Trig check my work please?

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  1. Math

    What is the average of checks written if I write in my check register -12.11-15.60+1500.00+2600.00
  2. Chemistry

    why is it important for company manufacturing vinegar to regularly check the molarity of its product?
  3. English

    can you check my grammar and content? i need to submit this paper for an exam and want to get a good grade.
  4. english

    Please could you check my grammar. thanks 1.Other Color Print Price, depending on the image’s size
  5. Math(Please check)

    Find the cross product of the unit vectors. j X k My answer was -i. Am I correct?
  6. Math please check my answer?

    This is my last question. What is the domain of the function below? f(x)= e^(x-4)-2 I got all real numbers is that correct?
  7. math-PLEASE CHECK

    using the pythagorean theorum you have a right circular cone with a radius of 3 and height of 6 is this how you would figure this out c^2=3^2+6^2 c^2=9+36 c^2=45 c=6.7
  8. Math

    Question Marks: 3 Check whether it is Regular or Irregular singular point of the equation
  9. 5th grade math help

    trying to check my sons answers "5 3/5 " divided by "2/3" How do i do this mom cant remember
  10. check please

    identify the latin basein the word aggrandize a)ize- B)ag- C)grand- D)***aggra-
  11. Calculus

    Given f and g are differentiable functions and f(a)=-4, g(a)=c, g(c)=10, f(c)=15 f'(a)=8, g'(a)=b, g'(c)=5, f'(c)=6 If h(x)=f(g(x)). find h'(a)? i'm not really sure how to get the answer. g'(a)=b, f'(b)=? How do i go about doing this. My reasoning must be
  12. Math-please check

    5. Find three solutions of the equation y=9x-4. (A) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (3, 23)*** (B) (-5, -49), (2, -22), (3, 23) (C) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (-3, 23) (D) (5, -49), (-2, 22), (-3, 23) 14. Which table shows a proportional relationship? (A) x 1 3 4 6 y 2 4
  13. SS7R - HW Qs. Check

    Which geographic theme would be most concerned with international trade? answer - interaction right????
  14. Dr.Bob

    could you check the next page where I replied to the post from yesterday pertaining to nylon calculations. Thanks C
  15. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve each radical equation. Check your solutions. square root 5x-4=6
  16. SS7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

    who occupied the highest position in aztec society? ANSWER - Emperor right????
  17. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Check Q3 (plzzzz read!!!!)

    3. Most of our blood vessels are Answer - capillaries? am i correct?
  18. chemistry

    Why is it important for a company manufacturing vinegar to regularly check the molarity of its product?
  19. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a .0035 M Ba(OH)2 solution. I did -log(.0070) to find pOH So 14-2.15=11.85 pH? Just want to double check.
  20. For MathMate

    Hi! So i posted a question yesterday and I worked on but before i submit my answer do you think you can check my answers? 1. 7x+3y= pi 4x-6y= pi^2 2. 2x+3y= 0 4x+6y= 0 2 3. x+3y=1 4x+ 6y= 1 4. x+y=5 x+2y=10 5. 2x-3y=5 4x-6y=10 1.U 2.N 3.N 4.U 5.I
  21. math- adding and subracting intergers

    what is the value of -27 - 8? a. -35 b. -19 c. 19 d. 35 what the solution 40 + (-11)? a. -51 b. -29 c. 29 d. 51 what the value of -31 + 30? a. -61 b. -1 c. 1 d. 61 Can u check my answers? here they are: 1.c 2.d 3.1 if they r wrong plz tell me the right
  22. MAth

    I keep getting -28/19 for this problem, but it doesn't check with the solution in the back of the book. Help please.. solve the equation 7d-(1/2)(2d-4)=(-5/4)(d+4)
  23. Math (check answers)

    1)What is the simplified form of the expression? 5d^6*d^-12? A)5d^-72 B)6d^-72 C)5d^-6**** D)6d^-6 I think that the answer is C. If anyone could tell me if I am correct that would be great.
  24. Math

    I need someone to check and go over my answers to make sure they are correct and if not could you go over them with my on why and how to solve correctly?? Thank you much appreciated.. Add. -4/5 + (9/20) = 5/25 1 + (-2) + 3 + (-4) = 10 5/3 + (-4/3) + 5/3 =
  25. physics...please check my answer...

