Trig check my work please?

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  1. Chemistry

    I really don't get this. The calculations shown don't make sense. Demonstrate that work is not a state function by calculating the work involved in expanding a gas from an initial state of 1.00: and 10.0atm of pressure to (a) 10,0 L and 1.0 atm pressure.
  2. trig

    N 5 22x2 1 76x 1 430 Use the equation to find N for each year in the table. (b) Discuss how well this equation approximates the data. (c) Rewrite the equation with the right side completely factored. (d) Use your equation from part (c) to find N for each
  3. Trig

    When the angle of elevation of the sun is 61°​, a telephone pole that is tilted at an angle of 8° directly away from the sun casts a shadow 20 feet long. Determine the length of the pole to the nearest foot. I'm stuck halfway through this problem, I
  4. Physics

    A point charge with a charge q1 = 3.80 μC is held stationary at the origin. A second point charge with a charge q2 = -4.10 μC moves from the point x= 0.140 m , y=0 to the point x= 0.240 m , y= 0.240 m. How much work is done by the electric force on q2? I
  5. SOC

    Aron: The two double A batteries in my CD player are dead, so the CD player doesn’t work. My television remote control, which also uses two double A batteries, works fine. So if I move the two batteries from my television remote control to my CD player,
  6. math

    A student is attempting to factor a polynomial. Sample mathematical work is shown below. Which statement best applies to the sample mathematical work? Given 3x + 6, the factors of the first term are 3 and x, and the factors of the second term are 1, 2, 3,
  7. please proofread this essay?

    I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am interested in applying for AP United States History. I believe that taking AP United States History will prepare me well for my college education and beyond. In addition, this course will
  8. Chemistry

    I have a problem that I wasn't sure how to do, and I want to see if my reasoning behind getting the answer is correct. Question: If .0129 mol of N2O4 effuses through a pinhole in a certain amount of time, how much NO would effuse in that same amount of
  9. Algebra 1

    I'm completeing parts of my homework, and need help checking some of the problems. Could someone tell me if this is right? If it's not could you show me how to work it correctly? I'm not looking for someone to do my work, just show me how. There are no
  10. 11th grade mths

    Please check urgently .I have to submit the assignment A give an example of a function whose domain equals the set of real numbers and whose range equals the set? the set {-1,0,1} BGive an example of a function whose domain equals (0,1)and whose range
  11. French

    I have to write a pagraph in the passé composé explaining what happened yesterday or last week. I have to write at least 8 sentences in correct French. Can you check it and see if all my sentences are correct. Je suis allé à l'église hier. Après la
  12. Spanish 7th grade Please check

    We are doing double verbs and leaving the second one infinitive form and also present participles with cantar becoming cantando-Could you please check these questions I need to answer? Thank you 1.¿Sabe tu padre hablar inglés? Sí, mi padre sabe
  13. math 6

    Javier solves three math problems in five minutes. He has 20 math skill-work questions for homework, and he wants to complete them before talking with friends. How many minutes will javier take to complete 20 math skill work questions
  14. Physics- i need to know how to do these problems

    Two projectiles are launched from the ground, and both reach the same vertical height. However, projectile B travels twice the horizontal distance as projectile A before hitting the ground. a. How large is the vertical component of the initial velocity of
  15. Trig

    A soccer goal is 24 feet wide. Point A is 40 feet in front of the center of the goal. Point B is 40 feet in front of the right goal post. Which angle is larger A or B? How much larger?
  16. trig, Phoenix College

    Where did the number 0.5736 come from or originated from? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are closer to the surface? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are farther from the surface?
  17. English Check

    1. (Points: 2) The lawyer had been involved in several (elicit, illicit) activities. b. illicit 2. (Points: 2) When people (emigrate, immigrate), they move into a country. b. immigrate 3. (Points: 2) Several (incidence, incidents) caused the bookkeeper to
  18. Physics/Math

    A 2.8 kg body is at rest on a frictionless horizontal air track when a horizontal force F acting in the positive direction of an x axis along the track is applied to the body. The force F is applied to the body at t = 0, and the graph records the position
  19. Trig

