Trig check my work please?

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  1. Trig

    Find all solutions w between 0 and 360, inclusive: (a) cosw = cos(−340) (b) cosw = sin20 (c) sinw = cos(−10) (d) sinw < − 1 2 (e) 1 < tanw
  2. Trig

    Should the triangle be solved beginning with Law of Sines of Law of Cosines. Then solve the triangle. Round to the nearest tenth. a=16, b=13, c=10. Cosines A=93 degrees, B=54 degrees, C=33 degrees
  3. Trig

    A ship leaves port and sails at a bearing of 124degrees. Another ship leaves the same port, at the same time, sailing at a bearing of 74degrees. When both ships are 80 miles from the port, how far are they from each other?
  4. trig/precalc

    An airplane with a ground speed of 750 mph and a bearing of N 40 E encounters a wind of 50 mph with a bearing of S 30 E. Find the bearing and ground speed of the plane.
  5. trig

    given that 1/2pi<theta<pi and sin theta=1/5, use appropriate trigonometric formulas to find the exact values of the following (i) cos(2theta) (ii) cos theta (iii) sin(2theta)
  6. Trig.

    Josh kicks a soccer ball with an initial velocity of 18 feet per second out of a window from a height of 12 feet. The function h(t)= -16t^2+18t+12 represents the height of the soccer ball after t seconds.What is the domain of this function in the context
  7. trig

    An aircraft maintains a speed of 500 miles per hour in a southwestern direction. The velocity of the jet stream is constant 50 miles per hour from the west. Find the resultant vector, the speed, and actual direction of the aircraft.
  8. Trig

    The magnitude and direction of two forces acting on an object are 100 pounds, S79degreesE, and 60 pounds N68degreesE, respectively. Find the magnitude, to the nearest tenth of a pound, and the direction angle, to the nearest tenth of a degree, of the
  9. Trig - sum and difference formulas

    Write the expression as a single trigonometric functions: cos 6x cosx - sin6x sin x if you could do it step by step? also... How do I prove that sin(90deg + theta) = cos(theta)?? also step by step so i may learn?
  10. English

    i am trying to write a paper on Frankenstein. the question is "Is Frankenstein a work of science fiction?"....i have to write a persuasive essay...i believe that it is a work of science fiction...but as ussuall i need sources and proves from the book to
  11. Human Resource Management

    Managing the internal and external environment of the human resource, assessing work and work outcomes, acquiring human resources and compensating human resources – which area do you think contributes the most to helping the firm gain a competitive
  12. physics

    Determine whether each statement below is true or false. The force necessary to lift an object is its mass times g. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Stopping distance is doubled, if speed is doubled. Work is the product of force and time. A joule is
  13. physics

    The (non-conservative) force propelling a 1.40 x 103-kg car up a mountain road does 7.60 x 106 J of work on the car. The car starts from rest at sea level and has a speed of 22.0 m/s at an altitude of 2.50 x 102 m above sea level. Obtain the work done on
  14. physics

    The (non-conservative) force propelling a 1.90 x 103-kg car up a mountain road does 6.70 x 106 J of work on the car. The car starts from rest at sea level and has a speed of 20.0 m/s at an altitude of 1.80 x 102 m above sea level. Obtain the work done on
  15. physics

    The (nonconservative) force propelling a 1.50 103-kg car up a mountain road does 5.10 106 J of work on the car. The car starts from rest at sea level and has a speed of 31.5 m/s at an altitude of 1.90 102 m above sea level. Obtain the work done on the car
  16. Physics

    Compute the initial upward acceleration of a rocket of mass 1.5 ✕ 104 kg if the initial upward force produced by its engine (the thrust) is 2.7 ✕ 105 N. Do not neglect the weight of the rocket. Pleas tell me the steps, I've tried getting the
  17. Global

    made peace with PLO; shot by fellow Jew? who was that Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this specialty online
  18. Trig

