1. calculus

    let f(x) = Sec (x) in the interval 0<x<pie/3. What is the average rate of change of f(x) with respect to x in this interval?
  2. Geography

    Compare and contrast the societies, governments, and economies of both North and South Korea. This is what I got: Since 1945, the Korean Peninsula has been divided into two countries: North and South Korea. North Korea, which is also known as The
  3. Pre-Calculus

    A gardener has 72' of edging. She wants to use it to enclose a 125 square foot rectangular area; she does not have to use up all of the edging. What are the possible lengths that a side of the rectangle can have? Answer using interval notation. Hint: If
  4. Pre Calculas

    A GARDENER HAS 60' of edging. She wants to use it to enclose a 120 square foot rectangular area. She does not have to use up all of the edging. what are the possible lengths that a side of the rectangle can have? Answer using interval notation. Hint: if
  5. math

    The lenght and the width of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2. If the lenght is increased by 20 and the width is decreased by 5, the ratio of the lenght to the width becomes 2:1. Find the lenght and width of this rectangle.
  6. My First Quarter Grades (PLEASE READ!!!!)

    What is my grades for the first quarter? I didn't get my report card because my parents didn't go to the parents teacher conference so yeah but today my guides counselor show it to me (my grades for the first quarter) they didn't calculated my average.
  7. Accouting

    I need to prepare a multi-step income statement for Coyote, Inc from a single-step statement. Thuis is the following information that I was given. Net sales $1,833,000 Interest Income 13,000 __________ 1,846,000 Costs and expenses Cost of goods sold
  8. statistics

    When a (1 - )100% confidence interval is formed for , what is the probability that the interval will not contain within its limits?
  9. Algebra Two

    Use Interval Notation to define each interval: All real numbers at least 5 units from 8.
  10. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=4x3+2x2+5, and let c be a number in the interval [01]. For what values of k is there a c in this interval such that f(c)=k?
  11. Statistics

    If a 90%, 95% and 99% confidence interval are found for a population mean, how are the three interval estimates related to each other?
  12. Calculus AB

    Is there a connection or correlation between an increasing interval and a concave up interval? Explain?
  13. Calculus 2

    find the arc length of the graph of the function over the indicated interval. x^5/10+1/(6x^3) on the interval (3,6)
  14. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=3x3+4x2+11, and let c be a number in the interval [01]. For what values of k is there a c in this interval such that f(c)=k?
  15. trigonometry

    y = 4sin(x-90)+3 Calculate interval of increase, interval of decrease, intercepts
  16. math 127

    In 2008 ACT,Inc reported that 74% of 1500 randomly selected college freshman rerurned to college the next year. Estimate the national freshman to sophomore retention rate. a) Verify below the two condition are met for constructing a confidence interval for
  17. physics

    A canoe has a velocity of 0.39 southeast relative to the earth. The canoe is on a river that is flowing 0.59 east relative to the earth. Find the magnitude of the velocity of the canoe relative to the river. Find the direction of the velocity of the canoe
  18. Physics

    1.The mass of a string is , and it is stretched so that the tension in it is 180 N. A transverse wave traveling on this string has a frequency of 260 Hz and a wavelength of 0.60 m. What is the length of the string? 2.A rocket engine emits of sound energy
  19. math

    the length of a rectangle is 5 ft more than twice the width. a)if x represents the width of the rctangle, represent the perimeter of the rectangle in terms of x. b) if the perimeter if the rectangle is 2 ft more than eight times the width of the rectangle,
  20. World History

    Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages? A The first medieval merchants were higher in the social hierarchy, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were members of the lower social class. B The
  21. Spanish

    An elementary bilingual teacher asks you to come to her class to talk to her students about how you used to celebrate the holidays with your family. First you want your Spanish teacher to hear what you plan to say. Be sure to include where you used to
  22. Enhancing childrens self-esteem

    6. Most often, who is the most important influence on childrens self-referent thought? a. Friends b. Teachers c. Themselves d. Family 6. Most often during adolescense, a child is least likely to approach which of the following for support of his or her
  23. 5th grade

    when crating an interval for a requncy table-hoe do you determine the interval number-
  24. calculus

