U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. History

    where did humanism originate from?
  2. u.s. history

    i need help what the three-fifths compromise
  3. spanish

    How do i say i don't like history?
  4. u.s history

    What was the three-Fifths compromise
  5. Social

    Why is history better than fiction?
  6. history

    who was samuel jackson
  7. history

    First war of haladighat
  8. world history

  9. world history

  10. history

    what is the meaning of Medina?
  11. History

    For native Bahamas
  12. history

    what is necessary to win a war?
  13. US History

    What is the second great awakeing?
  14. History

    Who wrote the constitution?
  15. us history

    What is the Missouri Comprmise?
  16. History

    What is Republicanism? Give an example.
  17. history

    what is the orgin for maryland?
  18. history

    what is the definition of incentives?
  19. History

    Are ninjas real?
  20. history

    how were the assyrians like the mesopotamians
  21. History

    How did English evolve so much?
  22. World history

    IS AD and CE the same thing?
  23. computer history

    what are all the anser
  24. History

    How did the truman policy come about?
  25. history

    who was Robert de la salle?
  26. AP US History

    What is a theocratic society?
  27. History

    Who was alvars and nayanars
  28. music history

  29. us history

    Was US imperialism overall beneficial?
  30. P.E 2

    brief history of pandanggo sa ilaw
  31. History

    What is Lincoln 10% plan?
  32. history

    what are the two forms of government
  33. History

    What is gun control exactly?
  34. history

    map of the pastII
  35. history

    What six revolutionaries were not at the convention
  36. US History

    What is the Article of Confederation?
  37. ap history

    why did the cartoonist use "$" instead of "s" for senate?
  38. art history

    A mastaba is:
  39. history

    what are the southwest indians?
  40. US history

    Who is the above statement referring to ?
  41. history

    What is a fertile crescent
  42. History

    How does the hungarian symbol for es look like
  43. U.S. History

    What were the effects of McCarthyism?
  44. ad

    how do advertisements alter history?
  45. History-Civil War

    Thank You anyway for your help !
  46. Maths

    History of pie
  47. Maths

    History of number
  48. us history

    what is another word for nativism
  49. History

    What are the preconditions for industrialization
  50. U.S History

    why did the colonists need their independence?
  51. history

    3) what was the Roosevelt Corollary?
  52. us history

    what is a social contract?
  53. History

    What were ordinary Americans?
  54. history

    what was the assassination of the Ferdinand-?
  55. history

    how were the south and the north the same?
  56. history

    what is oligarchy? pleaz help me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. history

    what is the purpose of the preamble?
  58. History

    Who is Shaka Zulu
  59. history

    Who were the first colonists in America?
  60. us history

    who came to america in 1619
  61. u.s.history

    What is the significance of 13 days
  62. Economics

    what has been used for money throughout history?
  63. us history

    what is an example of the eighth ammendment?
  64. us history

    who is sabeen/sabine?
  65. history

    briefly: what is vietnamisation?
  66. history

    Who was the REAL "first" president?
  67. History

    Who slayed Goliath?
  68. History

    What is the name of the money used in Italy?
  69. us history

    the texas revolution
  70. History

    What were the causes of cold war and how ?
  71. us history

    Nixon's Politics
  72. us history

    what problems did the us have in the n.w. territory
  73. History

    What is the gulf war?
  74. world history

    who was the 32 president?
  75. us history

    what are the four native languages in sc
  76. history

    what does popular consent mean???
  77. History

    Is italy a country?
  78. History

    How did we get water on earth?
  79. history

    How did Hitler get so many followers?
  80. history

    How many presidents were from Tennessee and who were they?
  81. US History

    What does historical context mean?
  82. us history

    what is the Proclamation of Neutrality?

  84. History

    Ms. Sue, Thanks for the help. Sandy
  85. history

    How was the economy of the 1920
  86. History

    How to do any kind of homework?
  87. history

    who was the 34th president?
  88. History

    Where did the first nations settle ?
  89. history

    where the athens greek??
  90. Socials

    What was an added bonus of these Europeans conducting trading in Canada? Describe the achievements of either Fraser or Thompson. How did Cook and Vancouver contribute to the history of BC? An added bonus of these Europeans conducting trading in Canada was
  91. business

    A loan of face value $30,000,000 is issued in bonds each face value $300. The bonds will be repaid with a bonus of 20%. 1/5th of the total capital will be repaid each year, the first payment being at the end of the 10th year. Coupons on the outstanding
  92. math 5th

    Alisha had 114 more beads than Beena. After Alisha gave 96 beads to Beena, Beena had twice as many beads as Alisha. How many beads did Beena have at first?
  93. Help Mrs.Sue plz

    Which sentence uses italics, quotation marks, and punctuation correctly? (1 point) The article called “A Persistent Rebel” in American History magazine told about Elizabeth Blackwell. The article called A Persistent Rebel in American History magazine
  94. Algebra

    Write a proportion using an unknown value x and the ratio 5:6 then solve it. In an orchestra, the ratio of trombones to violas is 1 to 3. There are 9 violas, Write a proportion that gives the number t of trombones in the orchestra. How many trombones are
  95. 5th grade LA

    For the following sentences, identify the verbs. Then write the correct form of one verb to match the tense of the other one. If no change is needed, write NC. 1. The stage crew placed teh props on stage and sets them in place. verbs: placed, sets answer:
  96. Lattice method/math

    How do you do lattice math? http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/52468.html what is the lattice method? hi i hate this method it suks now i need to do a report on it and i need information about its history aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dam this! can you
  97. History- Nazi Germany

    I was wondering if any one could find a picture of a Nazi woman called-Gertrude Schlottz-Klink. thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you misspelled the name, here is what I did find: 1. Click Here: Check out "Gertrude
  98. 3rd grade math

    Samantha says 1+1+1=3 cannot be written as a multiplication sentence because there are no equal groups. Do you agree? Explain.
  99. accounting,economics, mathematics,business studies

    Identity three courses or study field you are interested in following after grade 12
  100. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer