Trig check my work please?

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  1. Trig

    A carousel with a 50-foot diameter makes 4 revolutions per minute. a) Find the angular speed of the carousel in radians per minute. b) Find the linear speed in feet per minute of the platform rim of the carousel.

    could you please check my work? thanks. For the reaction between reactants A and B below, if 4.925 moles of A is placed into a flask with excess B it is found that the amount of A remaining after 6.85 seconds is 2.737 moles. 2A (g) + B (g)-----> 3 C (g)
  3. pre-calc

    Can someone check my work please? Convert each polar equation to a rectangular equation. Then determine the graph's slope and y-intercept. ( I'm going to type 'x' instead of theta ) r sin(x- pi/4)=2 r(sin(x- pi/4))=2 r(sinx*cos pi/4 - sin pi/4*cosx)=2
  4. Trig.

    A preseason game Tennessee Titans punter A.J. Trapasso hit the giant HD TV screen suspended above the field at the new Cowboys stadium. At the time of the punt A.J. was 30 yards away from the edge of the tv screen (the tv screen starts at the 40 yard line,
  5. physics

    An asteroid is moving along a straight line. A force acts along the displacement of the asteroid and slows it down. The asteroid has a mass of 4.9 × 104 kg, and the force causes its speed to change from 7600 to 5400 m/s. (a) What is the work done by the
  6. trig ratios'

    To help a young tree grow straight, a gardener attaches three guy wires to it and the ground. She places the wires two feet below the top of the tree. If the wires are ten feet long and each makes an angle of 58 degrees with the ground. Find the height of
  7. Art help with checking plzzzzzz

    Could someone please help me check these??? When using a green screen for filming, the 3d element Is: A) The green screen B) The actor or actress*** C) The specialized software D) The Image on the green screen How did the city of Venice Beach decide to
  8. English

    Identify the nouns and verb/verb phrases in the sentence. Employers value honesty and hard work. Nouns: Employers, honesty, and work Verb: Value
  9. English

    1. It can give you happiness when you give happiness to others. (What does 'it' refer to in this sentence? What functions does 'it' have?") 2. Volunteer work is not something that you must do. 3. Volunteer work is not anything that you must do. (Are both
  10. Physics

    Hello, Could anyone help me with something about rolling motion? Well the question is the next: Does static friction cause a positive work in the rolling motion? I really don't get how the static friction is involved in rolling and if it causes work Please
  11. Maths

    Tom takes three days to do a piece of work while Jerry takes only one day for the same. Together they both can finish the job in 15 days so how many days will tom will finish the work
  12. English

    I need you to check the question and my answer to it. Shall I include more details in the question? In sentences 3 and 5 I don't know which connectors to use (to express a contrast between two different concepts). How can't find a suitable verb to finish
  13. Beginner French Work check

    Hello! Just wondering if someone could check my work as there were a few areas that i'm not completely confident about. Thank you so much! Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb in the future. Elle ___sera venu_____ (venir) chez moi ce
  14. statistics/ Help!-thanks!

    The producers of a new toothpaste claim that it prevents more cavities than other brands of toothpaste. A random sample of 60 people use the new toothpaste for 6 months. The mean number of cavities at their next check up is 1.5. In the general population
  15. Trig (Last URGENT)

    sin2x+cosx=0 , [-180,180) = 2sinxcosx+cosx=0 = cosx(2sinx+1)=0 cosx=0 x1=cos^-1(0) x1=90 x2=360-90 x2=270 270 doesn't fit in [-180,180) what do I do? Or maybe I did something wrong. sinx=1/2 x1=sin^-1(1/2) x1=30 x2=180-30 x2=150 is this correct? Please and
  16. Trig

    Height of an Obelisk Two people decide to find the height of an obelisk. They position themselves 25 feet apart in line with, and on the same side of, the obelisk. If they find that the angles of elevation from the ground where they are standing to the top
  17. English

    Hi can you please help correct this paragraph or give me direction. Thank you, the assignment is: Your cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You
  18. english -please check my answers

    anyone fimilar with the merchant of venice by william shakespear check my answers please 1.which of the following elements of comedy are not used by shakespear in the merchant of venice? a.a clown like character b.puns c.slapstick d.cleaver language i
  19. Accounting

    Department J had no work in process at the beginning of the period, 18,000 units were completed during the period, 2,000 units were 30% completed at the end of the period, and the following manufacturing costs were debited to the departmental work in
  20. physics