    Find the average rate of change of the function f(x) = 2x4 + 3x2 ¡ x + 2: (a) on the interval [0; 3] and (b) on the interval [¡2; 0]
  25. Calculus

    A)Find the critical points off on the given interval. B)Determine the absolute extreme values of f on the given interval. F(x)=xe^-x/2 on (0,5)
  26. Venn Diagram

    In a class of 40 student,the number of student who study french is 10 more than the number of student who study history.if 8 student study both french and history,how many student study (1)history (2) french
  27. Math

    1.2 (1+ 23.0 x 10-6/°C*50) Could someone solve this problem for me and tell me how did you get the answer? I've tried to solve this problem in so many ways, but can't get the right answer. My multiple choices are A.0.001386 meters, B.0.00180 meters,
  28. Econ stats

    Sidney Crosby’s score statistics for the regular 2007 championship season were used to construct the following table: Experimental Outcome (x), Number of Occurrences during the 2007 Season (0, 358) (1, 175) (2 28) (3 3) (4 10) a. Use the relative
  29. physics

    Use the diagram below. Click to view larger size. Taking right to be positive, the speaker is moving at a velocity of 27 \frac{m}{s} while emitting a sound of frequency 1094 Hz. If the temperature of the air is ^oF, what will be the frequency that you
  30. accounting and finance

    4. Dividends Per Share Scan Tech Inc., a developer of radiology equipment, has stock outstanding as follows: 24,000 shares of 2%preferred stock of $75 par, and 100,000 shares of $8 par common. During its first four years of operations, the following
  31. Physics

    This is a question related to work. Today we had a pop quiz in my physics class and I am just trying to check my work here :D 1) if there is a 5 kg block on a horizontal table connected with string to a 3 kg block hanging off the side of the table through
  32. Algebra 2

    The width of a rectangular box is twice the height. Twice the length of the box exceeds the sum of the width and the height by 5in. Given that the sum of the length, width, and height is 16in, find the length, width, and height. I got, w=2h 2L=w+h+5
  33. English

    Thank you very much. Could you please check these sentences,too? 1.My hobbies are doing athletics, playing the drums and going to the scouts (??) 2.I like going to pizza restaurants with my friends.I live in a quiet big flat. In my family there are four
  34. Algebra 2 Honors

    Hey, we recently started a topic in class that I don't understand well, I just want to post 6 of the problems and ask if they're right or not (some of them I have no idea how to do). 1. If a varies directly as b and b = 18 when a = 27, find a when b = 10.
  35. Solve Inequality

    Solve the inequality. Express your solution using interval notation and please show all of your work. x(x + 6)(8 – x) >= 0 I need help, I guess I'm not understanding the interval notation portion. I know, that when 0 <= x <= 8 and x <= -6
  36. social studies

    what are the qualities of a good socialstudies? HOW ARE The textbook used by the teacher? Opinions vary. And it depends on the course, and the age of the students, and the IQ level of the students (AP, regular, or less). My own use of texts has a history
  37. Pre-Calculus

    A gardener has 100' of edging. She wants to use it to enclose a 130 square foot rectangular area; she does not have to use up all of the edging. What are the possible lengths that a side of the rectangle can have? Answer using interval notation. Hint: If
  38. algrebra 1

    simplify the square root of ( 18x^2 divided by 50) thank you I tried doing like 9x2x^2 divided by 25 x2...then i got stuck thank you so much...my mom and dad can't help me with this kind of stuff
  39. Math

    Can someone help me find the technique or techniques used in this problem? 146 divided by 68. I thought that 14 and 7 are easy to divide, so I used 140 divided by 70, which is 2. The quotient is about 2.
  40. MATH 7th GRADE

    Would someone please be kind enough to check the answers for these problems?Last round for tonight. Thank you. 1. 3/16 - 1/8 = 1/16 2. 151/4 -11 5/8 = 3 5/8 3. 2 x 3/7 = 6/7 4. 1/2 x 7/8 = 7/16 5. 1 3/8 2 1/2 = 3/7/16 6. 1/2 divided by 2/3 = 3/4 7. 8 1/4
  41. 5th grade math

    Form a equivalent problem for 4 1/2 divided by 1/2 by doubling both the dividend and divisor. Then find the quiotent. Would that be 9 divided by 1 =9
  42. Geophysics

