U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. Maths

    How can knowing how to convert between minutes & hours help you? (3rd grade)
  2. English Grade 10

    Discuss society's tendency to fear the unknown.
  3. 1st grade

    2/3 or 8/9 what has the greatest value in the pair and what is the inequality that shows the relationship
  4. 4th grade

    Where is a good link for a list of prefix and suffixes?
  5. 9th grade

    the circumference of circle j is 24 pie. what is the perimeter of jkl
  6. 12th grade

    which of the following contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970's
  7. 9th grade

    My question is on Distributive Property, I need help on the following questions. 1. 3(u+v) 2. 4(2+5s)+3 3. 1(a+2j+12k) 4. 15(ab+3c) 5. 2(a+2b)+3(2a-b) 6. 3(e-4f-ef) Thanks
  8. 12th grade

    what would be your best advice to a person who wants to learn more about political issues?
  9. 6th Grade Science

    Explain the acceleration of falling objects.
  10. 8th grade

    what is your average spped if you ran 50 meters in 10 seconds?
  11. Grade 12 Calculus

    Evaluate each of the following. Show all your calculations.  f" (0) if f(x) = 14x^2 + 3x − 6
  12. 6th grade

    How can you make an input output division chart
  13. 7th grade math

    input 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 output1 8 27 please solve this and work it out.
  14. Math Grade 4

    How many rectangles can i make with 12 centicubes? Are there areas and perimeters the same.
  15. 4th grade social studies

    What were William Penn's four promises?
  16. 7th grade

    the chairman of the government of Russia from 2007-2008.
  17. 7th grade math

    solve each equation. Check your solution. 1) 7 2 -X = - 3 3 2) 2 1 7c- - = - 3 2
  18. 4th grade english

    WE have homework with irrregular verbs. Mom is not sure what that is...can you help?
  19. 6th grade math

    Evaluate 9.67 - x for each value of x. Really need help!! 23. x = 3.8 25. x = 0.635 27. x = 1.001 29. x = 9.527
  20. 6th grade science

    What is the term for radiation beneath the frequency we can see?
  21. Algebra

    I'm having a problem solving the following example. The teacher wants it in this format. 1st the Verbal Model, 2nd the Labels 3rd Algebraic Model 4th- Solve and finally 5th part: Answer Question. Example: You are working on a scouting badge. You need 60
  22. Samples and Predictions Math

    Help please I really don't understand this! 1)Janine wishes to conduct a poll to predict how many students will vote for her for class president. Which polling methods are likely to be biased? Choose all answers that are correct. A. Five people in each of
  23. math

    investigate the economics of using a higher grade of plywood for the facing when using timber fromwork . a fromwork system which is being used for concreting operations consumes the following labour and materials over 12 months : labour:6043 hours at
  24. business law

    A church owned land in rurual area that was used for a recreation area for disabled children. Fire destroyed vegetation in the area, allowing flooding to occur. To protect public safety, the county adopted an ordinance prohibiting any new building in the
  25. Physics again.

    In the study of a double slit diffraction pattern it is noted that the 5th double slit nodal line corresponds exactly with the 1st nodal line of the overlapping single slit pattern. The double slits used are 0.25mm apart. What is the width of each single
  26. Math

    On July 5th six different people reported to the police that they had seen Bigfoot, the large hairy creature sometimes seen but never captured. The next day, twice as many people called the police; sure they had seen the creature. Each day the police
  27. English

    How does Seho look today? He looks unhappy. Do you know why? Yes, I do. 1. His father passed away yesterday. 2. He cut his finger with a knife. 3. He had his arm broken on the road. 4. He was hit by a bicycle on his way to school. 5. He quarreled with his
  28. Statistics

    In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However, the lab score is worth 15% of your total grade, each major
  29. Word history

    a-re-na (uh RE nuh) n1.a central area used for sports or other forms of entertainment and surrounded by seats for spectators 2. a field of competition or activity adj. taking place in an arena, as in arena football [From the Latin herena or "sand"; in
  30. Chemistry

    I am looking at the delta H chart to calculate delta H of reactions. When doing one reaction, I came across a species that was not included in the chart: SiO4. What do I do? There is no SiO4. SiO2 perhaps, OR, you have been asked to calculate a theoretical
  31. english: critical thinking

