War?
  98. US history

    Why did the Iroques Legue eventually break apart?
  99. us history

    What were three problems under the articles of confederation, and what were two successes?
  100. history

    How many times more powerful was vesuvius than St Helen?