U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. math 5th grade

    need to understand how to find the sum in simplest form of these common denominators 1/2 +1/10= ,5/12+1/4=,the difference in 2/3-1/6 =, 5/6-7/12=
  2. 5th Grade Social Studies

    I am doing an ABC book and I need some words that I can use that I learned about this year like the really hard ones like X, Y, and Z but other ones would be helpful too.
  3. 5th grade maths

    Choose a reasonable metric unit to complete each sentence and how did you do it. 1. 1 mile is about 1.6---- 2. 1 yard is about 1------ Thanks
  4. 5th grade social studies

    as a result of searching for the northwest passage,what two colonies did the french found?
  5. Social studies 5th grade

    What was difference in exploring for Spain and France? Why did each of them explore? Compare and contrast
  6. 5TH GRADE Math

    Can you please show me how to find the common factors of each set of numbers. 1. 1,4,8,32______ 2. 1,3,6,12,24_____
  7. Math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. She only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, however the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on
  8. 5th grade math (dividing fractions)

    Can you check this problem? How many twelfths are in one sixth? work: 1/6 divided by 1/12 = 1/6 * 12/1 = 2 ans= 2
  9. 5th grade

    5-4x4 divided by 7 plus 4 = negative 13 and 2 7ths.....can you insert parentheses to make this a true number sentence?
  10. 5th grade Reading

    How do you find an accented syllable,every definition i look it has too many fancy words(I'm sick of it!) will anyone tell me how without becoming too confusing?Thank You-(Ace)
  11. 5th Grade Math

    Need to show my work for the following: 646,505,712,103 divded by 72. Am having such a hard time please help.
  12. Math

    Whats 7*0 0 7 2************** 1 I have dyslexia so please don't assume I'm being dumb, please. I'm in 5th grade. My best friend helped me spell everything too. So please help me. I got this from special ed.
  13. 5th grade science

    why is the angle of rays of sunlight so important in determining the amount of engery collected by the earth?
  14. 5th Grade Math

    Eduardo and his friends niked 7/4 miles. What mied number shows the distance they hiked?
  15. 5th grade math

    how do I solve 1 2/3 + 1/6. not coming up with the answers they are giving 5x6 +1x3/3x6 30+3/18 33/18 = 11/6 = 1 5/6 (my equations) their ans. 9/16, 11/6, 16/22, 22/12 and 33/18 help
  16. 5th grade-social studies

    1-What was the result of Zheng He's voyage? 2-what did the europeans trade in Africa? 3-When did the renaissance began?
  17. math 5TH GRADE

    how many boxes can you find that will hold two times as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by4 box.record each of the dimensions
  18. 5th grade math

    insert parentheses to make each statement true: 3x9+18+36/9=33 No way i do this do i get 33. One way I get 31.5 the other way I get 9. I don't think this is a good equation to =33.
  19. 5th grade math

    The full question is: Why is a globe more accurate than a flat map in representing the earths surface?
  20. 5th grade math

    Given 257 sec, 15,000 feet per second Find the acceleration due to earth's gravity.
  21. 5th grade math

    the press was invented about 1450 and had little change for 350 years. since then many changes have been made. how many decades have changes been occurring?
  22. math(5th grade)

    if an elephant's heart beats 25 time a minute, how many days does it take to beat a million times?
  23. Social Studies

    I am in 5th grade, and I need a easy interesting current event to write a paragraph about. Help me find a subject!!
  24. 5th grade math

    Make up a set of at least 12 numbers that have the following lankmarks : Maximum: 8 Range: 6 Mode: 6 Median: 5 Please explain and help! Thank you
  25. 5th grade

    Math. How can I make up a data set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks, maximum 18: mode: 7, range: 13, median: 12?
  26. 5th Grade Math

    seventeen and four tenths. ten and ninety-nine thousandths. How much money do these word forms turn out to be?
  27. 5th grade writing assignment

    I need some ideas on a story about a Christmas Tree. A short and simple idea would be great!
  28. math - 5th grade

    Insert parentheses to make sentence true: 8^2 - (-9) + (-10) * 8 = 88 (8^2 is 8 squared, just couldn't type it in the traditional way).
  29. 5th grade social studies

    describe the geographical features of your community or region. How might they have influenced people to settle there?
  30. Math

    Name School Team Event 3: Logic and Reasoning (with calculators) 5th/6th grade Math Meet ‘08 For each number pattern, fill in the next five terms. (2 pts. each blank) ANSWER KEY 1st term 2nd term 3rd term 4th term 5th term 6th term 7th term 8th term 9th
  31. 11th grade u.s. history

    Im doing a project on the 12th amendment but im having a hard time finding the questions ive been working this for like well dis will be my 5th day working on it im not good at finding stuff on the internet anyway i have to find out why was the 12th
  32. 5th grade math

