Trig check my work please?

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  1. Algebra 2 Answer Check

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line. 1. Perpendicular to 5x + 2y = 8 and through (5,3). A: y = -1/5x + 4?
  2. Algebra

    Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15?" A. 3 + (x-10)=15 B. 3x-10=15 (My answer) C. 3 (x-10) = 15 D. 3 x/10 = 15 Can you please check to see if I'm right? If I'm not explain, please and thank you
  3. math

    Solve the equation check for extraneous solutions 6/6-4x/=8x+4 I used/ / for the brackets posssible answers x=1 x=5/2 or x=2 x=5/2 x=5/2 or x=1 Not looking for just the answer, would like to know how to get it.
  4. Law

    if a witness had been convicted of a misdemeanor offense of passing a bad check could that information be used in court?
  5. grammar check

    Uranium is a radioactive element that is used to create nuclear energy. Predicate Noun <---
  6. 7th grade english

    Is there a free grammar check website that I don't have to sign up for or download?
  7. Romeo and Juliet Help (24 hours and no response)

    I posted questions yesterday and it's on the next page. Could you please check them and get back with me thanks.
  8. economics

    What were the original causes of the u.s. trade deficit? Help please ASAP Check this site. (Broken Link Removed)
  9. Health and PE

    Alcohol is categorized as ? (2 of below) 1)drug 2)stimulant 3)a depressant 4)a carcinogen I think 1 and 3. Can you check? I could not find this in my lesson. Thanks.
  10. Science HW Qs. Check (plzzz read!)

    The bodies of almost all organisms are 50 to 95 percent what? answer - water am i correct????

    1. One of the products of photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.*** fire. oxygen gas. mass. Am I right?
  12. Physics

    The formula is x = 1/2 at^2 and I have managed to fill in the variables as this. d = 1/2 9.81 m/s^2 1^2 I want to say that my answer is 4.905 but I'm unsure. Can someone check it?
  13. geometry/help

    Find the area of a regular heptagon with the side 7 cm. answer 178.1 cm² can you check
  14. Math

    solve using the multiplication principle. don't forget to perform a check. 12x=-96 the solution is x=
  15. math-4th grade

    12+2/2+4= just want to double-check: first we must do the 2/2 as the multiplication and division is affecting the number directly before it.. so 12+1+4=17
  16. English

    Please check my answer thanks:) This is an example of paraphasing Sue studied Dr Jone's article and restated it in her own words. I said yes
  17. Algebra

    Please check my answer and let me know if it is right or not. 25+.32m(800)=281 28+.30(400)=148 70+40+2(30+.29)=830 +.29m
  18. English

    Please check my answer Does the following sentence contain three prepositions ? James crept down the stairs, through the hall, and into the kitchen I said yes
  19. CHECK .

    Idntify the latin prefix in the word circumfrence. A. cir- B. *circ- C. circu- D. circum-
  20. Math

    Can someone check this problem for me use the foil method to find the product (6z-u)(6z+7u) my answer is 36z^2+36zu-7u^2
  21. business

    which of the following is NOT something to check during a thorough revision. style and tone organization punctuation and spelling content and clarity
  22. Math

    determine the number of solutions using determinants 3x-y=-6 2x=3y+2 I get: 3 -1 2 -3 D = -9-(-2)=-7 and 3 -6 2 2 D = 6-(-12)=18 solution set is (-7,18) when I plug them in to check, they don't come out right
  23. Language Art (Please Check)

    i pick D. which of the following contains a base word? A.empty C.arcade D.cartoonish
  24. science

    I have to draw Atomic Model Drawings of the Reaction to H2CO3 and then show a balance check. How do I do that?
  25. Check This Also(Math)

    5. Find the x and y intercepts of each linear equation. Be sure to write your answers as ordered pairs. a.
  26. check my precalc

    State if it is a polynomial. If yes, say the degree. 2.f(x)=5x^2 +4x^4 4.f(x)=3-(1/2x) 6.f(x)=x(x-1) 8.f(x)=sqaure oot of x (square root of x-1) 10.f(x)=(x^2-5)/x^3 12. f(x)=-3x^2(x+2)^3 my answers 2.yes, 6 4.yes, 1 6.yes, 3 12.yes, 5 thanks!!
  27. physics: relativity

