U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 7th grade grammar

    Hey Ms. Sue, thank you for the website. It helped Juliana a lot. She thinks she can figure this out now. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!
  2. 9 grade science

    describe the properties of diamonds that makes so valuable as gemstones/// industrial cutting stones
  3. Calculus Grade 12

    Find the equation of the plane that passes through the point (3,7,-1) and is perpendicular to the line of intersection of the planes x-y-2z+3=0 and 3x-2y+z+5=0
  4. 12th grade

    which of the following results in the graph of f(x)=xto the second powwer being expanded vertically by a factor of 3 and reflected over the x axis a.f(x)=(1/3)x^2 b.f(x)=-3x^2 c.F(X)=-(1/x^2)+3 d.f(x)=-(1/3)x^2
  5. 9th grade earthspace science

    how do you decribe condinsation on a glass of a cold beverage on a warm day as?
  6. statistics

    how do the 4th grade girls weight in principal ben's school compare to the national mean weigh = 90 sd=15
  7. 4th grade english

    What part of speech is feigning? If you have the def. that would be great also! I'm just confused because of the "ing" ending. Thanks!
  8. 8th grade

    ok my teacher just assigned me this wikid stupid worksheet with a riddle whom do you see at the bank if you need to borrow money?
  9. chemistry

    What is the density of propane gas, C3H8, when measured at 18 grade celcius and 744 torr pressure?
  10. 7th grade Math

    I'm supossed to cme up with a real world problem and then solve it with decimals... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Can anyone help me???
  11. to Damon

    im in 4th grade. I thought you were a 6th grader or something. thaks for the tip. i will always be careful. do you live in philly?
  12. Math Grade 3

    Write a subtraction problem involving regrouping that has ted reading 304 pages?
  13. 9th grade-Social Studies

    I am doing a reconstruction project and need specific information about THe Black Codes. What is this or what were these? Who did or did not benefit from it? Thank you
  14. Social Studies 6th grade

    Why don't scientists agree on when and how the first people settled in North America?
  15. math

    how many ways can you make 45 cents with pennies, dimes, nickels,and quarters????? help me as fast as you can this is worth 1/2 my grade
  16. 3rd grade math

    In which division sentence is 8 the divisor? a) 8/2=4 b) 40/8=5 c)8/4=2 d) 48/6=8 I think it is b or d. I forgot my book at school, so I don't have any examples to look at for help. PLEASE HELP !!!!!
  17. 3rd grade math

    Samantha says 1+1+1=3 cannot be written as a multiplication sentence because there are no equal groups. Do you agree? Explain.
  18. 9th grade math

    you invest $1500 for three years.find the amount you earn at an annual rate of 8.25%
  19. science infectious disease

    i have a project to present on salmonella can you help me find website that is understandable 7th grade i can use
  20. 9th grade

    True or False? in the west indies slaves were sold in exchange for land rights?
  21. 7th Grade Literature

    Could someone please give me some examples of the following peices of grammar? modifiers articles prepositions interjections Thank you very much!
  22. 7th grade Science

    Determine your distance traveled if you walk 100m forward and then 35m backward
  23. Physical science 7th grade

    What is the internal structure of the cavefish and the minnow suggest common ancestry?
  24. sixth grade math

    Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid
  25. 12th grade

    whick is a positive connotaion of the word inactive? a)lazy B)passive C)relaxed d)slacked
  26. 7th grade

    find the Volume of a cylinder with a radius of 14 in and a height of 21 in. Then Change Your Answer In Cubic Feet?
  27. help with my science test 7th grade connection

    Which of the following is an example of a model. A.the solar system B.a globe C.a planet D.a padlock
  28. 1st grade

    This is for my cousin Kara planted seeds in her garden.that summer, many tomatoes grew. cause: Effect:
  29. 7th grade

    I need general info on the Versailles Palace in France. I can't seem to find any sites that are easy to understand.
  30. programming

    write a programe which calculate the number of five subjects also show the average and grade of the desire total.
  31. Pre-Algebra(7th Grade)

    I don't know how to do area on a shape if it has missing numbers.. .also i need help on division with decimals...
  32. Technology - grade 9

