U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 2nd grade

    Change one latter in "low" to make a thick, round piece of wood
  2. math,social studies and health

    Do you know any other websites where I can calculate my grade point average. Thanks.
  3. 7th grade

    find the sum or difference. write the answer in simplest form.
  4. 3rd grade English

    the greatest City in the Midwest Is the words above capitalized correctly?
  5. Geometry 9th grade

    One of two supplementary angles is 4 times the other. Find the larger angle.
  6. 4th grade

    a) the quotient of 24 divided by 5.= 4.8 b)27/6= 4.5 c) 18/4 = 4.5 d) 30/5 = 6 describe in your own words what problems a, b and c have in common that make them different from d .
  7. 7th grade

    500 words on (how) to write about the law of april 6th 1830?help
  8. 7th grade civics

    Review the table below. Which country would have the highest GDP per capita?
  9. Geometry

    To the nearest degree, what angle does a hill with a grade of 11% make with a horizontal line? A. 6* B. 11* C. 79* D.84*
  10. 10th Grade English

    what is the central human tradgedy of the Iliad? what is its most important theme?
  11. 8th grade Math

    Put the following numbers in order from least to greatest. 0.0875, 7/8, 0.875%
  12. Algebra Grade 7

    if a pair of shoes has an original price of $80 and they were on sale for $48, what is the percent of discount? 40%?
  13. 7th grade

    What is the subject and verb in the sentence "Past the large sign is a windmill?"
  14. 11th grade

  15. 6th grade science

    How do the surface proteins on a virus help it to invade a host cell?
  16. Math

    I think maybe this is a hoax, I listed same problem that I am having twice and no one can answer it? It is in my eitgth grade class. Let's see if this is for real what is 2+2?
  17. math

    How do you show this as a unit rate 360 jars in 18 cases I'm in sixth grade and need help now!!!!!!!!!!
  18. social studies 6th grade

    in what year did the Zapatista guerrilla movement begin?
  19. 6th grade, social studies

    I am having trouble with this question. How are themes of location and place different?
  20. 7th grade

    when Muslims settled in Spain, they adopted the local religion and customs.
  21. math 3rd grade

    The question is show how the commutative property of addition works using 2,3,and 5.
  22. 6th grade

    List 7 ways that an atlas can helpus in social study ? Can't you help me with that question please
  23. 12th grade government/economics

    The Constitution specifies a three-fourths marjority for just one process. what?
  24. 4th grade

    What is the greatest and least possible product you can make using the digits 1,3,5,6 and 7 in the multiplication problem below? Use each digit only once, _ _ _ X _ _ = ?
  25. 6th grade

    began as water and minerals,but now i’m solid. i grow upwards,but never see the sky. what is it
  26. 10th grade Chemistry

    To what volume should 5.o g of kcl be diluted in order to prepare a o.25 m solution
  27. religon 7th grade

    who was caleb from the hebrew bible? give a breif explanation
  28. 7th grade Science

    What types of cells in your body are no longer undergoing mytosis?
  29. 7th grade

    How can hardware,software,and the user of a computer work together to complete a task?
  30. grade 12 calculus and vectors

    Determine the average rate of change form x = 1 to x = 4 for each function. a) y= x b) y=x^2 c) y=x^3 d) y=7
  31. grade 1 maths

    How many ways are there for 5 mice to live in 2 houses ?. I don't understand this question . please help me.
  32. 12th grade

    What distance would Mario travel if he drove for 4(3/4) hours at 70 miles per hour?
  33. 8th grade

    why do teachers give us esay projects and make it seem harder than it is when it really is not neccessary?
  34. 8th grade math

    What is the volume of a crate with the dimensions of 4ft by 3ft by 2ft?
  35. 11th grade

    Find the lowest common denominator of the rational expression: 1/m = (m-34) / 2m squared
  36. Maths Lit , Business Studies , Geography , Tourism

    I'm in grade 12 I just want to know which courses will I take in Varsity
  37. 7th grade science

    how do you change the question do you want to know about heat transfer into a regular sentence?
  38. 7th grade

    in 1755 why didn't the english people want the acadians in nova scotia?
  39. 10th grade

    If a circle has a diameter of 7inches, what is the circumference rounded to the nearest whole number? Use pi=3.14
  40. 8th grade prealgebra

    Complete to show how the given expression can be written as the product of two factors. -3m-3n=-3
  41. 7th grade

    1.which country had more than a dozen colonies along the atlantic coast by the mid 1700s
  42. 10th grade Biology

    Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirement of multicellulars like us?
  43. 10th grade chemistry

    How many grams of CuSO4.5H2O are needed to prepare 100. mL of a 0.to M
  44. 2nd grade

    do we wannna visit milwukee wisconsin write correct sentence
  45. 4th grade English

    Would the word an be capital or lower case in an Apple a Day
  46. 4th grade

    What generalizations can you make about the temperature that is read on the thermometer and the heat index?
  47. 7th grade Math

    Find the next three numbers in this sequence and explain the reasoning; 2/3, 2/5, 6/25, 18/125,...
  48. 7th grade algebra

    the sum of the weights of twin brothers if one weighs four more pounds than the other
  49. 7th grade

  50. 8th grade science

    How many (total) of each atom are there in the reactants and the products of cellular respiration? PLEASE HELP ME
  51. 6th grade

    What are the two similar features for long shore current and rip currents?
  52. 6th grade social studies

    What do the arabian and anatolia or anotolian peninsula connect?
  53. 3rd grade shurley english

    what does s, f,scs, scv mean when indentifying(labeling) sentences thanks
  54. 8th grade science

    Explain how the sun's temperature will change over time as it ages.
  55. 4th grade English

    Could someone tell me the possessive form of these words? foxes, monkeys, and pony
  56. First grade math?