    Suppose sin A = 12/13 with 90º≤A≤180º. Suppose also that sin B = 7/25 with -90º≤B≤0º. Find tan (A - B).
  20. math

    Alice is working 2 jobs to save up money for a trip. She works at the ice cream shop for $9 an hour and babysitting for $12 an hour. She needs to earn at least $200 per week and can only work 20 hours per week. Write a system of inequalities to model the
  21. English

    Here are other sentences I need to check. I really hope you can check them, Writeacher. 1) blamed my friend Peter for breaking some plates, but the real guilty was me. I’m quite independent of my parents because I do a lot of things without their help.
  22. Math C30 ( trig )

    A roof in the shape of an upside down cosine wave is to be buile to cover an arena. The arena is 24m wide, the height of the roof at either side wall is 5m, and the maximum height of the roof is 9m. A) write a function that gives the height of the roof in
  23. trig

    when a vehicle is manufactured,its wheels are calibrated to rotate a specific number of times for given speeds with "standard" tires. Suppose a small pickup has standard tires with a radius of 14 inches. You decide to replace those tires with ones which
  24. ipc

    Arrange the following from the most work to the least. For each instance, calculate the total amount of work done. Show all calculations, including units of measure. 1. pushing a box of math books weighing 600 newtons a distance of 20 meters 12000J 2.
  25. Reading-yes,this is the article

    "Is Facebook making us lonely" Just to check my understanding on this article,I decided to write a summary.. Please check by reading this article.. Basically the author is trying to say that Facebook connects people with each other but it does not bond
  26. Physics conceptual

    You hold an inflated balloon over a hot air vent in your house and watch it slowly expand. You then remove it and let it cool back to room temperature. During the expansion, which was larger: the heat added to the balloon or the work done by the air
  27. Gen chem II

    Calculate the work done when 50.0g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 1.00atm and 25 (degree in celsius) Sn(s)+2H(aq)----- Sn(aq) +H2(g) Assume ideal gas behavior The work done = (pressure)*(increase in volume) The increase in volume is due to the H2 gas
  28. trig/precalc

    a car's flywheel has a timing mark on it's outer edge. the height of the timing mark on the rotating flywheel is given by y=3.55sin[x - (pi/4)]. graph one full cycle of this function. I was not taught how to graph a function like this, only the simple y=
  29. physics

    A mass m = 14.0 kg is pulled along a horizontal floor with NO friction for a distance d =8.7 m. Then the mass is pulled up an incline that makes an angle θ = 27.0° with the horizontal and has a coefficient of kinetic friction μk = 0.41. The
  30. Help

    President Bush signed the new Bankruptcy Reform Act into law around April of 2005. This law went into effect in October of 2005. This means that filing a chapter seven bankruptcy is not as easy as it once was. Let’s get on the Internet and do some
  31. Literature

    I have to write an expository essay interpreting a peice of art from my textbook. I chose the painting The Grinder(1924) by Diego Rivero. Need help filling this out: Elements of Art: ? Subject Matter- A girl is grinding something. Lines and Shapes- ?
  32. English

    Can you please tell me if these sentences are possible? Thank you very much in advance. 1) Are the following adjectives related to weather possible: What's the weather like? It's wet/damp. It's foggy/hazy/misty (are they synonyms?) It's
  33. English

    Can you check if the following statements are possible please? Thank you very much. 1) After 1810 the greater part of African Americans in slavery were born in the United States. 2) White slave owners were afraid of African customs because they couldn’t
  34. physics

    A constant horizontal pull of 8.25 N drags a box along a horizontal floor through a distance of 19.1 m. Q How much work does the pull do on the box? Ans: i got the answer as W = 158 J But i have problem with the second question? Question: Suppose that the
  35. density and density error (check calculations)

    Calculate the density of earth and its density error d=m/v where m = 6.00*10^24kg and v = (4/3)(pi)(6359000)^3 = 1.07709...*10^21 m^3 therefore d=6.00*10^24/1.07709...*10^21 m^3 d =^3 using the sig fig rule, in division and multiplication

