U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 8th grade

    Can we obtain water from milk, vinegar & ink. What are the steps how to do it Thanks
  2. 3rd grade math

    What if Ali had only tens and ones?How could she have modeled 624 without using hundreds?
  3. third grade hw help

    Hello All, Please help my son with his Math fraction. He needs to put the below fractions in ordedr from least to greatest. 1) 2/4, 2/3, 2/7, 2/5 2) 1/2, 6/7, 5/7, 1/10 3) 1/2, 6/7, 1/12, 2/3, 11/12, 1/6, 1/3, 1/4, 4/5 Please help!!! Thanks.
  4. 8th grade Social Studies

    Which colony was the first to promote religious tolerance?
  5. 11th Grade Algebra 2

    Not asking for answers- just some explanations- can someone explain how to do (3x^5+12x^4+11x^3+2x^2-4x-2)/(3x^2-1)
  6. 4th grade

    What was the Geography and Climate in 1600-1700 Colonial America?
  7. Math

    Is anyone in 8th grade connections academy and on unit 1 lesson 10 test
  8. 6th grade english

    Can you recommend a site where I can get some examples of prepositional prases?
  9. 6th Grade Science

    In the ____ temperatures can increase up to 1,700˚C.
  10. 11th grade

    the mass of a dog that weighs 100 N how many kilograms does it weigh?
  11. Math 3 grade

    wright a true number sentence using all of the given numbers and symbols 6,9,7,5,3,=,+,+,
  12. 11th Grade math

    Find a degree polynomial that has zeros -3,4 and 5 and in which the coefficient of x^2 is 12.
  13. 8th grade Social Studies

    How did the Cotton Gin effect slavery?
  14. 8th grade science

    what contents in magma affects a volcanos explosive?
  15. 8 th grade math

    3in.x 5in. photo are triped what scale factor is used
  16. 7th grade

    what makes a piano laugh? itsa math riddle
  17. Science 8th grade

    What is the mass of a piece of aluminum that has a volume 100.0^3?
  18. 6th grade

    help me get the answer that = 2 but you haave toput the right signs so it gets that number here are the numbers 17 25 30 3

  20. 3rd grade

    How would you use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten?
  21. 3rd grade

    when i am rounded to the nearest ten, i am 30. The sum of my two digits is 5. What number am I?
  22. 4th grade

    A 200-300 word essay on cabeza de vaca
  23. spelling

    a second grade word that starts with A that means a person who helps people
  24. precalculus

    Can you check my answers? 1.Find the 5th term in the expansion of the binomial. (2x - 4)8 -458,752x3 286,720x4 458,752x3 35,840x4 answer: d 2.Find the 3rd term in the expansion of the binomial. (x - 2y)12 264x10y2 1760x9y3 -264x10y2 -1760x9y3 answer:a
  25. history

    i do not have a history book, and i have a worksheet that requires one, my school does not handout textbook, they only have textbooks in the class, so please help thank you if you do why was the us able to expand its war production so quickly after the
  26. history during the lives of early people

    I need help in how I can approach this assignment,so that I cover all the areas that are to be included and still write an interesting and quality paper, showing the ways of life during this time in history. The assignment reads like this:You are to write
  27. History

    Discuss the factors that contributed to the start of the first world war? Was the was ineveitable after the assassiantion of the archduke Franz Ferdinand? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'World War I' causes"
  28. classroom instruction (final)

    I choose fourth grade Physical Educational standards in my state which is Wisconsin. Leading an Active Lifestyle Performance standards By the end of fourth grade the students will be able to identify several less violent to energetic, strong, and active
  29. history

    What are the uses of history
  30. History

    What do the 35 stars and their arrangement and the 13 strips mean on the 7th Cavalry Guidon Flag that Custer used in the battle of little big horn Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. On the first site you can see the flag:
  31. history

    What attempts have European imperial powers made in the 20th century to address the atrocities committed in colonies throughout the world? (Select all that apply.) A) Many European nations have addressed their imperial actions by providing economic relief
  32. Home Economics

    Why Home Economics? Is it only about cooking? http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/ In the framed box, there is a brief history of the term "home economics" and how it originated, etc. Be sure you click on various links, and you'll find additional
  33. Math

    Carlos counted all of the tickets that were taken at a school carnival. Each time he counted 10 tickets, he placed a tally on the chart below. Adult 16 Child 18 Which number sentence could be used to find t, the total number of tickets he counted?
  34. programming concepts