    A square loop (side L) spins with angular frequency ω in field of strength B. It is hooked to a load R. Write an expression for current I(t) in terms of B,L,R,ω and t (enter omega for ω). (b) How much work is done by the generator per
  21. Algebra 2

    so i got a question and would like to know if i did this right For problems 1 through 38, transform the given expression to simple radical form. You can check your answer by evaluating it and the original expression by calculator. on the previous page this
  22. Pre-calc

    prove the identity: (cosx)(tanx + sinx cotx)=sinx+cos(squared)x i need steps to show how i got the answer generally, it is a good idea to change all trig ratios to sines and cosines, and start with the more complicated-looking side. so.... LS =
  23. Computer Programming

    I need a check on my answers 1) prompt a user to enter an employee name, employee id, and hours worked until a value of "-1" is entered for employye name. my answer: Start Declarations num EmployId, HrsWrked string EmployName housework() detailLoop() Stop
  24. trig

    the formula log w= -2.866 + 2.722 log h estimates the normal weight w in pounds of a girl h inches tall. Estimate the normal weight of a 68" tall girl.
  25. Math (check please)

    Could you check these please? Firewood is usually sold by a measure known as a cord. A full cord may be a stack 8x4x4ft or a stack 8x8x2ft 10. what is the volume of a full cord? 8*4*4=(128ft) 11. A short cord or a face cord of wood is 8x4xThe lenght of the
  26. TRIG

    I need to state the period and 2 consecutive asymptotes on the graph for the following questions. 1: y = -3 tan pi*x period: pi (?) asymptotes: ? 2: y = 2 sec 4x period: ? asymptotes: ? 3: y = csc (x/3) period: ? asymptotes: ? 4: y = 3 cot (pi*x/2) period:
  27. Heeeeeeeelp

    Read the following instructions in order to complete this assignment and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment: Use the properties of real numbers to simplify the following expressions: 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) 2w –
  28. American Government

    Check my answers please 1. Which of the following describe the role of an entrepreneur in a capitalist economic system? (I need to select 2) A. Someone who combines the factors of production into a business B. Someone who decides how much regulation the
  29. English

    1. No one wants to work with dirty,smelly people. 2. No one wants to work with dirty smelly people. 3. No one wants to work with dirty and smelly people. =============== Which ones are grammatical? In #1, a comma was used before 'people.' In Sentence 2, no
  30. Math - Excel

    Hi, I need to write an Excel formula and I am trying to double check my work. We are asked to find the difference and relative difference for this account. So the values are: $10,000 $10,700 $11,400 $12,100 $12,800 $13,500 etc. The difference for each is
  31. Spanish

    What are schools and organizations in silicon valley doing to foster growth for hispanic and latino students? a. Offering math programs in the summer b. Offering english classes year round C.offering tutoring classes in science during the weekends d.
  32. Physics

    a block of mass m= 15.6kg is to be pushed with force F a distance of D=5.65m along an incline so that it s raised a distance h=3.86m in the process.Assuming frictionless surfaces. Determine: A) The work done by the force F parallel to the incline to pst
  33. business law

    Alpha Corporation in Boston offers a job to Carol, who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Carol orally agrees with Alpha to work in Boston for two years. She moves her family to Massachusetts and begins to work. Three months later, she is fired for no stated
  34. Philosophy

    Please help answer these questions Argument: Anything is possible Therefore, it must be possible that something is impossible This is a contraction - Not everything is possible because anything is possible. Types of appeals in arguments (Aristotle) Pathos
  35. Please check my answers ASAP

    I did the work I just want to see if half of my questions are right then ill post my other half after this so please check and thanks very much. ----------------------------------------1.Horses 2.everything 3.Brother 4.shoesand socks 6.event 7.End
  36. Trig - Ferris Wheel

    A ferris wheel is 250 ft in diameter and revolves every 40 second when in motion. You step up to the seat on the wheel at the bottom 2 feet about the fround so you are sitting 4 feet about the ground at start. Derive the formula for the height of your seat
  37. calculus

    The problem is to evaluate the integral 10secxtanx dx, from -1/7 pi to 3/8 pi. What I've done so far is evaluated the integral since secxtanx is a trig identity, so the integral of that is secx. I took out the 10 since it was a constant which leaves me
  38. geom/trig

