U.S. History 5th grade

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  1. 6th Grade Science : Newton's First Law of Motion

    Explain the idea of streamlining.\, as it applies to the skydiver. If you have the following textbook: Scott Foresman Science, 6th Grade good for you! Look on pages B102 - B105.
  2. Math

    2x4²(4 squared) that is the math problem i cant figure out if 4² means 4x4 or if it measns 4x4x4x4 please help its the sendond day of grade 9 ,, i don't wanna look dum
  3. Science

    Your desk is classified as a solid because it has a definite shape and volume at _______________. 4th grade science lesson question under What are the states of matter section. Thanks!
  4. Science

    I have a 5 minute presentation on Gregor mendel. i already have the speech done and a poster. I am wondering what I could do that would be unique an would make my presenation better than everyone elses beause it is the biggest grade and I need to do good.
  5. Math

    2x4²(4 squared) that is the math problem i cant figure out if 4² means 4x4 or if it measns 4x4x4x4 please help its the sendond day of grade 9 ,, i don't wanna look dum
  6. College Chemistry

    I am trying to figure out how many minutes are required for sunlight to travel from the Sun to Earth? Assuming the sun is 93,000,000 miles from Earth and that sunlight travels at 1.86x10 to the 5th power miles per second. These things are so tricky, i know
  7. algebra 1

    Suppose the probability that an American League team will win the World Series is 60%. What is the probability that a National League team will win the World Series in the 5th game? Express your answer to the nearest whole percent.
  8. Chemistry

  9. algebra

    give the demensions of rectangles with the perimeters of 70 feet and length-to-width ratios of 3 to 4, 4 to 5, and 1 to 1. Ok, the perimeter is 70 and perimeter = 2(length + width) The ratio is length:with=3:4 so length = (3/4)width 70 = 2(length + width)
  10. math problem

    My ID number is quite remarkable.Its a 9 digit number with the digits 1-9 appearing only once. The entire 9 digit nuymber is divisible by 9. If you remove the last digit, the remaining 8 digit number is divisible by 8. If you remove the last digit again,
  11. Ms. Sue please check my answer

    People don't buy from local merchants Local people don't have jobs Prices may be higher People aren't self-sufficient What other disadvantages have you thought of? # geography (grade 6) - Ryan, Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 9:55pm interest rate goes up and
  12. math

    Patsy has cheerleading practice on every fourth school day. She wants to be in the school play, but they have practice on every sixth school day. If both started on September 5th, what would be the first date that she has to choose between cheerleading and
  13. Math word problem

    Patsy has cheerleading practice on every fourth school day. She wants to be in the school play, but they have practice on every sixth school day. If both started on September 5th, what would be the first date that she has to choose between cheerleading and
  14. Literature

    Write an essay on "Do You Agree with Capital Punishment? This essay should have 5 paragraphs. In the 1st paragraph it must contain: Attention-grabbing beginning. Description of issue. Opinion Statement. In the 2,3, 4 paragraph should contain: Different
  15. AP European History

    Would hitler's invasion of Russia during WWIi and the attack on Normandy be good examples of how geography has influenced Europe's history? I can't think of another one, but another would be nice, expecially something about trade or commerce. Thanks!
  16. American History

    Despite being one of the longest periods of prolonged peace, the late-19th century was one of the bloodiest in American history. What role did violence play in shaping conflicts in this period?
  17. social studies

    Which of the following is NOT a true statement about historiography? A.It is never subject to change. B.It can affect the meaning of historical events. C.It can be defined simply as the writing of history. D.It influences how people see themselves and
  18. US History

    How did Early Human history in North America differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe? AND How were these differences important to the international state of affairs in 1450?
  19. Engish 11

    Consider what you have learned about American history during the period of 1862 the early 1900s how did the stories by Mark Twain Ambrose Bierce and Emily Dickinson reflect what was going on in the country
  20. Social Studies

    Which period of history was influenced by the classical Greek and Roman works? A)Renaissance B) Age of Exploration C) Technology Era D) Dark Ages The answer is A? Am I correct? Thank you!
  21. History

    Can someone help me get started with this question. I don't understand history at all and can't find any exact answers. How did Reagan’s policies reflect conservative politics and contribute to stimulation of the economy?
  22. help please:)