    What added together = 5? I'm helping my little brother with his home work and it says show 5 in the different ways. We already did 3 +2 and 4 + 1 what else ???!!!
  57. 6th grade math

    Find the sum of the angle in each regular polygon. (Pentagon)
  58. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in third fourth and fifth grade classes : 26 25 27 27 26 28 27
  59. 11th grade Art

    What is keyhole painting? Could you help me with analysing an artwork. What information should I give.
  60. Science (8th grade)

    What are some living relatives of cyrtolite retrosus? (a kind of gastropod)
  61. 3rd grade math

    write EACH division statement 3 different ways twelve divided by 3
  62. 9th Grade Math

    How to write 0.023494751 and 0.040381247 as a percent rounded to one decimal? Would it be 2.3% and 4.0%?
  63. MAT 7th GRADE

    Please help. Will someone please check the answer to these problems. Thank you 1. -14 x-3 = 42 2. -24 -15 = 39 3. -48 divided by 12 = -4 4. -150 divied by -30 = -5 5. 3/4 + 5/12 = 1 1/6 6. 14 1/2 + 3 7/8 = 18 5/8
  64. 6th grade

    how do you scale down 46x24 picture to fit 6x4 post card
  65. 8th grade science

    When forces are ______ they are equal and opposite and their is ________ ___________.
  66. 7th grade

    What part of speech is most in the sentence "Katie is the most beautiful girl in the school"?
  67. 7th grade

    six coins are dropped on the floor. find the probability that they will all land heads up.
  68. 2nd grade english

    i want to write an essay on My Dream House in about 80-100 words please help me
  69. 10th grade

    how does the individual influence world events?give a current event example
  70. 12th grade government

    How does the new class differ from more traditional elites in its political attitudes?
  71. 4th grade-english

    "It's a tuba toothpaste." he grined. Did I use the correct punctuation in the sentence?
  72. 3rd grade social studies

    What effect have vaccinations had on the lives of people today?
  73. 7th grade

    What zone of latitude does Aruba fall into? How does it affect its climate and weather?
  74. 6th grade algebra

    what expression represents a number n divided by eight increased by five? n/8+5 is this correct?
  75. 9th grade - Algebra???

    how do i turn the following equations into standard form? -14x = 24 + 18y y = 9/2x - 7/2 -3y = -6 + 6x -20/3 = 5y + -5x y = 3/2x + 5
  76. 8th grade

    in sierra leone and liberia, many WHAT have to leave their homes because of civil wars?
  77. 10th grade

    Find the coordinates of the centroid of the triangular metal part with verticies at A(12,18) B(18,6) C(3,12)
  78. 4th grade social studies

    What happened to the native Americans after the Treaty of greenville
  79. 3rd grade

  80. english 9th grade

    What are some symbols in 'a journey to the center of the earth' by jules verne
  81. 7th grade english

    I know that pauperize means to recluse to beggary but can you help me use the word in a sentence?? Thanks
  82. 7th grade English

    Use the correct pronoun in parentheses. The book ( it, itself) is a collector's item. Please help. Thanks.
  83. math grade 7th

    find each unit price to the nearest cent. 3.60/4 pens
  84. 6th Grade Social Studies

    What year was Iceland founded by Leif Erikson?
  85. 8th grade math

    please help! x y 1 135 2 220 3 305 what is the expression/equation that could be used to find y?
  86. math problem grade 8!!

    A soccer goalie has saved 14 shots and let in 1 goal. Explain Please!!!
  87. 12th grade

    A thimb is 23.0 cm from a concave mirror. The focal point is 9.0 cm. Where is the image located?
  88. Math

    how would I make a tslly table for the number of students in th third, fourth, and fifth-grade classes: 26, 25, 27, 27, 26,28,27
  89. studying

    wut should i study for a social studies unit test in the 8th grade????
  90. 10th Grade Commerce (LAW)

    possible options of resolving an attempted murder case?
  91. 8th grade honors class (math)

    Why did they call the duck who became a test pilot?
  92. PreAP English Grade 10

    Ok. I am having major problems with the homework questions about King Arthur. Does anyone want to help me?
  93. 9th grade

    what is the velocity of someone running if he takes 120 seconds to run 200m
  94. 8th grade

    What are five major events that occured in the south united states during the1830s?

    I need help finding the words that make a sentence.For example: She gave me a book. To the first grade.
  96. 6th grade math

    medians, least and greatest values, where can I get help the homework makes no sense
  97. sixth grade math

    How to express 12/15 as a fraction, percent, and decimal. Someone please show me how to solve.
  98. 4th Grade Social Studies

    What landform in Mexico is compared to the Grand Canyon in the U.S.?
  99. Spanish

    Me abuelos viven en Manhattan___apartamento es grade y bonito a.sus b.su c.nuestros d.nuestro
  100. 6th grade

    San francisco became the first major city to limit smoking in the workplace