    The great French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874) sympathized with the French Middle Ages and with the Revolutionary epoch in France, yet he wrote his best work on the despotic French monarchy, which he despised.
  32. Statistic

    Consider a football team for whom the numbers on the active players’ jerseys are 29, 41, 50, 58, 79,…, 10 (listed in alphabetical order of the players’ names). Does it make sense to calculate the mean of those numbers? Why or why not? 2. The Fair
  33. history

    HISTORY QUESTIONS PLEASE HELP!!!!! which of the following contributed to the failure of San Miguel de Gualdape, the first Spanish settlement in south Carolina?(1 point) A. the Waccamaw River was not a safe place to settle. B. Too few slaves were brought
  34. MATH

    A child organizes animal blocks in rows on the ground. There are 64 animal blocks in the 5th row & 92 of those blocks in the 9th and last row. Suppose that the number of animal blocks frm row to row form an arithmetic sequence. The number of animal blocks
  35. Math Help

    A child organizes animal blocks in rows on the ground. There are 64 animal blocks in the 5th row & 92 of those blocks in the 9th and last row. Suppose that the number of animal blocks frm row to row form an arithmetic sequence. The number of animal blocks
  36. Biology

    Characteristics that biologists use to classify organisms are a. convergent evolution, cladogram, reproductive isolation. b. reproductive isolation, evolutionary history, shared derived characteristics. c. binomial nomenclature, shared derived

    I need a fairly brief explanation of the Inquisition. All I know is that it has something to do with killing "heretics" whatever they are. Try typing it into Wikipedia. The first paragraph in the article should give you a brief explanation of the
  38. 7th Grade English-Word Puzzles/Pictures

    I need help with word pictures/puzzles.(1) head (no capitals or other words next to it, above or below it)...(2) yrooucrhkeasd (again, no words above, below or next to it) Thank you! I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Can you give us more details about
  39. U.S. History

    I have a question for someone. I need some help in getting started on this paper for my History class. I need to assume the role of a Radical Republican Senator and argue the Radical Republican position of Reconstruction in the first part of my paper and
  40. US history

    Hi, I need help with these three questions: 1. What were some of the different issues that contributed to the cause of the U.S. Civil War? 2. Why would the Civil War have contributed to the industrial development of the United States? 3. How was life
  41. Pre-Algebra

    Find each product or Quotient. Express using exponents. 1. The quotient of a to the 8th power and a to the 8th power? a 2. The quotient of -x to the 5th power and -x? -x to the 4th power 3. (15/5)(n to the 9th power/ n)? 3n go the 10th power Neutral water
  42. Calculus

    A section of highway connecting two hillsides with grades of 6% and 4% is to be build between two points that are separated by a horizontal distance of 2000 feet. At the point where the two hillsides come together, there is a 50-foot difference in
  43. Calculus

    A section of highway connecting two hillsides with grades of 6% and 4% is to be build between two points that are separated by a horizontal distance of 2000 feet. At the point where the two hillsides come together, there is a 50-foot difference in
  44. math

    I'm just having trouble trying to see the independent and dependant variables. I have to determine whether the following are functions: The relation between distance and time if someone walks 5km/h. I think distance would be the independent variable
  45. 8th grade math

    The sum of three numbers is 81 and their ratio is 3:7:17. What is the value of the smallest number?
  46. 2nd grade math

    Which number sentence completes this fact family? 3+2=5 2+3=5 5-2=3 is it 5+2=7, 5+3=8, 5-1=4 or 5-3=2?
  47. 7th grade social studies

    what was Fray Marcos de Niza famous for? Please help! Thank you!!
  48. 7th grade

    how do i write the ratio of 9 nickles to 3 quaters in simplest form
  49. 4th grade

    How do you "write an equivalent representation" 2 thousands, 6 hundreds, 2 tens, and 1 one.
  50. 6th grade math

    Find three pairs of positive fraactions whose product is 15/56
  51. 1st grade

    I can't play now, can you come back later? Mike said, "I like grape soda". can i used these as sentences
  52. 1st grade

    help me make a sets of objects showing more than in a set cards
  53. Math

    I need help on a quiz it is called mid unit review for 7th grade
  54. 4th grade

  55. 9th grade Eng. Honors

    How does the mood of a story affect the outcome?
  56. IGCSE 9th grade Chemistry

    Why do tomatoes ripen faster in a greenhouse?
  57. Social studies Grade 7

    Why was northern Italy a natural birthplace for the Renaissance? Anything would help. Thanks.
  58. Calculus grade 12 lines and planes

