1. Geometry

    1. Find the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 50 mm. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. a) 16.0 mm b) 26.4 mm c) 8.4 mm d) 33.5 mm 2. Find the area of the circle with the given radius or diameter. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  2. physics

    1.)The apparent weight of a passenger in an elevator is greater than his true weight? Why is that? 2.) The radius of larger circle is twice that of a small circle. Two identical stones are attached to cords that are being whirled on a table top at the same
  3. physics

    A boat is traveling on a bearing of 25 degrees East of North at a speed of 4 knots (a knot is 1.852 km/h). After traveling for 3 hours, the boats heading is changed to due South and it travels for an additional 2 hours at 5 knots. Using a Vector diagram,
  4. Algebra

    Once again, I have some confusing problems for math. If you know any answers, even if you only know one, please tell me the answer and walk me through it so I can actually understand how you get to it. Thanks! #1: A space craft travels at a speed of 8/10
  5. Geography

    Which continent extends farther south, Australia or South America? South america
  6. physics

    During a rockslide, a 520kg rock slides from rest down a hillside that is 500m long and 300m high. The coefficient of kinetic energy between the rock and the hill surface is .25. a) If the GPE energy U of the rock –Earth system is zero at the bottom of
  7. 12 Grade Physics

    A bird accelerates from 15 m/s,north to 25 m/s,south in 8 seconds. A)What is the bird's acceleration vector? B) How far and in what direction does the bird travel in this interval? C) What is the bird's average velocity?
  8. physics

    A delivery truck travels 20 blocks north, 15 blocks east and 18 blocks south. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length.
  9. Physics

    A delivery truck travels 20 blocks north, 15 blocks east and 18 blocks south. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length.
  10. English

    Whats Wrong with my thesis on Great migration? The Great migration was the movement of African Americans traveling from the South to the north in search for jobs.
  11. Physics

    A delivery truck travels 18 blocks north, 25 blocks west and 17 blocks south. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length.
  12. physics

    If a boat is being tugged by 2 tug boats 20000 newtons north, the river is flowing at 5000 newtons south what direction is the boat and what's the velocity?
  13. Physics

    A tourist hikes 3.4 km North to visit a landmark and then hikes an additional 1.2 km South to a lake. What is the hiker's total distance traveled and the hiker's displacement?
  14. Fractions

    Solve by drawing a diagram. A Tour bus travels 7 1/2 mi south, 3 1/2 east, 4 1/3 mi north, and 11 1/2 mi west. How far has the tour bus traveled when it crosses its own path?
  15. English

    I need to do reasearch on "A Raisin in the Sun" and I'm having trouble answering this question: What was the status of African-Americans in the late 1950s? Why did they come to the North from the South and what they experienced when they got here? Include
  16. us history

    In many was after divisiveness and devastation of the civil war the united states searc for oder econmically include the westward expansion of the nation the reunifieation of a natioal political system in the north and south the in flux of immigrants
  17. social studies

    What was Hamilton’s main purpose in proposing a protective tariff? A. To support american business B. To raise money for the government C. To make the North stronger than the South D. To provide funds for the bank of the United States Connections
  18. social studies

    please check my answer: why did african americans go from the rural south to northern cities starting in the late 1800s? - so they could be around other races and cultures - to change identities - to escape the discrimination and to find better jobs ** -
  19. Math.

    A cone has a diameter of 24 in. and a height of 10in. What is the volume of s cone? use 3.14 as an approximation.. final answer in tenths - Im stuck between two answers: 94.25 because if I do 3 x 10 to find the volume. I say 3 because the diameter is 24
  20. Physics

    A 1100 kg car is moving toward the north along a straight road at a speed of 20.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes and the car comes to rest in a distance of 140 m. (a) If the road is completely level, what is the constant force applied to the car to
  21. Physics

    The RAM of copper is 63.5g\mol and its density is 8.93×10^3kgm^3.in each cubic metre of the metal,there are 8.24×10^28free electrons. Calculate the number of free electrons contributed per atom
  22. Physics. Help Please

    Gabriele enters an east-w straight bike path at the 3.0-km mark and rides w at a constant speed of 8.0 m/s. At the same time, Xena rides east from the1.0-km mark at a constant speed of 6.0 m/s. 1. Write function x(t) that describe the position of Gabriele
  23. Math

    A boat in calm seas travels 19 km east and 32 km south. Find the distance and direction of the trip, relative to the south. What is the distance? What is the direction? I'm confused about how to solve this problem. Could someone show me the steps?
  24. Math

