U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 7th Grade Science

    Identify 5 characteristics common to plants and describe them?
  2. 7th grade science

    Please help me fill in the following: A windmill converts ________energy to _____energy.
  3. 7th Grade Math

    a nanosecond is 0.000000001 of a sec. what is the length as a power of 10. Please help me. Thank ya.
  4. 6th grade math

    Add one set of parentheses to the expression - 7 * x + 3 + 8 * x + 3 * x + 8 - 9 so that it is equivalent to 2(9x + 10)
  5. 9th grade

    at 20 degrees celsius, how much sodium chloride could be dissolved in 2 L of water?
  6. Science 8th grade

    What is the mass of a piece of aluminum that has a volume 100.0^3?
  7. geography / 8 grade

    Where do most of the people in the countries of southasia live? village. correct? thanks..
  8. 11th grade

    why do biologists use a classification system to study the diversite of life?
  9. 7th grade science

    what are two ways a population may increase in number? what is the main way? Please help!!! Thank you!!!
  10. 9th grade science

    A landslide may be caused when friction is ______ by moisture
  11. 8th grade science

    when you bring your bicycle to a stop where does he kinetic energy it had go?
  12. 7th grade science

    name two scientest who studied inherited genetics and what they used for research and why
  13. 6th grade grammar

    What is the question answer flow for an exclamatory sentence
  14. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is -2 divided by (-2 2/5) times (-1 4/5) please help I get logged out of computer at 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 4th grade science

    What is a silk case covering the moth larva?
  16. 7th grade health

    please help I need to get information on how to correctly describe the location of the heart
  17. Pre-Algebra

    Ok so im in 7th grade and can somone help me with pizzazz worksheet #40? Pretty please?
  18. 7th Grade Poetry

    what poetic term is "a quarrel of vines"? Thank you! That could be a metaphor Thank you so much for your help!
  19. 3rd grade math II

    I need to write a sentence for the following Reasoning: How can counting by 10's help you multiply by 10's?
  20. 10th grade

    If you heat a 5 L balloon from a temperature of 250 C to 500 C , its me volume will be?
  21. 3rd grade math

    The question reads: Reasoning: How can counting by 10's help you multiply by 10's?
  22. math

    Steve earned scores of 96 and 87 on his first two exams. What will his average grade be if he gets a 72 on his third exam?
  23. S.S 8 grade

    Why do you think King George III refused to consider the colonist' Declaration of Rights?
  24. 12th grade

    I'm having trouble ordered triple in algebra 2 w/ trigonometry, could someone please hellllllllllllllllllp me!
  25. science

    I'm making a 3-d model of a plant cell what can i use to represent the cytoplasm? i'm in the 6 grade.
  26. social studies

    i'm looking for 1st grade activities on the topic of rights and responsibilities
  27. spelling

    a second grade word that starts with A that means a person who helps people
  28. 9th grade

    Monologue of Mary Malony in the storie "the lamb of the slaughter"?
  29. 6th Grade Math

    This is fractions. Not dividing problems. (Ex: 3/5 is a fraction) 5c = 2/3 (divided by) 2/3
  30. math 2nd grade

    It is less than 60 and greater than 55. if you add the digits, the sum is 13. What is the number
  31. english

    As teachers on this board. How can I help my son to improve on his spelling, he is in the 6th grade?
  32. 6th grade

    what are pareleleo lines this is math jiskha ,please answer thankyou
  33. 11th Grade math

    Find a degree polynomial that has zeros -3,4 and 5 and in which the coefficient of x^2 is 12.
  34. 2nd grade math

    I wrote my question wrong - Tell how to make 10 when adding 8+5
  35. Honors 7 grade science

    2 ways that bacteria can change. (harmless to harmfull)
  36. 7th grade Science

    Explain the role of energy in the carbon cycle.
  37. 10th grade math

    how to solve triangles with parrellel lines running through them!
  38. Spanish6th grade

    What does the Spanish word cuate mean. I think it means best buddy but I'm not sure and I can't find it anywhere?
  39. 12th grade chem

    why is it that only the first hydrogen bond in a polyproptic acid strong?
  40. 9th grade Eng. Honors

    How does the mood of a story affect the outcome?
  41. 6th grade math

    Put these numbers in order from least to greatest. 2 7/10, 2.07, 127%
  42. Grade 12- Advanced Funtions

    what about this question: Determine the roots algebraically by factoring. a) x^3-8x^2-3x+90=0
  43. 7th grade science

    How are biotic factors changed in an ecosystem that has flooded ?
  44. 4th grade

    i have a question on my son homework explain why 36/9 is not a number sentence.
  45. math

    how is GCF and LCM different? im in 4th grade and i tried to understand but my mum said shes not sure so please i need help
  46. 6th grade math

    Use exponents to write the prime factors of 32 and 81, I have no idea???Help
  47. 12th grade

    What is the thesis of how would Bryan evaluate the ambitions of Albert Beveridge?
  48. 8th Grade Algebra1

    The question is... Name the identity element for union. I really have no idea...thank you for any help!!!
  49. 2nd grade

