U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 3rd grade

    How is new reporting different today than it was 100 years ago?
  2. 1st grade math

    what addition fact can help you find 14-4? explain
  3. 8th grade science :(

    How does the sun's gravity influence tides?
  4. 11th grade physics

    im not procrastinating i really don't understand it. im not asking for the answers im just asking for a little more help??
  5. 7th grade

    Which unit rate is the fastest miles or hours
  6. 9th grade

    what is nickel's state of matter at room temperature
  7. 8th grade science

    why are neuclar waste products a problem?
  8. Math 3 grade

    Draw two ways to show 43 using place-value blocks.
  9. 7 grade math

    <,>,or = 1/6_1/3 please don't just give me the answer. I need you to explain it to me.
  10. Algebra Grade 7

    It is possible to estimate the length of a line SEGMENT. true?
  11. Easy 4th Grade Math

    What are things that have symmetry in a house?
  12. 2nd grade fraction question

    Only using the numbers 0-9 once each is it possible to make 5 fractions that are less than 1/2?
  13. 6th grade Science

    How long does a harp seal's pregnancy last?
  14. 6th grade Science

    How long does a harp seal's pregnancy last?
  15. 8th grade math

    Convert 3.16x10^3 in standard form
  16. 7th grade math

    -2(8-4)-8(-6-8)= im notsure how to do this can someone please explain how to do this and what the answer is, i keep coming up with 2 but that's not right. i need help!
  17. 8th grade ohio ciriculem

    what is it like? i wanna know what i am gonna be learning
  18. 12th grade

    Which one of the following items is an example of a symbol in "Bernice Bobs Her Hair
  19. 6th grade

    for a frequency table what is the best interval for the data 1,14,6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 22, ans 25
  20. 7th grade science

    what is an example of genetic enginering helping people?
  21. 6th grade

    what did egyptian pharoahs of old kingdoms build for their tombs?
  22. 9th grade

    how do you solve the equation 15x^2-9x=12x^2+28x
  23. Spanis8th grade

    Is this correct? TĂș salgas la escuela a las ocho.
  24. 10th Grade Math

    Why is it important to understand rational exponents?
  25. 6th grade

    manmohan singh's views on global warming
  26. Math-3rd grade

    Round to estimate the sum of all the numbers in 14.
  27. 9th grade health

    what is is formed as a waste product during respiration
  28. 3rd grade math

    explain how you can use a hundred chart to subtract 12 from 46
  29. 8th grade

    Fun and silly slogan for element "iron"?
  30. 6th grade

    what is topic sentence, and what are words theycan not start with
  31. 8th grade

    unscramble the work riday it is a literature word
  32. emt

    I have to do a project on medical shock do you have any ideas, I need a good grade on this.
  33. English

    How to write a contrast poem on a Senior 12 grade level?
  34. algebra

    1/2x+6=1/3x Please help. my college grad mom can't help with my 8th grade math!
  35. 9th grade

    i have a test soon, and i don't know where my textbook is, can you tell me everything i need to know about organic compounds?
  36. 6th grade

    If today is Tuesday, what integer stands for last Sunday?
  37. 8th grade

    Need some info on the Battle of New Orleans I can't find it in my book
  38. 4th grade

    write a number pattern for 8 starfish if each has 5 arms.
  39. 6th grade math

    i need to write 40% as a fraction in simplest form how do i do that
  40. geography-grade 7

    How many years has Canada been trading with countries in Europe?
  41. 3rd grade math

    What is the difference between the perimeter and the area of a polygon?
  42. 7th grade

    i need help in Math with Fractions can i have some pointer to remember it. P.s. Thank you guys if u can help
  43. 8th Grade Algebra

    I need to know a quadratic equation that have: 1) exactly one negative solution
  44. 9th grade

    find two powers that have a product of 96, with at least one power greater than 1
  45. MATH

    how do you make a circle graph?what are the steps?i am a grade 7 student,I need help. Thanks
  46. Geo 7th Grade

    What would you say is the biggest influence on Mexico's economy?
  47. 11th grade

    how do you determine what atom gained or lost electrons
  48. 8th Grade Science

    If we say that gold has a density of 19.32 g/ml, at what temperature is this substance?
  49. 8th grade

    write an equation for a line that is parallel to y=2x+4 but passes through (0,0)
  50. 3rd grade

    write in order from least to greatest the six numbers whose digits are 2, 8, and 9
  51. 3rd grade

    using four different digits, what is the least sum you can get when you add two digit numbers?
  52. 12 grade math

