U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. history

    do all civilizations have laws?
  2. history

    what are the two forms of government
  3. us history

    What is the Missouri Comprmise?
  4. History

    Is italy a country?
  5. history

    What was the Estates-General?
  6. US History

    Sorry, theres another one my son is stuck on.
  7. us history

    what is an example of the eighth ammendment?
  8. History

    What is gun control exactly?
  9. History

    Who were Code Takers
  10. US history

    Who is the above statement referring to ?
  11. history

    what is the definition of incentives?
  12. history

    how were the south and the north the same?
  13. computer history

    what are all the anser
  14. history

    where the athens greek??
  15. history

    who was hanniba lecter
  16. history

    a british soldier
  17. world history

    Can someone tell me about the rennaisance?
  18. History

    Why was enclosure important?
  19. Us history

    What is the Wilmot proviso?
  20. History

    What were the 2 most important commodities from?
  21. history

    what were vietcong hideouts?
  22. history

    what is oligarchy? pleaz help me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. u.s. history

    changes that occurred during WWI and after 9/11?
  24. history

    who is the richest president
  25. P.E 2

    brief history of pandanggo sa ilaw
  26. History

    How many people are currently in the U.S. military? Thanks for your help.
  27. us history

    what are the four native languages in sc
  28. world history

  29. history

    when was self government establish
  30. ap history

    why did the cartoonist use "$" instead of "s" for senate?
  31. US History

    What was the Gasden Purchase?
  32. us history

    what is the 1st amendment?
  33. history

    First war of haladighat
  34. us history

    what is another word for nativism
  35. History

    What is the purpose of government?!?
  36. History

    WHat is a traditionalist cherokee?
  37. History

    what were some causes of the panic of 1819?
  38. History

    can anyone unscramble dropifthegoits?
  39. history

    what was simla conferce
  40. history

    what did Nellie McClung do?
  41. History

    Road to democracy
  42. history

    what is the orgin for maryland?
  43. History

    How did the truman policy come about?
  44. history

    who was the 34th president?
  45. History

    What was the Reformation in Europe?? Thanks! From: I need help
  46. us history

    who came to america in 1619
  47. history

    how did the asias live
  48. history

    who was the 27th president?
  49. us history

    what problems did the us have in the n.w. territory
  50. US History

    What is the Article of Confederation?
  51. history

    briefly: what is vietnamisation?
  52. history

    What do the Stars on the U.S. Flag mean.
  53. Tx. History

    What was the American experience?
  54. art history

    A mastaba is:
  55. History

    Who were the Seljuk Turks? What did they do?
  56. History

    Are ninjas real?
  57. History

    Pilgrims ship
  58. History

    What are the preconditions for industrialization
  59. spanish

    How do i say i don't like history?
  60. History

    What is the name of the money used in Italy?
  61. History

    Who is Loius the 14th??
  62. history

    Who is roberto clemente?
  63. history

    what are the southwest indians?
  64. history

    what is the religon for Potawatomi
  65. us history

    what is a social contract?
  66. World History

    What Are The Causes of The Renaissance?
  67. history

    how were the assyrians like the mesopotamians
  68. U.S. History

    What were the effects of McCarthyism?
  69. History

    How does the hungarian symbol for es look like
  70. History

    Ms. Sue, Thanks for the help. Sandy
  71. History

    How did English evolve so much?
  72. history

    Who were the first colonists in America?
  73. history

    When did colonists first come to America?
  74. History

    Who were the buffalo soldures.
  75. history

    What was the formal name of our country?
  76. us history

    whats the timelines?
  77. history

    what is the purpose of the preamble?
  78. Social

    Why is history better than fiction?
  79. History

    How do you Create a timeline using A.D. and B.C.?
  80. History

    For native Bahamas
  81. history

    Can anyone please paraphrase the first amendment
  82. History

    What is Lincoln 10% plan?
  83. history

    What is a fertile crescent
  84. history

    What six revolutionaries were not at the convention
  85. history

    what was vimy ridge
  86. World History

  87. US History

    What does historical context mean?
  88. world history

    what is the ka'bah?
  89. music history

  90. World history

    IS AD and CE the same thing?
  91. history

    Who were the first colonists in America?
  92. history

    how are the Israelites unique?
  93. us history

    the business cycle might best be described as?
  94. world history

    what does industry mean?
  95. History

    What were the causes of cold war and how ?
  96. history

    Why did the cowboys go west?
  97. u.s. history

    i need help what the three-fifths compromise
  98. History

    Is there a founder of Hinduism and if there is who is it?
  99. us history

    how to write a bill
  100. history

    who was Robert de la salle?