    A 40 ft ladder leans against a wall so the base of the ladder is 11 feet away from the base of the wall . What angle does the ladder make with the wall?
  39. to dr bob..chemistry

    bottle of wine contains 13.1% ethanol by volume. The density of ethanol (C2H5OH) is 0.789 g/cm3. Calculate the concentration of ethanol in wine in terms of mass percent and molality. mass percent _______% molality ______mol/kg Thanks Responses AP CHEMMMM -
  40. TRIG HONORS CH: 5.8

    a ship leaves port with a bearing of S 42deg W after traveling 7 miles, the ship turns 90deg and travels on a bearing of N 52deg W for 10 miles at that time, what is the bearing of the ship to the port?
  41. trig

    A population of wolves in a country is represented by the equation p(t)=80(0.98)^t, where t is the number of years since 1998. Predict the number of wolves in the population in the year 2008. how many years will it take for the population of wolves to
  42. math(check answers please)

    hi please check my math answers i only have 2 for now i just wanted to make sure i had the right idea. sarah is making her own halloween costume.The costume requires 2 5/8 yards of materials.Write the number of yards needed for sarahs halloween costume as
  43. Pharmacist

    Could you please give me links to where I can find out about Pharmacists. Powerpoints would be good. This is what I need, since Im doing a career Research project on this. Job duties/Responsibilities Education/Training Requirements Demographics (where can
  44. Physics

    Just as no mechanical device can be 100% efficient, no heat engine can transfer 100% of its heat to a single object. Some of the heat energy must be wasted (released into the environment). We have a heat engine that produces 150 J of heat, does 40 J of
  45. physics

    A child pushes a merry-go-round with a force of 80.0 N at an angle tangent to the circle (that is, perpendicular to a radius). If the child pushes it through exactly one full circle, and the merry-go-round has a radius of 1.15 m, how much work does she do?
  46. Physics

    A 855 N crate rests on the floor. a) How much work is required to move it at constant speed 7.7 m along the floor against a friction force of 180 N? b) How much work is required to move it at constant speed 7.7 m vertically? I really NEED help I am very
  47. ACCOUnting

    Chen Company manufactures basketballs. Materials are added at the beginning of the production process and conversion costs are incurred uniformly. Production and cost data for the month of July 2010 are as follows. Production Data-Basketballs Units Percent
  48. auditing

    Bill Jensen, a staff member of Zhan & Co., CPAs, has given you the following list of what he refers to as “internal control deficiencies” for the Zabling Co. audit and has asked you to review each point and make certain that you agree that each
  49. 2 math ?s

    Thank you so much in advance! Verify each identity. Work one side (the harder side) Please show me the work sin θ +cos θ cot θ= csc θ Cos^2 θ + 1 =2cos^2 θ +sin^2 θ
  50. Math

    In a recent survey 56% of students at MacNab High School work a part time job during the school year. If there are 378 students in the school, is 125 , 200 or 560 a reasonable estimate for number of students who work part time during the school year?
  51. economics

    why might one person work more, earn more, and pay more income tax when his or her tax rate is cut, while another person will work less earn less, and pay less income taxes under the same circumstances

    How many grams of CH4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH4 --> CO2 + 2H20 + 4Cu? I already tried to work the problem myself, and I may have gotten this right, but I do not have an answer key to compare to.
  53. Math

    Please check to see if this is correct? y-5 = -2 (x-3) y-5 = -2x + 6 y = -2x + 11
  54. algebra

    Splve and check N =
  55. To Drbob222

    Please check my post again
  56. Math 8 - homework qs. check

    2x - x = 3 - 1 1x = 2/1 x = 2
  57. Algebra: Answer Check

    K(x) = -3x^4 + 5x^3 - x + 7 for x = -2. K(-2) = -79
  58. English

    Hi can you check please if I did correct!
  59. Math

    Pls check (3×8+4^2)-9 24+16 40-9 31 6×(10+6)-6^2 6×16 96-6^2 96-36 60
  60. math

    can you check if answer is right? a^2b -c when a=4 b=8 and c=12
  61. Math

    Simplify. ((2-5m)/(m-9))+((4m-5)/(9-m)) Check this: (-9m+7)/(m-9)
  62. math

    Please Check x - 1/4 > 5/8 answer x > 7/8
  63. math

    how do I solve? 4X -4 = 24 4x - 4 = 24 +4 +4 4x = 28 4x/4 = 28/4 x = 7 to check: 4(7)-4 = 24 28- 4 = 24
  64. Math please check

    p= -3; q=2 2q(p+q)+3pq I got -22
  65. Algebra: Answer Check

    (2 - 7i) - (5 - 3i) = -3 - 4i (1 + 2i) + (3 + 4i) = 4 + 6i
  66. Math

    Can someone check my answer down below?
  67. Math

    multiply and check (a^2+4)(5a^3-3a-1)
  68. Algebra Check

    (d^7)/d Answer: d^6
  69. Algebra: Answer Check

    (x^2 - 8x + 6)/(x + 2) = x - 10 + ((26)/(x + 2))
  70. Math

    7/8-5/12= 21/24-10/24=11/24 Can you check to see if I did this right and if not can you help me figure it out. Thank you for all your help.
  71. Check my previous post