    I think I can rearrange the Lorentz contraction equation, solving for v using: v=sqrt[1-(L/Lo)^2] x c^2 Would someone check my thinking please? Thanks
  28. Math

    Please check my answers and if there are any other possibilities then please tell me. List all the factors for 45: I got 1x45, 3x15 and 9x5. are there anymore?
  29. math

    Can I double check this I'm not entirely sure if my answer is correct. What is the smallest perfect square that has a factor of 90. 8100?
  30. English

    Please check my answer Is this phrase correctly capitalized ? Martin Luther King day I said yes
  31. Metaphor

    Please check if the following are metaphors: A yellow lantern lost at sea Along a taut and singing string
  32. English

    Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? "The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise." Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.
  33. SCI - HW Qs. Check!

    path of blood to the heart tissue??????????? Answer - Systemic circulation am i correct???????????/
  34. Math

    which angle is congruent to <NSM? A. <OSL B. <SMN C. <SNM**** D. <LSM Please help! Can you check my answer?
  35. algebra

    please check my problem and make changes as needed. thanks solve ineqality: 3/7(2p-14) > 6/7p-6 Clear fractions mult. by 7/1 3(2p-14) >6p-6 6p - 42 > 6p - 6 6p - 6p -42> 6p - 6p - 6 0 -42 +42 > -6 +42 0 > 36
  36. SCI7R - HW Check! (plzzz read!)

    3. vessel connected to the heart ventricle answer - ????????? (vein?)
  37. Attention : Caroline

    check your post from
  38. English

    I have to list the verb or verbs. Could someone please check. 1. The plant Venus seems more like Earth in appearance than any other planet does. seems like
  39. Grammar and Composition

    please check: A popular even in the Olympic Games is the PENTATHLON, which consists of _____ events. five?
  40. Math check

    Find an equation of the line having the given slope and contaning the given point. m=-3(6,7) I got y=-3x-25 for the answear. Is this correct?
  41. Physica

    if A=12x - 16y and B= - 24x + 10y,what is the magnitude of the vecror C=2A-B? Please check out the necessity to solve them and thank
  42. Pre-calculus

    I want to make sure this is right. the inverse of f(x)=(-3x+2)/(2x-1) I got f^-1(x)=(x-2)/(2x-3). if its right how do i check the answer to see if it is right. also would the domain of f be D=all real numbers except 1/2. And I do not know how to get the
  43. 12 U Math

    Solve and check for extraneous roots. log_2x+log_2(x+2)=3 * _2 is a subscript and (x+2) isn't a superscript*
  44. Math(Please Check Again)

    25-x^2 6x^2 ------ * ------ 12 2x *I got: 5-x/2 No. Try again. Can you tell me what I did wrong please.? You have to factor the numerator, you should have two factors for the first, and one for the second. In the denominator, you will have 24 x. I think
  45. algebra

    Find the slope of the line that passes through (-2,-3) and (1,1) 1/3 1 2***** 4/3 For the equation -4y=8x what is the constant variation? -4 -2**** 1 2 Please check my answers
  46. English-Grammar check

    Sorry last one. I know that the verb of the infinitive is normally preceded by the word to (but I don't know if it's the same if it's used in To be: To be in the top, you were wealthy and well to do. Thanks again
  47. Math check

    Find the area of the top of an office desk with a length of 2 yd. and a width of 7/8 yd. Answer: 14/8
  48. Math

    Simplify. Remember to use absolute-value notation when necessary. If a root cannot be simplified, state this. it have a check sign(a+3)^2
  49. math - pls check!!!