    Can someone tell me a brief summary on how to make an L.E.D light up when connected with only wires, nutes and bolts, battery and a paperclip.
  33. 8th grade math

    in a catalog a jacket was marked down from $75 to $48. what was the percent of discount on the jackets original price?
  34. 7 grade math

    a helicopter blade spend 775 times in 3 mintues find the rate in revolutions per second
  35. vocabulary 4th grade

    How can I make 2 sentences using both meanings of the word trap. I already know how to use it like in trapping an animal. But I can't think of a way to use it meaning something else.
  36. grade 12 chem

    use the activity series to predict if a reaction will occur, complete and and balance your equation. Zn(s)+ Cu(NO3)2
  37. Life orientation

    Identify three courses you are interested in following after grade 12 nd provide 2 reasons why you find this a suitable course for each choice
  38. 6th grade social studies

    President Ruterford B.Hayes tried to change the spoils system by reforming the ---
  39. 10th grade

    A metroid entering Earth's atmosphere has a speed of 70.0 km/s and a kinetic energry of 2.56 X 10^15 J. What is the mass of the meteroid?
  40. science

    If I were to make and edible cell, using cake and other materials, such as liquirice and candy or by using a bagel, which do you believe would receive a better grade?
  41. 12th grade-Advanced functions

    Determine the instantaneous rate of change of y=tanx at x=1 to 3 decimal places
  42. Senses- Science Grade 7

    The semicircular canals sends impulses to the cerebellum? If false what is the correct answer? I do not know.
  43. 10th Grade Honors Chemistry

    volume of 8.00 grams of hydrogen gas at 32.0 degrees celcius and 1.50 atm
  44. 10th grade

    On very hot days or when you are exsercising, it is better to drink tap water than sugary drinks. Explain why.
  45. business communication

    revise sentence on a 10 grade level. It is imperative that consumers be unrestrained in determining their preferences.
  46. 7th grade science

    What is a simplified reprsentation of reality? It is either a model,table,variable,or an inquiry. Does anyone know the answer?
  47. 8th grade

    what is the area of a regular hexagon ABCDEF if AB= 2 units? express your answer in simplist form.
  48. Environmental Science 11th grade

    The process of separating 238-U to produce material containing a higher concentration.
  49. 6th grade math

    Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid
  50. 4th grade

    in complex animals the main waste removal organs are the --------, which filter wastes from the blood.
  51. Life orientation

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interestedi in following after grade 12 and write them down in order of preference
  52. 10th grade

    its werid finiding 8x - 13 and 7x + 11 but idk if i should add and equl to 360 its paralleograms and finding x its a triangle please help
  53. 4th grade math

    I have to rearrange these letters CTEXINING to form a word describing mathematics. Could someone please help. I can't figure it out.
  54. grade 9 physics

    A runner jogs 12km North then turns and runs 16km East three hours
  55. 3rd grade

    a solution of 30% ethanol by weight has a density of 0.96g/ml at 25 degree celsius. find the molarity.
  56. Chemist - Grade 9 - Urgent.

    Predict the physical properties and relative reactivity of Ba and Sr Cs and Br ( elements from periodic table )
  57. 11th grade math

    The equation Ax^2 + 4y^2 = 16 represents an ellipse. Find all values of A such that its intersection with y = |x| has coordinates (x,y) which are integers.
  58. 8th grade pre-algebra

    how to use a grid and lenghts of line segments to give a geometric argument
  59. 7th grade science

    what type of muscles make up the majority of mucsles in your body ? (please no websites only answers)
  60. 1st grade

    Point value of a hexagon is six. trapezoid is 3. triangle is 1. Rhombus is 2. my homework says, shape, number and total. what do I do? thanks.
  61. 6th Grade Math

    How can you find an unknown factor in a multiplication problem? Is the answer: divide the two numbers that you have?
  62. 6th grade science

    what are 2 examples of organisms interacting with abiotic factors in the Mono lake ecosystem?
  63. 7th grade math - scientific notation help

    12. 0.00581 13. 0.00105 14. 0.0000078 15. 0.000027 16. 0.000000132 17. 0.000000009
  64. 12th grade

    what mass of copper may be produced when excess CuSO4 is reacted with 100g of aluminum metal?
  65. 3 grade english

    write a sentence about a desert animal. use the past tense of an irregular verb.underline it.
  66. 6th grade social studies