    (tan/cot)- (sec/ cos) Also I need help with tan sin +cos = sec
  19. trig

    Prove: 1/cos2A+sin2A/cos2A=sinA+cosA/cosA-sinA
  20. trig

    What is the domain, range, and period of y= sin x + 1 What is the domain, range, and period of y= -cos x Can someone please help?
  21. trig

    find exact value cos(13pi/15)cos(-pi/5)-sin(13pi/15)sin(-pi/5)
  22. trig

    verify : [sec(x) / csc(x) - cot(x)] - [sec(x) / csc(x) + cot(x)] = 2csc(x)
  23. Math/trig

    Log radical b/ a^2 is equivalent to 1) 1/2 log b + 1/2 log a 2) l/2 log b- 2 log a 3) 2 log b - 1/2 log a 4) 1/2logb/2 log a
  24. Simplifying trig expression

    sin(x+90) = ? cos(x+90) = ? Would the first equal like -sin(x)? Would the second equal uh -cos(x)? I'm not quite sure :/
  25. trig prove plz anyone help

    Prove that: x - tan^-1(x) = tan^-1{(tanx - x)/(xtanx + 1)} plz help
  26. trig

    Find cos(a=b). sin a = 3/5, a lies in Quadrant II, and cos b = 5/13, b lies in Quadrant I.
  27. verfying trig identity

    1+Cosx 1-Cosx _______ - _______ = 4CotxCscx 1-cosx 1+Cosx
  28. trig

    Prove: 1/cos2A+sin2A/cos2A=sinA+cosA/cosA-sinA
  29. art

    According to the author, A) the interpretation of a work of art is objective. B) a work of art may fall into more than one theme. C) it doesn’t make sense to compare art from different cultures. D) all of these are the case: the interpretation of art is
  30. English

    Hello everybody! I've got some problems with my english homework,and I'd really appreciate our help! My homework is : name a stressfull job eg.:doctor,manager than describe why this job is so stresfull,what can be the causers of sress.Why is this bad if
  31. psy

    Eric has computed that it takes an average (mean) of 17 minutes with a standard deviation of 3 minutes to drive from home, park the car, and walk to his job. One day it took Eric 21 minutes to get to work. You would use the formula for transforming a raw
  32. verbals: gerunds answer check

    sorry for the repetitive questions! otherwise thank you for taking the time to check my answers. Underline the gerund, some do not have a gerund if so write ''no gerund.'' 1. Sketching is fun for me. Sketching - Subject 2. Marya exercises every day by
  33. Physics...

    Question In an experiment a gas was found to obey the following equation of state: (P + 10^3)V = 2.5 x 10^4 J Find the work done when the gas expands from 1 m3 to 3 m3. _______ the answer is suppose to be 2.55 x 104J ____________ what i did so far 2 ways i

    Question In an experiment a gas was found to obey the following equation of state: (P + 10^3)V = 2.5 x 10^4 J Find the work done when the gas expands from 1 m3 to 3 m3. _______ the answer is suppose to be 2.55 x 104J ____________ what i did so far 2 ways i
  35. Science

    you draw a 100kg sack of maize meal across the floor of a warehouse for the distance of 10m. You apply a force of 300N, directed at an angle of 30 degree to the floor. a) If the floor is frictionless, how much work do you do on the bag? b) If the
  36. Physics relationship

    Let W1 represent the work required to accelerate an object on a frictionless horizontal surface from rest to a speed of v. if W2 represents the work required to accelerate the same object on the same surface from a speed of v to 2v, then which one of the
  37. Physics

    A 279 N force is pulling an 75.9-kg refrigerator across a horizontal surface. The force acts at an angle of 26.3 ° above the surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.259, and the refrigerator moves a distance of 9.14 m. Find (a) the work done by
  38. trig

    Richard is flying a kite. The kite string makes an angle of 57 degrees with the ground. If Richard is standing 100 feet from the point on the ground directly below the kite , find the length of the kite string
  39. trig

    Two Airplanes leave an airport at the same time on different runways. One flies on a bearing of N66degreesW at 325 miles per hour. The other airplane flies on a bearing öf S26degreesW at 300 miles per hour. How far apart will the airplanes be after 2
  40. Trig

    Two ships leave the same port at The first ship sails towards europe on a 54 degree course at a constant rate of 36 mi/h. The second ship,neither a tropical destination, sails on a 144 degree course at a constant speed of 42 mi/h. Find the distance
  41. algebra