    4.A mass of one kg of nickels has a monetary value in the US $ of approximately: a. $1 b. 10 cents c. $10 d. $1000 is it c?
  26. MATH

    please check my answers prime factorization of the number 117 =3x3x13 6/25 divided by 2/15=5/9
  27. Algebra 1 help, check please?

    Okay, so the problem is.. x^2+6=13 Would I just subtract the 6 from the thirteen.. So. x^2=7 Divide by 2? I'm kinda stuck from that point
  28. German

    Could someone please check this for me? It's supposed to be a presentation/speech, but I think I've made quite a lot of mistakes. Thanks for any help you can offer :)
  29. Math

    Solve each system by graphing. Check your solution. 11) y=1/2 x + 7 y=3/2 x + 7 13) y=x - 4 y= - x Can someone help me understand help me figure it out these two question??
  30. math

    Aaron Grider buys a home for $120500. After a 15% downpayment, the rest is financed at 8% interest for 9 years. What equal quarterly payments will be required to amortize this mortgage loan? What is the total amount of interest Aaron will pay on the loan?
  31. trig

    verify (csc^4-1)/cot^2x=2+cot^2x So this is what I have so far on the left side (csc^2x+1)(cscx+1)(cscx-1)/cot^2x =(csc^2x+1)(cot^2x)/cot^2x i think I'm doing something wrong. Please help!
  32. Dr.Bob (thx) Check my work for this one pls

    What is the molar solubility of Sr3(AsO4)2 and the concentration of Sr^2+ and AsO4^-3 in a saturated solution at 25 deg Celsius? The Ksp is 1.3E-18. Show the balanced reaction. Below, I write M.S. (molecular solubility) 1)Sr3(AsO4)2<---> 3Sr^2+ +
  33. dyanamics

    Which one of the following statements is correct? (a) Energy and work are scalars (b) Force and work are vectors (c) Energy, momentum and velocity are vectors (d) Force, momentum and velocity are scalars
  34. English Expressions

    Will you check the following English sentences? 1. Paying attention to the intonation mark, listen carefully. (Do I have to use 'mark'?) 2. Put your tongue between your upper teeth and lower teeth, and say th by letting the air over your tongue abruptly.
  35. English Expression

    Let's find out the differences between Parent's Day in our country and Mother's Day or Father's Day in America. In our country, a memorial day is set by a special date. However, in America, it can be set as an ordinal number day of a special month. For
  36. English

    1. I am in the RCY club. We do clean-up activities and help people in need. 2. I am in the gag club. We make scripts and do plays. 3. I am in the science invention club. We make things with plastic and metals and have a display show. 4. I am in the pop
  37. chemistry

    Posted by Bret on Friday, March 16, 2007 at 10:44am. what is the oxidation number for nitrogen in the following? NH3 NO2 1- N2 NO2Cl N2H4 For Further Reading chemistry - bobpursley, Friday, March 16, 2007 at 11:26am We will be happy to critique your
  38. Reading

    "Is Facebook making us lonely" Just to check my understanding on this article,I decided to write a summary.. Please check by reading this article.. Basically the author is trying to say that Facebook connects people with each other but it does not bond
  39. bobpursly & countiblis,math

    I thought that we can solve anything with equations is it always polynomials. Isn't this the same thing as finding the unknown for an equation. As i said in my previous message or am i wrong. Also what about the rational expressions what are some
  40. Probability and Statistics

    Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with Normal Distribution. I do online school and this lesson didn't really explain how to exactly complete the following problems. My teacher said that the answers to the problems below were all incorrect. I would greatly
  41. chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equation for each of the following: 1) The reaction of dilute nitric acid with solid aluminum oxide. 2) The reaction of nitrous acid (HNO2) with potassium permanganate to produce nitrate and Mn(II) ions. Thanks for any help.
  42. Algebra 3 and trig

    An ocean liner is 177 miles due west of lighthouse A. Lighthouse B is 265 miles due south of lighthouse A. Find the distance from lighthouse B to the liner and the bearing of the ocean liner from lighthouse B.
  43. ancient civilization

    what is a mummy shaped amulet that held farm starts with the letter S? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It's interesting to note that this was a crossword puzzle word! Here's the answer: These statuettes would be placed in a
  44. English

    I really need you to check these sentences I wrote on the drama. Please help me! 1) The tragedy is the oldest and once most popular form of drama. It consists of a dramatic work in which events move to a tragic conclusion. 2) Tragedies are generally
  45. ENGLISH; improving your writing

    BACKGROUND: Ten years ago, I started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz, the human resources director, promoted me to office manager. I manage two employees: Jack and Ruth. My office provides secretarial support for the four
  46. English

    1. The committee consists of 7 members. 2. The committee is consisting of 7 members. 3. He loves Ann. 4. He is loving Ann. 5. He has a book. 6. He is having a book. 7. The bread smells bad. 8. The bread is smelling bad. 9. He smells the bread. 10. He is
  47. Physics help please!

