1. astronomy

    on which planets would you weih more than on the earth?
  2. science

    will earth get smaller in the future?if does why?
  3. histroy

    what is the name of the first set of humans that was on earth
  4. Please help me think of a thesis statement

    on how humans are destroying the earth.
  5. Sciences

    Will al earth’s resources last forever?
  6. Earth Science

    Why does the Earth have a magnetic field?
  7. 3rd grade

    how faraway is Pluto from Earth?
  8. 3rd grade

    how many miles is Jupitor from Earth?
  9. Science

    What are some bad things on Earth ?
  10. Science

    Which of earth's layers contains the most mass?
  11. science

    What are some causes for the changing of Earth's surface?
  12. science

    where on earth is silver found? Thanks!
  13. Science

    When did our Earth form to a planet? =]
  14. astronomy

    on which planets would you weigh nearly the same as on earth?
  15. physics

    At what altitude the value of g becomes 3/4 of its value on the surface of earth?
  16. 4th grade Science

    How is the composition of Uranus different from Earth?
  17. science

    What causes daylight and night on Earth?
  18. science

    Most of Earth's rain and snow comes from where?
  19. physics

    at what attitude the value of g would become one forth than on the surface of the earth?
  20. Africa

    What is a deep trench in the earth
  21. social studies

    How much of the earth's surface is water?
  22. Astronomy

    The precession of the Earth its causes, and its ramifications
  23. Kumar

    What is the life of earth ? explain and why?
  24. physics

    in the model ,how far away from the earth would the sun be?
  25. Science

    what is the distance above Earth's surface?
  26. Science

    Which of Earth sprees contain most of the mass?
  27. earth

    if n the diameter of the earth is 19.7Mm , what is in cm
  28. Geography

    Why do we get to see only side moon🌕from the earth🌎?
  29. Math

    Is your weight on different planets affected by gravity an object that weighs 150 pounds on Earth weighs only 56.55 pounds on Mars the same object weighs only 24.9 pounds on the moon what percent of an object Earth weight is its weight on Mars and the Moon
  30. Quantitative Literacy | MAT106 VG

    Pick four cities and divide them into pairs. Use the Internet to find the length of the circle between the first pair of cities. You might try using the site Great Circle Mapper or a similar Web site to help you. Estimate the great circle path between
  31. Geography

    These are my already asked questions that I didn't find an answer to [I'm not sure why] Can someone please help with them, because my exam's due monday. 2. How has human settlement affected the natural vegetation of Western Europe? a. People have carefully
  32. trigonometry

    a motor boat moves in the direction of N 38° E for 3 hrs at 20 mph. How far north and how far east does it travel?
  33. math

    If facing north east then turn anti clockwise 135 degrees what position would i be
  34. science(please help)

    which way does the colorado river flow, from the north canyon to the nankoweap or vice versa? how do u know?? i need this by tomorrow
  35. physics

    Resultant displacement from 12m east to5m north to9m vertically upward
  36. astronomy

    if you shoot a cannonball due north from a latitude of -45o where will it fall 100km from the cannon
  37. world history

    Morocco has coastlines on what two bodies of water? North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea?
  38. Social studies

    Between 1753 and 1783, what are the reasons why Native Americans lost their influence in North America?
  39. History

    Who would support the decision of changing slavery, North, some Southerners, or both? REMEMBER, THINK LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815..
  40. history

    thank you so much... what countries in asia have communist goverments? China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos.
  41. social studies

    What city lies on 35.5 degrees north latitude? Hint: The land of the samurai. What is the longitude?
  42. civics

    Which of the following describes how the natural resources found in North American countries affect their economies?
  43. Cultural Anthropology

    How has this social institution of Family affected the culture of "North America," of "Asia," and/or "Europe
  44. science.....

    standing in your background at night, how high above the horizon would you expect to see polaris? it is 90 degree north?
  45. Mabel hill, physics

    Two force,3N and 4N act on a body in the direction due north and east respectively. Calculate their equilibrium?
  46. social studies

    what impact did the establishment of french and dutch colonies in north america have on native americans?
  47. grade 9 physics

    A runner jogs 12km North then turns and runs 16km East three hours
  48. history

    what were the two major religions represented in north america this time.?how did these relogions influence the war
  49. US history

    to what extent were the soviet union and china collaborators in the North Korean War effort?
  50. History to 1877

