Trig check my work please?

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  1. math

    find the sum or difference. 5/6 + 4/9 1. 1/2 2. 9/18 3. 1 5/18 4. 1 1/2 I think it is D can someone please check my work
  2. math algerbra

    i need help finding how to check my work i would appreciate it very much if somone would help me
  3. History

    Could someone please check my work below where the time says 8:03. Thanks god Bless
  4. math

    find the sum or difference. 1. 5/6 + 4/9 1. 1/2 2. 9/18 3. 1 5/18 4. 1 1/2 I think it is B 2. 15 5/12 - 11 1/8 1. 4 7/24 2. 4 7/12 3. -4 1/3 4. -4 7/24 I think it is A 3. 5/8 - 3/10 1. 13/40 2. 1/20 3. 1/4 4. 1/5 I think it is C 4. 15/16 - 3/4 1. 1 2. 3/4
  5. Compound Inequalities

    Solve. 5 < x - 2 < 11 a. 5 < x < 11 b. 7 < x < 13 c. 7 < x < 11 d. 5 < x < 16 My answer is b. Can you check my work?
  6. Check Work (Math)

    1) Find the difference 3-(4-7) my answear 6
  7. Math

    For the equation -4y=8x, what is the constant of variation? A -4 B -2 C 1 D 2* Can some one check my work?
  8. calculus

    f(x)=(9x^2–8)^6(4x^2–5)^11 Find f'(x) I got (9x^2-8)^6 *11(4x^2-3)^10*8x+((4x^2-3)^11)6(9x^2-8)^5(18x) but im doing something wrong can someone check my work please
  9. math

    can someone check my work? divid t^11/ t^3 is the answer t^3r2
  10. algebra 1

    It certainly pays to check your work! I just took a huge science test. I checked it over twice before I turned it in, and I got an A! My score was 94 out of 100! I figure that each time I checked it, I found half of the mistakes that were there at a time.
  11. Social Studies(my Thesis Check this please)

    Child Labor refers to the employment of children at regular and sustained labor. Have your ever wondered what it actually means other than making kids work. It mean to make children work at regular and unstained labor.
  12. math

    jen can run at 7.5 m/s and mary at 8.0 m/s. on a race track jen is given a 25 m head start, and the race eds in a tie. how long is the track? let x = distance run by jen. x + 25 = distance run by mary. time jen = d/r = x/7.5 time mary = d/r = (x+25)/8
  13. English

    Writeacher, here are the sentences I urgently need you to check. 1)Though you are still a student, refer to the type of approach to work you may adopt when working. Would you work at a job, at a career, or at a passion? 2) Write at least five phrasal verbs
  14. graphing trig functions

    for graphing basic trig functions such as y=2sinx or y=1/3cosx, how do you know what the points are to graph with out using a calculator?
  15. Physics

    Early one October you go to a pumpkin patch to select your Halloween pumpkin. You lift the 2.8 kg pumpkin to a height of 1.27 m, then carry it 51.4 m (on level ground) to the check-out stand. How much work do you do on the pumpkin as you carry it from the
  16. algebra

    x+1 -x+2 = x+3 ____ _____ ____ 2 3 4 How do I solve this equations? These are fractions mi don't know I'm going to assume your problem is this: (x+1)/2 - (x+2)/3 = (x+3)/4 ...and you are trying to solve for x. If so, here's how you would go about it:
  17. algerbra

    am i correct on this? question: solve and check square of 5x+6 is equal to x work and answer: square each side 5x+6=x^2 subtract 5x-6 on both sides 0=x^2-5x-6 (x+1)(x-6) x+1=0 subtract -1 on each side x= -1 is a reject x-6=0 add 6 on each side x=6 and 6
  18. trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2π) for cos(x - π/6) = 1 + cos(x + π/6). Show work, please and state in solution set.
  19. Trig/Pre-Calc

    Need help with current Trig problem for tomorrow: Solve the logarithmic equation algebraically. Approximate the result to three decimal places. 6log3(0.5x)=11 I know to start off the equation you divide by 6. I know the answer is 14.988. I just am puzzled
  20. Trig

    I need help with these kind of problems! Can someone tell me how to work this problem out? Given tan0=2 square root of 5 over 4, and sin0<0. a. cos0 b. csc0 The 0 after tan, sin, cos, and csc stands for angle. The 0 after the < stands for negative or
  21. Physics

