Trig check my work please?

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  1. science

    how does a low voltage thermostat work?
  2. English

    Hello. I am needing to know what is the website simplewriter. How exactly do you this? How does it work?
  3. COM 215

    What graphs and supporting graphics would work best?
  4. math

    25/155 = 60/x solve for x show your work
  5. science

    how does the human reprodutive system work?
  6. algebra

    Solve: 4/s = -2/9 The answer is -18 Show work of how to get -18 Thank you!!
  7. question mistake

    it's supposed to have the 2 under the b-6 can you show your work please thank you sorry for the mistake
  8. English

    What should be in italics on a work cited page?
  9. Mrs. Sue I need u

    -3/5m= -45 if you can't see the m its next to the fraction sign thank you and could you please show your work
  10. Math

    What is 0.06 and 0.175 as a fraction?with the work out & the explanation pleaseūüĎć
  11. basic geometric

    Thank you mary for helping me with these work I really appreciated.
  12. 4th grade

    What part of speech is the work temperture?
  13. Math

    14 2 7 3 9=10 insert symbols to make it work 9*2 11 8 4 1=60
  14. MATH

    a^-1 + b^-2 / a^-2 + b^-1 The answer is ab(b^2 + a) / b(b+a^2) How do I set that up and work the problem out? thanks for the help
  15. math

    simplify this expression and please show work. 2(3x+y)+5(x+2y)
  16. algebra

    How do I work out what the x and y equal in this equation: 4 over x plus 5 over y equals 21
  17. Math

    Evaluate: 5^2 + 6‚ÄĘ2^2+(4^2+3^2)^0.5 PLz show work
  18. Algebra

    5-2 [5(-2)+4(2)/ -3(3)+3(-4)] my work : I did 5(-2) + 4(2) and -10 +8 then the bottom _9 (-12) = -2/-24 I need major help! Don't know what to do with 5-2 even.
  19. physical science

    How much work in N * m is done when a 10.0-N force moves an object 2.5 m? a. 0.25 N*m b. 2.5 N*m c. 25 N*m d. 4.0 N*m please help me thank you so much!!
  20. Algebra 2

    Is my work for this quadratic inequality correct? m^2 ‚Äď 25 > 0 m^2 ‚Äď 25 +25>0+25 m^2 >25 m>5,(m
  21. college math

    solve these proportions and show work: x/2 = 1/2 plus 1 Thanks
  22. social studies

    why was it so dangerous for children to work in the mills?????HELP ME!!!!!
  23. physics

    what is the minimum work that must be done to raise a 30.0 kg object from h 7.0 m to h=11.0 m?
  24. The role of inspiration

    Which of the following was most likely not an inspirational source for this work of art
  25. math

    Solve the following equation -5x + 1 > 11 Please include work
  26. Math

    ^3sqrt4x ^3sqrt6y Not sure of how to work this problem.
  27. math

    is 10c+6c-c 16? is -7q+2q=-5q or -5q squared? ihow do you work out -6x-3x-a?
  28. MATHS***

    -22 2/5 - 1 1/4 x (-2 1/2) = How do i work that out?? Duplicate post; already answered.
  29. algebra

    solve the following equation 5x + 4y = 12 Please show work... Thank You!!!
  30. DNA Lactase

    Can anyone comment on my working out for the following question. position - - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Nucleotide - - T A C T C G G A A - Write down the equivalent mRNA and hence work out the sequence of amino acid names coded in this part in the polypeptide
  31. history

    If Catal huyuk had been built near a major river system, how might life have been different? Check my answer. Floods, fire, drought and other natural disasters could destroy a village. Diseases such as malaria could spread easily among people living
  32. history

    please check Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road, was the a. pediatrician who urged mothers to stay at home with their young children b. spiritual leader of the beatniks c. evangelist who led religious crusades all across the country d. sociologist who
  33. maths

    For i; j 2 N let (i; j) denote the ordered pair in the cartesian product N  N and fi; jg  N the subset consisting of the elements i and j. De ne the sets A and B as follows: A := f;; 1; 2; (1; 3); (3; 1); f1; 3g; f3; 1gg, B := f3; (1; 2); (2; 1); f1; 2g;
  34. Grammar and Composition

    please check: indicate the relationship of each pair by writing S for synonyms, A for antonyms, and H for homonyms. 1. here/hear : H 2. opinioned/unyielding : A? 3. altogether/all together : H 4. misunderstood/misinterpreted : S 5. moderate/excessive : A
  35. (For BobPursely )

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer
  36. college physics

    If a is acceleration, v is velocity, x is position, and t is time, then check the validity (wrong or correct) of the following equations using dimensional analysis: a) t2 = 2x/a b) t = x/v c) a = v/x d) v = a/t ALSO , The term 1/2 PV^2 rv2 occurs in
  37. History

    what caused the British government to take action with regard to the atrocities committed in the Congo by King Leopold's colonial managers in 1904? Check this site.
  38. Social Studies 7R (Please Read!)