    What British Legislation regulated the import of world wide goods into North America
  51. science

    which ocean current cools the climate of locations along the northeastern coastline of north america?
  52. Physics

    What will happen if you try to place two bar magnets of exactly equal size one above the other such that their north poles are on the same side
  53. Social Studies

    What role did the ice age play in the migration of people and animals to North America?
  54. Physics

    How do you solve this using the component method? 56n, northwest + 38n, 75 degrees east of north
  55. 8th grade, history ?#5

    What type of relationship exsited between the spanish and native americans living in north america?
  56. AE

    What are the fundamental differences between Western philosophies and Native North American ways of knowing?
  57. Social Studies

    What about the political rivalries between empires in Europe made North American exploration so appealing?
  58. history

    What are the fundamental differences between Western philosophies and Native North American ways of knowing?
  59. 8th grade, history ?#8

    What type of relationshi exsited between the french and native americans living in north america?
  60. Physics

    A car travells 20 km due north and then on a bearing of 90 degrees for 12km. Use a scale drawing.
  61. social studies

    Before the republicans of the empire what group of people expanded it from the north italy to excompass rome
  62. social studies

    what imapct did the enstablishment of french and dutch coloies in north america have on native americans?
  63. history

    What are the fundamental differences between western philosophies and native north american ways of knowing
  64. earth and science

    what continent lies between 20 and 60 degress north lattitude and between 160 and 50 degrees west longtitude
  65. world history

    how do you compare north american and latin/carribean racial ideologies from 1500-1830?
  66. History

    in the 1500s, Europeans began exploring large areas of North America. What were some of the causes for their exploration?
  67. World History

    in the 1500s, Europeans began exploring large areas of North America. what were some of the causes for their exploration?
  68. Chemistry

    When light of a wavelength of 125 nm strikes a certain metal, electrons having a velocity of 8.2 x 10^5 m/s are emitted from the surface of the metal. What is the threshold frequency of the metal? The answer is 1.9 x 10^15 s^-1 I'm not sure how to do this.
  69. Physics. Free electron density, please help!

    A length of wire has a radius of 3.00 × 10-3 m and a resistance of 0.200 Ω. When the potential difference across the wire is 10.0 V, the electron drift speed is found to be 2.98 × 10-4 m/s. On the basis of these data, calculate the density of free
  70. Chemistry

    In a certain experiment, when light of wavelength 570 nm is directed on to the photocell, electrons are emitted at the rate of 6.6 10-13 Coulombs/sec. Assume that each photon that impinges on the photocell emits one electron. How many photons per second
  71. Chemistry

    In a certain experiment, when light of wavelength 570 nm is directed on to the photocell, electrons are emitted at the rate of 6.6 10-13 Coulombs/sec. Assume that each photon that impinges on the photocell emits one electron. How many photons per second
  72. Physical Science

    Hello, Can some one please tell me if I have the correct answer? Thank You my answer: D In a cathode ray tube, the number of electrons that reach the fluorescent screen is controlled by the? A.anode B.cathode C.deflecting plate D.grid
  73. chemistry

    Light with a wavelength of 405 nm fell on a strontium surface, and electrons were ejected. If the speed of an ejected electron is 3.39 105 m/s, what energy was expended in removing the electron from the metal?
  74. Physical Science

    Diamond is a covalently bonded substance made of pure carbon. Each carbon atom has six total electrons so this means carbon shares ________ electron(s) with other carbon atoms. A) one B) two C) four D) six Help Please!
  75. Chemistry

    Draw a bohr diagram of the protons and electrons in each of the following: The ionic compounds lithium fluoride, LIF, and beryllium chloride, Becl2. Do I draw these 2 compounds separately, and I'm unsure of how.
  76. chemistry

    I have to answer this question for chemistry. It deals with ionic compounds, like how when an atom loses or gains electrons, energy is involved. So the question is Would the same amount of energy that's taken, be given off? (lost/gained)
  77. Physics Homework