    This is a question related to work. Today we had a pop quiz in my physics class and I am just trying to check my work here :D 1) if there is a 5 kg block on a horizontal table connected with string to a 3 kg block hanging off the side of the table through
  22. Cedar Grove middle

    3÷1/2 in the simplest form have to check work
  23. Pleas Check More Of My Work(MathGuru)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.
  24. algebra hsa

    5x-3=2(x-6) i got -3 when i solved it but when i check my work its not correct what am i doing wrong?
  25. Algebra 1

    I need to factor the expression t^2 + 4tv + 4v^2 I got this answer: (t + 2v)(t + 2v) Check my work? Thanks!
  26. figured out problem please check my work

    Kyle is 3 years old and the twins are 9
  27. algebra (check work)

    evaluate the expression when a = , b = -3, c = -12 |a + b + c| = 22 is 22 the correct answer?
  28. Chemistry

    Please check my work: What is the pOH of a solution containing [H+] = 1x10-11 M? log H=14-11 3 right
  29. check my work please!

    ok i have to divide complex numbers: question is: 1-2i+i^3/1+i this is what i did: 1-2i+i(-i)/1+i 1-2i-i^2/1+i 1-2i-i(-1)/1+i 1-2i+i/1+i 1-3i/1+i*1-i/1-i 1-i-3i+3i^2/1-i+i-i^2 1-i-3i+3(-1)/1-i^2 1-i-3i-3/1-(-1) 1-4i-3/2 -2-4i/2 my answer is -2i-1 is that
  30. Math

    Solve the quadratic equation below. Show your work and check -4x^2 = 0
  31. Trig

    A ramp 38' long rises to a platform. The bottom of the platform is 20' from the foot of the ramp. Find x , the angle of elevation of the ramp. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a degree. After this question I'm done with TRIG!!! Thanks
  32. Trig Help

    Prove the following: [1+sinx]/[1+cscx]=tanx/secx =[1+sinx]/[1+1/sinx] =[1+sinx]/[(sinx+1)/sinx] =[1+sinx]*[sinx/(sinx+1)] =[sinx+sin^2x]/[sinx+1] =[sinx+(1-cos^2x)]/[sinx+1] =??? This is where I'm stuck. Can someone help me. Please check what I got is

    A.CALCULATE THE CRYOSCOPIC CONSTANT OF H2O. USE IT TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: a WEAK ACID HX is dissolved in water. A 0.250 molal solution has a freezing point of 0.5 C. calculate the value of ka for the acid, where Ka is the equilibrium constant for
  34. Physics - conservative and non conservative (check

    If a sled reaches the base of the hill with a speed of 15.6m/s, how much work was done by the snow on the sled between points x and y, where x is 3m above the ground with a velocity of 14.30m/s and y is toughing the ground. the sled and the rider are 70kg
  35. trigonometric functions

    im compeletely lost with the trigonometric functions...can anyone explain clearly to me? Are you lost on the definitions?...where is the problem. You need to be able to draw and label all the parts of a triangle, the hypotenuse and legs. Then be able to
  36. Chemistry I

    For the methanol combustion reaction 2CH3OH(â„“) + 3O2(g) ----> 2CO2(g) + 4H2O(g) estimate the amount of P [change]V work done and tell whether the work was done on or by the system. Assume a temperature of 27â—¦C. 1. 2.5 kJ, work done by the
  37. algebra 2 logs and trig

    log(base 2)cotx - 2log(base 4)csc2x = log(base 2)cosx the answer should be x = pi/3, 5pi/3 not sure how to work it out though, any help? I tried canceling the bases but that led to a dead end.
  38. Math-Trigonometry

    Show that if A, B, and C are the angles of an acute triangle, then tan A + tan B + tan C = tan A tan B tan C. I tried drawing perpendiculars and stuff but it doesn't seem to work? For me, the trig identities don't seem to plug in as well. Help is
  39. Chemistry- please check my work

    Question: The following equilibrium was studied by analyzing the equilibrium mixture for the amount of HCL produced. LaCl3(s)+ H2O(g) goes to LaOCl(s)+2HCl(g). A vessel whose volume was 1.25L was filled with 0.0125 mol of lanthanum (III)chloride and 0.0250
  40. grammar please help!

    I still need help on 1 and 2. Identify the object of the preposition in each of the following sentences. 1. Ashley and her father arrived home from work. a. and b. father c. from d. work 2. Ashley put her journalism books in the new bookcase. a. bookcase
  41. math

    2r+4=10 Well r=3 so that means 2xr=6 and 6+4=10. Hint: whenever a number and letter are close together you have to multply thme like 2r. The value for r is indeed 3! Another way to think about this problem is to start by subtracting 4 from both sides of
  42. chem/some1 check my work plz.