    It takes Maggie 20 min to drive to work in the morning. She drives home using the same route, but it takes 13 min longer, and she averages 8 mi/h less than in the morning. How far does Maggie drive to work?
  42. English help

    add the comma to the sentence As they studied the film they noticed some rules of science at work i wrote mine like this As they studied the film, they noticed some rules of science at work
  43. math

    It takes Natasha 20 min to drive to work in the morning. She drives home using the same route, but it takes 11 min longer, and she averages 6 mi/h less than in the morning. How far does Natasha drive to work?
  44. Physics

    An airplane passenger carries a 260 N suitcase up the stairs, a displacement of 3.80 m vertically, and 4.30 m horizontally. (a) How much work does the passenger do? (b) The same passenger carries the same suitcase back down the same stairs. How much work
  45. Trig

    a ships navigator determines that the ship is moving through the water at 17.5mi/h with a heading of 26.3 degrees north of east but the ship is actually moving at 19.3 mi/h in a direction of 33.7 degrees north of east. What is the velocity of the current?
  46. Trig application

    I worked this problem out but I do not fully understand what I am doing. Fire tower A is 30 kilometers due west of fire tower B.. A fire is spotted from the towers, and the bearings from A and B are N 76 degrees E and N 56 degrees W, respectively. Find the
  47. precallcuslus

    can you check my work and explain the last question because I do not uderstand. Explain what each of the following represents, and how y = a(x - h)2 + k, a ≠ 0 and (x - h)2 = 4p(y - k), p ≠ 0 are equivalent. The equation (x - h)2 = 4p(y - k), p ≠ 0
  48. English

    Here is the very last part! I've finished it! My next homework will be on history, literature and grammar again!!!! 1) DISSEMINATION OF THE RESULTS Work stage I - Courses in English and ICT - Evaluation and analysis of activities and attitudes Work stage
  49. Literature / Language Arts

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you
  50. physics

    10. A 2-kg object is moving at 3m/s. A 4-N force is applied in the direction of motion and then removed after the object has traveled an additional 5m. The work done by this force is: A. 12 J B. 15 J C. 18 J D. 20 J E. 38 J ans: D 11. A sledge (including
  51. check!

    here is the question: log5(x-4)= log7x solve for x. These are just base 10 logs. log100 = 2 This equation has the same format as log 40 = log (2x20) Since both sides have log base 10, you divide by log base 10 and end up with 5(x-4) = 7x, so 5x -20 =7x
  52. English

    Thank you very much for your corrections. I still have a few alternatives for you to check. 1) The demand for new clothes created the necessity (better: caused the development of new machinery?) to invent machinery for cloth-making. 2) New factories were
  53. Physical Science [repost]

    Can someone please check if my answers for these questions are correct? Thanks! 1.Explain in terms of force and distance how using a ramp to load boxes into a truck makes work easier. (Ans-) Less force is applied but the distance is longer. 2.A ball
  54. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    Please Check My Answers. 1: Solve each inequality. m – 7 < 6 a. m < - 1 b. m > 1 c. m < 13 d. m < -13 2: Solve each inequality. p + 12 > 9 a. p > 21 b. p > 3 c. p > -21 d. p > -3 My Answers: 1: b. m > 1 2: a. p > 21
  55. Unit 5 - Discussion Board

    Your friend Lucy slept through a class in which her professor explained the concepts of depreciation and amortization. Use the Cybrary's Accounting links and/or dictionary sources and the Internet to learn about these concepts, and then write a 4-5
  56. math

    A single card is selected from an ordinary deck of cards. The sample space is shown in the following figure. Find the following probabilities. (Enter the answers either as fractions or as decimals rounded to three places.) P(five of clubs) = 1 P(five) = 2
  57. Informal logic

    what type of fallacy would this be i went to work at an all male prison was the first of three female to ever work directly with the offenders the male officer stopped me from doing strip searches shoved me and told me to stand by the wall with my back
  58. Science

    In order to sail through the frozen Artic Ocean, the most powerful icebreaker ever built was constructed in the former Soviet Union. At the heart of the ship's power plant is a nuclear reactor with a power output of 5.60X10^7 W (5.60 times ten to the power
  59. Chemistry

