1. Chemistry

    What minimum frequency of light is required to ionize potassium?The energy required to ionize potassium is 419kJ/mol?

    A mercury atom drops from 8.82 eV to 6.67 eve. 1) What is the energy of the photon emitted by the mercury atom? 2) What is the frequency of the photon? 3)What is the wavelength?
  3. math

    I understand how to make a histogram but I have to make a cumulative frequency histogram. I'm not sure about how to change my current intervals. My current iuntervals are 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11 and 12-14.
  4. Bizzy - proofread

    Bizzy, I have taken this paragraph and rewritten it to let you see what I meant by being less wordy and better organized. My study of Human Development will be useful in working with children. The course,Human Development 307I Childhood through

    CHECK THESE MATH ANSWERS PLEASE 1. There are 18 boys and 12 girls in a math class.what is the ratio of girls to total students? A.18:30 B.12:30(I PICK THIS) C.30:12 D.30:18 2.which of the following ratios are equivalent to 6:9? Choose all that apply. A.3:2

    CHECK THESE MATH ANSWERS PLEASE 1. There are 18 boys and 12 girls in a math class.what is the ratio of girls to total students? A.18:30 B.12:30(I PICK THIS) C.30:12 D.30:18 2.which of the following ratios are equivalent to 6:9? Choose all that apply. A.3:2
  7. Helpp!!! physic...

    In the experiment Standing Waves,if you continue to lwer the water level after recording l(m) at the first sound resonance at fixed tuning fork frequency, you will hear the sound again but sound gets louder (second resonance). At this point, by what factor
  8. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) I'm angry/annoyed/upset(?)/ furious with him for arriving late. I'm angry/upset about his behavior in class. I'm fed up with his behavior. 2) I'm dissatisfied/satisfied with my exam result. 3) I'm
  9. English

    Thank you very much. I left out a last sentence on the same theme. 1) The portrait stands for the dark side of his personality, which he tries to forget by locking it in a room. The moral of the novel is that every excess must be punished and reality
  10. Language Arts

    A Surprising Point of View: A Television Play in Two Acts Characters: (in order of appearance) 1. JASON: a boy of about 14. He is a student in Ms. Smith’s English class. He regularly misbehaves in order to get attention, and he doesn’t apply himself to
  11. Statistics - M/C

    14. The marks on a statistics test are normally distributed with a mean of 62 and a variance of 225. If the instructor wishes to assign B’s or higher to the top 30% of the students in the class, what mark is required to get a B or higher? a. 68.7 b. 71.5
  12. English

    1. There are works of art on the buletinboard at the back. 2. There are five works of art on the bulletinboard in the back. 3. There are many tables and chairs in the English classroom. 4. There is a computer in English Classroom 1. 5. There are two
  13. Math

    A student is in a 20 week calc class. The function f(t)=50-50e^0.2t f(t) measures the students problem speed in t weeks -how many problems per hour can a student solve at the beginning of the course - how many problems per hour can a student solve halfway
  14. Causal Argument Paper

    Hello, I am needing help formulating a question for my English class. We are needing to write an ethical/causal argument. I want to relate it to either animal testing or animal hunting. Is this a decent one? "Is it ethical to continue animal
  15. 7th grade Math quick help Ms. Sue

    Can you check to see if tese are right? 1. What is 0.68 written as a simplified fraction? 68/100 17/25 100/68 34/25 2. Mrs. Whimsey’s class is having a pizza party. If there are 16 students and 4 pizzas cut into 8 slices, what answer choice represents
  16. World History

    1. Which of the following introduces the views of Locke’s thoughts? “Government should leave business alone…” “The royal power is absolute and the prince need render…” “Men are born free and remain free and equal…”
  17. enhancing children's self esteem

    5. Of the following who is the most important influence on childrens referent thought? a. Friends b. Teachers c. Themselves d. Family 6. Most often during adolescense, a child is least likely to approach which of the following for support of his or her
  18. math

    Simply: (a) Four multiply by square root of seven open bracket two multiply by the square root of three plus three multiply by the square root of six minus the square root of seven close bracket. (b) open bracket three multiply by the square root of seven
  19. pre-calculus

    $100,000 is divided into two investments with annual returns of 4% and 7.5%. find the amount invested at the lower rate if the total income at the end of the year is $5050?
  20. pre-calculus