    Which of the following activities would best be suited for scanning? A. finding answers to the chapter review in history. B. looking at the article how to invest your money C.reading the short story The hunter's Daughter D. both A & C i got A what do you
  23. geography

    which field of research answers questions about how people lived in different places at different times by focusing on human development and culture? a. archaeology b. anthropology* c. geology d. history
  24. writing,essay

    I have to wirte an essay ,about 300 words on ''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'' Marcus Gravey I have really no diea where to start, thank you for the help
  25. ga history

    Describe some positive and negative events of the trustee period, and provide your own evaluation of the rule of the trustees as either generally a success or a failure. social studies/Ga history -
  26. social science

    How did forces of history lagency time epocjs events evolutions revolution affect the transformation of the western society and Ecuador and the spread of global civilization
  27. communications

    Next, you will explain the nature and history of the controversy and identify the major conflicting points of view in the discussion on how Does media influence or effect children. I am having trouble finding what I need.
  28. history

    Subject is history, not some other nonsense. Keep in mind that we don't do students' homework for them. Write up your best thoughts, re-post, and someone here will give you feedback. How people lived in the middle ages?
  29. world history

    i'm working on my senior project and i need some help i'm supposed to do some researches about my future career, however i couldn't find a website that tells me if a world history teacher needs an additional training or not ?
  30. ap world history

    Discuss cultyral sharing,influence, and legacies among the people of the americas.give two examples. i reserched the topic and all i got is information i already have in my notes please help helpless in ap world history
  31. us history

    I was working on a US History crossword worksheet titled The English Colonists Arrive. I am trying to find the answer to the sole right to trade in an area. This wksht is due tomorrow.
  32. history

    what were the 5 factors that created an enviornment in Europe where dictators were able to take control of countries such as Germany and Italy? Please can you help me on this question. The subeject is history. I did put a subject. But i can not wait
  33. english

    In Anglo-Saxon society, the _____ was responsible for carrying on the history, culture, beliefs, and legends of the English people. 1 kenning 2 scop 3 comitatus 4 witan
  34. social studies

    The election of _____ was the only time in American history when the U.S. political system essentially collapsed. a. 1800 b. 1836 c. 1860 d. 1896 e. 1912 I do no know the answer, please tell me where to find it.
  35. grammar

    The patient is a 42-year-old male with a history of left shoulder osteomyelitis with resistant Pseudomonas from an injury he sustained approximately 20 years ago. which are prepositons and conjunctions? ? none?
  36. us history

    contemporary historians view turner's thesis that the frontier experience was a homogenizing one in american history as an exaggeration of its actual effects and influence. true or false....
  37. History

    What makes 1890-1920 the nadir of race elections? I am doing my History study guide, and they just randomly popped that question in there--i don't even know what it means, and we CERTAINLY never learned it in class!
  38. English

    When I drink cola, I eat pizza. When I eat pizza, I talk with my friend. When I talk with my friend, I smile at her. When I smile at her, she smiles as well. When she smiles as well, I feel happy. When I feel happy, I sing a song. When I sing a song, I
  39. math

    Make a model of a rectangular prism that is not a cube and has a surface area of 62 cm squared. What are the measurements of this rectangular prism? I know the formula, is 2ab+2bc+2ac=sa, and I know the answer to this problem... a=5, b=3, and c=2... I did
  40. Principle processes of flotation separation of Pol

    Direct Preferential Flotation Definition of this method is: separate various helpful minerals in proper order. With its feature of high flexibility, it can adapt the change of ore grade, especially for sulphide ore of high grade. Xilin, Fankou, Lechang
  41. Math, are they all right?

    1. A student raises her grade average from a 75 to a 90. What was the percent of increase in the student’s grade average? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent, if necessary. A: 20% B: 16.7% C: 8.3% D: 15% *** 2. Beanbag chairs that
  42. english

    complete subject and simple subject for this sentence. Valentine's Day has an interesting history.
  43. Math

    Latishastarted her history class with two scores on tests, 72% and 89% confirmed that the mean of these two scores is 80.5% show your work
  44. English

    Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricane in US history. A. Noun B. Verb C. Adjective D. Adverb C
  45. Math

    Math huron scored 84% on her last history test. Of she got 21 answers correct , how many question did the test have?
  46. Math

    Math huron scored 84% on her last history test. Of she got 21 answers correct , how many question did the test have?
  47. 4th grade