    Mr. Jones always gives True/False tests to his class. His tests always have 20 ques- tions. The maximum class size is 35. He needs a program that will calculate the stu- dents’ grades based on the best score. Grade A will range from the best score, to
  35. programming concepts

    Mr. Jones always gives True/False tests to his class. His tests always have 20 ques- tions. The maximum class size is 35. He needs a program that will calculate the stu- dents’ grades based on the best score. Grade A will range from the best score, to
  36. History Check Please Reed

    Before the Civil War most cattle were not (1 point) on the open range. on South Texas ranches.* slaughtered for their hides. shipped to cities in the northeast. 6. After the Civil War, (1 point) many plantations were divided into smaller farms.*
  37. anthropology

    2 key differentiators and 2 examples of anthropology compared to history and sociology. I found the definitions of each- Cultural anthropology-study of living people and cultures and they actually live with the people they study Archaeology- a subclass of
  38. AP World History

    Hi! I'm currently a freshmen in high school and next year AP World History is being offered to 11 graders. We have a assignment already. I need to find out what text book they are using so I can get a head start over the summer. I was wandering if anybody
  39. Reading

    I have this really long passage about how organic farming started small, but it grew quickly. From 1990 to 2010, sales of organic food in the United States increased from $1 billion to $26.7 billion. Fruits and vegetables represent the biggest percentage
  40. history?

    sequence of events of Earth's history for the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. I know that the Mesozoic Era is an interval of geological time from about 252 to 66 million years ago. and people also call it the Age of Reptiles, And I know that the Cenozoic Era
  41. Statistics

    A statistics professor gives a test and finds that the scores are normally distributed with a mean of 25 (out of 100) and a standard deviation of 5. She plans to curve the scores in one of two ways. 1) She could add 50 points to each grade. 2) She could
  42. Com170

    Analyze why one paragraph was more effective than the other. In my analysis, compare the sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, variety, and the rhythm of both paragraphs. Most consumers understand that a good credit score is vital to one's
  43. physics

    find the average of a block being propelled propelled by an elastic band. very sorry to disturb Mr bobpurlsey again. i am very thankful to you replies. the only problem that lies in the answer is that i haven't been taught hooke's law in Grade 11. which
  44. Catering(Gourmet Essentials)

    THURSDAY March 8, 2012 SCHOOL SUBJECTS - Art - Business - Computers - English - Foreign Languages - Health - Home Economics - Math - Music - Physical Education - Science - Social Studies GRADE LEVELS - Preschool - Kindergarten - Elementary School - 1st
  45. Management Science

    Riverside oil company in eastern Kentucky produces 3 different grades of gasoline. They are regular, premium, and supreme grades. Each barrel of regular grade sells for $82 while premium grade sells for $88 per barrel and supreme grade sells for $89 per
  46. physics

    when a power station converts chemical or nuclear energy to electrical energy it converts about 50% of the energy to low grade heat suggest how people could use this energy before the power station operators allow it to enter the environment. why is this
  47. English

    1. Talk with your partner using frequency adverbs. You should think of your favorite sport and work in pairs, and practice the dialogue. There are some blanks in the senences, so you should fill them out remembering the dialogue we practiced before. Are
  48. 7th grade LA

    Can you check the following? 1. I didn't know what time it was so I was very late to class indep = I didn't know what time it was indep = I was very late to class Ans: compound 2. I'll help you if you help me. indep = I'll help you dep = if you help me
  49. oral report 2nd grade

    What would be a good report for a second grader to do, on a person, someone famous, sports person, etc. the kids have to dress the part and give a short report. My 8 year old wants to do David Beckham, is that okay for should we do someone REALLY famous?
  50. World History

    Please check my answer, and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my statement, please let me know! evaluate the role of history in shaping identity and character: France from the 15th to 18th century, most individuals had no say in the basic
  51. math

    The sum of 5th term and 24th term is 50 Find the sum of first term and 28th term. Also find sum of 28th term of this sequence?
  52. Math

    Practice Dividing by 9 A Jeweler placed 20 necklaces on 5 different tables. He placed the same number of necklaces on each table . How many necklaces did the jeweler place on each? Raul's book collection Subject of book. Number of books History. 72 Art. 81
  53. 7th grade

    1.which country had more than a dozen colonies along the atlantic coast by the mid 1700s
  54. English 12

    I need a 12 grade level complex/compound sentence using an infinitive and two prepositional phrases.
  55. sixth grade math

    How to express 12/15 as a fraction, percent, and decimal. Someone please show me how to solve.
  56. Maths Lit , Business Studies , Geography , Tourism