    Rachel has a box of cupcakes that she wants to share equally with her 5 friends. Write an expression to represent the problem.
  33. 5th grade religion

    For whom do members of the JVC works? plz don't give me an answer to look at on wikapieda that website does not tell the truth thanks
  34. 5th Grade Math

    Express the fraction(s) 6/7 and 12/10 as the sum of two or three equal fractional parts. Rewrite each as a multiplication equation. Any help is appreciated.
  35. math

    I am in 5th grade and i just want to know something : if i take science do i have to take classes that includes frog diseccetion and the human body? Because that stuff grosses me out and creeps me out.
  36. 5th Grade Math

    Use the terms factor, divisor,multiple, product and divisible by to write as many statements as you can about the number sentence below. 7*9=63
  37. 5th grade economics

    what does not cultivate crops or raise livestock, but relies on the collection of wild animals and plants for subsistence?
  38. writing

    My 5th grade year was coming to a close and I, personally, was really looking forward to summer. Two months of sleeping in late and doing whatever. How would I write this...
  39. applied problems with fractions

    For the food drive, the 5th grade has a goal of collecting half a ton of canned goods.
  40. 5th grade math

    Please find the least common multiple for each set of numbers: 7,8,10 2,5,6 3,4,7 _______________________________________ Beth has $0.60 more than Suzy. Together they have $8.20. How much money does each girl have? Thank you very much
  41. reading

    I really need help in understand what I read. Everyday we have to summarize a chapter in a book. Well I do read the chapter but I always find myself writing 2 sentences out of the chapter for my summary. My grades are not good in reading and I want to know
  42. U.S history 8th grade

    who was the founder of roanoke island? that is the last question on my U.S history worksheet!!!!!
  43. 5th grade math

    The moon is about 240.000 miles from Earth. What is this distance written as a whole number multiplied by the power of ten?
  44. 5th grade English

    He gave us thirty seconds to think about it. Is the word IT singular or a plural pronoun? I thought it was both...but could it actually be BOTH? because it doesn't give it antecedent.
  45. 5th Grade Match

    Writing in Math: Write a word problem using the number sentence 4.23 x 10 = 42.3. I don't understand how to answer this question
  46. algebra

    can you put things on your website to make me prepaird for 5th grade http://www.math.com/homeworkhelp/PreAlgebra.html
  47. 5th grade Math

    A rectangle has a perimeter of 12 m. If each side is a whole number of meters, what are the possible dimensions for the length and width? List them and explain your answer.
  48. 5th grade

    i need some help and answers... research... suggestions for this Q: how have the enviromental issues changed over time? please answer. i need help for a report. ive got more but first i gotta find this 1.
  49. History vocabulary

    I have looked every where. I am in honors 7th grade history. Help please I need a sentence with the word mullah and jihad?
  50. history

    what were the five key points of henry clay's compromise of 1850? someone please help me and this is a 7th grade history question by the way....
  51. History

    19.)which amendment protects citizens' freedoms of speech and press A.)1ST B.)3RD C.)5TH D.)7TH Is it B
  52. history

    who was the 5th president of the u.s please help me Check this site. http://americanhistory.about.com/library/fastfacts/blffpres5.htm
  53. History

    which amendment protects citizens' freedoms of speech and press a.1st b.3rd c.5th d.)7th its c?
  54. History HECK. X_X

    My evil history teacher assigned us a project (that is a major grade) where we have to find 20 causes of the American Revolution. They must begin with the French and Indian War and end with Lexington and Concord, and I only have 13. Help? =) If you post
  55. statistics

    A large school district would like to estimate the mean score for all of its 5th grade students on a certain mathematics achievement test known to produce scores that are normally distributed in this population. In a pilot study, n = 25 randomly selected
  56. Texas History

    Help! Asap!!!!!Texas State History Unit 2 Lesson 9 7th grade. 1.Last Salle had conflicts with which of the following groups of American Indians? A. Hasinai B.Caddo C.Apache D.Karankawa 3.Why did the Spanish look for La Salle's colony? A.To destroy it
  57. dramatic art .tourism. history and math lit

    I'm doing grade 11 next year grade 12 I don't know which job can do with this subject pls help me to found more information about it plss
  58. math(5th grade)

    sixteen teams compete in a single elimination basketball tournament (one loss and you're out). How many games must be played to determine a champion?
  59. 5th GRADE

    Write fourteen thousand and six tenths in standard form. I wrote: 14000.06 Another site told me that it was 0014.06. Which is correct? Please advise, Thank you
  60. 5th Grade English Grammar

    positive comparative superlative for troubled, straight, friendly, dry, safe, useful, flat, willing, blue, worst, and sad. Thanks.
  61. Cheater!