    A boat in calm seas travels 19 km east and 32 km south. Find the distance and direction of the trip, relative to the south. What is the distance? What is the direction? I'm confused about how to solve this problem. Could someone show me the steps?
  25. physics

    A hydraulic cylinder has to overcome a force of 12,600 pounds on the extend stroke and 9,375 pounds on the return stroke. The maximum system pressure available is 2200 PSIG. What is the smallest diameter cylinder required to overcome the load and what is
  26. science(check answers)

    1. A 2. C 3. A 4. D 1. Coal, oil, and natural gas are inexpensive sources of fuel which do not cause pollution when used. A. true B. false 2. One reason people around the world use coal as an energy source is: A. It is nonrenewable. B. it can be found many
  27. Physics

    (1) What is the linear speed of the earth in its orbit about the sun? Give your answer in meters per second. (Consider the earth's orbit to be a circle of radius 1.50×1011 m.) (2) What is the linear speed of Jupiter in its orbit about the sun? Give your
  28. Physics

    A stationary 3.0-m board of mass 6.0 kg is hinged at one end. A force is applied vertically at the other end, and the board makes a 30° angle with the horizontal. A 40-kg block rests on the board 80 cm from the hinge as shown in the figure below. a) Find
  29. Science

    After an accident, a 60.0 kg Inuit girl finds herself at rest on the frictionless ice of a frozen lake, 15.0 m north of her stationary 150 kg sled. Fortunately she is connected to the sled by a rope of negligible mass, so she begins hauling the rope in,
  30. English

    Which of the following is a simple sentence? A. Many are called, but few are chosen B. A penny saved is a penny earned C. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread D. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again 2. Which of the following is a compound
  31. Calculus

    Find the force on a hollow dome that is 1000 feet in diameter, that is a mile below the surface. HOw large can the dome be expanded and not surpass 600 billion pounds. I know the height will be 500, and i think that the intergral is 5280 to 4780 int
  32. Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)

    Should I revise anything? In my opinion, the use of “scary things” as entertainment is redundant. I mean, honestly, what on earth is so enjoyable about fear? Fear is what haunts us and frightened us even as young children. Yes, we are taught to face
  33. Engineering science

    a roller of diameter 1.5 m has a mass of 450 kg; it is pulled by a handle attached to its centre. Find the minimum force to pull up a step which is 250 mm high if the roller handle makes an angle of 30o with the horizontal
  34. Physics

    the input and output of hydraulic jack are respectively 1 cm and 4 cm in diameter. A lever with a mechanical advantage of 6 is used to apply force to the input piston. How much mass can the jack lift if a force of 180 N is applied to the lever and
  35. physics

    Could anyone help me set up this equation? I drew my force body diagram but wasn't sure how to include the downward force (im assuming i use either sine or cosine?) A force of 340 N pushes a 54 kg object. Find the acceleration of the box if the force makes
  36. chem

    There are several exceptions to the octet rule found along the transition and rare earth metal sections. These exceptions are tied to the observed phenomenon that atoms are more stable if orbital systems are either whole or half filled. In other words, the
  37. Science

    Please Check! 1. How does nanotechnology help engineers make products for the future? a. By changing a materials atomic structure, it can be made from elements that are easier to obtain.*** b. By changing a material's atomic structure, its physical
  38. Chem help

    Answer the questions below for an element that has the electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1. A. What is the symbol for this element? B. What is the atomic number of this element? C. How many unpaired electrons does an atom of this elelemt have?
  39. Math-geometry

    . If a spherical Triangle on Earth has an excess of 30 degrees, find the area of this spherical triangle measured in square miles. b. If a spherical triangle on the moon has an excess of 30 degrees, find the area of this spherical triangle in sqare miles.
  40. Physics

    Sue and Jenny kick a soccer ball at exactly the same time. Sue’s foot exerts a force of 56.6 N to the north. Jenny’s foot exerts a force of 88.6 N to the east. a) What is the magnitude of the resultant force on the ball? Answer in units of N b) What is
  41. Physics

    A cylinder shaped buoy is stationary out on a lake. The height of the buoy is 1 m and the diameter is 30 cm and it‘s mass is 50 kg. Now a whale swims under the buoy and hit it. The buoy raises up and begins to oscillate. a) Find the total force on the
  42. math

    a string of lights is strung from the top of a fence post that = 4 ft tal flagpole=16 ft tall. the fence post=9 ft tall from the flagpole what's the length of the string of lights from the top of the post to the top of the pole? /
  43. AP Calculus BC

    A cylindrical tank is constructed to have a diameter of 5 meters and a height of 20 meters. Find the error in the volume if: (a) the diameter is exact but the height is 20.1 meters (b) the height is exact, but the diameter is 5.1 meters.
  44. physics