    What are the crops/livestock raised, and the resources mined in the Ande Mountains.
  67. 12th grade

    if you remove 1000 cal from 1.5 grams of steam at 100 degress celsius, what would you have left?
  68. 11th grade

    Calculate the root mean square,average and most probable speed of oxygen at 27degree celcius
  69. 12th grade maths

    factorise: 2x^2+6x-16, and 14x^2-3x-2. Solve: 6y^2-5y-6=0, and 8x^2-2x-1=0. Rearrange: p=5t-u/u to make u the subject, and p(q+r)=(q-p). please help i've done about 40 questions and im just stuck on these. thanks for the help
  70. science 7th grade

    In sequential order how does our body digest a crakcer. I was wondering if someone could please let me know if there is a web-site that may be able to help me thanks
  71. elementery

    HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links
  72. 9th grade

    what qualities do people in todays society consider barbaric or monstrous? give a real life example
  73. 11th grade Physics

    What is the current produced by a potential difference of 240 volts through a resistance of 0.2 ohms?
  74. 9th grade chem

    estimate the freezing point of an aqueous of 10.0 g of glucose dissolved in 500.0 g of water
  75. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer
  76. Algebra Grade 7

    suppose you have ABC with AB=5, BC=7, and CA=10, and also EFG with EF=900, FG=1260, and GE=18/00. are these triangles similar, and if so what is the scale factor?
  77. Math

    Solve the inequality. Explain all steps and identify the properties used. n/-3+5>4 Pleasr help I can't figure this out and my grade depends on it
  78. 6th Grade Science : Newtons First Law of Motion

    Explain the idea of streamlining, as it applies to a skydiver.
  79. 7th grade

    What should I do to practice my math and reading before I start school so I can get my brain in gear and havesome time to know what i'm doing that is new.
  80. Life orientation

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interested in following after grade 12 write down them in order of preference
  81. 12th grade

    The kinetic energy of a 50 newton object resting on the edge of a cliff 30 meters high is?
  82. 4th grade math

    Which object is most likely to be about 4cm long? a textbook a pair of scissors a cricket a new crayon
  83. 6th grade

    what are the pronouns in this sentence: Doris Cooksey works for the American Family Insurance company
  84. 12th grade

    is there any sites that can you can suggest for an essay that I'm doing on how young people who believe in their words and ideas can change our world?
  85. 2nd Grade Science

    Some objects and ____________ things move quickly. What is the answer to fill-in the blank.
  86. 12th grade Economics

    Describe the automotive Industry- How does the company answer the basic economic questions?
  87. 8th grade science

    Describe the motion of a bicycle in a race in terms speed,velocity,acceleration.
  88. 11th grade Physics

    What is the potential difference if a resistance of 25 ohms produce a current of 250 amperes?
  89. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  90. 11th grade Physics

    What happens when an insulator is wired in series with the bulb? Is trhe swich open or closed?
  91. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  92. 9th grade

    My son needs help with this question. Please help. Write a function rule for each table. x | f(x) 1 | 0.5 2 | 1 3 | 1.5 4 | 2 Any and all help is greatly appreciated since this is something that I am not familiar with.
  93. 2nd grade/math

    How do you find the perimeter of a letter, example I, U, and J? The area for the I is 9 square cm. Do you still count all the sides or what? Any help would be appreciated!
  94. grade 7 math

    Calculate the dimensions of a square with each of these areas A. 441 m2 b. 121 m2 c 900 m2 d. 10000 cm2
  95. 4th grade math

    When I am rounded to the nearest ten I am one thousand. I am the same when read forward or backward. I can be two different numbers who am I
  96. 3 grade english

    write three sentences describing life in the desert. use the past tense of at least two irregular verbs.
  97. Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Need help with finding the state capitals of the middle and southern colonies from the 1600's
  98. Math

    what is the best unit measurement for two sixth grade students? ounce pound. (MY ANSWER) tons. cup.
  99. math

    Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me the answers to the Patterns and Rules Unit Test. I go to connections academy and I am in 7th grade.. THANK YOU!!!!!
  100. 7th grade

    Doing an essay on the Battle of the Plain of Abraham; i need some opinions and bias'...i have alot of facts already, just need something more to back me up. help! Thanks