    2NH3(g)+3CuO(s)=N2(g)+3Cu(s)+3H2O(g) if 18.1grams of ammonia reacts with 90.4 grams of copper(II) oxide, which is the limitting reagent?? what is the theorectical yield of nitrogen gasd? if 8.52 g of N2 are formed, what is the % yield of nitrogn gas??
  43. physics

    Calculate the work required to be done to stop a car of 250 kg moving at a speed of 18km/hr? answer is right or not please check Mass =250 kg Velocity = 18kg = 18 x 1000/60 x 60 = 5 m/s KE = ½ mv x v = ½ x 250 x 5 = 125 x 5 = 625 J Therefore the counter
  44. Liberal Arts Math

    show work simplify:(a-9b)(a+3c) (a-9b)(a+3c) a^2+3ca-9ba-9bc I'm pretty sure this is how you do it... plz check some standard formula to remember are; i: (a+b)^2=(a+b)(a+b)= a^2+2ab+b^2 ii: (a-b)^2=(a-b)(a-b)=a^2-2ab-b^2 iii: (a+b)(a-b)= a^2-b^2 look at
  45. Math - Trig

    For the equation 4 cos theta - square root 12 = 0, where 0 < theta < (or equal to) 2 pi, determine the measure of theta. The answers to choose from are: A) pi/ 3, 5 pi/ 3 B) 2 pi/ 3, 4 pi/ 3 C) 5 pi/ 6, 7 pi/ 6 D) pi/ 6, 11 pi/ 6 Please explain and
  46. trig

    FInd the exact value pf the 6 trig function of alpha Given: point (-2,-6) on the terminal side of the angle in standard position sin alpha cos alpha tan alpha sec alpha csc alpha cot alpha
  47. Math

    Hello! The question I'd like someone to check is, A teacher brings 3 gallons of juice on a field trip. There are 36 students on the trip. a. How many fluid ounces of juice does the teacher bring? Show your work. There is a part b, but I'm only working on
  48. CHEM

    At constant pressure, which of these systems do work on the surroundings? Check all that apply. 2A (g) + B(s) --> 3C(g) 2A (g) +2B (g) -->5C(g) A(g)+ B(g) --> C(g) A (s) +2B(g)--> C(g)
  49. english

    I posted my work a few minutes ago, can somebody check it for me please. thanks a lot. Rose
  50. math

    please check my work :) which pair of ratios can form a true proportion a-1/2 6/10 b-6/8 5/20 c-3/5 6/10* d-3/9 7/80 thanks
  51. Chemistry

    At constant pressure, which of these systems do work on the surroundings? Check all that apply. 2A (g) + B(s) --> 3C(g) 2A (g) +2B (g) -->5C(g) A(g)+ B(g) --> C(g) A (s) +2B(g)--> C(g)
  52. algebra

    Solve the system using elimination X+3y=5 4x+4y=4 I tried to work this problem and this is what I came up with. x+3y=5 x+4y=20 7y=15 y=7/15 and x= (5+y)/4 (5+7/15)/2 2/15 x=2/15 x=2/15, y=7/15 I would like for someone to check to see if it is correct.
  53. Chemistry

    At constant pressure, which of these systems do work on the surroundings? Check all that apply. A(s) + 2B(g) ---> C(g) 2A(g) + B(g) ---> 4C(g) A(g) + 2B(g) ---> 2C(g) A(s) + B(s) ---> C(g)
  54. SraJMcGin

    Is it to personal if I ask if you have an email?! I would like you to check my spanish work before I turn it in to my teacher.
  55. college elg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find inverse and check it f^-1(x)=? please show work
  56. Math

    "Find the slope of the line passing through J(0,5) and K(-1,2)" I did the problem but I just need someone to check if its right. my work: M= y2 - y1 -------- x2 - y1 M= 2 - 5 ----- -1 - 0 M= -3 ---- -1 M= 3 Thank you.
  57. Algebra 2

    Is it possible to solve |2x| + 3 =x? I got x= -3, but it doesn't seem to work when you plug it into the original equation to check it..
  58. Algebra

    Which of the following ordered pairs represents the solution to the system given below? 2x + y = 20 4x − 2y = 40 A. (10, 0)***** B. (0, 10) C.(4, 2) D. (10, −10) Check my work please!
  59. Math