    1. You have been given a sample of unknown molarity. Calculate the molarity of a solution which has been prepared by dissolving 8.75 moles of sodium chloride in enough water to produce a solution of 6.22l. 2. You have a sample which consists of 428g sodium
  37. painting

    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's style of painting, as exemplified by Convergence, is considered an important, innovative development in the history of painting. To see this painting, locate it in the unit’s Resource List. Imagine
  38. English

    Can you please check these statements, please? Thank you. 1) Britain was unprepared for the use of the terrible destructive modern artillery, machine guns and tanks, and the use of gas and shells durin the attacks. 2) Shell shock was the term used by
  39. Math

    Part 1: How are exponential growth and decay present in the real world? Give at least 2 examples for exponential growth and 2 examples of exponential decay. Part 2: View and comment on the work of at least 2 other students. Try to choose students whose
  40. calculus

    I need help on finding the local linear approximation of tan 62 degree. i got 1.77859292096 can someone check if i got it right? tan(60+2) = (tan 60+ tan 2) / (1- tan60 tan 2) But tan2 appx = sin 2deg = sin2PI/180= 2PI/180 tan 62=(tan 60+2PI/180) / (1-
  41. math

    Carrie can inspect a case of watches in 5 hours. James can inspect the same case of watches in 3 hours. After working alone for 1 hour, Carries stops for lunch. After taking a 40 minute lunch break, Carrie and James work together to inspect the remaining
  42. social studies HELP

    Check my answers please 1. Politics most informs a persons actions in a. Civic life *** b. work life c. private life d. school life 2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution? a. it restricts the rights of citizens b. it
  43. Precalc/Trig

    I have no idea how to solve this one problem: Round to two decimal places. Two observers 25 feet apart, sight to the top of the tree. If the angle of elevation to the top of the tree from the observer closest to the tree is 30 degrees and the angle of
  44. calculus

    A projectile is launched from a platform 20 feet high with an initial velocity of 72 feet per second, The height h of the projectile at t seconds after launch is given by h = –16t2 + 72t + 20 feet. (a) How many seconds after launch does the projectile
  45. trig

    Find csc(theta), tan (theta), and cos (theta), where theta is the angle shown in the figure. Give exact values, not decimal approximations c=10 b=7 a=7.14 the right angle is locate between sides a and b and the theta angle is an acutle angle sides b and c.
  46. trig

    A wind storm caused a 64 ft pole to lean due easwt at an angle of 63.8 degrees to the ground. A 106 ft long guy wire is then attached to the top of the pole and anchored in the ground due west of the foot of the pole. How far from the foot of the pole is
  47. Trig

    How do i solve sinx/cosx(sinx+cosx/sinx×cosx)=secx? I know it's 1/cosx because it equals secx but I don't know how to get there? :^(
  48. English

    Here are some sentences on the same theme I'd like you to check. I included a few sentences on reading habits and a few words I don't know if they exist. 1) Is the verb "punch" correct in the sentence: Punch your ticket (check), then go on the platform.
  49. English

    Can you please check if these sentences are possible, please? Thank you. 1)You can book your train journey online or through a travel agency. First you make sure your passport is not out of the date. 3) Check the train time (time table?) and the fare.
  50. Physics

    A block of weight = 25.0 N sits on a frictionless inclined plane, which makes an angle = 34.0 with respect to the horizontal, as shown in the figure. A force of magnitude F= 14.0 N, applied parallel to the incline, is just sufficient to pull the block up
  51. college physics

    A block of weight = 35.0 N sits on a frictionless inclined plane, which makes an angle theta = 27.0 with respect to the horizontal. A force of magnitude = 15.9 N, applied parallel to the incline, is just sufficient to pull the block up the plane at
  52. LA

    Hi. Ms. Sue. Can you please check my answer? 1. In "The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean". what human behavior does the snowflake display? A)It cannot make up its mind.** B)It is mean and nasty. C)It is full of complaints. D)It has trouble getting along
  53. English

    Are these right? IF not please help me understand them thank you. Identify the sentence that most strongly relies on emotional language. It took a lot of work, but we finally got the job done. With hard work and dedication, we got the job done.** We had to
  54. Trig

