U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. math

    elow is a function the represents the sales for tickets to battle of the Bands Phoenix Music Festival. Student council needs students to buy ticket early in order to book a venue. In order to do this they made a piece scale as follows, where x is the days
  2. Lang. Arts

    4. Identify the appositive phrase in the following sentence. Mrs. Talavera, an eighth grade teacher at Rosewood Middle School, led the community meeting about childhood obesity. A.Mrs. Talavera B.an eighth grade teacher at Rosewood Middle School C.led the
  3. please proofread this essay?

    I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am interested in applying for AP United States History. I believe that taking AP United States History will prepare me well for my college education and beyond. In addition, this course will
  4. math

    In your biology class, your final grade is based on several things: a lab score, scores on two major tests, and your score on the final exam. There are 100 points available for each score. However, the lab score is worth 16% of your total grade, each major
  5. English

    What type of society & government is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? And what aspect from the novel is relatable to history or modern society? I need to find something to challenge(a topic/idea/argument Huxley made in his novel) and write a research
  6. Devry

    1. You are part of a team given the task of designing an application to determine a students letter grade for a short course. The application will process a quiz, a project, a midterm exam and a final exam to determine the total score. The result of
  7. chemistry

    A sample contains Hydrogen atom ,He+ ion, Li2+, & Be3+ ion. In H atom electron is present in 8th orbit, in He2+ e- is present in 6th orbit, Li2+ in 5th orbit& in Be3+ electron is present in 4th orbit. All the atoms are de-excited to the ground state.
  8. History

    I'm writing an essay based on the question "to what extent did world war 2 shape the identity of Canada" I wrote the introductory paragraph (down below) but I was just wondering if someone could proofread it and let me know if there was anything else I
  9. World History

    Hi! I've been having trouble doing my world history assignment.. if anyone can help; here are the instructions.. This assignment asks you to write about an event from two different points of view. Historians often read conflicting accounts of events and
  10. math

    Mike took four tests: English, Math, Science and History. He scored a 74 in English and an 84 in History. The average of the four tests was 72. Math had a better score than Science by 6 points. What was his Science score?
  11. math help pls pls pls

    Four polynomials are shown below: A. 2 − 2x5 + 2x2 B. 5x3 + 5 − 5x4 C. 3x + 2x5 D. 6x3 − 1 Which of the above polynomials is a 5th degree binomial? Polynomial A Polynomial B Polynomial C Polynomial D pls help me
  12. Pre-K class needs your help

    I noticed that someone posted this question before but I wanted to see if there were anymore ideas...... I am a pre-K teacher, as well, and my class will be doing a unit on Community History.... what activities and worksheets could I give my students
  13. Mathematics : Arithmetic Sequence

    The 5th term and the 8th term of an arithmetic sequence are 18 and 27 respctively. a)Find the 1st term and the common difference of the arithmetic sequence. b)Find the general term of the arithmetic sequence.
  14. History

    Has anyone read the book A People's History of the UNited States? if so, can you help me with a question about the first chapter? How does Zinn's story of first contact differ from your own prior knowledge of the story? I haven't read this text, but the
  15. 7th grade

    i don't really rememver what do do when u have a problem with two medains.=(
  16. 11 grade Lit.

    Did Mr. Smooth-it-away in The Celestial Raidroad decieve someone?
  17. 1st grade

    how can a map help ypu find places
  18. 8th Grade Science

    At what temperature is water the most dense?
  19. 4th grade math

    which expression represents the phrase three more than f? a.)3-f b.)f+3 c.)34+3 d.)f-3
  20. 12th grade math

    State the asymptote of the function g(x)=6^x-9
  21. 4th grade math

    what does 12/15 - 7/15 equal,in simplest form?
  22. 12th Grade Maths

    simplify (e is positive) (24e)^1/3 / (3e)^1/3
  23. 6th grade math

    how do you change 0.009 into a percent
  24. 6 grade math

    Estimate a range for each sum example 7.42+13.97+101.2
  25. 7th grade

    i don't kow how to sole this equation 5x-10=2x-7 can u help me
  26. 12th grade economics

    what does the process of specialization do for the economy?
  27. 6th grade

    how does respectfulness relate to being safe and responsible
  28. math 4th grade

    is 80 sq feet the size of a kitchen or is it 8 sq ft
  29. 11th grade science

    How would you balance Na2O plus HOH
  30. Nursing

    If I have a 69 in the class and I got a 33 out of 50 on the test and she giving 20 points what would be my grade?
  31. 6th grade science

    during which phase is DNA duplicated?
  32. math

    pattern 1: 12,16,20,24,28 32 how would you answer this in a 5 grade mathematical term
  33. physical science 9th grade

    how do you balance equations
  34. 7th grade

    what is the relationship between physical and health education.
  35. Math 6th grade