    29) 4k - 1 >= -3 30) 6(c - 1) < -18 31) 3t > 5t + 12 32) -6/7y - 6 >= 42 33) 4 + x/2 > 2x 34) 3x + 5 <= 2x -8 35) 13.5a + 7.4 <= 85.7 36) 42w > 2(w +7) ANSWERS: 29) k >= -2 30) c < -12 31) t < -6 32) y <= -56 33) x <
  50. Algebra 2 Answer Check

    Classify each system and determine the number of solutions. {3y = 2x; -4x + 6y = 3 A: inconsistent; no solution
  51. Vocabulary

    Mary gulps down a cup of tea quickly. I am not sure whether use present or past tense. Please help to check. Thanks & regards,
  52. English

    The sea is shallow, and we can not notice a major shift in a tidal change. ------------ Would you check this sentence? Thank you.
  53. 8th Grade Algebra

    Simplify each rational expression. 1. (x^2+1)/(x+1) 2. (y^2+4)/(y+2) Check Answers: 3.(2t^2+6t+4)/(4t^2-12t-16) Answer: (t+2)/2(t-2)
  54. reading

    words to use: curtail, devastate, digress,incentive, incorporate, indispensable,intermittent,rigor,squander and succumb.... Linda never had to work hard to make good grades in high school. But in college, where the rigors of course work were greater, she
  55. Physics

    A 72 kg skier leaves the end of a ski-jump ramp with a velocity of 24 m/s directed 25◦ above the horizontal. The skier returns to the ground at a point that is 14 m below the end of the ramp with a total speed of 22 m/s. (a) What is the rate at which
  56. English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2

    Here's the second one: Please check to see if there any grammar errors and if it's good. BTW ---- If you NEVER heard of the movie Google it and read about it on Wikipedia. Urban Unit 2012 - Stand and Deliver Response Would you be willing to give up your
  57. Physics

    A 2.0 lb block is given an initial speed of 4.0 ft/sec up an inclined plane starting from a point 2.0 feet from the bottom as measured along the plane. If the plane makes an angle (theta = 30 degrees) with the horizontal and the coefficient of friction is
  58. World history answer CHECK

    stars*** by my answer 1. President Ronald Reagan's economic theory which assumed if taxes were reduced, people will work more having more spending money, and the economy would grow was called "Reaganomics." Identify the economic theory which Reaganomics is
  59. English Lit-Check please-thank you

    We're reading "The World is Too Much with Us by Wordsworth. We have some questions to interpret-I understand about Wordsworth and his relationship and philosophy concerning nature but I'm just not sure after further research the answer to these two
  60. trig

    A barge is pulled by two tugboats. The first tugboat is traveling at a speed of 12 knots with heading 140°, and the second tugboat is traveling at a speed of 17 knots with heading 200°. Find the resulting speed and direction of the barge. (Round your
  61. Math

    My work on simplifying this function: g(x)=(-3x^2-13x-13) g(x)=-3x^2-13x-13 (13x-13=x) g(x)=-3x^2-x Can someone help with the simplifying the function if I have got it wrong and also can someone tell me of it's equivalent to this
  62. probabilty

    In a school, 14% of students take drama and computer classes, and 67% take drama Class. What is the probabilty that a students takes computer class given that the student takes drama class? i have no idea how to work this so please show me your work.
  63. chemistry

    how do i calculate %of arsenic and oygen by mass and chem composition of the oxide that has been formed 0.702 sample of arsenicheated, material in boat, oxide of arsenic with mass of 0.927g please help %As = [(mass As)/mass oxide]x100=?? %O = [(mass
  64. Physics check my answers!

    Check my answers thanks! 1. A diesel automobile outputs ThermE, RadE, ElectE and KinE from an input of a. NuclE b. ChemE c. ElectE d. KinE I think its b Two race cars cross the finish line at exactly the same time but the first car is twice as massive as
  65. Story about Future

    Compose a 2 path story of your future. The story which you are going to write must explore 2 choices: what will take place in your future if you don’t gruduate upper secondary school and receive some post-secondary education. And the other part is that
  66. math