    I'm in grade 12 I just want to know which courses will I take in Varsity
  57. 7th grade

    Can u show me a timeline for social studies starting with events from 1914
  58. math 2nd grade

    Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes
  59. 7th grade math

    i am having a hard time understanding the venn diagram can someone explain it to me
  60. 7th grade Math

    Find the next three numbers in this sequence and explain the reasoning; 2/3, 2/5, 6/25, 18/125,...
  61. 6th grade

    you can fill in the blanks with +, -, multipication, or division.you can you two of any or maybe not at all. 17_ 16_ 4_ 8_ 6_3= 7
  62. 9th grade biology

    a fatty acid with the maxium number of hydrogen atoms possible is
  63. 8th grade science

    How many (total) of each atom are there in the reactants and the products of cellular respiration? PLEASE HELP ME
  64. 7th grade english

    I know that pauperize means to recluse to beggary but can you help me use the word in a sentence?? Thanks
  65. math 6th grade

    What is the name of an angle that has equak length sides and equal angles?
  66. maths and science

    Three courses or study field you are interested in following after grade 12 and provide three reasons
  67. 12th grade

  68. 11th grade

    a yo-yo has a mass of 0.20kg and i attached to a string 0.8m long. what isthe velocity of the yo-yo?
  69. english 9th grade

    What are some symbols in 'a journey to the center of the earth' by jules verne
  70. 8th grade algebra

    write a function to describe each statment buying apples for $.89 a lb
  71. A Peculiar Question

    If I have been given a B+ for two essays, it is considered a terrible grade? Will it affect my report card?
  72. Algebra 7th grade

    My teacher has me working on something he calls "tinging fractions". What is this? What does it mean? How does it work?
  73. 6th grade math

    Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!
  74. 9th grade

    During what phase does crossing-over occur? A. prophase I B. metaphase I C. anaphase I D. telophase I
  75. 10th Grade Chemistry

    Which of the following molecules is polar? NCl3, NO2, H2S, or SiH4
  76. 8th grade

    why do teachers give us esay projects and make it seem harder than it is when it really is not neccessary?
  77. 7th grade

    What part of speech is most in the sentence "Katie is the most beautiful girl in the school"?
  78. 6th grade

    explain how there can be more heat energy in an iceberg than in a pot of boiling water
  79. 9th grade

    a object has a mass of 30 grams and a volume of10 cm^3. what is the density of the material?
  80. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Use the inverse matrix to solve this system of equations: 4x+3y=7.5 7x+9z=14 4y-z=8.3 4,3,0 7,0,9 0,4,-1
  81. 7th grade language arts

    What are some introduction techniques for writing a persuasive letter?
  82. 8th grade science

    Explain how the sun's temperature will change over time as it ages.
  83. 4th Grade Science

    How much time will it take for Earth to reach the opposite side of the Sun?
  84. 12th grade government/economics

    The Constitution specifies a three-fourths marjority for just one process. what?
  85. 3rd grade math

    write EACH division statement 3 different ways twelve divided by 3
  86. 4th grade math

    what is the prime factorization of 24? f.)8x3 g.)4x3x2 h.)2x2x2x3 j.)2x3x2
  87. 8th grade math

    how can you use prime factorization to determine the LCM and GCF of two numbers?
  88. 11th grade math

    Using the formula 4.9t^2... A object is dropped how long will it take it to fall 92 meters
  89. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Which equation represents a hyperbola whose foci lie at (2, 7) and (2, -3)?
  90. 9th Grade Math

    How to write 0.023494751 and 0.040381247 as a percent rounded to one decimal? Would it be 2.3% and 4.0%?
  91. 8th grade

    I am working on order of opertaion Iget stuck with the() this is one of the problems (17-12)-(-15)divded(-6)+3+6
  92. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in third fourth and fifth grade classes : 26 25 27 27 26 28 27
  93. 4th grade science

    There are three methods of heat transfer, radiation,covection, and conduction. I need to know an example of each.
  94. 3rd grade math

    The instructions are to Round each number to the greatest place. The add. 21+34=
  95. 8th grade

    this is a algebra pizzazz question what happened to the glass blower who inhaled?
  96. 4th grade

    how can the clerk make the change of the $1 bill using the fewest number of coins?
  97. 10th grade english honors

    i need help making up a story base on any topic using allusion in them
  98. 11th grade

    Find the lowest common denominator of the rational expression: 1/m = (m-34) / 2m squared
  99. 3rd grade

    138 831 318 183 What is the next row and how do I figure out the pattern?
  100. 7th grade