    Help! I need the work and how to check it too! Victoria and Georgetown are 36.2 mi from each other. How far apart would the cities be on a map that has a scale of 0.9 in: 10.5 mi?
  60. trig

    if 10 students enter projects in the art show, how many different ways can they come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place? would you go 10^3 OR 10TIMES 3? This is not a trig question. Neither of those answers is correct. After making one of ten possible choices for
  61. Physics

    Will you check my work and help me with the last two problems please? A 4 kg ball has a momentum of 12 kg m/s. What is the ball's speed? -(12 kg/m/s) / 4kg=3m/s A ball is moving at 4 m/s and has a momentum of 48 kg m/s. What is the ball's mass? -(48kg/m/s)
  62. physics

    Will check my work and help me with the last two problems please? A 4 kg ball has a momentum of 12 kg m/s. What is the ball's speed? -(12 kg/m/s) / 4kg=3m/s A ball is moving at 4 m/s and has a momentum of 48 kg m/s. What is the ball's mass? -(48kg/m/s) /
  63. Check Please(Math)

    (-2x^2y)^3*(5xy^3)^2=(-2x^2y)^3 = -8 x^6 y^3 *Please check my work. What did you do with the (5xy^3)^2 part. The first part you did ok. But you can't just throw away part of the equation. I don't get that part.What do I do there.? (5xy^3)^2=25x^2y^6 You
  64. Trig please

    The height h in inches of pistons 1 and 2 in an automobile engine can be modeled by h1 = 3.75sin(733t) + 7.5 and h2 = 3.75sin[733(t+ 4π/3)] + 7.5 where t is measured in seconds. How often are these two pistons at the same height? Show work please.
  65. trig

    Write the expression and evaluate. There should only be one answer which should match the range of the inverse trig function. Sec^-1(-2) sec^-1(-sqrt2) Cos^-1((-sqrt3)/2) Tan^-1(-sqrt3) Could someone explain how to get the answer as well please.
  66. Algebra

    P dollars is invested at annual interest rate for 1 year. if the interest is compounded semiannually, then the polynomial p(1+r/2)^2 represents the value of the investment after 1 year. could you rewrite this expression without parentheses. Evaluate the
  67. LA check work

    Hello could you check my work on these two questions? Question one: How do you form the perfect tense of a verb? A. use the helping verb will and the base form of the verb B. use a form of the verb have and the present particle of the verb C. use a form of
  68. substitution method

    -x-4y=-14 2x=y+1 Let's look at your two equations. -x - 4y = -14 2x = y + 1 Let's solve the second equation for y: y = 2x - 1 Now let's substitute (2x - 1) for y in the first equation: -x - 4(2x - 1) = -14 -x - 8x + 4 = -14 -9x + 4 = -14 -9x = -18 x = 2
  69. physics

    Vector A has the magnitude of 12 m and is angled 60 degrees counterclockwise from the positive direction of the x axis of an xy plane. Also vector b = 12i + 8j on that same corrdinate system. We now rotate the system counterclockwise about the orgin by 20
  70. trig

    Write the expression and evaluate. There is only one answer whIch should match the range of the inverse trig function. Sec^-1(-2) Sec^-1(-sqrt2) Tan^-1(-sqrt3) Tan^-1(sqrt3)
  71. chem please help

    Which of the following is true about work? A. Work depends on time. B. Work helps retain the state of matter. C. The SI unit of work is the watt. D. Work can cause a change in the form of matter. I know it is not a or b so whats the answer
  72. Algebra

    I can't figure out this problem... 2x-2-(x-1) = 4-1+x-(-3x) solve for x Will you also show your work and check step Thanks, :)Juliet
  73. Calculus (check my work)

    Find the marginal revenue at x=10 using the equation R(x)=-x^2+80x Is the answer 60?
  74. precalculus

    find two sets of parametric equations for the given rectangular equation x+y^2=4 can you check my work? x=-y^2+4 y=-t^2 x=-t^2+4 x=-t^3 y=-t^3+4
  75. Algebra

    Could someone just double check my work sqrt280x^6/sqrt7x I got 2x^3 sqrt10\sqrtx Also 1/5(30y+40)+2/3(9y-27)=18 I got 7/3
  76. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work
  77. math exam tommrow review

    please check work. y=2x-85 plug in 130 for x and i got 175
  78. Basic Algebra

    I have to solve the following equation and check my work. Not sure how to do this if someone oculd help me out. The problem is (17b-5)-8(2b+4)=-6
  79. Algebra Help