    I am thrown off by this question because they don't give a molecule to work with. Also i don't know how i would work the acid... help! A 195 mL solution of a dilute acid is added to 102 mL of a base solution in a coffee-cup calorimeter. The temperature of

    Your manager at work has advised you that you and two of your coworkers will be visiting a branch of your company in another country. Select a country that you would like to learn more about. Then, conduct an Internet or library search regarding the
  61. Physics

    A cyclist intends to cycle up a 7.5 degree hill whose vertical height is 170 m. Assuming the mass of bicycle plus cyclist is 95 kg, calculate how much work must be done against gravity. If each complete revolution of the pedals moves the bike 5.6 m along
  62. math

    how would you simplify y= (x^5-32)/(x-2)? I know that it would equal (x^5-2^5)/(x-2), but what's the next step? It wouldn't be just (x^4-2^4), would it? kristie, in general I think you can prove (x-a)|(x^n - a^n); read (x-a) divides the expression on the
  63. Physics

    Problem 4: A 250 g block is dropped onto a relaxed vertical spring that has a spring constant of k= 2.5 N/cm. The block becomes attached to the spring and compresses the spring 12 cm before momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, (a)
  64. math

    What models can be used to help explain the concepts of addition and subtraction of rational numbers? What are the benefits to using such a model? What limitations does the model have? Create an addition or subtraction problem and demonstrate how the model
  65. physics

    A skier is pulled by a tow rope up a frictionless ski slope that makes an angle of 12 degrees with the horizontal. The rope moves parallel to the slope with a constant speed of 1.0 m/s. The force of the rope does 880 J of work on the skier as the skier
  66. equation complex number

    z^4 + 81 = 0 (solve) change it to polar, then take the root. z^4= 81@180 z= 3@180/4 + n90 where n=0, 1, 2, 3 check: z= 3@180/4 + 3*90=3@315 z^4=81@(4*315)=81@1260= 91@180=-81 you can check it at the other roots also. this is what i did: z^4 = - 81 z (81
  67. english

    Can someone please check my work? Which of the following is Not a good idea for choosing a subject for a persuasive speech? Choose an issue important to you. Choose a subject that people disagree on. Choose a subject that you have little personal
  68. AB Calculus

    Assume that x, y, z and b are positive numbers. Use the properties of logarithms to write the expression logb 4(square root)x^7y^2 / z^4 in terms of the logarithms of x, y and z a. 28logbx+8logby-16logbz b. 7/4 logbx+1/2 logby-logbz c. 7/4logb(x+y-z) d.
  69. Physics

    A child with a mass of 35.0 kg climbs onto a water slide that is 2.00 m above the water as shown. The child does not push off, and so is at rest when the sliding begins. The slide is very slippery, and is considered frictionless. (i) What is the work done
  70. Physics

    1)An electron moved from point A to point B along an equipotential surface. a)the eclectron performs work in moving from point A to point B b)Work is required to move the electron from point A to point B c)Work is both required and performed in moving the
  71. trig

    find the distance from the orgin to each of the following points .If your answer is irrational,leave it in radical form. a.(3,-7) b.(-4,6) c.(0,5) d.(6,0) e.(-2,-4) f.(0,0) my answers : what do they mean by leave it radical form a.sqrt 58 b.Sqrt 52 = 2sqrt
  72. Trig

    Solve ABC if C=90 degrees, B=20 degrees, and b=10. Round measures of side to the nearest tenth and measures of angles to the nearest degree. So all I need to do for this problem is find A,a,c right? I know that A=70 b/c 90+20=110 and 180-110=70 but how do
  73. trig

    a plane takes off at 10.00am from an airfield, and flies at 120km/h on a bearing of N35W. A second plane takes off at 10.05am from the same airfield, and flies on a bearing of S80E at a speed of 90km/h. How far apart are the planes at 10.25am?
  74. Trig

    You and a friend are rowing a boat 8.5 KPH heading north. A cross current is moving 3.2 KPH at an angle of 38 degrees north of the west direction. How fast are you actually moving and what direction are you actually heading?
  75. trig