    $100,000 is divided into two investments with annual returns of 4% and 7.5%. find the amount invested at the lower rate if the total income at the end of the year is $5050?
  21. World History

    I am a freshman in a very intense AP World History Class. Anyways, our teacher rescheduled an essay to tomorrow instead of Monday, and we had 2 days to study for it, today included. There could be three possible topics, and two weren't clearly defined and
  22. Physics

    While blowing its horn of f=524 Hz a car accelerates at 0.8m/s^2 the car starts from rest by your side and moves away. Find the time it taked for the frequency you hear to decrease by 5%. Hint: Don't forget to include the time it takes for sound to reach
  23. differential equations

    Search: A 8 kg mass is attached to a spring hanging from the ceiling and allowed to come to rest. assume that the spring constant is 40 n/ m and a damping constant is 3 N/m. At t=0 and external force of 2 sin(2t+PI/4)N is applied to the system. determine
  24. business math 205

    Calculate the future ANNUITIES DUE. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Annunity Payment:($3,000)Payment Frequency: Every (6) months Time Period Yrs: (5) Nominal Rate%: (10)Interest Compounded: Semiannually Future Value Of The Aunnuity Is What?
  25. Physics

    Please Help I have no idea how to approach this problem In a "Rotor-ride" at a carnival, people rotate in a vertical cylindrically walled "room." If the room radius was 5.7m , and the rotation frequency 0.35 revolutions per second when the floor drops out,
  26. Science

    5. The pitch of the siren of a moving fire truck changes from high to low as the fire truck passes by. What property of a sound wave changes as the fire truck goes by? (1 point) A.amplitude B.density C.temperature D. frequency***
  27. math

    Alyssa is enrolled in a public-speaking class. Each week she is required to give a speech of greater length than the speech she gave the week before. The table below show the length of several of her speeches: WK #/Length of Speech (seconds) 3/150, 4/180,
  28. maths sets

    All the people in a class of 35 play at least one of the games volleball,netball and hockey.10 play volleball only,5 play netball only and 3 play hockey only.if 2 play many of all 3 gamez and the equal number play 2 games.how many altogether play volleball
  29. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me I'm not sure of. Thank you very much. 1) My sister and I are high school students.I want to play in a football team but my parents don't want me to. 2) I don't study French at my school. I'm of white skin (or
  30. math

    in a class there are 35 students.25 of the students can play basketball ,and 15 of the students can play football .5 of the students cannot play either of these.how many students can play both?
  31. college application short response

    I wish you could help me the short answer of my college application essay. Many thanks Question: Please briefly elaborate on one of your activities. I was elected as the President of the class of 2007 in high school. My job of being a President was to
  32. Chemistry

    Green Light has a frequency of about 6.00 * 10^14 s^-1. What is the energy of the green light?
  33. Math

    Dedi has a rectangular pool in his backyard. The surface area of the pool in 30m^2 and the width is 5m. There are 4 lights, equally spaced along each of the longer sides of the pool, including a light at each corner. What is the shortest distance between
  34. A class has the same number of girls and boys only

    Aclass has the same number of girls and boys only eight boys were absent on aparticular day and the number of girls was doublethe number of boys what is the number of boysand girls ?
  35. RES 341

    A sample of 300 is taken and the sample mean is computed to be 7.65 and the sample standard deviation is 5. Assume the data is ratio level. Compute the 95% confidence interval on the mean. Compute the 3.9% confidence interval on the mean Which confidence
  36. chemistry

    A light photon with a frequency of at least 0.0906 x 10^16 Hz is required to split apart hydrogen bromide according to the equation: HBr(g) --> H(g) + Br(g) Calculate the energy (kJ) required to break apart a mole of hydrogen bromide. Express answer in
  37. Physics

    3.A certain radar installation tracks airplanes by transmitting electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 3 cm. a) Show that the frequency of this radiation is 10 GHz. b) Show that the time required for a pulse of radar waves to reach an airplane 5 km away

  39. science

    Plane sound wave of frequency 500 Hz fall normally on a smooth wall.At what distance from the wall will the air particles have maximum and minimum amplitude of vibration and the velocity of sound in air may be taken as 340 meter per second.
  40. physics(waves)

    A wave has a speed of 340m/s and a period of 0.28ms. what's the wavelength? so I worked this and I got 95.2m but the answer to d question says 0.095m. period(T) = 1/F (since F = 1/T) therefore, F = 1/0.28 = 3.5714 wavelength = velocity/frequency w =
  41. Physics