    Can you give me a word problem for 11/12 / 1/4?
  36. 4th grade math

    round 12 5/12 to the nearest whole number.
  37. SS for 7th grade

    Name 27 countries and give the date that they joined the EU.
  38. Grade 7

    What are some of the main bodies of water connected to Aruba?
  39. 10th grade

  40. 12th grade

    How long did it take the Bill of Rights to come into effect?
  41. 9th grade math

    how do i solve for this problem? Xsquared-10=0
  42. 9th grade

    how do i figure out 3.50a+1.00b=1131
  43. ELA

    Website For Grammar Lessons 6th grade????....
  44. 10th grade

    explain how to add measurements of segments 18.4 4.7 p to q to s
  45. grade 9 math

    Can someone please help me solve this equation. And please explain how to break this down. 4b-6+b-9= 0
  46. 12th grade

    what does the narrative of sojoumer truth take place
  47. 7th Grade Math

    What are two square roots of ten?
  48. 7th grade math

    can you anwser this question for me okay the problem is x+4(x+3)
  49. 7th grade

    We are learning rational numbers in math. What does N W Z Q and Q1 mean?
  50. 6th grade

    What are scientific independent and dependent variables?
  51. 3rd grade

    what are 10 different types of liquids,solids, and gases.
  52. 8th grade science

    What is the difference between speed and velocity?
  53. 6th grade

    What are the 5 energy changes when a person jumps upward?
  54. 5 grade math

    find two equivalent fractions for each given fraction. (1) 3 - 6 (2) 3 - 9
  55. 4th grade

    if you have 4 animals how many difeent ways can you feed them
  56. 1st grade

    He and I was taking the dog for a walk. can i used that for a sentence?
  57. math 11th grade

    evaluate each function. g(x)=|x-2|+3;find g(0)
  58. 12th grade

    i need information about the virginia plan but it has to be more on a college
  59. math

    Grade Frequency A 2 B 8 C 11 D 2 F 1 how would this graph change if there were twice as many grades?
  60. 4th grade

    Write 3 different improper fractions that equal 4 and 2/3
  61. 9th grade

    What are the similarities of ozone depletion and uv light
  62. 10th grade

    Are there any sounds-a body of water- in Africa?
  63. Grade 2 english

    Hi What is the hidden word in the following letters- panirlea Thanks
  64. 1st grade

    My room is a mess. Mom said, "I have to clean it now."
  65. 7th grade math

    electrical wire: $1.49 for 3 ft $.69 for 18 in which is a better buy?
  66. 7th grade

    I need to find out the missing variable. 10 x n - 55 = 155 n=
  67. math

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute?
  68. 9th grade

    I need to factor this trinomial, but I can't figure it out. 2q²-9q-18
  69. 8th grade

    what is 117 put in simplest form
  70. 9th grade

    what dose it take to win a tug of war?
  71. 9th grade- ART

    What are the good and bad uses of clay?
  72. 4 grade FL social studies weekly

    why did explorers come to the new world?
  73. 7th grade advanced math

    who knows the answer to 2*2604(52/9)/7*43+62/56
  74. 11th grade physics

    How do we know which plate has an excess of electrons?
  75. 6th grade math

    28 x 15 simplify by using distributive property,
  76. 8th grade science

    how does a dandelion and a deer alike?
  77. AP Algebra 8th grade

    Suppose U = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, Is the Universal set, and P = {1,3,5,7}, What is P' A) {2,4,6,8} B) {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} C) {1,3,5,7} D) {1,3,5,7,8} I think A.
  78. English

    How do i get a good grade on my really hard essay without messing up?!!?
  79. 3rd grade

    show me a base-ten drawing
  80. Algebra 7th Grade

    what is -8(700-3)= (using distributive property)
  81. 4th grade

    examples of the Characteristic of living things?
  82. 6th Grade Math: Proportions

    14/38=X/29. I'm still confused about figuring out what x is and getting X on its own. Please Help!!!
  83. 9th grade

    what are the 2 driving forces of natural selection?
  84. French

    Is this a right way to say, "I'm in ninth grade"? Je suis en neuvième année.
  85. social studies - 2nd grade

    i have a test tomorow . so can you help me ? thank you.
  86. 7th grade algebra

    -7/8 + 5 1/2 x 11/15 In order of operations do I do 5 1/2 x 11/15 and then add the -7/8?
  87. Reading

    What is a 6th grade definition for the word "Seraph"
  88. 9th grade

    how many parts is earth's lithosphere divided into?
  89. 12th grade

    what's the key factors which led to our constitution
  90. 6th grade

    How does a scientist choose which type of investigation to use?
  91. 10th grade

    whats the answer to 54x2y - 12x2y2
  92. 7th grade

    why was the bill of rights added to the constitution
  93. 10th grade english

    what is a one sentence summation of plot
  94. 4th grade math

    can u exsplain long division to me?
  95. 8th grade science

  96. 7th grade

    can anyone help me with this question? (3y-2x)2 don't take the 2 a times 2. does anyone no the answer.
  97. 7th Grade Math

    Simplify Exponents ba*(2ba4)-3
  98. 12th grade

    Can somebody tell me what to do next for solving polynomial equations? x^3 - 3x^2 -4x + 12= 0 I got the factors of 12 and i used 2. (x+2) (x^2 + x + 12)=0 What do I do next?
  99. Algebra 7th Grade

    what is -8(700-3)= (using distributive property)
  100. 8th grade

    how do you write a song that will knock over a cow?