    The engine has an efficiency e1. The engine takes input heat Qh from a hot reservoir and delivers work W1. The heat rejected by this engine is used as input heat for a second engine, which has an efficiency e2 and delivers work W2. The overall efficiency
  48. Solving Trig Equations

    Solve for x in the interval [-pi,0] a) sin^2x = 3/4 I know that you have +root3/2 and -root3/2 and the positive one gives you an error when doing the inverse of sin, but im confused about the -root3/2. I found that one of the answers of x is -pi/3 (-60
  49. French

    Can someone please check my work? I have to write 15 sentences. 8 present tense and 7 past tense (passé composé) **1. J'ai apporté un nouveau le livre. 2. Le garçon est très amusant. **3. Ils sont allé a la bibliotheque après l'école. 4. La fille a
  50. Math - Solving Trig Equations

    Solve each equation for 0 is less than and equal to "x" is less than and equal to 360 3sinx = 2cos^{2}x ----- I don't know how to solve this equation...this is what I have, but I don't know if I'm on the right track or not 3sinx = 1 - 2sin^{2}x 3sinx - 1 +
  51. trig

    A survey team is trying to estimate the height of a mountain above a level plain. From one point on the plain, they observe that the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain is 24. From a point 1000 feet closer to the mountain along the plain, they
  52. Math Trig

    13. What is the equation of a cosine function with amplitude 3, transition point (−1, 1), and period p? A. y = p cos [3(x − 1)] − 1 B. y = 3 cos [2(x − 1)] + 1 C. y = 3 cos [p (x + 1)] − 1 D. y = 3 cos [2(x + 1)] + 1 16. What
  53. Physics

    Crane A has 2.0 as much power as Crane B. If Crane B can do 9492 Joules of work in 12.492 minutes, how many Joules of work can Crane A do in 12.492 minutes?
  54. English

    1. Can you finish the work by next Monday? 2. Can you finish the work till next Monday? (Is #2 incorrect?) 3. Can you wait for me till/untill seven p.m.? 4. Can you wait for me by seven p.m.? (Is #4 incorrect?)
  55. Math Trig

    A coast guard patrol boat is 14.8 km east of the Brier Island Lighthouse. A disabled yacht is 7.5km south of the lighthouse. a) How far is the patrol boat from the yacht, to the nearest tenth of a kilometer? b) At what angle south of due west, to the
  56. Math

    Mr. Kasberg rides his bike at 6 mph to the bus station. He then rides the bus to work, averaging 30 mph. If he spends 20 minutes less time on the bus than on the bike, and the distance from his house to work is 26 miles, what is the distance from his house
  57. Accounting 10

    Oscar Corp. applies manufacturing overhead to production at 150% of direct labor cost. During 20x5, manufacturing overhead of $180,000 was applied to production; actual manufacturing overhead was $199,000. Beginning Work in Process Inventory was $20,000
  58. Accounting 10 PLEASE HELP ME!

    Oscar Corp. applies manufacturing overhead to production at 150% of direct labor cost. During 20x5, manufacturing overhead of $180,000 was applied to production; actual manufacturing overhead was $199,000. Beginning Work in Process Inventory was $20,000
  59. Accounting 1

    Oscar Corp. applies manufacturing overhead to production at 150% of direct labor cost. During 20x5, manufacturing overhead of $180,000 was applied to production; actual manufacturing overhead was $199,000. Beginning Work in Process Inventory was $20,000
  60. psychology HW CHECK PLEASE

    can you check this for me : For those who graduate from high school, get a full-time job, and marry before they have their first child, the probability that they will be poor is 2%. But, if those things are absent, 76% will be poor.” a) What is the
  61. trig

    From the foot of a building i have to look upwards at an angle of 22 degrees to sight the top of a tree. From the top of a building, 150 meters above ground level, I have to look down at an angle of depression of 50 degrees to look at the top of the tree.
  62. English