    An elephant walks east for a distance of 30 km, then walks north for a distance of 16 km and finally north east at 300 for 18 km. Find the magnitude of the elephant’s total displacement in kilometers. Please explain how I would do this problem? Do I add
  45. world geography

    The most accurate representation of the earth is a(n) ______. Azimuthal equidistant globe relief map Winkel Tripel projection
  46. physics

    What is the magnitude of the apparent weight of a 69 kg astronaut 5200 km from the center of the Earth's Moon in a space vehicle moving at constant velocity?
  47. earth space science

    A chemical sedimentary rock that forms mainly in restricted ocean basins in areas with high evaporation rates is an
  48. Trigonometry

    Assume that Earth's surface is a sphere of radius 12000/pi miles. In an hour how far can Felix "Travel" if he is stationary at a position on the equator?
  49. Earth Science

    Where in the Atlantic Ocean would you expect surface water to sink and initiate a subsurface flow. List the reason(s) for your choice(s).
  50. physics

    at what altitude should a satellite be placed into circular orbit so that its orbital period is 48 hours? the mass of the earth is 5.976x10^24 kg and the radius of the eatrh is 6.378x10^6 m.
  51. Earth/Space Science

    What effect, if any, would you expect a massive forest fire to have on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Explain your answer, please?
  52. Social Studies

    Monk's Mound, the largest structure at Cahokia Mounds was built entirely out of A. earth. B. mudbricks.* C. stone blocks. D. adobe.
  53. Environmental Science

    On Earth in the extreme northern and southern latitudes, how does the relationship between GPP and NPP change during an entire year’s time?
  54. a&p

    If an astronaut returned to earth after a 180 day stay in a weightless space station he would have a decrease in bone mass? true or false?
  55. Environmental Science

    On Earth in the extreme northern and southern latitudes, how does the relationship between GPP and NPP change during an entire year’s time?
  56. Science

    Am I correct? Which of the following is an example of human impact on climate changes? • the greenhouse effect • changes in solar output • global warming • changes in the tilt of Earth's axis
  57. physics

    (a) What linear speed must an Earth satellite have to be in a circular orbit at an altitude of 153 km? m/s (b) What is the period of revolution? min Read the eBook
  58. physics

    What is the magnitude of the apparent weight of a 79 astronaut 5200 from the center of the Earth's Moon in a space vehicle moving at constant velocity?
  59. Introduction To Marketing

    Create a pitch to a potential green-product advertiser stating the benefits of advertising in Mother Earth News.
  60. Earth Science

    determine the slope of an area, given the following: Start measuring at 700ft. measure a distance of 4 miles, and end at an elevation of 2432ft
  61. college

    12.2 ft/sec how many days will it take to complete its journey with the circumference of the earth is 25000 miles. How do i work this problem out don't want the answer just want to know how to solve it!
  62. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the apparent weight of a 65 astronaut 3600 from the center of the Earth's Moon in a space vehicle moving at constant velocity?
  63. Physics

    If a 20 kg object fell to the surgace of the Earth froma height of 30 m, what would its final velocity be? (work problem from the stanpoint of linear motion)
  64. Physics

    A rotating cylinder 7.95 kilometers in radius is designed to be used as a space colony. With what period must it rotate so the residents on it feel as heavy as they would on Earth?
  65. Astronomy

    What is the size, i.e. the radius, of a black hole with a mass equal to that of Earth (MEarth=6×1024kg)? Give your answer to one significant figure.
  66. earth science

    Which type of sedimentary rock is formed from fragments of minerals or rocks? (Points : 3) clastic chemical intrusive organic

    Which of the following is NOT considered a form of electromagnectic radiaction? a-radio waves b-gravity c gamma rayas d visible light e- x-rays I think is B
  68. earth

    #10 which of the following is an effect of divergent plate movement? a.) glacial activity b.) mountain building d.) canyon erosion e.) sea floor spreading
  69. physics

    Geosynchronous communications satellites are placed in a circular orbit that is 3.59 107 m above the surface of the earth. What is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity at this distance?
  70. Science

    True/false Earth's atmosphere oceans and continents began to form during the first several hundred million years of the Precambrian time.
  71. Living environment

    1.All of Earth's water, land, and atmosphere within which life exists is known as a population b. an ecosystem c.the biosphere d. a biotic community IS THE ANSWER C
  72. Earth Science

    which of the following locations in New York State is most likely to have the smallest range in temperature? 1. Long Island 2. the Catskills 3. Albany 4. the Adirondack Mountains
  73. physics

    a kangaroo jumps to a vertical height of 2.55m.How long was it in the air before returning to Earth? pleaseee anwser it is due in 1 day!!!!
  74. Physics