    A patio swing is suspended by two springs, each of which has a force constant of 415 N/m, equivalent to a single spring force constant of 830 N/m. Find the mass of a person sitting on the swing oscillating up and down at a frequency of 0.590 Hz. Please
  42. chemistry

    A photon interacts with a ground state electron in a hydrogen atom and is absorbed. The electron is ejected from the atom and exhibits a de Broglie wavelength of 1.828×10−10 m. Determine the frequency (in hz) of the interacting photon.
  43. circuits

    For the transfer function Tv(s)=[10(s+5)(s+20)]/[(s+1)(s+100)] is this a low-pass, high-pass, bandpass or bandstop function? estimate the corner frequency(ies) estimate the passband gain what is the output if v1(t)=10cos(1000t+45deg) V??

    This question has two parts: First: A typical steel B-string in a guitar resonates at its fundamental frequency at 240 Hertz. The length of the string is 0.640 m. What is the wave velocity along the string?. Second: Find the wavelength of the third
  45. chemistry

    A photon interacts with a ground state electron in a hydrogen atom and is absorbed. The electron is ejected from the atom and exhibits a de Broglie wavelength of 1.828×10−10 m. Determine the frequency (in hz) of the interacting photon.
  46. College Algebra

    According to data from the National Vital Statistics Report, the marriage rate (marriages per 1000) can be described by y=-0.146x+11.074, where x is the number of years after 1980. For what years does this model indicate that the marriage rate was above 9
  47. MATLAB

    Consider the following approximation: f′(x) ≈ Af(x − 2h) + B f(x − h) + C f(x) + D f(x + h) + E f(x + 2h). 1) Determine the values of the constants A, B, C, D, and E so that the approximation is as accurate as possible. What is the order of the
  48. Math

    What property is shown? 9.5 + 6.1 + 2.3 = 9.5 + 2.3 + 6.1 5.1(7.4 - 3.1) = 5.1(7.4) - 5.1(3.1) Round to the nearest tenth 1.58 (divided by) 1.1 Change each measurement to the given unit 5.17 kL = _ km 2km 7 m = _ km Find each product mentally using the
  49. physics

    a series RLC circuit has a peak current of 1 A with a frequency of 54 kHz. if the resistance of the circuit is 51 kHz, the capacitance of the circuit is 19 uF and the inductance of the circuit is 25 uF, determine the average power of the circuit.
  50. World History

    Were currently studying the early middle ages in western europe. I have been assigned a huge ammount of homework and need some help on two questoins. Why would a lord grant an estate to a vassal? Describe the Franks? Neither was mentioned in class or the
  51. Some Chemistry Questions

    I got three questions. If you were making a tool used to handle live electrical wires, which class of materials would you most likely use? ***Semimetals Metalloids Nonmetals Metals Which of the following changes gives no evidence that a chemical reaction
  52. maths( sets )

    in the class of 30 leaners 17 plays football 15 leaners plays volleyball, 12 leaners rugby 9 leaners plays volleyball only and 3 leaners plays rugby only.all leaners plays atleast one of three sports.use the venn diagram to find the number of leaners who
  53. English

    1. Why don't we take a tennis? - Sounds good. 2. Why don't we take a tennis lesson? - Sounds good. 3. Why don't we take a tennis class? - Sounds good. (Which dialogue is grammatical and common? Thank you.)
  54. Physics

    A carbon dioxide laser is an infrared laser. A CO2 laser with a cavity length of 48.4 cm oscillates in the m=100,000.0 mode. 1. What is the wavelength of the laser beam? 2. What is the frequency of the laser beam?
  55. Physics !:(

    A carbon dioxide laser is an infrared laser. A CO laser with a cavity length of 48.6cm oscillates in the m=100,000.0 mode. What is the wavelength of the laser beam? b). What is the frequency of the laser beam?
  56. AP Physics

    So my question is about projectile motion. We just learned in class about the equation for finding the range: R=v^2sin(2theta)/g I understand that and I think I see where it comes from. My question is, if someone were to collect data on the projectile
  57. English

    Describe a memorable teacher who had a significant positive effect on you. There hasn't really been any teacher in high school like that. But, in elementary school I had quite a few. Once it was in grade one, I had to go to the hospital for a couple of
  58. Stats Class

