U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 5th grade math

    use inverse operations and a property of equaility to solve the equations. x+13=42 x-12=37
  2. 5th grade

    What events led up to the Civil War? A State's Rights B Slavery C All of the above
  3. 5th grade

    fifteen:five::nine:_ _ _ _ _ i can't figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it has to start with scr,spr,str,thr.
  4. Math 5th grade

    How can I use bar diagrams to divide unit fractions by whole numbers
  5. reading 5th grade

    Can you give me some examples of writing styles ???? I know one of them is expository composition
  6. 5th grade math

    use the division rule to write equivalent fractions? 51 --- 120
  7. Math

    Explain how to draw a picture to find 3 x 0.9. Grandma needs help for her 5th grade granddaughter!
  8. 5th grade

    Find the numbers that each letter stands for in the problem below. EFGH X 4 = HGFE E= F= G= H=
  9. 5th grade math

    dividing decimasls by 10 100 and 1000 help don't remember how
  10. 5th grade math

    an someone help me learn an easy way to remember metric conversions?? thanks, Seth
  11. 5th grade math

    how do i write a real-world problem where you would have to multiply 120 and 75

  13. math 5th grade

    need to round 21,079,000 to nearest 100 thousand
  14. 5th grade math

    how many ways can you use a dime, quarter, and nickel to make .60 cents?
  15. 5th grade

    what can i write as an essay to convinse my teacher not to give me homework next week
  16. 5th grade

  17. 5th grade

    just one more problem i'm still struggle with . Find the median and mean for each set of numbers. 17,13,27,33,25. please! give me an example again. thank you!!
  18. 5th grade

    if the altitude of a triangle is doubled and the base is multiplied by 3 , what is the effect on the area?
  19. 5th Grade Writing

    I need to write 3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each (at least on how stone is useful. Could anyone give me some topics?
  20. 5th grade

    A glass flute does not expand with humidity so you must tune it before every use a. true b. false
  21. 5th grade

    What is the pattern for the following input and output sequence? x 24 8 4 3 36 a 3 9 18 24 2 How do you figure out the algebraic equation?
  22. 5th grade math

    can you explain inverse operations to solve an inequality program?
  23. 5th grade reading

    on each side of a hurricane the-- answer warm air sinks
  24. 5th grade

    write a spelling word that fits each clue 4.a furnace could provide this.
  25. 5th grade Math

    I'm not sure how to answer this. Select two fractions whose sum is 3/4 and whose denominators are both the same but not equal to 4

    Ron has 4 new songs on his MP3 player. In how many different order can he burn them to a cd?
  27. 5th grade

    Possessive nouns A communities' elected officials were often members of the gentry.
  28. 5th grade Science

    How can two containers of water have the same temperature but different amounts of heat energy?
  29. 5th grade

    how will the value of 32,184,567 change if the number 2 is replaced by 9? this will be my last question for today thank you!!
  30. 5th grade

    Hi i need help with solving this math question.Make an array for each of these number sentences.3*9=27 and 6*7=42
  31. 5th grade math

    if kelly gave 1/3 of a pizza to holly and 1/5 to diane how much did she have left?
  32. LA - 5th grade

    Which version of to/too to use? 1. He came too when they threw water on his face. 2. I was to late to catch the bus.
  33. 5th grade math help

    trying to check my sons answers "5 3/5 " divided by "2/3" How do i do this mom cant remember
  34. 5th grade math

    What is the sum of 3142,6328, and 4743 to the nearest thousand?
  35. 5th grade

    GI ___ ccccc What is this phrase? Example: stand _____ I means "I understand"
  36. 5th grade

    how dud sqyabti, the interpreter for massasoit and the pilgrims. learn english
  37. hard 5th Grade Math

    Two 5th grade classes raised money for their local animal shaelters.There are 20 students in Class A. Each student raised 12$. There are 26 students in Class B raised 1.5 times as much as each student in Class A. A. How much money was raised altogether in
  38. 7th grade history

    Why is history important to be studied? Include 3 events in history as supporting evidence. How are these events relevant today?
  39. 5th grade Math

    You want to estimate 5.25-3.3. Why would using front-end estimation and adjusting tell you more about the answer than rounding?
  40. 5th grade

    This region is divided into 2 smaller regions-New England and the Mid atlantic states?
  41. 5th grade math

    7,654,321,158,906 written in word form is what?
  42. 5th grade- Social Studies

    Briefly explain Andrew Johnson's Plan for Reconstruction?
  43. Math

    Umm Im in 5th grade and I do not under stand this at all because I don't know what the brakets are and how do you you use them heres the question 108 + 3[15 - (3 + 9)]=?
  44. 5th grade english

    In this sentence, The cat should not be sitting on the kitchen counter., is should not the helping verb?
  45. 5th grade

    why do only wealthy mal property owners were allowed to serve in colonial legislatures?
  46. 5th grade

    my lesson says to find the unknown number in each equation. 12r - 4r = 48 r=? could the answer be r=48? or r=8x6
  47. 5th grade Math

    Insert parentheses in the false number sentence to make it true. -3+5*2-(-6)=37
  48. 5th grade math

    if a rectangular prism has a vloume of 36 cubic centimeters list 4 possible dimensions it could have
  49. 5th grade

    What is the adverb and verb it describes in this sentence?-"Jason walked to the table and stood there.
  50. 5th Grade Math

    Rounded to the nearest ten I am 780. I am even. The sum of my digits is 17. How do you get the answer?
  51. 5th grade

    Wha are the names of the smaller mountain ranges that make up the Rocky Mountains?
  52. 5th Grade Math

    A farmer has a rectangular field that is 48 by 36, he wants to fence 16 small pens, how much fencing does he need?
  53. 5th Grade Math