  72. Math 8 - HW. Qs. Check

    12 + v/2 = 17 My Answer - 10 right?????
  73. math

    Please check 5n-30=-20 N=2 5=h/4+9 H=16 -m/3-2=10 M=-36 M/8+5.6=9.85 M=34 36-4r=24 R=3 14==-16-10n N=3 -4x+7=-9 X=4 3y-6=20 Y=8 2/3 6n+16=36 N=3 1/3
  74. algebra

    where should l go and check my answers
  75. pre-algebra

    3x + 4=19 x=5 -32=24-2f f=16 Please check.Thank you.
  76. Math check

    Subtract -28 - (-33)= -61
  77. math

    please check. thanks. (8.3 x 10^-15) (7.7 x 10^4) = 6.391 x 10^-10 Is that right?
  78. algebra check please

    7(4 - t) = -84 i got: 28 - 7t = -84 -28 = -28 7t = -112 ----- ----- 7 = 7 t = -16 is this right : -16
  79. pre-algebra

    3m-4=14 m=6 11=2y-15 y=13 Please check Thank you.
  80. Earth Science

    Please check down below.
  81. math

    m - 7 <6 m < -1 *** m > 1 m < 13 m < -13 please check my answer!!!!!!
  82. Math

    Can you please check to see if these are right? We have to set each of them to y. Thank You. x-y=-3: y=-3x 2x+y=5: y=5-2x 2x+y=8: y=8-2x
  83. S.S.

    Ms.Sue can you please check my questions they are down below.
  84. Help

    Ms.Sue can you check my answers please their down below.
  85. UOP

    necessary to perform a check?
  86. Math Help PLEASE

    Divide and Check 4x^9-6x^4+6x^2/2x^2
  87. Math (Check My Steps)

    (1)/(2^0) 1/1 = 1
  88. Math

    Please Check My Answer Please!!! Thanks :) 9/4 = ?/12 54 36 45 27********* 27/90 = 3/? 3 10 9********** 27 32/? = 20/25 37 16*********** 26 40
  89. Math

    x * 2x = 2x^2 (check) 5x^3 + 2x^5 = ? Can you add these two?
  90. Aljebra

    Can someone check for me thanx 16 ÷ (8)(2)-12÷[6-2]+6÷(4-2) My answer is 1
  91. Math 8R - Homework Check

    1/8 + 1/2 = 7/10 3/4 + 5/6 = 1 7/12 7/9 + 5/6 = 1 11/18 1/4 + 1/2 = 1 2/6 2/3 + 1/2 = 2
  92. math

    CAN ANYONE CHECK THIS FOR ME PLEASE! NEED IT ASAP.. 5 < x -2 < 11 a. 5 < x < 11 b. 7 < x < 13 **** c. 7 < x < 11 d. 5 < x < 16
  93. algebra compare <>=

    can you check if im right? -7 = 7 |-3|= |3| |-9| > -4 8 > -15
  94. Algebra. .

    Can you check 2/3 k = 60 I got:: 3 2 k = 60 * 3 = 90 ________________ 2 3 1 2 = 2 K = 90/2 K = 45
  95. Calculus check

    y=-1/sqrt(x^2+1) , then dy/dx= A. x/(x^2+1)^1/2 B. x/(x^2+1)^1/2 C. -x/(x^2+1)^1/2 D. -x/(x^2+1)^3/2 E. x/(x^2+1) I got B.
  96. math

    Please check -37=3x+11-7x -48=11x X=2 2/7 -m/3-2=10 -m/3=6/-3 M=-2
  97. please check

    (2x)^5 (3x)^2 Answer: 288x^7
  98. algebra

    8x-11 < -27= 8x+11< -27= 8x=ll-27 8x=-16 x=-2 Check this problem.
  99. Alegebra

    Please check (5^3) (5^9) is the answer 60 Need help with this one (3x-2) and (5x^2+3x)
  100. algebra

    x^2-4/X^2+3x+2=(x-2)(x+2)/x(3x+2)=(x-2)/x3 check this problem