    Passengers using New York's MetroCard system must swipe the card at a rate between 10 and 40 inches per second, or else the card must be re-swiped through the card reader. Research shows that actual swipe rate by subway riders are uniformly distributed
  59. algebra

    In a class there is 40 pupils.26 pupils plays volley ball and 20 pupils play foot ball and 17 pupils play both of game.how many pupils does not play game?
  60. Math help please *calculus*

    ok im having a bit of a problem rationalizing denominators. i have 2 to the root of 3 +4 divided by the root of 3. I have tried multiplying the top and bottom by the root of 3 and the answer, but then i get stuck at this part. Do i multiply 4 by 4 and make
  61. math

    John was in charge of buying milk for a class of 32 students. Milk is sold in half-gallon cartons and gallon cartons at the market. The half gallon costs 1.46 and the gallon costs 2.39. John bought all 21 cartons of milk the store had and paid 41.82. How
  62. American Government

    Describe the problems that surfaced under the Articles of Confederation (8-10 problems we discussed in class) soon after the Revolutionary War. Use these problems and give a brief overview of Article I, II, III, IV, V, VI and the Bill of Rights of the U.S.
  63. English

    Could you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1) I find it difficult to translate the following description into English since I don't know how old the students are in their fifth or sixth class. How old are
  64. History

    Earlier Yesterday. I was talking to Bobpursely,Writeacher,Ms. Sue and more i think. We were talking about my essay what was the impact of the Industrial Revolution. One of you told me to write an outline. Well this is a start. Can you tell me if it is
  65. Biology

    Please help me answer this question for my ecology class. Consider the following three populations. Population A has a type-1 survivorship curve, population B has a type-2 survivorship curve, and population C has a type-3 survivorship curve. All else being
  66. American Lit project help (Literature needed)

    So for my amer lit class I am doing a project on American foods in the 1950s and I need a piece of literature to write my essay on. It has to be a short peice not a novel. I really wanted for my literature to be a magazine from the 1950s. Like better homes
  67. English

    Your are future seeds. What is your future hope? Jihyeon's future hope is to become an announcer. Write down what she had to do the achieve her dream. 1. I will try to read a book every day. 2. I will try to drink orange juice from time to time. 3. I will
  68. math

    Alexandra has 18 yo-yos.She spent $9.00 to buy them all.She wrote the equation 18 divided by 9 = y to find how many yo-yos she got for each dollar she spent.Sven has 9 yo-yos.He spent $18.00 to buy them all.He wrote the equation 18 divided by 9 = y.What
  69. Math

    Alexandra has 18 yo-yos. She spent $9.00 to buy them all. She wrote the equation 18 divided 9 = y to find how many yo-yos she got for each dollar she spent. Sven has 9 yo-yos. He spent $18.00 to buy them all. He wrote the equation 18 divided 9 = y . What
  70. statistics

    For classes of 273 students, find the mean and standard deviation for the number born on the 4th of July, Ignore leap years. For a class or 273 students, would two be an unusually high number who were born on the 4th of July? I don't know how to find how
  71. english(4th grade)

    Identify the infinitive and classify whether it is used as a subject, direct object, predicate noun, appositive, and object preposition.  1.Her only thought was to win.  2.My desire is to help.  3.Mrs. Cao loves to crochet.  4.They remember to say the
  72. Physics

    Two trains with 112-Hz horns approach one another. The slower of the two trains has a speed of 26 m/s. What is the speed of the faster train if an observer standing near the tracks between the trains hears a beat frequency of 4.7 Hz? (Express your answer
  73. science 202

    I take a violin and make an exact copy of it, except that it is bigger. The strings are identical except for the length; they have the same material and the same tension. If the new violin is 2.30 times the size of the original, at what frequency would the
  74. Statistics

    I'm stumped on this question. A teacher informs her history class that a test is very difficult, but the grades would be curved. Scores for the test are normally distributed with a mean of 25 and a standard deviation of 5. If the grades are curved
  75. physic

    A long jumper's take-off velocity is 10 m/s at an angle of 20o to the horizontal. His centre of gravity is 1 m above the ground at take-off and is 0.5 m above the ground at landing. a)How far does he displace his centre of gravity horizontally between
  76. Math