    Please check my homework I have to read each statement and determine if it's federalist or Democratic Republican 1. F - The role of government should be limited 2. DR - The economy should focus on farming 3. F - No one person should have too much power 4.
  39. history

    Describe the physical surroundings of Catal Huyuk. Check my answer The roofs were made of woven reeds and mud and were connected to one another like a honeycomb . Each dwelling contained an open hearth an oven in the wall and clearly defined sleeping area.
  40. Literacy 3

    Please Check my work. Thank you. 6. To avoid plagiarism in you written research paper, you must provide a citation for which of the following? A. The United Nations ruling on the Soviet-bloc countries B. The date the berlin Wall was pulled down by a crowd
  41. Math (Algebra)

    Can someone please check my answer? 9[73-(-95-61)]= 2061 if my answer is incorrect could you tell me where I missed? and the correct answer please? Thank you I would appreciate it...
  42. Trig

    Can someone check my answers? Find # of triangles possible:
  43. Math

    ewrite each equation below. Then solve your new equation. Be sure to check your solution using the original equation. 4/x=x+3
  44. Algrebra

    I would appreciate your help with this. Thank you Solve each equation and check for extraneous solutions. [SQRT(x - 3)] - 7=0 2[SQRT(w + 4)]=5 [SQRT(x)]=-2
  45. Math

    Rewrite each equation below. Then solve your new equation. Be sure to check your solution using the original equation. (n+4)+n(n+2)+n=0
  46. Calculus

    I need to find the second derivative of y=x(x-1)^1/2. I found the first derivative is 2x-1/2(x-1)^1/2, if someone could check, but I am miserably stuck on the second derivative.
  47. algebra

    I need to check & see if I understand this. 100,000 base 100 is 100 with an exponent of 5, right?
  48. ap chemistry

    A sample of gas in a cylinder of volume 4.2 L at 316 K and 2.68 atm expands to 7.21 L by two different pathways. Path A is an isothermal, reversible expansion. Calculate the work for Path A. Answer in units of J Path B has two steps. In the first step, the
  49. Math

    This is the same equation as before just with different numbers. y=yo + (vo sin Q) t - 1/2gt^2 This time the numbers are: 0 = 1.005 + (3.021 sin 30)t - 1/2(9.8)t^2 4.9t^2 - 1.5105 - 1.005 = 0 This is the part where I am stuck. Did I do this correctly? sin
  50. Math(Please answer)

    This is the same equation as before just with different numbers. y=yo + (vo sin Q) t - 1/2gt^2 This time the numbers are: 0 = 1.005 + (3.021 sin 30)t - 1/2(9.8)t^2 4.9t^2 - 1.5105 - 1.005 = 0 This is the part where I am stuck. Did I do this correctly? sin
  51. Chemistry

    Can someone check these answers for me THANK YOU! 1) Which of the following combinations would most increase the solubility of a gas in a liquid? is it increase the pressure and increase the temperature 2) The concepts of molarity and molality are like in
  52. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks so much :) For which one of the following situations would you use a high-pitched voice? A. Teaching the emergency down command B. Reprimanding a dog for misbehavior C. Communicating your authority to a dog D. Calling a dog to
  53. Pre-Algebra

    Can I have someone check this please? I wouldn't want to do the whole page, then find out I had done them all wrong. :( [Percents of Change] A $100 digital watch is now $72 Decrease, 72/100 = negative percent. 100/72.00 = .72 .72 - 1 = 30%? Thanks. 30% is
  54. S.S

    The merrimack and the monitor changed naal warfare because they engaged in the first battle between A. metal covered ships B. wooden ships C. aircraft carriers D. ships carrying guns I say its B, please check.
  55. Science

    What would the application be to my experiment which was "We dig through soil and check for inorganic and organic matter in the soil and look for natural things in the soil(ex; beans,feather,rocks,sticks,and grass)" Please I need your help URGENT! ! !
  56. 8th Grade Math

