U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 8th grade

    Tom had scores of 78, 88, 94 and 79 on his first four science tests. What must he score on the next test to have an average of 88?
  2. 3rd grade

  3. 2nd grade

    it is greater than 43 less than 52 if you add digits the sum is 8 write the number word
  4. 10th grade

    If a circle has a diameter of 7inches, what is the circumference rounded to the nearest whole number? Use pi=3.14
  5. 7th grade

    What is the subject and verb in the sentence "Past the large sign is a windmill?"
  6. 8th grade Social Studies

    How does the freedom to petition protect us from the federal government?
  7. 11th grade

  8. grade nine space

    What is the difference between the terms rotation and revolution? I need to use the Earth to support my answer.
  9. 8th grade

    What are five major events that occured in the south united states during the1830s?
  10. 9th grade

    English: I need help writing a skit on a greek myth, primarily about Thesis.
  11. 4th grade

    Explain how you would use front-end estimation to subtract 189 from 643.
  12. 3rd grade English

    the greatest City in the Midwest Is the words above capitalized correctly?
  13. 12th grade

    What distance would Mario travel if he drove for 4(3/4) hours at 70 miles per hour?
  14. 4th grade

    a) the quotient of 24 divided by 5.= 4.8 b)27/6= 4.5 c) 18/4 = 4.5 d) 30/5 = 6 describe in your own words what problems a, b and c have in common that make them different from d .
  15. 7th grade science

    All organisms can________________,or produce offspring that are similar to the parents. Please help! Thank you!
  16. math 2nd grade

    Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes
  17. 6th grade, social studies

    I am having trouble with this question. How are themes of location and place different?
  18. 8th grade Math

    Put the following numbers in order from least to greatest. 0.0875, 7/8, 0.875%
  19. 12th grade government

    How does the new class differ from more traditional elites in its political attitudes?
  20. Science-7th grade

    the sides of the DNA ladder are made up of molecules of the sugar______and_______.
  21. A Peculiar Question

    If I have been given a B+ for two essays, it is considered a terrible grade? Will it affect my report card?
  22. 6th grade

    What are the two similar features for long shore current and rip currents?
  23. 8th grade

    why do teachers give us esay projects and make it seem harder than it is when it really is not neccessary?
  24. 2nd grade math

    Please help. I'm confused here's an example: 38+45=? Show how to make one added the next tens number?
  25. Science (8th grade)

    What are some living relatives of cyrtolite retrosus? (a kind of gastropod)
  26. PreAP English Grade 10

    Ok. I am having major problems with the homework questions about King Arthur. Does anyone want to help me?
  27. 2nd grade

    do we wannna visit milwukee wisconsin write correct sentence
  28. 4th grade

    what volume of helium would be in a balloon the size of a 2liter soft drink?
  29. 2nd grade english

    i want to write an essay on My Dream House in about 80-100 words please help me
  30. 6th grade

    List 7 ways that an atlas can helpus in social study ? Can't you help me with that question please
  31. 12th grade

  32. grade 3 spelling

    what paper do you call that sounds like ten gram and it is in a shape of a square
  33. grade 8 math

    how many different ways can eight cars finish in a race 1st, 2nd, 3rd ?
  34. 11th grade

    Find the lowest common denominator of the rational expression: 1/m = (m-34) / 2m squared
  35. 4th grade

    round each number to the nearest hundred thousand 352,109
  36. SS7R - EC

    who is lady justice? Please i don't want any words that are huge. I want it in a 7th grade level.
  37. Maths Lit , Business Studies , Geography , Tourism

    I'm in grade 12 I just want to know which courses will I take in Varsity
  38. 3rd grade math

    draw a box that has 3 valumes of 12 cubic units in 3 different ways
  39. 7th Grade LA

    For a poetry project i need a published haiku with an author but i am unable to find one. Do you know any?
  40. 12th grade

    what are the rhtorical devices used in Bernice Bobs Her Hair and what effects did they create?
  41. Calculus grade 12

    Determine the derivative of each function A1) y = e^x(Sin²x) A2) y = e²Sin²x B1) y = (x³ + 1)e^-2 B2) y = (x² + 1)e^-2 C) y = x²(theta^Sinx)
  42. 4th grade

    if there were 36 coins in the bag,how many pennies and dimes do you predict there were?explain your answer
  43. science 7th grade

    How is it possible that a can with a calculated density greater than 1.00g/ml could have floated (in water)
  44. Math

    And which situation what do you need a percent less someone to solve a problem? 7th Grade Pre Algebra
  45. 12th grade calculus

    How do I find the area bounded by the curver y = x^1/2 + 2, the x-axis, and the lines x = 1 and x = 4
  46. 6th grade math

    medians, least and greatest values, where can I get help the homework makes no sense
  47. Calculus Grade 12

    Without solving , determine the points of intersection of the line r= (5,-9,3) +k (1,-12,2] and the plane [x,y,z]= (4,-15,-8) + s[1,-3,1] + t[2,3,1], if any exist.
  48. 4th grade

    what do i find answer to this question how much time has passed? start 11:05 am end 3:20 pm
  49. Math

    Solve the inequality. Explain all steps and Identify the properties used. n/-3+5>4 PLEASE HELP MY GRADE DEPENDS ON THIS
  50. Math

    How do i figure out this question? There are two roads, one has a grade of 20% the other has an elevation of 15 degrees. Which road would be steeper?
  51. 9th grade

