U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 6th grade math

    how do you find the reciprocal of 0.68?
  2. 6th grade

    What is my patriotic roles of being a U.S. citizen?
  3. college

    the teacher said they were going to grade the test over the wekend
  4. comm215

    the teacher said they were going to grade the test over the weekend
  5. 4th grade Math

    is 10L >,< or = to 1,000ml?
  6. 8th grade

    Can you unscramble these letters:afsedrniru?
  7. math grade 10

    1.) express each equation in the form y=mx+b a.) 2x+2y=2 b.) 5x-10=-3y
  8. 12 grade

    for the expression (k+t)^22. what are the first 4 terms i the expressio without using coeffiecients
  9. 6th grade

    how does the kookaburra kill a snake?
  10. 10th grade

    what is a good slogan for neon?
  11. 9th grade

    How do you factor this expression? 10x+15
  12. 8th grade

    Can someone give me a written answer for this: 2.3w - 3.2 + 4.1 = -6
  13. 6th grade math

    Is -15 equal then to 15 or less then? My answer is less then an i right if not please tell me how and why?
  14. 8th grade

    why is sound important to radio
  15. 4th grade

    what is another way of naming 541,000
  16. 4th grade

    what is another way of naming 541,000
  17. 1st grade

    what are the characteristic of living thing
  18. 9th grade Algebra

    what is the inverse function of g(x)= 3x+2?
  19. 6th grade

    what is an organism and how do i do a report on how to explain one
  20. 6th grade math

    5ft 3 in. – 2ft 9 in. = ??
  21. 9th grade

    find the area of a triangle
  22. 7th grade

    what percent of decrease is from 125 to 75
  23. 2nd grade

    he wrote every safety tip on the-------------
  24. 2nd grade

    he told them always remember to------to your parents
  25. 6th grade

    What are Physical and Chemical properties?
  26. 11th grade

    what is the 10 and 5 \12 as equilvalent improper fraction
  27. 9th grade math

    I need help with this problem please help with steps. -u+5u-2(6u-11)
  28. 6th grade

    what are the 4 major industries in Egypt
  29. 1st grade

    How does wheat turn into flour?
  30. 7th grade

    what is a process used to investigate the world around you?
  31. 6th grade

  32. 3rd grade

    Need help unscrambling these letters: eeiochrs
  33. 4th grade

    what is prime and composite 13,37,25,117208,67
  34. 6th grade

    How do you turn a fraction into a decimal?
  35. 3rd grade english

    what rhymes with finally?
  36. 10th grade

    how do you add a fraction with a different denominator
  37. 7th grade

    what is the lines of latitude and longitude
  38. 8th grade

    who was emily tassey and who were her kids
  39. 7th grade

    how many diffent arts are there in the whole world
  40. 3rd grade math

    What is the next number pattern below? 16,24,32,40,48
  41. 7th grade science

    what is evolutionary divergence?
  42. Math-grade 4

    what is the estimated quotient of 6 divided into 75?
  43. 3rd grade

    how you can use a hundred chart to subtract 12 from 46
  44. 7th grade math

    How do you convert 5/16 to a decimal??
  45. 4th grade

    Finding angles in a circle
  46. 8th Grade Math

    25/50 x 60/70 x 100/200= 72 6/7
  47. 6th grade math

    ok i need to get this problem 9/2m - 8 = - 5.5 + 4m in a way like this 9 + 5k = 45 + 2k operation s 9 5k = 36 + 2k s 2k 3 = 36 d 3 k = 12
  48. 3rd grade math

    25 cents __?__ 3/10 of a dollar
  49. 9th grade

    science fair ideas
  50. 4th grade

    Science; what is the habitat of a jaguar
  51. 2nd grade

    Do people sink or float Why
  52. 10th grade

    find the slopes for all four side J(-4,-1) K(-7,-4) L(2,-10) M(5,-7)
  53. 6th grade math

    how much is 3pt to a cup
  54. 9th grade

    what is criteria for calling something an injustice?
  55. 6th grade

    i don't get this stuff that my teacher
  56. 6th grade

  57. 4th grade

    Where on a glacier are moraines found?
  58. 10th grade

    radio 5 to 3 how many of each one totals 4000?
  59. 7th grade

    what cavilions went on and became faus after the first fleet
  60. 3rd grade

    experiment on moment of force
  61. 7th grade

    Why are there usually more producers in an ecosystem than consumers?
  62. Grade 12 Math

    how would you find the value of b and c using substitution? The equation is 2=4+b+c-3
  63. 7th grade technology... help!

    Can anyone come up with an acronym for COPYRIGHT ??????????
  64. 6th grade

    place value in decimal fractions
  65. 6th grade

    what does an introduntion paragraph consist of
  66. 7th grade

    How do I convert decimal into fraction. Ex. .83
  67. science 4th grade

    why do scientist predict?
  68. 4th grade

    2578 diveded by4
  69. science 12 grade

    3.5 kilometers equals how many meters
  70. 10th grade

    Is dictatorship part of democratic
  71. 2nd grade

    in what from is iron usually found under the ground .. please help me
  72. 4th grade math

    What does computation method mean?
  73. 11th grade

    Why do we need to polish magnesium before using it in an experiment?
  74. 2nd grade

    how do I count the vertices of a rectangle
  75. 4th grade

    what is the rule for the number pattern 1,2,4,7,11,16
  76. 2nd grade

    do all rocks come frome lava
  77. 7th grade

    why do Bangladeshis love the moon?
  78. math 4th grade

    now is the correct answer 4
  79. 2nd grade

    How did John Smith help the colonies
  80. 10th grade

    Find the measure of diameter AC if BP=x and AC=5x-6
  81. math

    (8 x____) x 5 = 8 x ( 20 x 5).. third grade question please help me solve
  82. 9th grade

    how can i use the word acquaintance in a sentence?
  83. math

    This is a 8th grade question: Given C+C=D, D+E=17, A+2C=D, and 2B+C=8, what is the value of A+B+C+D??? Can you also show how you got it?
  84. 9th grade science

    how u covert 4.1dg____kg
  85. 12th grade

    Which of the following two groups did NOT do battle with the Romans?
  86. 2nd grade

    what spooky creature that have seven letters in it
  87. 3rd grade

    How many day in a leep year?
  88. 7th grade

    What are all the language persuasive techniques
  89. math Third grade

    is a number with the most ditis always greater and why/
  90. 6th grade

    How do you know that the particles are moving in a solid?
  91. 8th grade

    How does color effect memory?
  92. 1st grade

    how iron sulphide is formed
  93. 4th grade

    what 2 bordering states use to be apart of virginia
  94. 9th grade

    can you show me how to work this problem 6x+2=6
  95. 1st grade

    what are special sounds in words
  96. 4th grade

    what part of speech is batteries
  97. 12th grade - Math

    1.) Explain why |8-15i| = 17
  98. 7th grade math

    Multiply. 5.75 x 10 to the third power
  99. 3rd grade

    What is the standard form of 734
  100. 7th grade

    What is the least common multiple of 35, 70, 140