    Forces of 15 kg and 10 kg act on a point with an angle of 60◦ between the forces. Find the magnitude of the resultant force (to nearest tenth of a kilogram) and the angle (to the nearest degree) the resultant makes with the 15 kg force
  76. trig

    I do not understand these problems. :S I'd really appreciate the help. Use trigonometric identities to transform the left side of the equation into the right side. cot O sin O = cos O sin^2 O - cos^2O = 2sin^2 O -1 (tan O + cot O)/tan O = csc^2 O
  77. Calculus (trig derivatives)

    A lighthouse 2 miles offshore has a light that rotates once every 20 seconds. At what rate is the light traveling along the shore if it is shining on a point 4 miles along the shore from the point nearest the lighthouse?
  78. trig gauss jordan

    Write the augmented matrix, and then solve the system, using Gauss Jordan elimination on the augmented matrix. x + 2y - z = 4 -2x + y - 4z = -6 4x - 3y + 2z = -10
  79. trig

    verify the identity: tan^2x(1+cot^2x)=1/1-sin^2x Verify the Id: tanx + cotx/ tanx-cotx = (1/sin^2x-cos^2x)
  80. Trig

    Suppose sinA = 12/13 with 90º≤A≤180º. Suppose also that sinB = -7/25 with -90º≤B≤0º. Find cos(A - B).
  81. trig

    Use a sum or difference identity to find the exact value. tan 25deg + tan 5deg / 1-tan 25deg tan 5deg
  82. trig

    Angle x is in the second quadrant and angle y is in the first quadrant such that sinx=5/13 and cosy=3/5. a) Determine an exact value for cosx b) Determine an exact value for siny
  83. trig

    Angle x is in the second quadrant and angle y is in the first quadrant such that sinx=5/13 and cosy=3/5. a) Determine an exact value for cosx b) Determine an exact value for siny
  84. Precalc with Trig

    What value(s) of theta (0 less than or equal to theta less than or equal to 2pi) solve the following equation: cos squared theta - cos theta - 6 = 0
  85. Trig Identity

    Prove or disprove the following identity sin^4theta - cos^4theta = sin^2theta-cose^2theta
  86. Trig

    Boston is 200 mi away from NY. It takes me 1 hour less to drive to Boston when I drive 10 mi faster than my normal rate. What is my normal rate?
  87. help

    do you check papers
  88. Math

    Check for 2/3(k+8)=52
  89. algebra

    2y+1/y^2-Y-6= 2y+1/(y+2)(y-3) check this
  90. Math

    -2+3{6-(1-9]=? I got 14. I just need you to check if its right
  91. math

    can you check: 3/5 a = 3 i got : a = 5 is that right?
  92. algebra

    y/4+2y=2y^2/4 check this
  93. algebra ----

    #27 can you check this: -5x (x-4) i got: -5x +20 #28 (y^2 - y -1) + (y^2 + Y + 3) i got: 2y ^2 + 2 #29 (x^2 + 1) - (2x^2 + x -1) i got: -x^2 - x +2
  94. algebra

    can you check if im right? -7 + 9 i got 2 -23 - 12 -23 + -12 = -35 8 - (-5) 8 + 5 = 13 -12 + 7 = -4 5 - 14 5 + (-14) = -9 12 + (-8) = 4 8 - 13 8 + (-13) = -5 -5 - 16 -5 + -16 = -21 13 - 17 13 + -17 = -4 -26 + (-14) = -40 -26 + 13 = -13 |-2| + 5 2 + 5 = 7
  95. math help

    can someone check and see if i did this right x+2y=8 x-x+2y=8-x 2y=8-x 2y/2=8/2-x y=4-x y=4-x/2 y=4-1/2x
  96. math *check*

    x:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- y:0.8,2.1,3.1,3.8,5.2,8.4,6.9,8.1,9
  97. math- check me

    (-3)/(5)y=-15 Does y=25
  98. Math

    2 + m < 2 is m < 0 but how would I check it?
  99. Please Check This 2!

    p^4-1=(p^2)(p^2+1) Typo? p^4-1=(p^2-1)(p^2+1)
  100. Please check answers

    (-2)7=-2^7 -2^5 = -2*-2 = 4 * -2= -8 * -2 = 16 * -2 = -32