    Please solve and check all proposed solutions. Show work for solving and checking: (x-2)/(x-1) + (2)/(x^2-1) = 0
  80. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work
  81. Please Check My Math Work

    a^2 - 2ab - 15b^2 This is what I got: (a-5b)(a+3b) Correct! x^4+2x^3-4x^2-5x-6 DIVIDED BY x^2+x-2 My answer: x^2+x-3 remainder of -12\x^2+x-2
  82. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 is one to one. find its inverse and check your answer. f^-1(x)=? please show work
  83. algebra

    Solve and check all proposed solutions. Show work for solving and for checking. x+1/x-1 - 2/x^2-x=0
  84. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) 5/(x-1) + 2/(x+1)=-6 Here's my work on it: 5/(x-1)+2/(x+1)=? 5/(-3/2-1)+2/(-3/2+1)=-6 Can you show how I would have found x in this situation and also if I went wrong anywhere.
  85. Trig(Last 6 questions to check. Thanks to EVERYONE

    Find the amplitude, if it exists, and the period of: y=cos3x. |a|=|1| amplitude = 1 period = 360/b period = 360/3 period = 120 degrees
  86. Math

    q + 13 = 120 __ 8 I'm going to assume your problem is this: (q/8) + 13 = 120 If so, start by subtracting 13 from both sides of the equation. Whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well. Next, multiply both
  87. English

    Could you please check my sentences? Thank you. 1) What organization does the interviewee work for? 2) Why do endangered species serve as umbrella species? What poses the most serious hazard for the North Atlantic whales? 3) Which is the most successful
  88. Grammar - Improving Tone

    Revise this paragraph to eliminate negative attitude and focus on postive ideas. "We are sorry to inform you that the Travel-Lite suitcase, Model X4457, you asked about is temporarily out of stock in our warehouse, just as Ms. Cummings of our Hilldale
  89. creative play

    While helping fourth-grade students with reading comprehension difficulties, a teacher tries to think of an approach that would support them in this important learning. What is one effective instructional strategy to use? A. Let the students complete
  90. Algebra-Please check my calculations

    Could you please check my answers and help with the ones I can't figure out- 1. Solution to the radical function sqrt(1/2x+1) = 1 is x = 0 True or False I think it is true according to my calculations 2.Solve x = sqrt(8x) 8x = x^2 x^2 - 8x = 0 x(x-8) = 0 x
  91. Trig

    How do i set this trig problem up? PLEASE help me. Find tan (s + t) given that sin s = 1/4, with s in quadrant 2, and sin t = -1/2, with t in quadrant 4.
  92. English

    I still have more sentences to check. I really hope you can revise them, too. 1) Revise all your sentences orally. 2) Bring the government down (and bring down the government) 3) He stopped to take on the students (to take the students on is possible?) 4)
  93. trig

    The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s= 2 sin pi t + 3 cos pi t, where t is measured in seconds. (a) Find the average velocity during each time period: (i)[1,2] (ii)
  94. Check My Answer Please

    Why were women fighting for suffrage? A:because they wanted to end abuse toward women B:because they wanted to win the right to vote**** C:because they wanted to gain the right to work D:because they wanted to end women's inequality Completely doing an
  95. trig

    let P be a point in Q1 such that the slope of the line connecting P to the origin is sq. root of 2 and the distance from P to the origin is 3 units. Find the coordinates of P, state all trig values for angle formed by the line and the positive x-axis, and
  96. trig

    I need to find all solutions of the given equations for the indicated interval. Round solutions to three decimal places if necessary. 1.) 3sin(x)+1=0, x within [0,2pi) 2.) 2sin(sq'd)(x)+cos(x)-1=0, x within R 3.) 4sin(sq'd)(x)-4sin(x)-1=0, x within R 4.)

    Hello, Please check my answers, with stars (*) are my answers! Please check if they are wrong please tell the right answer and why it is right (explain it) so I can understand why! Thanks! For questions 1-2, solve the inequality. 1.) x + 8 < -28 a~ x
  98. trig

    How do I prove these trig identities? secx-cosx/tanx =sinx And 1+sinx/cosx+ cox/ 1+sinx=2secx
  99. Algebra 2

    I am stuck on this problem that I have tried to solve so many times! The question is:The length of a rectangle is four more than twice the width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 32 cm, what are the length and width of the rectangle? Here is my work:
  100. trig

    use trig identities to rewrite: (1/(1-cos4v))-(1/(1+cos4v))