    Hello, everybody. I have a lot of point cards. For your activities, you will get points. When your number is chosen from the program, you should get up and answer two questions. I will check your points on the paper. This time, all of you can answer this
  63. English

    1.Throughout his life, Chavez focused on nonviolent action. 2.He organized several boycotts of grapes and lettuce. 3.In California there was work for farmworkers if they could go from one farm to another. 4.In 1937, Cesar Chavez's family did not have
  64. science(2 QUESTIONS)

    PLEASE ANSWER MY 2 QUESTIONS IN SCIENCE THANKS 3.when a negatively charged object moves in the opposite direction of an electric force field,the potential energy of the object. A.becomes zero(I PICK THIS) B.increases C.decreases D.stays the same 4.the two
  65. Nice unanswered question by Maggie

    "100 bushels of corn are divided among 100 men, women, and children. Men receive 3 bushels each, women 2 bushels and children 1/2 bushel each. How can the bushels be distributed? is there more than one solution? if so, find the other solutions." let the
  66. Physics

    You hold an inflated balloon over a hot air vent in your house and watch it slowly expand. You then remove it and let it cool back to room temperature. During the expansion, which was larger: the heat added to the balloon or the work done by the air
  67. English

    REVISED My passion for medical transcription arose because of my love for research and thirst for knowledge after losing my father from stroke complications. I have been curious about new diagnoses, medications, technologies, and new treatment options. As
  68. Economics

    The economy consists of the following: - working-age population: 20M - full time employment: 8M - part-time employment: 2M (1M of whom wish they had full-time jobs) - unemployment: 1M If 0.6M of those unemployed are frictionally, structurally, and
  69. English

    Can you please help me rephrase a poem by Whitman or at least check if my sentences are correct? 1)We were holding each other tightly without ever leaving each other (??) 2) We enjoyed going up and down, making excursions, being powerful (??) 3) We
  70. Chemistry

    I really don't get this. The calculations shown don't make sense. Demonstrate that work is not a state function by calculating the work involved in expanding a gas from an initial state of 1.00: and 10.0atm of pressure to (a) 10,0 L and 1.0 atm pressure.
  71. SOC

    Aron: The two double A batteries in my CD player are dead, so the CD player doesn’t work. My television remote control, which also uses two double A batteries, works fine. So if I move the two batteries from my television remote control to my CD player,
  72. Physics

    A point charge with a charge q1 = 3.80 μC is held stationary at the origin. A second point charge with a charge q2 = -4.10 μC moves from the point x= 0.140 m , y=0 to the point x= 0.240 m , y= 0.240 m. How much work is done by the electric force on q2? I
  73. math

    A student is attempting to factor a polynomial. Sample mathematical work is shown below. Which statement best applies to the sample mathematical work? Given 3x + 6, the factors of the first term are 3 and x, and the factors of the second term are 1, 2, 3,
  74. Trig

    1. Establish the identity: sin(theta+3pi/2)=-cos(theta) 2. Find the exact value of 2(theta) if sin(theta)=5/13 3. Show that: csc2(theta)-cot2(theta)=tan(theta) 4. Find the exact value of tan(cos^-1(square root of 3/2) 5. Approximate the value rounded to
  75. Chemistry

    I have a problem that I wasn't sure how to do, and I want to see if my reasoning behind getting the answer is correct. Question: If .0129 mol of N2O4 effuses through a pinhole in a certain amount of time, how much NO would effuse in that same amount of
  76. Trig

    The vector y has magnitude 5 and direction angle 17°. The vector z has magnitude 3 and direction angle 180°.
  77. Math 30 Trig

    What is the value of theta if 9 cos^2 theta + 3 cos theta = 0 where 90 degrees < theta < 180 degrees?
  78. trig

    Evaluate sin(29 degrees)cos(31 degrees) + cos(29 degrees)sin(31 degrees) exactly, without using a calculator.
  79. please proofread this essay?

