Trig check my work please?

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  1. math

    -(-2)^3+0.2-/2-11/-4=-5 How to show work for the answer -5
  2. math

    can you show the work for 6x^2+11x-35=0
  3. biology

    How does iodine work as an indicator?
  4. math

    u = m*g*h find the value of h show work please
  5. 6th grade

    unscramble the work broanalse
  6. Work Ethic

    How do I work efficiently without getting distracted?
  7. statistics

    what is mock data? And how does it work or what do you do??
  8. Social Studies

    How do the branches of government work together?
  9. pre-algebra

    what happens if x = 1. Can you show me how to work out the problem?
  10. math

    If x = 1/x^2, then 2 + 3 = a. 13/36 b. 1/5 c. 5/6 d. 1/8 e. 5/13 please answer and show work
  11. Algebra

    12(74y - (6+5Y - 8Z) = Please show work
  12. social studies

    Where do most Ancient Egyptian work?
  13. algebra

    0.15x+55>0.10x+80 how do i work this out?
  14. Computer science

    How does virtual memory work? Thanks.
  15. Algebra

    Can you please work these out and show steps? 1. -2/5 x - 9 < 9/10 2. 4 x + 6 < -6 3. q + 12 - 2 ( q-22 ) > 0
  16. Math

    If xy E.2x>2z
  17. math

    show work for 10x-4-5x=6+3-8
  18. Pre-algebra

    3 1/2+w-5 1/4=8 I'm totally confused on how to work this out!
  19. math refreshers

    show work please 6/25 divided by (-3/5) =?
  20. science

    What is a force scale and how does it work?
  21. MATHS

  22. math

    how do u work out this problem wx2
  23. math

    how to work out root 5 of 0.035
  24. trig

    x^2-3y^2=13 x-2y=1 solve for x and y show all your work
  25. math

    (8/3-1) is a solution to 8x-7y=10 . Please show all of your work
  26. math

    dy/dx of the following: x^2y^2=2/x^2 [ans:-1/x^4y -y/x]. i need the calculation work.
  27. physics

    How does the concept of resonance work?
  28. History

    Workers refuse to work by going on what?
  29. physics

    pv = constant to find the work done
  30. binary system

    how does the binary system work?
  31. Algerbra

    Combine and show all work please 3/2y+2/y-1-2/y
  32. math

    f'(x).... y=(e^x-e^-x)/(e^x+e^-x). I need the calculation work. [ans: 4/(e^x+e^-x)^2]
  33. computers

    What exactly is an information systems? How does it work
  34. math

    Add: 2 1/2+ 3 1/4 + 3 5/8 Is this work correct? (2+3+3=8) (1+1+5=7) (2+4+8=14) =8 7/14 =8 1/2
  35. math

    how do you show work for 69 divided by 50
  36. Social Studies

    Who is most of the work on legislation in congress is done by?
  37. math

    how do you show work for 69 divided by 50
  38. Accounting

    How does the cost system work?
  39. Algebra 1

    ^3sqrt y^3 Can some one work this for me I want to se if I got the answer right
  40. math

    49 divided by n = 7 ( please show work thank you)
  41. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: 1/u^2-2u-1/u^2-4 Please Show All Work!
  42. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: x+2/x^2+x-2/2x Please Show All Work!
  43. (math ) for mathmate

    Can you show me how to just work for the 1st one and i will try and take it from there?
  44. Algebra, math,

    (a^6-b^6)/(a^4+a^2*b^2+b^4) simplify show work
  45. Math

    If I worked from 6:45 am to 5:45 pm how many hours did I work?
  46. math

    Could someone work this out so I understand it. Thanks Solve: 6^x = 1/36 x =
  47. Physics

    work done by 975 kilograms from 25 m/s to 65 m/s
  48. math

    e/7-3=-5 What does e equal? Please show work!
  49. Finite Math

    Can someone please help me. I am not sure to work the following matrices. If A^4 = -3 4 -4 5 and A^5= 4 -5 5 -6 What is A? Can you show me how you got this? Thank you so much ;)
  50. DrBob222

    I really need help on these chemistry problems. Can you please help me work them. Please?
  51. World History

    What concerns did Darwin have in regards to his work?
  52. math

    If $16.95 is marked up by 25% the result would be? And also how to work it out?
  53. math

    simplify -4(c+3)2c Please show all work
  54. science

    how do ear defenders work
  55. math

    Simplify. Please be sure to show all of your work. -3(-9) – |-5 – 3|
  56. Maths

    work out the first 5 terms of the sequence 6x-11??
  57. Algebra

    Simplify. Please show all work. 6b^2 - 4b + 3b^4 - (7b^3 + b^4 - 4b)
  58. math

    Simplify. Please show all of your work 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c)
  59. organizational behavior

    which of the following is a work hindrance stressro?
  60. math

    Solve 4x- 3(5x-8)=23-9(x+2) . Please show all of your work
  61. Science

    What is the relationship between energy and work?
  62. math

    matrices: A=[-5 4 -6 B=[-2 4 -5 9 -8 7 8 9 3 4 -3 9] 5 -2 2] AB=? please show the work if you can.
  63. math

    matrices: A=[-5 4 -6 9 -8 7 4 -3 9] B=[-2 4 -5 8 9 3 5 -2 2] AB=? please show work if you can.
  64. lit

    What I wanted to do was to finish my work.
  65. Algebra1

    I have to solve for "x": bx/c=2-cx/b please show your work! Thank you!
  66. to Gurublue

    itdidn't work Gurublue
  67. chemistry help~Please!!!