    An animal shelter has 24 large cages and 42 small cages that need to be cleaned. The director of the shelter wants to divide the work so that each person cleans the same number of large cages and the same number of small cages. What is the largest number
  67. math

    what is the expression for the area of the shaded region in the diagram in factored form? diagram: (shaded) Large circle have diameter of 8x (clear) small circle have diameter of 8y ___ my work: Area of large circle - Area of small circle Pi * 4^2 - pi *
  68. physics

    a) How much work must be done on a particle with a mass of m to accelerate it from rest to a speed of 8.4×10−2 c ? (Express the answer in terms of mc^2.) b)How much work must be done on a particle with a mass of m to accelerate it from a speed of
  69. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Am I right? Consider the function y=x^2+5x-2. What would happen to the graph if (x - 3) was substituted in place of the x? A. The graph would shift up 3 units. B. The graph would shift down 3 units. C. The graph would shift 3 units to the right. <--- D.
  70. Geography

    Can someone check these for me? 1.What problem has been at the heart of the intense political struggles in Central America? Unequal distribution of usable land is the heart of the political struggle. There is a shortage of farmland in order to meet the
  71. ALG/TRIG

    I cannot seem to get the right answer. Animal Pulse Rate According to one model, an animal’s heart rate varies according to its weight. The formula N(w)=885w^-1/2 gives an estimate for the average number N of beats per minute for an animal that weighs w
  72. Art

    Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) They got him to give back the animal: He was persuaded to give back the animal. They had him give back the animal: He was requested (kindly invited) to give back the animal. 2) He
  73. physics

    A bullet with mass m = 5.21 g is moving horizontally with a speed v=367 m/s when it strikes a block of hardened steel with mass M = 14.8 kg(initially at rest). The bullet bounces o the block in a perfectly elastic collision. (a) What is the speed (m/s) of
  74. Physics

    Can someone please give me some insight on how to work this problem? A rotating door is made from four rectangular glass panes, as shown in the drawing. The mass of each pane is 85 kg. A person pushes on the outer edge of one pane with a force of F = 63 N
  75. Check this please?

    I am writing about how different groups view the role of the government. I saw this online and wanted to use it to guide me through my essay, but wanted to check its accuracy because I thought Democrats weren't for higher taxes I thought Republicans were.
  76. geography

    How does life in Istanbul differ from life in rural Turkey? A) Istanbul is more modern than rural Turkey B) Women in Istanbul do not work outside the home, whereas they do work outside the home C) Istanbul does not have a mixed economy and rural Turkey
  77. physics

    A box of weight 2N accelerates down a rough plane that is inclined at an angle 30 degrees above the horizontal. The normal force acting on the box has a magnitude 1.7 N, the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the plane is O.30, and
  78. Physics

    In the system shown in the figure, suppose the block has a mass of 2.7kg , the spring has a force constant of 500N/m , and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the floor is 0.18. Find the work done on the block by the spring and by
  79. science

    What can be concluded if the family finds out the lights in the bathroom work, but the floor lamp and tv set still do not work? 1. The electrical service to the cabin has not gone off. 2. The bathroom lights are on the same circuit as the floor lamp and tv
  80. physics

    please check these: a laser can be used a. to treat glaucoma b. to measure distance c. to read bar codes d. all of the above D in a laser, all of the following forms of energy can be converted into coherent light except a. chemical energy b. electrical
  81. trig

    The expression 4 sin x cos x is equivalent to which of the following? (Note: sin (x+y) = sin x cos y + cos x sin y) F. 2 sin 2x G. 2 cos 2x H. 2 sin 4x J. 8 sin 2x K. 8 cos 2x Can someone please explain how to do this problem to me?
  82. basic geometric

    The width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters less than the lenght. The perimeter is 64 centimeteres . would you please help me, answer these work. than you. L = length W = width ================ eqn 1: 2L + 2W = perimeter = 64 cm eqn 2: W+6cm = L Solve the
  83. Technology

    please check these for me: 1. One of the possible drawbacks of technology is a. it increases productivity b. it never changes c. it doesn't improve out living conditions d. it can cause pollutions D 2. Choose the one statement which is true about
  84. english

    Which part in this sentence is misplaced? The nurse, who was late for work, put the manual into a large blue tote bag getting out of the car. A) who was late for work B) getting out of the car C) into a large blue tote bag D) put the manual
  85. Algebra2(check answers)

    Will someone please check my answers? 1)Ping is deciding what to choose for dinner from a menu. He can choose 1 of 4 pasta meals, 1 of 6 chicken meals, or 1 of 3 fish meals. How many ways can Ping choose a dinner meal? a)13<---- b)18 c)27 d)72 2) How
  86. trig