    Find cos(s+t) if cos s= -1/2 and sin t= 3/5, s and t are in quadrant II. I got the answer to be -4/10 plus -3sqrt(3)/10. Is that right? Then a second problem was find sin (s+t) if sin s=2/3 and sin t=-1/3, sin is in quadrant II and t in quadrant IV. I got
  55. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue quick please

    HELLPPP ME PLEASE I ONLY KNOW THE LAST QUESTION! I need to have more than three steps! Please help! B. A discount of 20% is applied to the doll’s original price of $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with the discount applied to $12.99 + 5% tax? Show
  56. trig

    A 52-foot wire running from the top of a tent pole to the ground makes an angle of 57° with the ground. If the length of the tent pole is 44 feet, how far is it from the bottom of the tent pole to the point where the wire is fastened to the ground? (The
  57. trig

    Simplify (tan^2θcsc^2θ-1)/(tan^2θ) This question totally stumps me. I know that csc^2=1/(sin^2) and tan^2=(sin^2)/(cos^2), but I don't see how I can use these identities to simplify the question. What am I missing? Help is much appreciated!
  58. SCIENCE GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you had a piece of magnet and you stuck it to an iron nail, and you stuck it to a small washer. How would the washer stick to the iron nail.Please check to see if I'm write! The piece of magnet gets attracted to iron objects the iron nail.the iron nail
  59. physics

    A large open loop made of metal is constructed below a high voltage (AC) power line. a) Can this loop be used to draw power from the lines? Where would the energy come from and how would it work? b) If no one actually saw the loop, would the power company
  60. Attention : Caroline

    check your post from
  61. Algebra

    Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15?" A. 3 + (x-10)=15 B. 3x-10=15 (My answer) C. 3 (x-10) = 15 D. 3 x/10 = 15 Can you please check to see if I'm right? If I'm not explain, please and thank you
  62. French

    Please check this sentence! -Quand tu dînes au restaurant,quelle repas préfères-tu manger?
  63. Physica

    if A=12x - 16y and B= - 24x + 10y,what is the magnitude of the vecror C=2A-B? Please check out the necessity to solve them and thank
  64. English

    We endorsed the settlement on condition with no dispute arised thereafter. Please check the above sentence if it is correct in grammar.
  65. SCI - HW Qs. Check!

    path of blood to the heart tissue??????????? Answer - Systemic circulation am i correct???????????/
  66. Math check

    Find the area of the top of an office desk with a length of 2 yd. and a width of 7/8 yd. Answer: 14/8
  67. Math

    Can someone check this for me please... 4x + 8 >= (that is greater and equal to) 4 and 2x - 13 >= -5 the solution: {x|x>= 4} on the graph the highlighted line goes to the this correct?
  68. algebra 1

    Solve the following systems of linear equations using any algebraic method.If possible,check your solution. 1)2x+5y=3 X-3y=7 2) 3y=11-2x 3x=y-11 3)8x-6y=14 12x-9y=18
  69. SCI7R - HW Check! (plzzz read!)

    3. vessel connected to the heart ventricle answer - ????????? (vein?)
  70. people lookup online

    Does the Internet offer any background check services that are actually free of charge?
  71. poli sci

    how many terms Rep. Howard Berman has served in office? i wanted to check is it 14
  72. business

    which of the following is NOT something to check during a thorough revision. style and tone organization punctuation and spelling content and clarity
  73. grammar check

    Uranium is a radioactive element that is used to create nuclear energy. Predicate Noun <---
  74. Math

    Can someone check this problem for me use the foil method to find the product (6z-u)(6z+7u) my answer is 36z^2+36zu-7u^2
  75. algebra

    evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. 4(3h-6)-3(4h+5)/6+h ; h=-3 i think it's -37 I believe you made a mistake somewhere. Check your steps. 4[3(-3)-6]-3[4(-3)+5] --------------------- 6-3 Let's do the top, first. 4[-9-6]-3[-12+5]
  76. Law

    if a witness had been convicted of a misdemeanor offense of passing a bad check could that information be used in court?
  77. chem

    which compound will dissolve better in water, NaCl or CsCl...explain!!! *hint* check eletronegativity!
  78. Romeo and Juliet Help (24 hours and no response)