    What is the complete subject and simple subject for the sentence " Valentine's Day has an interesting history."
  48. Social studies

    Conquest in the americas. How might the history of europeans in the americas be different if the indians had not been killed by european diseases???
  49. 5th grade science

    How might the history of the US be different if the first European settlements had occurred on the west coast instead of the east coast?
  50. Algebra

    How does gravity relate to functions, specifically to s(t)= -1/2 gt^2 + vt + h. Provide a brief history of the projectile and its use in functions.
  51. social studies

    why is 1776 an important year in American History? What document was written in this year
  52. math

    Aiden completed 18 out of the 25 questions on his history test. What percent of the questions did he complete
  53. science

    How might the history of the US be different if the first European settlements had occurred on the west coast instead of the east coast
  54. history

    Thanks for answering miss sue.Has also world war revolutionised world history?
  55. Math

    97 students take history and 124 take English. re of the students take both. What is the total # taking both classes.
  56. History Grade 11

    i need an event that occured for the greeks in history. This event will be used to make a new paper article.
  57. history

    How did the use of advanced technology make World War II the most devastating war in history?
  58. English lit.

    Discuss history of the english language referring to major language families, branches,periods,changes, etc
  59. Social Studies

    Why did the first americans migrate to the amercias. Where did they come from and what were they following? I really don't need a huge history about this qs. I just need to write 2-3 sentences to answer this qs. Please help me I really don't get this.
  60. History

    who was uganda´s first president? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uganda#History Read carefully! =)
  61. cultural anthropology

    Hi, I am trying to come up with some examples and was hoping to get some help. I need 2 examples comparing anthropology with history and sociology. I just can't think of anything. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great, thanks
  62. African History

    what is the controversy concerning the racial identity of the ancient Egyptians. What is the significance of this controversy for the history of African Americans? .
  63. R.E and History

    Please can someone tell me How many men are in a cohort? (thats my History question) R.E Question now: What items does an Orthodox Jewish man wear? Thanks
  64. AP US History

    I have an AP US history test on Tuesday and I would like practice AP questions to help prepare for the test but I don't know any of the websites. Could you give me a few to go to please? Thanks!
  65. geography.math lit,l.o,life science,english,sepedi and history

    well among all those subject i'm good at sepedi, maths,history,english an geography,so is it possible to become a lawyer wth these subject?
  66. US History Help!

    For the quote "remember the Maine" who said this? Was it the Americans? I can't find what the significance of the quote was in illumating a theme in history?
  67. poetry

    how are rivers a metaphor for the history of the speakers people in language hughes'"the negro speaks of rivers"?
  68. extra

    what part of london bridges history is described in the song"london bridge is falling down my fair lady..."
  69. no subject

    i am looking for a graphic organizer for my history project on world war one. if you have any grapic organizer ideas please share. anything will do. thank you.
  70. Canadian History

    I need to do a history project about a decade after the 1940s in Canada, what decade do you think was the most eventful that i could talk about for 20 minutes in a presentation
  71. Social Studies

    Why did the settlers name their community Seattle? http://www.chiefseattle.com/history/chiefseattle/chief.htm
  72. 5th grade science

    How might the history of the United states be different if the first European settlements had occurred on the west coast instead of the east coast
  73. College Preparation

    I'm trying to major in history or journalism. Should I take trigonometry, or do you think that's not needed? I know it varies from school to school, but overall, do you think I'll be fine without trig?
  74. History Essay

    This project is a 5-10 page double spaced paper in which you will critically analyze, using historical evidence, three major turning points in world history from 1500. Your paper should be divided into three sections each of which is devoted to the
  75. English: Plagiarism, Clichés

    Is a Cliché phrase considered Plagiarism? (the author is dead more than 390 years ago.) Is it okay to use it in a writing piece or poem? Should/will it be penalized or will you be given punishment if only used in 8th grade? Thanks
  76. english

    Hey, I have to wright a SA on what I want to learn in English language arts this year. It's a full page SA and I'm in 7th grade. Please help me, Ive ben working on it bacicaly ever since I got home. I need help, PLEASE!!!
  77. Shurley English

    I'm having kids who just finished second grade code sentences in their SummerBridge books in the Shurley style. We're having trouble with the word "my." How would this sentence be coded? "Roberto's is my favorite restaurant." Thanks
  78. statistics