    Find the value of k so that the line [x,y,z] = [2,-2,0]+ t[2,k,-3] is parallel to the plane kx +2y - 4z= 12
  59. 7th grade science

    How are biotic factors changed in an ecosystem that has flooded ?
  60. 8th grade

    What two European countries helped start the Age of Explorations?
  61. 8th grade Clinton Junior High School

    What is Dividing Powers mean?
  62. Geography (grade 8)

    In my atlas, it lists Caspian Sea as a lake. I'm confused
  63. negative numbers 6th grade

    what is -2 divided by (-2 2/5) times (-1 4/5) please help I get logged out of computer at 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  64. 8th grade science

    when you bring your bicycle to a stop where does he kinetic energy it had go?
  65. Science

    How do speakers work I am in 8th grade and have to write a 5 pargaph essay
  66. third grade hw help

    Hello All, Please help my son with his Math fraction. He needs to put the below fractions in ordedr from least to greatest. 1) 2/4, 2/3, 2/7, 2/5 2) 1/2, 6/7, 5/7, 1/10 3) 1/2, 6/7, 1/12, 2/3, 11/12, 1/6, 1/3, 1/4, 4/5 Please help!!! Thanks.
  67. 12th grade English

    arguments and counterarguments in "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman"
  68. 3rd grade math

    Write in expanded form 17,045 17,000 + 40 + 5 ? is this right
  69. 7th grade science

    what would happen if a farmer used to much fertilizer? how can this effect an ecosystem?
  70. 4th grade science

    how do scientist preserve fossils frozen in ice
  71. Algebra 1 8th grade

    Can a graph that is in a complete circle possibly have a function
  72. 6th grade math

    Unable to help my child with this problem... 71.33=9/5k-459.67 solving for k
  73. 5 grade science

    what was your hypothesis? explain the process that your followed to determine the results for your experiment.
  74. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sec4π/3*cot5π/6-tan3π/4
  75. 7th grade science

    I keep asking ...Ms.Sue, could you possibly help? Can flying fish communicate and how?
  76. Pre-Algebra

    Ok so im in 7th grade and can somone help me with pizzazz worksheet #40? Pretty please?
  77. 9th grade science

    A landslide may be caused when friction is ______ by moisture
  78. 7th grade math

  79. Poetry Grade 9

    A rhyming poem can be "abcb" right? and it doesn't matter about syllables?
  80. 4th grade science

    What kind of machine could you compare a glacier to? How are the two alike?
  81. 10th grade

    perimeter of a regular pentagon with side measurements of 57 centimeters
  82. 8th grade

    what is gnama artea it means Kings must follow laws too.
  83. 10th grade

    If you heat a 5 L balloon from a temperature of 250 C to 500 C , its me volume will be?
  84. geography / 8 grade

    Where do most of the people in the countries of southasia live? village. correct? thanks..
  85. 4th grade math

    explain why it can be better to use compatible numbers to estimate rather than rounding.
  86. 10th grade

    What were the differences between the Whigs and Tories in the seventeenth-century England?
  87. 8th Grade Science

    Label these reactants and products: 3Fe + 2 O2> Fe3O4
  88. 6th grade

    use the distbutive property to rewrite the expression as a product. 6+18y+24
  89. Language Arts (2nd Grade)

    Question: Name 10 Community Things You Can Do To Help The Earth. I Cant Think of Any!! Help
  90. 2nd grade math

    How do you count the digits using the base-10 block place value?

  92. 7th grade math

    how do I write an equation for "fifteen decreased by twice n equals 13"
  93. 8 th grade math

    Need help working out how to get Adding, Subtracting , Division , and multiplying of the integer 34
  94. 2nd grade

    I want to know one urban area activiy and one subburn eara activity
  95. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sinπ/6 tanπ/3 ÷ cscπ/4
  96. 9th grade

    In triangle ABC, centroid D is on median line. AD=x+4 and DM=2x-4. Find AM
  97. Math

    My son is grade 4 his homework have question is : when you multiply any number by 1,what is the product ? Please help !!!!
  98. 6th grade english

    Can you recommend a site where I can get some examples of prepositional prases?
  99. 8th Grade Math

    How do I enter this with two decimal places and not a percent? 0.18811922 Is it 0.19?