    I need a good thesis statement for a research paper about agriculture as a career.
  52. 4th grade

    What generalizations can you make about the temperature that is read on the thermometer and the heat index?
  53. 6th grade math

    Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!
  54. 8th grade

    what government imposed barriers stop or hinder the export of automobiles?
  55. 7th grade language arts

    What are some introduction techniques for writing a persuasive letter?
  56. 7th Grade Science Regents

    What is the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction? I don't get can someone help me please!!!!
  57. 7th grade math

    i am having a hard time understanding the venn diagram can someone explain it to me
  58. 2nd grade english

    Need ideas on how getting an education is so important for children. please answer. Thx
  59. 3rd grade science

    what are some non renewable resources besides rocks glass coal and chalk
  60. 7th grade Literacy

    What are the characteristics that make a good class president? Please answer!!!
  61. Math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take
  62. 6th grade Math

    How to convert 4.65 into a fraction but in simpilest form while showing your work?
  63. 11th grade Art

    What is keyhole painting? Could you help me with analysing an artwork. What information should I give.
  64. 11th grade Algebra 2

    For each of the following sets determine it the represent the side lengths of a right triangle? A. 5, 6.5, 7.9 B. 1.6, 1.2, 2 C. 5, 1.3, 1.5 D. 1.5, 2, 2.5
  65. 7th grade science

    Does the bending (folding and faulting) of Earth create sound?
  66. math 6 grade

    A discount store is having a sale on CDCs.7 CDs cost $65.45 ,what is the price per CD?
  67. 10th grade

    Find the coordinates of the centroid of the triangular metal part with verticies at A(12,18) B(18,6) C(3,12)
  68. 8th grade

    which of the following is an irrational number? A. 1 B. 9/17 C. 0.4166666666 D. Both A&C with showing work please or putting it in to words.
  69. 4th grade question

    How do I draw a picture to show how my government system is organized?
  70. MAT 7th GRADE

    Please help. Will someone please check the answer to these problems. Thank you 1. -14 x-3 = 42 2. -24 -15 = 39 3. -48 divided by 12 = -4 4. -150 divied by -30 = -5 5. 3/4 + 5/12 = 1 1/6 6. 14 1/2 + 3 7/8 = 18 5/8
  71. Language Arts Grade 8

    Can I get a list of the table of contents of the Mayan: Popol Vuh.
  72. 4th grade math

    Find a rule that gives the third number from the first two numbers. Fill in the blanks.....10, 4, 5, ? 15, 7,7, ? 19,9,?
  73. Chatam County

    Jerry posted his grades in English as 85, 87, 96, 100, 85, 99, 93 and 85. What is his median grade?
  74. Social Studies for 7th grade

    What kind of designs are on the bills and on the coins of euros?
  75. 8th grade science

    When forces are ______ they are equal and opposite and their is ________ ___________.
  76. 7th Grade Math

    72-3(4^2-2^3)*3 Evaluate the expression. I don't know the steps to take so please include them in your answer, THANKS:)
  77. 7th grade

    What term was used to describe the trading of slaves and goods to and from three continents? Eight(8)letters
  78. 9th grade biology

    a fatty acid with the maxium number of hydrogen atoms possible is
  79. 7th grade english

    I know that pauperize means to recluse to beggary but can you help me use the word in a sentence?? Thanks
  80. 12th grade government

    micromanagement of party goals a possible weakness of political parties?
  81. 7th grade chemistry

    how is potassium sulfate prepared?explain with chemical reaction.
  82. 8th grade math

    How do you figure the height of a cube is the cubic inches if 750?
  83. studying

    wut should i study for a social studies unit test in the 8th grade????
  84. 7th grade

    explain how oceanic lithosphere forms at mid-ocean ridges
  85. Math

    Draw a number line to show that 2/3 and 4/6 are equivalent..Im having trouble with this..I'm in the 4th grade..I need help
  86. 7th grade Math

    Find the next three numbers in this sequence and explain the reasoning; 2/3, 2/5, 6/25, 18/125,...
  87. Math

    I am trying to figure out how to do a sun and finding the product or quotient and writing the strategy that I use. I'M IN GRADE 4 NOT SURE HOW TO DO IT
  88. 7th grade Algebra 1 Honors 5-2 textbook help

    How do you solve this for example g(t)-4 and the function is g(x)=x squared +1 . . . . . . .. . .I NEED THIS DONE BY TOMORROW HELP!
  89. 4 th grade science

    Cutting down trees for ---------- can increase soil erosion. can some one help me please with this. fill in the blank.
  90. 10th grade Biology

    Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirement of multicellulars like us?
  91. 4th grade english

    What part of speech is enlighting? Thank you so much! I wasn't sure because of the ending (ing)
  92. physics 8th grade

    If a woman hasa mass of 50 kg calculate her weight in neutons
  93. 6th grade science

    organs are made up of two or more ____ that works together. my answer was tissues
  94. Math

    draw a figure with the given perimeter on the grid paper 10 units 3rd grade
  95. 3rd grade math

    How would you use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten?
  96. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in third fourth and fifth grade classes : 26 25 27 27 26 28 27

    Create a number line model that represents the equation below. -5 x -2 = 10 Can some help me please?
  98. math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take?
  99. 4th grade

    how do I use sentences comparing Strong, stronger and strongest? what is the difference between those words?
  100. Geometry 9th grade

    One of two supplementary angles is 4 times the other. Find the larger angle.