    Question: Each face of a prism other than the bases is what two-dimensional shape? Please help I'm really confused and need help.
  54. science

    What equipment and sets is needed to design an electroplating kit for 5th grade learners?
  55. 5th grade

    Early systems for classifying plants were based on characteristics people could see easily, because
  56. 5th grade

    what does it means when they ask you give me a answear in units of multiplication and divisions word problems
  57. 5th grade math

    Round to the greatest place of the lesser number. 3861+647
  58. 5th grade algebra

    Kenneth has $5. He spends g cents every day. How much money does he have left after one week?
  59. 5th grade science

    blank a type of material that tries to prenent the flow of thermal energy.
  60. 5th grade

    How long does ti take a sloth to digest its food? a.2 days b.2 months c.2 weeks d.2 hours
  61. 5th grade

    Write an expression for the following sentence. Thoma had some money in his bank account. He withdrew $10.00
  62. 5th grade math

    How do you divide 836 by 22, using compatible numbers? Is there a quick way to figure out the compatibility?
  63. 5th grade math

    How do you divide 836 by 22, using compatible numbers? Is there a quick way to figure out the compatibility?
  64. 5th grade math

    how do you draw a centimeter box with the dimensions 3 by 4 by 12 centimers which = 144 cubes?
  65. 5th grade math

    how many boxes con you find that will hold two times as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by 4 box.
  66. 5th grade

    how to make up a set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks minimum 3 maximum 9 median 7 mode 7
  67. 5th grade Science

    How does water tempurature give a clue about what ocean layer it belongs to? (Please help!)

    where in nature could you find a source of the same energy as that provided by batteries?explain
  69. MATH

  70. 5th grade math

    ms.john class took a timed test. What was the minimum and maximum times? 8.5 9.2 7.1 7.03 90.04 8.09
  71. 5th Grade Math

    I need help in using the distributive property to rewrite this expression: (7 x 600) + (7 x 400) and then multiply.
  72. math

    need help to solve the following ploblem, and like problems: 5 minutes = _____ hours (what is the fraction) I'm in the 5th grade
  73. world history

    I need to put these history dates in Chronological order to fill out a history chart on Buddhism. I am not sure the correct order and don't want to get the whole chart wrong. Please help. 5th century B.C.E. 350 C.E. 500 C.E. 819 C.E. Early 9th century C.E.
  74. Math

    The number of 5th grade students who volunteered to help clean up the park this was 5 less than twice as many last year If 39 5th graders volunteered to help clean up the park this year how many volunteered last year
  75. 5th grade

    what is the first legislative body in america giving the settlers the opportunity to control thier own then it has a blank.
  76. science

    how do water powered mills work???? please help!!!!!!!! due tomorrow only in 5th grade make it not complicated
  77. 5th Grade Science

    Okay here is my question: What is the best way to model how heavy rains and floods can change rocky land? Thank you
  78. 5th Grade Math

    I have bases with more than 4 sides each. I have 5 faces. What am I? My answer is pentagonal prism. Is that correct? Please advise. Thank you
  79. 5th grade math

    there is a gameboard and the arrow has landed on seven.what is the probability of spinning a number larger than 6 on the spinner?
  80. 5th grade

    make up a data set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks. maximum 18 mode7 range 13 and median 12.
  81. 5th grade

    hwo would I calculate the original discount price of and item if coast 150 and was sold to me at 75

  83. 5th Grade Math

    Can you please show me the steps on how to write each decimal as a mixed number in simplest form? 1. 8.9 2. 42.96
  84. math 5th grade

    Mary baked a dozen M&M cookies. There were 45 M&M's in the bag. Each cookie had a minimum of 3 M&M's. What are all the different possibilities?
  85. 5th grade

    make pu a data set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks maximum 18 mode 7 range 13 median 12
  86. 5th grade math

    big al has a set ofnon-metic wrenches that has these numbers 7/16,1/4,9/16,3/8,5/16,1/2 which is the largest? which is the smallest?
  87. 5th grade Math

    4 x blank is greater than 12 but less than 16. Answers can be in mixed fractions and/or improper fraction. Can someone please explain how to do this?
  88. 5th grade math

    Make up a set of at least 12 numbers that has the following landmarks: Minimum: 50 Maximum: 57 Median: 54 Mode: 56
  89. 5th grade science

    Which is a measure of how closely particles are packed together? A.density C.solubility D.volume B.matter
  90. math 5th grade

    need to understand how to find the sum in simplest form of these common denominators 1/2 +1/10= ,5/12+1/4=,the difference in 2/3-1/6 =, 5/6-7/12=
  91. 5th grade

    what is the smallest number of pencils that are needed to put into jars holding 3,6 and 9 leaving no remainder.
  92. 5th grade math

    relationship between the total ounces of water collected,w, and the number of 4-ounce samples,s
  93. 5th grade social studeis

    what types of geographical features helped settlements grow and succeed? why?
  94. 5th grade

    Explain the type of solution formed when steam from boiling water evaporates into the air
  95. 5th grade math

  96. 5TH GRADE Math

    Can you please show me how to find the common factors of each set of numbers. 1. 1,4,8,32______ 2. 1,3,6,12,24_____
  97. 5th grade

    Find out about crops-cereals,vegetables,pulses-that are grown in kasargod.Of those,is there anything that is famous across the country?
  98. Social studies 5th grade

    What was difference in exploring for Spain and France? Why did each of them explore? Compare and contrast
  99. 5th grade maths

    Choose a reasonable metric unit to complete each sentence and how did you do it. 1. 1 mile is about 1.6---- 2. 1 yard is about 1------ Thanks
  100. 5th grade social studies

    as a result of searching for the northwest passage,what two colonies did the french found?