    A continuous signal is sampled at regular intervals, every 10 ms. What is the maximum frequency that can be captured by this sampling process without incurring any distortion of the original signal? If the original signal contains noise at a frequency of
  43. Math

    #1 Mr. Jones got a loan for a sum of money, and at the time of repayment he owed $75 in interest. Mr. Brown borrowed three times the amount of money Mr. Jones had borrowed at the same rate of interest for twice as long a time. How much interest does Mr.
  44. English

    1. which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? A. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slowly writer. B. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slow writer. C. The student
  45. math

    describe a situation in which you might use each calculation a)9/8 divided by 2/3 b)1 and 2/3 divided by 2 and 2/3
  46. Algebra 1

    How would you solve 5a^2 + 21a/2a^2 + 6a divided by a + 4/4a^2 divided by 5a^3 + 11a^2 + 2a/a + 3?
  47. Math

    When you have the following problems 2 divided by 1/4 and 1/7 divided by 3 my question on this is the following: The first example would you do 2/1 x 1/4 or would you do 1/2 x 1/4 The second example would you 1/7 x 3/1 or 1/7 x 1/3? Please explain?
  48. math

    when 7x^4-49x^3+7x^2 is divided by 7x^2, the quotient is when I divided I got x^2-7x+1 Is this correct?
  49. Fractions/Math

    7/8 divided by into 3 1/2 please help I got 0.014 is this correct and 2 1/4 divided by 1 1/7
  50. Math

    Solve this linear equation, y-x divided by 2=5 x-y divided by 5=13
  51. Math

    When f(x)is divided by x-1 and x+2,the remainders are 4 and -2 respectively . Hence find the remainder when f(x)is divided by x^2+x-2 .
  52. math

    estimate the value of a)4312 divided by 6 and b) 7134 divided by 82
  53. math

    b divided 6= 36 b=? I assume you mean "divided by". b/6 = 36. Multiply both sides by 6. 6*(b/6) = 36*6 b =??
  54. math

    lennifer can you help... -20 divided by (10)= p.s. i don't have a divided by sign.
  55. math

    What number divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 has a raminder of 1, but when divided by 7 has no remainder?
  56. Mathematics

    order of operation 16 divided by 4 . 2= I just did 16 divided by 4 which is 4 then multiply it by 2 which is 8 Am I right
  57. math

    how do I solve the equation (y+6) divided by 3- (y-3) divided by2=2
  58. Lisa

    2/3 to the second power divided by 4/5 divided by 1/3. Can you help me solve this? Thank you! (2/3)^2/(1/3)^1= (2/3)^2 * 3^1 = 2^2 * 3/9= 4/3 check that.
  59. math

    estimate by rounding the fractions a. 7 8/9* 5 1/13 b. 34 9/10 divided by 4 9/10 c. 14 19/39 divided by 19/39
  60. 7th grade math

    Simplify: (10+4)divided by 2+32 divided by 2 to the third. A) 4/7/8 B) 6/1/2 C) 11 D) 12/1/3
  61. math

    20 divided 2 minus 24 divided by 3 equals ? No parenthesis
  62. Math

    How could knowing that 35 divided by 7 equals 5 help me find 42 divided by 7?
  63. science

    a boat heading due north crosses a wide river with speed of 12km/h relative to the water the water in the river has a uniform speed of 5 km/h due east relative to the earth.determine the velocity of the boat relative to an observer standing on either bank
  64. Finance

    I have a number of questions for a finance assignment that is meant as a review for our final. However my final is being written earlier than the rest of the class so the answers aren't up yet. I was hoping someone could answer two or three of the
  65. Physics

    A horizontal spring is lying on a frictionless surface. One end of the spring is attaches to a wall while the other end is connected to a movable object. The spring and object are compressed by 0.076 m, released from rest, and subsequently oscillate back
  66. Physics

    A horizontal spring is lying on a frictionless surface. One end of the spring is attaches to a wall while the other end is connected to a movable object. The spring and object are compressed by 0.074 m, released from rest, and subsequently oscillate back
  67. Emily.

