U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. us history

    what were the 3 most populous staes in 1860?
  2. history

    what drove many artisans out of business
  3. history

    which of the following is not a response to the stamp Act?
  4. history

    Who was Minnesotas first school teacher
  5. U.S. History

    Briefly describe "New Federalism."
  6. History

    I need to find a few articles about The Qur'an..like what is it and how it came about thanks
  7. History

    Where were most of the southern plantations located?
  8. U.S History

    what were the effects of the townshend acts?
  9. US History II

    What would this mean: identify the source of the quotation.
  10. History

    How do I know what website has trustabe information?
  11. history

    why did the US never joined the league of nations
  12. History

    What does it mean when war promotes ideology?
  13. U.S History

    what were the effects of the sugar act?
  14. History

    What are the boundaries of the Egyptian empire?
  15. History

    why do you most students have presidents day off?
  16. language

    how has workng together changed history?
  17. history

    what is the longest river in Canada?
  18. history

    What was the impact of the Stono Rebellion?
  19. US History

    Why wasn't Napoleon executed?
  20. history

    when did mahathma gandhi died
  21. history

    who was the british leader in 1809
  22. history

    i need a hypothesis for the 19th amendment
  23. history

    how do i make a speech with all the notes i have??????? help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. History

    I need to know about the different theories about Atlantis. Would you please help me on my homework?
  25. U.S History

    What was the effect of the Stamp Act??? PLEASE HELP THANKS
  26. music history

    When was mendelssohn born?
  27. Us history

    what is predestination and how did it affect New England
  28. history

    Who is the only woman currently on the U.S. supreme court?
  29. History

    Nation sates mostly use constitution to
  30. World History

    What was the anaconda Plan
  31. history

    How mr andrew treat his workers
  32. us history

    What changes were brought upon by the Progressive Era?
  33. history

    Why was geroge washingtin elected
  34. World History

    What was the fourteen points?
  35. History

    I need to know what life was like in Georgian Times.
  36. History

    What are three ways in which the Americas might have been populated?
  37. History

    What is the offical name of modern china?
  38. History

    rampurva bull capital
  39. History & Geography

    What are the boundaries of Europe?
  40. World History

    To whom were economies connected and why
  41. us history

    what are the four divisive issues of the 1820s
  42. History

    Similarities between Judaism and Islam
  43. History

    What is the significance of the Truman Doctrine?
  44. history

    course of religious wars in buganda
  45. History

    How did Archaic Greece modernize
  46. History

    What is the central teaching of Islam?
  47. Us history

    what is the embargo act of 1807?
  48. us history

    what does a full-fledged American mean?
  49. History

    What were three tactics of assimilation used on aboriginals?
  50. history

    The Anti-Federalists _____.
  51. history

    what did the germans do wrong in ww1?
  52. history

    why did the europeans say the indians were uncivilized ?
  53. History

    I need some info about the Hohenzollern Bridge please can you help?
  54. History

    What really happened with the Schlifflen Plan?
  55. history

    was the gang of four the same as the group of jiang
  56. History

    why was hillary clinton so successful?
  57. History

    Do you think Natural Rights have remained the same?
  58. u.s. history

    why did the u.s. become invoved in world war 11?
  59. History

    What was Uncle Sam's motto?
  60. history

    how did napoleon declare himself emperor?
  61. history

    How did the Israelites become slaves in Egypt?
  62. history

    what was napolean like in the north america?
  63. US history

    Which President was an orphan at age 14?
  64. History

    What are the physcial characteristics for humans?
  65. us history

    i need to find states that have 3 little words in them help
  66. US History

    In the 1600's what was referred to as "the elect"?
  67. History

    In 1992, it used to take 16 minutes, now it only takes 7. What is it?
  68. Gloabl History

    What were the cause of the Korean War?
  69. history

    how can you describe the economy of the 1920s
  70. world history

    what does geographic features mean?
  71. history

    explain 9th amendment
  72. history

    what Africans fought against the Europeans?
  73. History

    How did the Dark Ages end?
  74. History

    What was the catalyst to World War1 ?
  75. History

    Who are the 3 generals from the Roman Empire?
  76. History

    What is the difference between climate and weather?
  77. history

    who was commander of the u.s. troops on bataan?
  78. History

    what motivated Thomas Jefferson?
  79. Us History

    why were europeans interested in asia?
  80. History

    What were the major differences between the 13colonies
  81. History

    when did hitler invade poland?
  82. world history

    Movement in Africa?
  83. History

    Identify another name given to the Muslim invaders.

    Who were most slaves in the South owned by?
  85. History

    would 1924 be during the 20th century?
  86. history

    Which of the following statements about Buddhism is NOT true?
  87. American History

    What is a non example of Magna Carta
  88. History

    Was there a civil war in Canada?
  89. history

    The election of Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of ?

    what were some causes and effect of the Balle of the Bighorn?

  92. american history

    what was the teller amendment and what did it do? HELP
  93. history

    Have wars become worse after WWII?
  94. history.

    Who dominated the South's politics?
  95. History

    What did the Edict of Nantes do for their culture?
  96. history

    How much changed in the norman conquest
  97. History

    what is Soweto Dance Theater
  98. History

    what are the strengths and weaknesses of the confederacy?
  99. history

    When did world war ll end
  100. History

    who was the 34th president who had no taxes