    I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am interested in applying for AP United States History. I believe that taking AP United States History will prepare me well for my college education and beyond. In addition, this course will
  80. trig

    N 5 22x2 1 76x 1 430 Use the equation to find N for each year in the table. (b) Discuss how well this equation approximates the data. (c) Rewrite the equation with the right side completely factored. (d) Use your equation from part (c) to find N for each
  81. Trig

    When the angle of elevation of the sun is 61°​, a telephone pole that is tilted at an angle of 8° directly away from the sun casts a shadow 20 feet long. Determine the length of the pole to the nearest foot. I'm stuck halfway through this problem, I
  82. French

    I have to write a pagraph in the passé composé explaining what happened yesterday or last week. I have to write at least 8 sentences in correct French. Can you check it and see if all my sentences are correct. Je suis allé à l'église hier. Après la
  83. Spanish 7th grade Please check

    We are doing double verbs and leaving the second one infinitive form and also present participles with cantar becoming cantando-Could you please check these questions I need to answer? Thank you 1.¿Sabe tu padre hablar inglés? Sí, mi padre sabe
  84. 11th grade mths

    Please check urgently .I have to submit the assignment A give an example of a function whose domain equals the set of real numbers and whose range equals the set? the set {-1,0,1} BGive an example of a function whose domain equals (0,1)and whose range
  85. Algebra 1

    I'm completeing parts of my homework, and need help checking some of the problems. Could someone tell me if this is right? If it's not could you show me how to work it correctly? I'm not looking for someone to do my work, just show me how. There are no
  86. Physics- i need to know how to do these problems

    Two projectiles are launched from the ground, and both reach the same vertical height. However, projectile B travels twice the horizontal distance as projectile A before hitting the ground. a. How large is the vertical component of the initial velocity of
  87. English Check

    1. (Points: 2) The lawyer had been involved in several (elicit, illicit) activities. b. illicit 2. (Points: 2) When people (emigrate, immigrate), they move into a country. b. immigrate 3. (Points: 2) Several (incidence, incidents) caused the bookkeeper to
  88. math 6

    Javier solves three math problems in five minutes. He has 20 math skill-work questions for homework, and he wants to complete them before talking with friends. How many minutes will javier take to complete 20 math skill work questions
  89. Physics/Math

    A 2.8 kg body is at rest on a frictionless horizontal air track when a horizontal force F acting in the positive direction of an x axis along the track is applied to the body. The force F is applied to the body at t = 0, and the graph records the position
  90. Trig

    A soccer goal is 24 feet wide. Point A is 40 feet in front of the center of the goal. Point B is 40 feet in front of the right goal post. Which angle is larger A or B? How much larger?
  91. trig, Phoenix College

    Where did the number 0.5736 come from or originated from? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are closer to the surface? Will the horizon be closer or farther away when your eyes are farther from the surface?
  92. English

    Here are other sentences I need to check. I really hope you can check them, Writeacher. 1) blamed my friend Peter for breaking some plates, but the real guilty was me. I’m quite independent of my parents because I do a lot of things without their help.
  93. Trig

    Suppose sin A = 12/13 with 90º≤A≤180º. Suppose also that sin B = 7/25 with -90º≤B≤0º. Find tan (A - B).
  94. math

    Alice is working 2 jobs to save up money for a trip. She works at the ice cream shop for $9 an hour and babysitting for $12 an hour. She needs to earn at least $200 per week and can only work 20 hours per week. Write a system of inequalities to model the
  95. Reading-yes,this is the article

    "Is Facebook making us lonely" Just to check my understanding on this article,I decided to write a summary.. Please check by reading this article.. Basically the author is trying to say that Facebook connects people with each other but it does not bond
  96. ipc

    Arrange the following from the most work to the least. For each instance, calculate the total amount of work done. Show all calculations, including units of measure. 1. pushing a box of math books weighing 600 newtons a distance of 20 meters 12000J 2.
  97. Math C30 ( trig )

    A roof in the shape of an upside down cosine wave is to be buile to cover an arena. The arena is 24m wide, the height of the roof at either side wall is 5m, and the maximum height of the roof is 9m. A) write a function that gives the height of the roof in
  98. trig

    when a vehicle is manufactured,its wheels are calibrated to rotate a specific number of times for given speeds with "standard" tires. Suppose a small pickup has standard tires with a radius of 14 inches. You decide to replace those tires with ones which
  99. Physics conceptual

    You hold an inflated balloon over a hot air vent in your house and watch it slowly expand. You then remove it and let it cool back to room temperature. During the expansion, which was larger: the heat added to the balloon or the work done by the air
  100. Gen chem II

    Calculate the work done when 50.0g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 1.00atm and 25 (degree in celsius) Sn(s)+2H(aq)----- Sn(aq) +H2(g) Assume ideal gas behavior The work done = (pressure)*(increase in volume) The increase in volume is due to the H2 gas