    Could you please check my answers? Thanks! 1. You push a heavy car by hand. The car, in turn, pushes back with an opposite but equal force on you. Doesn’t this mean the forces cancel one another, making acceleration impossible? Why or why not? -No,
  78. Classification

    what's the full classification for humans, and dandelions? thanks http://www.sidwell.edu/us/science/vlb5/Labs/Classification_Lab/Eukarya/Animalia/Chordata/Vertebrata/Mammalia/Primates/Hominidae/Homo/Sapiens/
  79. Astronomy

    What percentage of the energy budget do electrons occupy? Take the energy budget occupied by matter to be 4.4%. (a) 3.9% (b) 0.1% (c) 0.03% (d) 0.002%
  80. chemistry

    A scientist discovers that an atom with a mass number of 14 contains eight electrons. According to the scenario, what is the atom's atomic number? 22 6 8 14 please help
  81. Physics

    Work Function 1 > Work Function 2 In which case will the Kinetic energy of the emitted electrons be greater ?

    How do you figure out the following ..?::::: Mass Number Number of Protons Number of Electrons (OF A ELEMENT) Number of Neutrons Thanks ~ Courtneeeey (:
  83. Science

    When an oxygen atom forms an ion, it gains two electrons. What is the electrical charge of the oxygen ion? A. +2 B. -1 C. -2 D. +1
  84. earth science

    If an atom has 17 electrons and its mass number is 35, calculate the following: number of protons, atomic number, and number of neutrons.
  85. Physics

    the charge on a pith ball was measured as +40 nC. if the charge on an electron is -1.6 x 10^-19, how many electrons have been added or removed from the ball?
  86. Chemistry

    What properties differ between the elements in the akali metals and the elements in the akaline earth metals? The akali metals have a charge of 1+, and the akaline earth metals have a charge of 2+.
  87. Motion Problems

    A satellite which travels around the earth has a power supply that provides power according to the formula: P =(17200)/(t + 100) where t is the number of days the satellite is aloft. Find the rate at which power is decreasing after 380 days. rate in
  88. language arts

    El Niño is a change in how warm the ocean is. It happens when warm water from the Pacific moves eastward. No one knows why this happens. It takes place every four or five years and lasts for about a year. No two are the same. It can change the weather in
  89. History

    European countries sought new territory and expanded trade markets during the Age of Exploration (1). In particular, when the Ottoman Empire seized control of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, Turkey), it blocked European trade ships traveling to Asia
  90. Phsyics Waves

    Earthquakes are essentially sound waves traveling through the earth. They are called seismic waves. Because the earth is solid, it can support both longitudinal and transverse seismic waves. These travel at different speeds. The speed of longitudinal
  91. Science( please help)

      In a cathode ray tube, the number of electrons that reach the fluorescent screen is controlled by the  A. cathode. B. deflecting plate. C. anode. D. grid. ? The part of the atom that accounts for electricity is the  A. nucleus. B. electron.
  92. Chemistry

    Atoms of ionized lithium gas (Li2+) are struck by neutrons moving at a velocity of 1.46e5 m/s. Calculate the shortest wavelength in the emission spectrum of Li2+ under these circumstances. You can assume that all electrons start in the ground state.
  93. coulomb law and gauss law Physics

    Two negative particles of charge=-Q and mass=rn orbits a stationary, positive particle of charge=+2Q at a radius= R' They are always at diametrically opposite points on the orbit. a. Find the total inward Coulomb force on one negative particle. b. Write
  94. History

    “Without consideration of ‘traditions’ and prejudices, it [Germany] must find the courage to gather our people and their strength for an advance along the road that will lead this people from its present restricted living space to new land and soil,
  95. Social studies

    1. what post war industry became more important in south carolina due to new roads? a. tourism* b. agriculture c. manufacturing d. mining
  96. HIstory

    By the late 1800s, farmers in the south and Midwest hasn't lost a great deal of their political power. How did this happen?
  97. check my answer

    A shortage of what would have devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War? Acanals brivers crailroads*** droads i thinks its railroads am i right???
  98. Social Studies

    1. what post war industry became more important in south carolina due to new roads? a. tourism b. agriculture c. manufacturing d. mining I think its a. please help as soon as possible
  99. History

    South Vietnam's Diem was a solid supporter of human and civil rights. True****** False I can't remember for sure. Thanks in advance!!!
  100. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,groups and the broader south African.