    The scores on an economics examination are normally distributed with a mean of 66 and a standard deviation of 14. If the instructor wishes to assign a grade of A to the top 10% of the class, what is the lowest score a student may have and still obtain an
  79. Reading

    I am a teacher. I teach the fifth grade. Dose any body have an idea of a good book I could read them. Thank YOU. Please check the many books listed at this site. (Broken Link Removed) Thank You very much
  80. science

    I am trying to figure out how to teach young students, say 3rd/4th grade the six steps of the scientific method in a simplified way they would understand...Any ideas?? Any examples/and /or sites?? Thanks, jarrad
  81. Photosynthesis

    Does anyone know a good website that breaks down photosynthesis into really easy steps, so it is understandable and quickly learnable, all the while keeping all of the information a grade 12 student would need to know? Thanks, much appreciation! Happy
  82. English

    Hello Can someone help me please writing a short story for a 4th grade student using the vocabulary words: Glared, legendary, muttered, gaped, flinched, fluke, snickering and stunned Thank you
  83. HELP!!!

    I'm in 6th grade and I'm doingt his weird project about how Egyptians stuffed pharaoh's nostrils and stuff. So, the question is: WHAT MATERIAL WAS USED TO PLUG THE EYE SOCKETS???? I know it's gross!
  84. statistics

    Measures of Central Tendency,variability, and postion 12th Grade math class. organize the data 78,67,95,85,84,86,82,75,85,94,91,57,78,77,88,90,91,86,84,82,75,58,73,75. Then do 4 columns of Grades,Deviations,Squares,and Z-Scores
  85. Special Education Setting Teachers Aide

    children with a language or speech disorde are A)sometimes suffering from an aphasia.(my answer) B)always learing challenged. C)able to receive special help only after the third grade. D)unable to use communication boards. can someone please check if this
  86. Patterns and rules unit test 7th grade

    I go to connection acdeamy and I am in the 7th grade regular math Mrs. Janus I just need some help with this test Find the next three terms of the sequence -2,-12,-72,-432... A. -1,728,-6,912,-27,648
  87. 5th grade

    My daughter is taking OLSAT test for gift & talented middle school. All practice questions I find are for Kindergarten or 1st grade. Any ideas on how she should prepare? Thank you.
  88. Math

    Who is working harder, Fred running a 10 min mile pace at a 10% grade or Pete who is 55 kg, cycling on a Monarch ergometer with a resistance of 2.5 kg and a pedal rate of 60 rpm?
  89. Java

    create a java program that accepts students names, and test scores from a file, and displays theri name, average score and letter grade to the screen.
  90. Math/Science

    I'm working on a worksheet, measuring in metric units. The task is to change each measurement to the given unit. For example, 43km 14m to kilometers. How do I come up with the answer. Thank You Easton 7th Grade
  91. MATH

    the first number of a sequence is 200. every number of the sequence after the first is 100 less than twice the preceding number. what is the 5th number of the sequence
  92. math

    the first number of a sequence is 200. every number of the sequence after the first is 100 less than twice the preceding number. what is the 5th number of the sequence
  93. Algebra

    3x to the negative second power y to the negative 5th power.
  94. statistics

    0.57 of all college students like the idea of a new curriculum. If we select 88 students (ASSUME INDEPENDENCE), what is the Standard Deviation of (the Probability Distribution that would list the number of students (from 0 to 88) and the probability of
  95. Types of Violence

    Types of Violence For each of the following scenarios, write the correct number of the heading in the space beside it. Each heading may be used more than once. 1. Financial abuse 2. Physical abuse 3. Sexual abuse 4. Bullying 5. Psychological/Emotional
  96. Question

    Will these clubs below help me get into one of these colleges: 1. Illinois state university school of arts 2. Yale University School of Arts 3. The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago 9th Grade Club • Epiphany (Literary Magazine) • Heart Club •
  97. trig

    A road has a 10% grade (slope). To the nearest degree what is the angle of elevation of the road? should I use sin?
  98. Math 6th grade

    Does any one know a really good websites for 6th grade math ? I'm behind in math and need to catch up or else I'll be really super dum . I need HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. math

    A class of 43 students took an exam. Their mean grade average is 67 and standard deviation is 7. a) how many students should get a C? b) how many should get a B? c) what score is necessary to get an A?
  100. grades

    if a class has 30 students and the average grade on a 100 point exam is 72% and the median is 74% how many students got above 90