    What are the Ka and/or Kb value for 1M ZnCl2 Show work please!!!
  68. physics

    What must a muscle do in order to do work?
  69. writing

    can I email someone my work to edit?
  70. science

    How does this work, I've been asking questions but no one ever answers
  71. Riddle

    They complain alot less and work just a little more than others, who are they?
  72. 9th grade

    can you show me how to work this problem 6x+2=6
  73. math

    Simplify. Please show all of your work. 12* 1/4 +2/-2^3
  74. Algebra

    1). 3x + 7 = 9 2). -3(x + 5) + 3 = 12 Can you also please show the work so that I may have a better understanding.
  75. math

    2a + 7b + 17c = 31 How do you work out what a,b and c are?? any help would be appriciated
  76. math refreshers

    show work please 6/25 divided by (-3/5) =?
  77. math

    How do I work out the problem 16 divided by 8/9?
  78. math

    (12-8)(3x-5)(7x+29) = solve: show your work
  79. math

    show the work for these problems 4 2/3-1 1/6 = and 10 1/2-6 2/5=
  80. math

    12-8 3x-5 7x+29 solve show all your work
  81. English

    How to work on the rhythm of a poem?
  82. 9th grade

    How does nucleus work for restorant?
  83. math

    how do you solve (and show your work for): 5-2x=7
  84. english

    Tell us why you want to work for Chuck E. Cheese's?
  85. prealgebra

    Evaluate showing work (23 - 3) ÷ (-5)
  86. pre algebra

    11 - 8 ÷ (1/3 + 1/5) Please show work I am stuck. Thank you
  87. Math

    Show me how to work out 131/2
  88. Art History

    What affected Monet's work?
  89. science

    Can you explain to me what happens to the energy when you do work? thanks
  90. English 2 please help

    Please check these! The High School Step Team Karla’s cousin Jade urged her to join the step team. “This afternoon you should definitely try out!” Jade suggested after the final bell rang. “I know she wants the best for me,” Karla thought to
  91. Writing

    The essay below is an expository essay and was written in 15 minutes. Please give me some feedback on my essay ( a score of 1 being the lowest and a score of 5 being the highest). Prompt: Explore how obesity affects a nation's productivity and economy. My
  92. Math

    Clara measured the diameter of the circle. How many centimeters is the diamter? Clue:The measure of the diameter is between 6 x 0.15 and 9 x 0.15. Clue:The units digit and the hundreths digit are the same Clue:If the diameter was 100 times longer, its
  93. stat

    The ministry of transport and communication is responsible for the enforcement of airline safety regulations and has become concerned about an apparent increase in accidents and near mishaps involving commercial aircraft. One area of concern is overloading
  94. math

    Land growing continuous grain corn as a cash crop loses soil at a rate of 14.0 metric tonnes ha-1 yr-1. This is a fertile soil, which has an organic matter content of 3.8% and nitrogen content of 0.35% (both by mass). a)Calculate how long it will take to
  95. Geometry

    3.In step 1, you found the volume (in cubic feet) of the main tank. If the maximum density of killer whales per cubic foot is 0.000011142, what is the maximum number of killer whales allowed in the main show tank at any given time? You must explain your
  96. algebra expressions

    i need to write an algebraic expression for each word phrase. Can you check if I am correct: 2) 13 less than a number q i got : 13 - q 4) the quotient of a number n and 4 i got: n/4 6) the number of days in w weeks n * w 8) the cost of p photocopies if
  97. English

    Can someone check if this question is grammatically correct? Thank you very much in advance. What do you use the Internet for? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using it? What are the most addictive things on the Internet? What are the
  98. social studies

    What are some problems or controversies regarding the use of the mineral silver? Check this article for the many uses of silver, including in alternative medicine.
  99. Information Literacy

    can you please check this for me Why do we need information? What sources do you already use to obtain personal information? Information is a resource that has varied definitions according to the format, and media used to package or transfer it, as well as
  100. calc check: euler's method

    Given the differential equation: dy/dx = y(1+x), y(0)=1, Use Euler's method with step size .1 to approximate y(.3). y' = y(1+x), y'(0) = 1(1+0)=1 ->the solution has slope 1 at the point (0,1); x0=0, y0=1, h=0.1, F(x,y)=y(1+x) y1=y0+h*F(x0,y0) y1=1 +