    Your absolutely correct, Ms. Sue! All students should learn how to rely on their brains, and not on others to answer their questions. When I was in 5th grade, I got all the answers off of the internet. Big mistake!
  62. figurative language

    plz help me i am in 5th grade and need help on similies & metaphores about the book number the stars. it asks "it was an odd word: pride." meaning proud, i think
  63. Melillo Middle shcool

    I need to work up a 5th grade Explorer recruitment Post for my Sicence class on Sir Frances Drake. an you give me information
  64. History

    Due Process: Relate the 5th/4th Amendment, procedural, substansive, police power, right to privacy. what's in common?
  65. algebra

    i need help with 5th grade algebra my big bro. is helping me but i don't understand
  66. 5th grade math

    what is a letter in the alphabet with 3 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles? I think it is X.
  67. 5th grade math

    What is 3,256 divided by 4? What is 99,999 divided by 3? I need these answers in an hour! Please help!
  68. 5th grade

    how do you break apart to divide: 648 by 6 using compatible numbers to break apart the dividend.
  69. 5th grade math

    what number is 10,000 less than 337,676 in number sense?
  70. 5th grade math

    name three solutions of inequality. then graph the inequality on a number line. k<8
  71. 5th grade math

    how many flowers do I have if...1/4 are pink...2/5 of remaining flowers are red...18 are yellow
  72. 5th grade science

    A substance seems to completely fill a container, but more can be forced in. The substance is a
  73. 5th grade

    I'm doing a science fair project on chromatography and I need some background info. What is chromatography?
  74. 5th Grade Math

    writing a prime number factorization of a number using exponents. does that mean 15= 5 x 3 60= 6 x 10 28= 4 x 7 49= 7 x 7 Yes,No or What?
  75. math 5TH GRADE

    This number of tiles will make a rectangle that is 6 tiles wide.
  76. 5th grade math

    I need some help with my math sheet lesson 11-12 with volume mass and capacity
  77. math 5TH GRADE

    Beth has 60 toy cars and trucks 75% of them are blue.How many are blue?
  78. 5th grade math

    What missing number makes the number sentence, 28.02=20+8=?, true?
  79. 5th grade

    what does the statment mean. The properties of salts are different from the properties of the elements that go into making them mean?
  80. 5th grade

    why the climate in the appalachian mountains would be warmer the the rocky mountains
  81. 5th grade math

    two numbers are reciprocals of each other and one of them is four times as large as the other. what are the two numbers?
  82. 5th Grade Math

    If one side of a triangle is 54 cm and the other is 35 cm what is the third side? Two sides have to be longer than the other so I think it is 54 cm
  83. 5th grade science

    what does the statement "the properties of salts are different from the properties of the elements"mean.
  84. 5th grade

    lightning is an example of electricity. what is another type of energy asociated with lightning
  85. 5th grade English

    You should take it with you. Is "you" Singular or plural? At first is thought is was singular but know I really don't know. Was I right at first?
  86. 5th grade

    What do you mean by "Time is Gold" and " Lost Time cannot come back anymore"?
  87. World History

    What was the only thing that united East & West Pakistan? Time period: - Decolonization in India and Africa, 10th grade history
  88. 5th grade math

    rewrite each pair of fractions as equivalent fractions with a common denominator? 2/3, 3/4

  90. 5th grade math

    T = t-shirts & S = shorts T + T + S + S = $42 T + S + S + S = $45 HOW MUCH IS A PAIR OF SHORTS? EXPLAIN HOW YOU FOUND THE ANSWER.
  91. 5th grade

    when crating an interval for a requncy table-hoe do you determine the interval number-
  92. 5th grade English

    The quartet sang several Irish songs. Is several and Irish the adjectives in the sentence.
  93. 5th grade math

    How do you find the dimensions of a box that hold 2xs as many cubes as a box that is 2 by 3 by 4?
  94. 5th grade

    the lengths of two sides of a triangle are 15in.each.the third side measures 10 in.what type of triangle is this
  95. Math

    I need help.I'm in 5th grade.The question is:12 less than the product of 5 and a number equals 8.What is the unknown number?Plz help
  96. 5th grade math

    write the next three numbers in the pattern; 0.75,15,300,____,_____,____?
  97. 5th grade math

    Estimate the quotient. 3,594/68 My answer is 3,500/70=50 Is my answer correct?
  98. Math

    Mrs coopers 5th grade class has 11 more girls than boys. There are 35 students in all. How many girls are there?
  99. 5th grade

    what is a 7 letter word that is a high shrill sound, the 3rd letter is i and the 5thletter is t
  100. 5th grade

    i need help! how you Estimating quotients how you solve a problem. like this one? 195 divided 4 in estimating quotient?