    An airplane has an airspeed of 450 km/hr bearing N45E. The wind velocity is 30 km/hr in the direction N30W. What is the ground speed and what is its direction?. I have gotten this far: A= 450cos(45), 450sin(45) = (318.20, 318.20) W= 30cos(120), 30sin(120)
  87. French #2

    Can someone please check my work? The following people are not engaged in certain activities because they do not have certain things. complete the sentences with son, sa , ses, leur, or leurs and an appropriate object from the list of words provided. Be
  88. operating system

    Consider a user types a document with a speed of 100 words per minute. Assume that an average word consists of 5 letters and ends by a break which can be a space, new line, TAB, or punctuation, and an average sentence consists of 20 words. Assume that a
  89. trig

    A tunnel for a new highway is to be cut through a mountain that is 260 feet high. At a distance of 200 feet from the base of the mountain, the angle of elevation is 36 degrees. From a distance of 150 feet on the other side of the mountain, the angle of
  90. trig

    A tunnel for a new highway is to be cut through a mountain that is 260 feet high. At a distance of 200 feet from the base of the mountain, the angle of elevation is 36 degrees. From a distance of 150 feet on the other side of the mountain, the angle of
  91. algebra!

    If the measure of angle A is doubled and then decreased by 10 while the complement of angle A is decreased by one-third of itself, then these two anlges formed are still complementary. Find the supplement of angle A. Please explain so i could understand.
  92. math(check answers please)

    please check my MATH. .Mr.jensen bought 2 2/3 gallons of gasoline he bought 3 1/2 more many total gallons of gasoline has he bought? A.5 3/5 b.5 3/6 c.6 1/6 d.5 1/6(i picked this) Mrs.peters bought 7 1/2 yards of fabric.She
  93. 3 grade english ms sue

    PREFIXES prepaid,midnight,overflow,outdoors,outline,overgrown,perfix,midwest,pretest,midpoint,outgoing,overtime,overdue,outside,outfield context clues - sue made a list of phrases about her best friend. write a list word to complete each phrase. 1-
  94. Trig

    Use a graphical method to find a solution to the following system of equations in the interval –1 ≤ x ≤ 5: y = x2 – 4x + 2 y = x + 2 The solution set to this system of equations in the interval –1 ≤ x ≤ 5 is {} {(2, 0)} {(0,
  95. Hamlet Check

    Please check my answers 6. Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on: a. the moor near the battle ground b. near Birnam Woods c. the ramparts of Elsinor Castle d. the cellar of the castle My answer B 7. Hamlet is denouncing the celebration that the King
  96. Medical Billing

    Based on this scenario, complete blocks 21 and 24 of CMS 1500 5/1/10 New F pt comes in complaining of lt great toe pain. Incised, drained, and cleaned area around nail on lt great toe. Dx. Onychia and paronychia. Started on antibiotic and adv to retn in 2
  97. Physics

    We use a wrench to turn nuts on bolts because they require less force. Consider a hexagonal nut 1 cm in diameter. We can tighten this nut with one of two wrenches, wrench A with lever arm 10 cm and wrench B with lever arm 20 cm. Both wrenches have a very
  98. science

    Arrange the following from the most work to the least. For each instance, calculate the total amount of work done. Show all calculations, including units of measure. 1. pushing a box of math books weighing 600 newtons a distance of 20 meters 12000J 2.
  99. math

    Vanessa typically works 8 hours per day in a normal 5 day work week. Last week, however, Vanessa had to take 90 minutes off on Tuesday, 45 minutes off on Thursday, and she left two and a half hours early on Friday. How many hours did Vanessa work last
  100. Molarity

    A 15.7mL sample of HNO3 reacts to neutralize 27.7mL of 0.187M KOH solution. What is the molarity of the HNO3 solution? HNO3 + KOH ==> KNO3 + HOH mols KOH = L x M = 0.0277 x 0.187 = ?? mols HNO3 = mols KOH (1 mol reacts with 1 mol). mols HNO3 = L x M You