    I posted questions yesterday and it's on the next page. Could you please check them and get back with me thanks.
  79. Cassie - please check this earlier question!
  80. Grammar and Composition

    please check: A popular even in the Olympic Games is the PENTATHLON, which consists of _____ events. five?
  81. Maths - Affine transformations

    Can you check my calculations please g maps points (0,0),(1,0),(0,1) to (6,-2),(6,-1),(5,-2) So, g(x) = (0 -1) .....(6) ..................(1 0)x + (-2) f is a reflection through y=x-2 so, f(x) = (0 1) .....(2) ...............(1 0)x + (-2) So; f o g =
  82. English-Grammar check

    Sorry last one. I know that the verb of the infinitive is normally preceded by the word to (but I don't know if it's the same if it's used in To be: To be in the top, you were wealthy and well to do. Thanks again
  83. Pre-calculus

    I want to make sure this is right. the inverse of f(x)=(-3x+2)/(2x-1) I got f^-1(x)=(x-2)/(2x-3). if its right how do i check the answer to see if it is right. also would the domain of f be D=all real numbers except 1/2. And I do not know how to get the
  84. Business

    I need help with HTT 230 Week 8 Checkpoint: Star Takeover Concept Check assignment. Thanks
  85. Math ~ Check Answers ~ASAP

    Select the numbers that divide exactly into 965, without a remainder. 2 ***** 4 ****** 5 ****** 10 100
  86. economics

    What were the original causes of the u.s. trade deficit? Help please ASAP Check this site. (Broken Link Removed)
  87. Check This Also(Math)

    5. Find the x and y intercepts of each linear equation. Be sure to write your answers as ordered pairs. a.
  88. algebra

    please check my problem and make changes as needed. thanks solve ineqality: 3/7(2p-14) > 6/7p-6 Clear fractions mult. by 7/1 3(2p-14) >6p-6 6p - 42 > 6p - 6 6p - 6p -42> 6p - 6p - 6 0 -42 +42 > -6 +42 0 > 36
  89. Physics

    The formula is x = 1/2 at^2 and I have managed to fill in the variables as this. d = 1/2 9.81 m/s^2 1^2 I want to say that my answer is 4.905 but I'm unsure. Can someone check it?
  90. Metaphor

    Please check if the following are metaphors: A yellow lantern lost at sea Along a taut and singing string
  91. Science HW Qs. Check (plzzz read!)

    The bodies of almost all organisms are 50 to 95 percent what? answer - water am i correct????
  92. Maths

    Check my answer please? Not sure if I did this right. Let y = f(x) be a cubic polynomial with leading coefficient a = 2 and f(-2) = f(1) = f(2) = 0. find the factored form of f. I got: f(x) = 2(x + 2)(x - 1)(x - 2)
  93. Physics check

    Atoms whose nuclei have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons are called.... isotopes?
  94. Health

    I left out two last sentences, Writeacher. Could you please check them? 1) I have no credit on my phone. I need to top it up. 3) They are trying out a new vaccine against cancer.

    Which of the following is NOT something to check during a thorough revision? Style and tone Organization Punctuation and spelling Content and clarity
  96. Math(Please Check Again)

    25-x^2 6x^2 ------ * ------ 12 2x *I got: 5-x/2 No. Try again. Can you tell me what I did wrong please.? You have to factor the numerator, you should have two factors for the first, and one for the second. In the denominator, you will have 24 x. I think
  97. spell

    Which of the following is NOT something to check during a thorough revision? Style and tone Organization Punctuation and spelling Content and clarity
  98. Language arts

    most unintentional poisoning occur in children under A.10 B.2 C.5 D.6 months My best answer is b can you check please @Ms.Sue
  99. Language Art (Please Check)

    i pick D. which of the following contains a base word? A.empty C.arcade D.cartoonish
  100. math

    Can I double check this I'm not entirely sure if my answer is correct. What is the smallest perfect square that has a factor of 90. 8100?