    If Y varies inversely as X^2, determine what Y would be if X = 2 and another point on the equation is (1,8).
  53. 4th grade

    i have two pairs of parellel sides all of equal length?
  54. 9th grade

    What led to Germany's decision to sign the armistice
  55. 8th grade

    How do i find the surface area of a rectangular prism?
  56. 12th grade maths factorising expressions

    make the subject (u) p=5t-u/u
  57. 6th grade Social Studies

    What are three important elements of culture?
  58. math 6 grade

    Below are some sale prices for soda .Which offers the best price ? a. 6 for $1.75 b.8 for $1.90 c.12 for $3.15 d.30 for $7.50
  59. 7th grade civics

    Why are federal judges appointed and not elected?
  60. 9th grade

    is electric current shared in a series circuit?
  61. 10th grade

    determine m given that m>0 and the points (m,3) and (1,m) lie on a line with slope m
  62. 6th grade

    What lessons can we learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.?
  63. 8th grade

    is a shortage of tyrosine the cause of albinism? can u explain the answer.
  64. 7th grade

    waht is used to mix substances, like a spoon, is two words?
  65. 10th grade

    how do you convert linear feet into square yards?
  66. 4th grade

    math..need to find out how to write an array for homework
  67. 7th grade math

    solve for k -4k-8k+7=-53 Please explain how you found your answer!! Please help!!
  68. 3rd grade

    In analogies...What is the answer for this.ring is to sting as brick is to? what?
  69. 8th grade science

    how does wave frequency affect the light?
  70. 11th grade

    What measures does henry say the colonists have already tried in the dealings with england?
  71. to Damon

    thanks.its okay. wanna be friends?we can talk to eachother online here.im available from 4:00 to 10:00. what grade are you in?
  72. 6th grade English

    Need help writing a sentence using the word lateral in it.
  73. 6th grade English

    How does point of view affect a story?
  74. 6th grade math

    Problem: How many 3/4ths are in 1? Is the calculation correct? 1 / 3/4 1 x 4/3 = 4/3
  75. 7th grade

    how do u solve dis problem: 8cm/s= ___ ft/h
  76. la

    shoud students who fail their classes be retained and have to repeat the grade ?
  77. 8th grade

    i have a project and its about genres and i would like to know what are five characteristics of realistic fiction? Thanks
  78. 6th grade math

    two thirds minus five ninths equals?
  79. 7th grade

    explain the usefulness of algebra in modern mathematics.
  80. la

    shoud students who fail their classes be retained and have to repeat the grade ?
  81. 7th grade

    know where this is before you begin any lab; you may need to find it in case of emergancy
  82. 4th grade

    what effect does an increase in average temperature have on the ecosystem
  83. 12th grade economics

    what factors change in supply and demand
  84. Grade 12 Chemistry

    5.85gof Naclis Dissolvedin250mlofsolution.Calculatethemass%ofsolute?
  85. 1st grade

    I can swim in the sea. You can see me at home. You can read me. You can ride me. What am I?
  86. Math,6th grade

    Jane biked 34 mi in 2 h. At this rate, how far could she bike in 5 h?
  87. 9th Grade Biology

    How do macromolecules carry out the function of life?
  88. Calculus grade 12

    Determine an equation for the line parallel to 2x + 6y + 4z = 1 and contains the point P(3, 2, 1).
  89. 3rd grade

    what are elements of a literary ela ment chart
  90. 3rd grade

    Design an experiment that teacher others how to use a balance correctly
  91. 4th grade

    What property of multiplication helped solve 1X47=47?
  92. 7th grade Math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. -8 > -6 B. 10 < -12 C. -5 > -7 D. -9 >6 This is integers, and I'm stumped. Please help! Thanks.
  93. 9th grade science

    what do you call a female bug that floats?
  94. 2nd grade

    Why is it helpful for scientists to know how long animals can live?
  95. Math 6th grade

    What is the largest fraction that can be made out of these numbers? 4,7,9
  96. Calculus grade 12

    Determine an equation for the line parallel to 2x + 6y + 4z = 1 and contains the point P(3, 2, 1).
  97. 6th Grade Math

    This 3-D figure has exactly 6 edges, vertices, and 4 faces. What is it? Please Help!
  98. grade 12 chem

    hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?
  99. grade 12 chem

    hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?
  100. grade 12 chem

    hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?