    The temperature in Toronto at noon during a winter day measured 4¬įC. The temperature started dropping 2¬į every hour. Which inequality can be used to find the number of hours, x, after which the temperature will measure below -3¬įC? Can you please check
  57. Spanish #2 (URGENT)

    Can someone please check my work? Write a complete sentence using the elements below and replacing the words in parentheses with a direct object pronoun. modelo: Mabel/hablar (yo) Mabel me habla. 1. Jorge y Ernesto/quieren cerrar (su tienda) temprano Jorge
  58. English

    Check these English questions for me please? I'm not asking for anyone to do my work for me, Im just not sure if these answers are right and would like a reassurance, preferably from someone who has done the assignment before. 1. Why was literacy a prime
  59. Math

    A student can work at a job that pays $4 an hour for 25 hours to earn $100 or can work at a second job that pays $5 per hour for $20 to earn $100. If the student spends time at each job, find two other amounts of time at each job needed to earn $100.
  60. Math

    A college student decides that school work limits him to a total of no more than 36  hours per week at his two part­time jobs. He earns $6 per hour hanging wall paper and 
  61. college algebra

    3. Students in an English class took a final exam. They took equivalent forms of the exam at monthly intervals thereafter. The average score S(t), in percent, after t months was found to be given by S(t) = 68 ‚ąí 20 log (t + 1), t ¬°√Ě 0. What was the
  62. math

    Land growing continuous grain corn as a cash crop loses soil at a rate of 14.0 metric tonnes ha-1 yr-1. This is a fertile soil, which has an organic matter content of 3.8% and nitrogen content of 0.35% (both by mass). a)Calculate how long it will take to
  63. proofread

    Instructions for this essay assignment (relection paper). For this paper, you should think about what you want to get out of your practicum experience. The 90 hours you spend at this site should be an opportunity not only for you to give something to the
  64. Physics

    A 0.60-kg basketball is dropped out of the window that is 6.1 m above the ground. The ball is caught by a person whose hands are 1.2 m above the ground. (a) How much work is done on the ball by its weight? (b) What is the gravitational potential energy of
  65. Thermodynamics

    Steam in a cylinder-piston arrangement expands from an initial condition of 5 bar, 80% dry to a final state of 2 bar, dry saturated steam. The initial volume of steam is 0.8 m3. The process of expansion can be represented by a straight line on the
  66. statistics- normal standard distribution

    a set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 500 and standard deviation of 100: *what would t he standard score for a score of 700 be? According to my calculations 700-500/100=200/100=2 how would i interpret that. please show work. i know that i
  67. Math

    1. Dante invested Php3 million in the stock market. Lucio doubled Dante's investment. How much will Lucio's investment be if Dante's investment is Php5 million after a month? 2. Mother baked 32 ensaymadas. She placed 8 pieces in every box. How many boxes
  68. Chemistry

    propane(C^3H^8)is used as a fuel. Propane is a type of hydrocarbon. Write a balanced equation for the combustion of propane in oxygen. Assume that the combustion is complete. Hydrocarbons (C and H compounds of which propane is one) burn in oxygen to
  69. Human resources

    Management literature generally assumes that supervisors should conduct job analyses because they are in the best position to know what their subordinates do. Does your supervisor really know what you do? What is it about his or her management style that
  70. Math grade 12

    My friend let me borrow an assignment to study and for these 2 questions they didn't show their work, but got them correct. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how they got it? Thanks A person borrowed $1400 at 7.2% compounded monthly. He
  71. math

    can you check these write the decimal as a percent for 0.5 i wrote: 500% write the fration as a percent round to the nearest tenth should this be; 576%
  72. math

    would you please check these for me thank you. +6+-5--4= 5 also Sara only has dimes and nichels in her coin jar,they are ina ratio of 3 to 5.If she has 120 coins in the jar,how many are dimes? 45 correct??
  73. Math

    Please check my answer thanks :) When repaing an installment loan of $3,500 with 20 equal monthly payments of $196 each , the apr of the loan is my answer is 13.5 %
  74. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check my answer for this question? Thanks! Question: List the following circles in order based of their radius. List them from smallest to largest. A.) x^2+y^2-6x+8y-9=0 B.) (x-3)^2=9-(y+4)^2 C.) (y+4)^2=3-(x-3)^2 D.) (x-3)^2+(y+4)^2=1 My
  75. Health 8th grade

    Please check my answer thansks :) Invasive sampling of the blood from the _______ would reval that the blood is mostly dexygenated My answer is pulmonary arteries
  76. math

    The nurseryman brought six different varieties of trees to plant in six locations in the park. In how many different ways can he plant the trees Please check my answer = 720
  77. Agility Training