    If a 20 kg object fell to the surgace of the Earth from a height of 30m, what would its final velocity be? (work from the energy standpoint) I know that you said it is F * X and I'm just confused. Can you help me walk through this?
  75. Physics

    If a person weighs 500 N on Earth, what would she weigh on Jupiter, where the acceleration due to gravity is 26 m/s2? Show all work leading to your answer.
  76. English

    In the sentence - Plenty of silicon is found on Earth, but it remains a valuable material for the computer industry. What is the simple subject and predicate?
  77. Life Sciene

    How would the cell theory be affected if scientists could make living cells from carbon, oxygen, and other elements found on earth.
  78. Physics

    Determine the energy neded to put 5kg, initially at rest on Earth's surface, into geosynchronous orbit. I get 2.9*10^8 where did I gow wrong?
  79. Earth Science to Ms.Sue

    7.   What gives the gem amethyst its purplish color? A. Quartz B. Titanium C. Oxygen D. Iron The answer was not A, got this question wrong.
  80. geography

    Can you please suggest a site where I can go to help me answer this question? My book is not helping! What imaginary lines divide the Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres?
  81. Physics0

    how to estimate the root mean square speed of hydrogen molecules in the earth's atmosphere in km h^-1? thanks for your help, I'm actually teaching myself physics and that why sometimes I get stuck even with simple questions
  82. physics

    why does the flame of a candle always faces upwards though the gravity of earth is pulling everything towards it centre? and though it is faced sidewards?please answer this question as quickly as possible
  83. Social studies

    I think its A. What is a limitation of any map? A. It shows only a part of the Earth. B. There is always some distortion. C. The scale affects what can be shown accurately. D. The seas are never in exactly the right location
  84. History help

    Weathering and erosion break down rocks and slowly create a) oxygen for plants. b) Earth's poles. c) tectonic plates. d) new landforms.***
  85. Earth Science

    What two types of air masses collide to form a dry line? On which side of this boundary would you expect to see rising motion, and why?

  87. Earth Science

    an evidence is a material or data that can be measured and tested to verify their prediction so wat is the difference to a scientific inquiry plz help and thank you
  88. Earth Science

    4.   Ancient cyanobacteria released ______, which assisted in creating the atmosphere as we know it today.  A. oxygen B. lead C. hydrogen D. ore A?
  89. Science

    19. Which of the following base unit definitions was changed from being based on an arc of the earth to a time interval of light? second kilogram meter candela
  90. Astronomy

    Imagine that the Earth's axis were tilted parallel to the ecliptic plan like that of the planet Uranus. Describe how the seasons would be different in this scenario than what we currently experience.
  91. 7th grade social studies

    In the Earth's Sourthern Hemisphere, what season begins in March? Spring Summer Fall Winter
  92. mqth and science early childhood

    ​Children do not need a variety of concrete experiences that enable them to learn the properties of Earth's materials
  93. 5th grade math

    The moon is about 240.000 miles from Earth. What is this distance written as a whole number multiplied by the power of ten?
  94. application of differential equation

    somebody please help me find the solution totally lost.... An object of mass 100g is thrown vertically upward from a point 60cm above the earths surface with an initial velocity of 150cm/sec. It rises briefly and then falls vertically to the earth, all of
  95. math

    how do you find the diameter of a circle if you don't have the radius? the circumference is 628 cm. Divide the circumference by pi, which is 3.14 (approximately). That will give you the diameter. Circumference = pi * D
  96. Geography

    I just want to make sure that I have the correct answers for 2 questions: 1. The western part of North America is more mountainous than the eastern part. 2. Chile is the longest country in South America.
  97. maths

    Starting from one oasis, a camel walks 25km in a direction 30 degrees south of west and then walks 30km toward the north to a second oasis. What distance separates the two oases?
  98. physics

    In a television picture tube, electrons strike the screen after being accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 25000V. The speeds of the electrons are quite large, and for accurate calculations of the speeds, the effects of special
  99. Physics

    An airplane flies at an airspeed of 445km/hr. The pilot wants to fly 785km to the north. She knows that she must head 18.0° east of north to fly directly there. If the plane arrives in 1.97hr, find the magnitude of the wind velocity vector.
  100. Physics

    At a given instant three electrons, in vacuum, happen to lie on a straight line. The first and second are separated by 3.00x 10-6 m, while the second and third are 8.00 10-6 m apart. What is the magnitude of the net electrostatic force on the middle