    The names of the students in Mr. Hayes' math class are written on the board. Mr. Hayes writes each name on an index card and shuffles the cards. Each day he randomly draws a card and the chosen student explains a math problem at the board. What is the

    A long, straight wire of length 2L on the y-axis carries a current I. According to the Biot-Savart Law, the magnitude of the magnetic field due to the current at a point (a,0) is given by B(a)= (mu sub 0 multiply by I) divided by 4pi times the integral
  78. Science Environmental

    Using the 4 principles of sustainability Reliance on Solar Energy, Nutrient recycling, Biodiversity, and Population control. How would you classigy the following? • Recycling soda cans • Using a rake instead of a leaf blower • Choosing to have no
  79. math

    a rectangular pen is divided into 6 rectangular strips by fences running parallel to the width of the pen. if 420m of fencing are available, determine the dimensions that give the maximum area possible.
  80. Science ?

    I was making some instant coffee and it had clumped up...I was heating up some water to go and make coffee... Then I just looked in the container and started to shake the container with the lid off a bit..that is when I knoticed the larger clumps of
  81. Social studies 8th grade

    What was described as the "hardest work" slaves did? A) work in the rice fields B) we're going to tobacco fields ** C) working the lumber business D) Work loading and unloading ships in port 2. Which of the following best describes the social class of the
  82. English

    Choose one significant, current issue, and specifically connect that issue to Oedipus the King. You will need to consider the following: 1)Take the political structure that we observe in Oedipus The King. Discuss how the socio-political heirarchy observed
  83. Physics

    My class is making sailboats out of styrofoam. Basically we are given a block of styrofoam, some plastic bags/wooden dowels for the sails, and a little piece of metal for the keel that is either extremely light or a little heavier, whichever we want. When
  84. sound

    In a stringed musical instrument, the sound frequency of a particular string can be increased by A. lengthening the string. B. tightening the string. C. increasing the string's thickness. D. loosening the string.
  85. Science/ Biology/ patho

    3. A 32-year-old man comes to his physician complaining of frequency, dysuria, and urgency for several days, as well as pain in the perineal region. The digital rectal examination is extremely painful. He most likely has A. A primary chancre of syphilis in
  86. algebra

    Julie and two friends babysat for 5 hours yesterday. They divided their total earnings equally. Julie spent $8 from her part of the money and had $11 left. What was the total amount the three friends earned?
  87. Question

    If I join these clubs in high school will I make it to Ivy League Schools Computer Club Any student interested in computers will learn skills such as creating web designs and building PCs. Students will also have the opportunity to learn advanced
  88. algebra math

    (QUEESTION 1) In view of the soccer fever, the PE department bought x identical soccer balls for $450.If the price of each ball was reduced by $3, they would have bought 5 more balls. (a) write down the price of each ball (b) write down the price of each
  89. statistics definition

    i have to find definitions and describe 208 words in my statistics class and for one of them it says: describe the deviation from a pattern of a graph. i don't actually get what it's asking me. i don't think it's pattern becuase i already have the
  90. college

    A thirteen-year-old girl, who is underdeveloped and thin, has a blood disorder. She frequently experiences chest and abdominal pain, fever, and coughing, and has trouble breathing. Her teachers often spend additional time with her, explaining concepts that
  91. Chemistry

    A thirteen-year-old girl, who is underdeveloped and thin, has a blood disorder. She frequently experiences chest and abdominal pain, fever, and coughing, and has trouble breathing. Her teachers often spend additional time with her, explaining concepts that
  92. poetry

    I need to recite this poem in front of the class and i have to add at least three more lines to it. does anyone have any suggestions? Math is the thick red book, Sitting there, waiting for you to open it, Just waiting for your sigh. Math is working two
  93. Psy class

    The text states that the most significant contribution positive psychology makes to the scientific study of well-being is the assessment of specific strengths. The text summarizes positive psychology as being aware that humans are both creatures and
  94. Math

    What does it mean 2x is divisible by 6? that 2x can be divided by 6. so 6 / 2x
  95. Algebra

    please help - -7 divided by 14/3 I think the answer is -3/2??
  96. Hileyville Hight

    37.8 divided by 10 3
  97. pemdas

    what is 2 divided by 6 + (1/2) to the power of 2 + 1
  98. math

  99. Math

    what is 837 divided by f=31?
  100. 6th grade

    what is 3/10 divided by 13/14