    Please check my answer thanks :) A gamble is a course that's A. determined by a series of colors. B. set out by the judge. C. established by another handler. D. the same from competition to competition My answer is B
  78. English

    Please check my answer thanks :) THe question is which of the following is a sentence fragment. 1 When we stopped by the garden. 2 We stopped; she didn't. 3 Take the flowers to your mother. 4 When did you go ? I picked answer # 1 is that right
  79. biology

    is insomnia the same thing as sleep deprivation. im pretty sure they are different but i just wanted to check. also what in the brain causes insomnia. What parts of the brain create it and what are the functions?
  80. Math

    Which is NOT true about the Table? x: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | y: 1 | 4 | 9 | 16 | A. it shows a linear function B. x increases by 1 each time C. the rate of change is not constant D. y increases by a different value each time D please check
  81. SS7R - HW Question Help!

    In my other post I wrote "I'm have other 3 that I want you to check to see if they are correct. BTW - I have one more question I have trouble with." Here it is: Why did the Louisiana Purchase important to the US? Please help! btw - I'm a little curious
  82. Algebra

    Can somebody please help me with solving this and show steps if they can. Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. 9|9-8X|=2X+3 For my answer I got X=-1 I divided by 9 on both sides I got 8X=2X-6 Then I divided by 6 on both sides and got X=-1
  83. chemistry

    can you check my answers in the parenthesis 1)The molecular structure around the oxygen in water is (bent) 2)The molecular structure around all the carbons in ethanol is (tetrahedral)
  84. Science

    For a BOD5 Test: 1) why water samples needed dilution 2) How to check the test accuracy 3) Under what conditions, the water sample needs"seed"? anyone can help, please.
  85. Algebra 1A

    could someone please help and check my answer thank you. simplify your answer, type an inequality symbol, then type an integer or a decimal solve 7 x + 2
  86. life sciences/7 grade

    What is the 23 pair of chromosomes in a human cell called? Why are they important? Their are the sex chromosomes. They affect the gender. can you check my answer please ,and help me with an answer
  87. science

    Please check these! Physical or Chemical properties? 1. solubility = physical 2. melting point = physical 3. reacts with water to form a gas = physical
  88. early childhood literacy

    Are dot-to-dot pictures,tracing, cutting and gluing all activities that develope writing skills. i am not show about Gluing as one can someone please check it for me
  89. Law and Ethics in Med

    Please check my answer thanks :) Roe v Wade is based in part on... the fetus's right to be born after the first trimester True or False My answer is True
  90. Dog Hunting Training

    Please check my answer thanks :) Dogs must meet these qualifications to participate in AKC performace events ? My answer Be at least six months old and registered with the AKC
  91. science

    For BOD5 test 1) Why water samples needed dilution? 2)How to check the test accuracy? 3)Under what conditions, the water sample needs "seed"? anyone can help?please.
  92. Math

    Check And Help? 1. ‚ąöx-10+4=0 Answer: x=26 2.‚ąö3x+1=7 Answer: x=16 Help With These: 3. ‚ąöx+6=x how would you solve this? I don't get how would It? 4. ‚ąöx+4 = ‚ąöx-1+1 it looks similar to problem 2 but it doesn't quite have the same amount of numbers in
  93. general science

    What are the four main directions? Check this site for the four cardinal (main) directions.
  94. Algebra

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone might be willing to check my answers for these... I have a suspiscion they are wrong, but I don't have any correct answers to compare them against. If I got them wrong, would you mind giving a brief explanation? Thank you for
  95. Anatomy and Physiology

    PLease check my answer thanks The burn that involves destruction of the epidermis,dermis and subcutaneous layers. My answer A thrid degree burn
  96. chem

    do this using the appropriate number of sig figs 320.44 ‚ąí (3104.1/2.6) i got -880 as my answer and it said to check my sig figs. I thought it was all the numbers up to the ones place
  97. English

    In a research-based paper it is sometimes OK to quote directly from a research source without any attribution. True False I say False. Please check my answer.
  98. English Grammar

    Please check if its correct Change from Positive to Negative 1.None of them were bad - All of them were good 2.Nobody was present in the funeral function -Everybody was absent from the funeral function
  99. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks True or False Modeling is a training technique that involves providing one dog as an example for another dog to follow I think that is True
  100. Grammar

    Each sentence in a paragraph should relate to the idea that the topic sentence introduces. 1. True 2. False I answered true. Please check my answer and Thank you for your help.