    What are the 5 parts of a letter? Date Greeting Body or topic ?????
  50. 6th grade

    explain how you would decide whether the product of three numbers is positive or negative
  51. math

    do you know any good sites that have polynomial word problems for people in grade 9?
  52. 3rd grade

    what is the predicate for the following sentence: China is one of the worlds biggest countries
  53. 9th grade living enviroment

    I Really need help i need 2 write in a paragraph a correalational study i really really need help.. PLEASE
  54. 4th grade

    I am a number between 75 and 150, my tens is three times my ones, my sum is 5 and my hundreds and ones are the same.
  55. 8th Grade Science

    Label these reactants and products: 3Fe + 2 O2> Fe3O4
  56. 7th grade

    write in scientific notation: 1.7500 2.75000000 3.1250
  57. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sec4π/3*cot5π/6-tan3π/4
  58. 8th grade science

    what functions does a nuclear membrane, chromatin, and nucleolus have
  59. Math

    My son is grade 4 his homework have question is : when you multiply any number by 1,what is the product ? Please help !!!!
  60. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sinπ/6 tanπ/3 ÷ cscπ/4
  61. 3rd grade

    what is a good site to learn about the great chicago fire?
  62. 4th grade science

    how do scientist preserve fossils frozen in ice
  63. 6th grade english

    Can you recommend a site where I can get some examples of prepositional prases?
  64. 7th grade science

    what is the position of the diaphram when you make it inhale and exhale?
  65. 11th Grade

    Well, then what's the best homework website for tutors who work via e-mail, so that they can take a look at my art and help me?
  66. 6th grade

    How did the greeks influence our world today in areas of education?
  67. 7th grade science

    I keep asking ...Ms.Sue, could you possibly help? Can flying fish communicate and how?
  68. 6th grade

    what assumptions do different groups have about power,authority,governance,and law?
  69. 7th Grade Literacy

    What are 3 IMPORTANT characteristics that a class president needs? Please answer!!
  70. 7th grade

    If more water gets added to a river, then does it move faster or slower???
  71. grammar

    What is the simple subject in this sentence Who cares if she's in 3rd grade and I'm just in 1st.
  72. 3rd grade

    How would you use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten?
  73. Calculus grade 12 lines and planes

    Find the value of k so that the line [x,y,z] = [2,-2,0]+ t[2,k,-3] is parallel to the plane kx +2y - 4z= 12
  74. 9th grade

    How long was Ibn Battuta's journey from Andalusia and Morocco
  75. 7th grade

    Why does air flowing down toward the Earth create high pressure?
  76. 4th grade

  77. 3rd grade math

    How to expand algorithm to solve 221+164=
  78. third grade hw help

    Hello All, Please help my son with his Math fraction. He needs to put the below fractions in ordedr from least to greatest. 1) 2/4, 2/3, 2/7, 2/5 2) 1/2, 6/7, 5/7, 1/10 3) 1/2, 6/7, 1/12, 2/3, 11/12, 1/6, 1/3, 1/4, 4/5 Please help!!! Thanks.
  79. geometry 11th grade

    suppose the coordinate of 9 is 2, pq=8 and pr=12. what are the possible coordinates of the midpoint of the given segment qr
  80. 4th grade Math

    Find the partial products and the product for 4 x27=?
  81. 11th grade

    what is the difference between a student loan, a grant and a scholarship and how would you go about applying for each of them.
  82. Language Arts (2nd Grade)

    Question: Name 10 Community Things You Can Do To Help The Earth. I Cant Think of Any!! Help
  83. 7th grade math

    How many times larger is a cube than a pyramid with the same base?
  84. 12th grade English

    arguments and counterarguments in "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman"
  85. 10th grade

    what chemicals are being added together in the chemical equation of 2HCL + Ca -> CaCl2 + H2
  86. 2-nd grade-sentence

    Hi!Can somebody help me to meke asentences with this words?Thank you! she shut the that chin chimp
  87. 8th grade pre algebra

    i am having trouble with solving inequalitys... how do you solve t+6>-3
  88. grade 9 math slope equations

    solve and comparison: a)4x-9y=4 6x+15y=-13 im so lost!!!!!
  89. 4th grade english

    i need help diagramming subjects,predicates,adjectives and adverbs
  90. 7th Grade Math

    Find the area of the circle described. Use pi= 22/7. Diameter= 1.4cm Please help!
  91. 6th grade

    how can writing change how people view themselves, other ppeopleand the world????
  92. 5 grade science

    what was your hypothesis? explain the process that your followed to determine the results for your experiment.
  93. 8th grade

    what is gnama artea it means Kings must follow laws too.
  94. grade 12 trig

    If cos A-1=0, where 0<or= A< 2pi, then A=? The answer I got was pi/3,5pi/3. I don't know where I went wrong can you please help. thanks
  95. 7th grade math

    How many times larger is a cube than a pyramid with the same base?
  96. 8 grade math

    how can you express a number in expanded form and in scientific notation?
  97. 8th grade science

    Explain if it is possible to have a dilute solution of a strong acid? Thanks.
  98. 7th grade

    Hi I know this isn't on the subjects or anything but how do I improve my grades in geography class
  99. life orientation grade 11

    social and environmental issues that cause ill - health
  100. Grade 12 AP calculus

    You are using Newton's method to solve x3-5x-2=0. If your first guess is x1=2, what value will you calculate for the next approximation x2?