    Find the interval(s) where this function is increase and the interval(s) where it is decreasing: g(x)=e^(-x) Any work shown would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  68. Calus calculus

    a. Find the critical points of f on the given interval. b. Determine the absolute extreme values off on the given interval f(x)= x In(x/5); (0.1,5)
  69. Calculus IVT

    The function f is continuous on the closed interval [0,6] and has values that are given in the table above. The equation f(x)=3 must have at least two solutions in the interval [0,6] if k= ? A. 0 B. -1 C. 1 D. 2 E. 3
  70. calculus

    Suppose f'(x) = xe^-x^2. a) On what interval is f increasing? On what interval is f decreasing? b) Does f have a maximum value? Minimum value? So should I assume that f'(x) > 0 since e has to be a positive number?
  71. calculus

    Find an interval of length 0.1 in [1, 2] containing a root of the equation. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) x7 + 7x − 10 = 0
  72. Calc

    Show that f is strictly monotonic on the given interval and therefore has an inverse function on that interval. f(x) = abs. val. (x + 2), [-2, infinity)
  73. Precalculus

    Give an example of an increasing function whose domain is the interval [0,1]but whose range does not equal the interval[f(0),f(1)] please show me the work
  74. Statistics

    It costs you $10 to draw a sample of size n=1 and measure the attribute of interest. You have a budget of $1,200. a. Do you have sufficient funds to estimate the population mean for the attribute of interest with a 95% confidence interval 4 units in width?
  75. Poetry

    Please check this. "Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune--without the words, And never stops at all, "And sweetest in the gale is heard; And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many
  76. Calculus I

    Where on the interval [0,pi/4] is the function f(x)=(7x+3)/(cos(4x)) continuous? Using interval notation
  77. college algebra

    Can anyone please help me with this? for the function f(x) =1/x....f(x)is increasing on the interval(s) and f(x) is decreasing on the interval(s)???
  78. math

    write the set {x/ x< - 5 in interval notation what is the correct interval
  79. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) Which authors, among the ones you studied this year, was born in Ireland? Can you make a distinction between the Wildean dandy and the bohemian? How does the Wildean dandy distinguish himself from
  80. Creative Writing

    Good titles that have something relates to super powers. You see I had this dream about me and my friends had super powers. I had the power of water, friend had the power of love and spring, other had the power of fire and other had the power of sun. This
  81. math

    In a class of 80 students,53 study Art,60 study biology,36 study art and biology,34 study art and chemistry,6 study biology and 18 study biology but not chemistry.Determine the number of students who study =Art only =Chemistry only
  82. math

    The width of a rectangular prism is w centimeters. The height is 2 centimers less than the width. The length is 4 centimeters more than the width. If the volume of the prism is 8 times the measure of the length, find the dimensioon of the prism.
  83. English

    I need to find a good site containing colloquial expressions used in everyday conversations (example, at the phone, at meals etc). I'd also like you to check these sentences, please. 1) Can you use the word “class party” where(to which?) you invite all
  84. Statistics

    A simple random sample of 50 female 14-year-olds is selected. The sample mean height of the girls is found to be 62 inches. Assume the height of 14-year-old girls is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 5 inches. 1. Based on these data, a 95%
  85. Physics

    we are doing a really dumb websearch in my Physics class on roller coasters and I really need help with like 5 problems! For the websearch I need to cite it so if you could provide any answers I also need the website! thanks in advance!!! Q's 8. If you
  86. math

    A manufacturing company needs to construct a rectangular container that meets some customer constraints. The volume must be 242 cubic centimeters. Length must be 3 centimeters longer than the width and the height must be one-seventh the width. What should
  87. Cross-Cultural Art Project

    http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&q=Jhonen+Vasquez Have fun. =) Hi everyone, My art class is studying artwork from around the world, and as part of our midterm projects we have to research a particular artist who represents one of the cultures
  88. Math (combination/permutation)

    Question 1: There are 12 students in a class. Find the number of ways that 12 studenets can take 3 different tests if 4 students are to take each test. Question 2 Find the number of ways 12 students can be partitioned into 3 teams A, B, C, so that each
  89. Pre-Calculus

    f(x) = cos(x) on the interval [−2π, 2π] (a) Find the x-intercepts of the graph of y = f(x). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) (b) Find the y-intercepts of the graph of y = f(x). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)
  90. Math

    The planning committee for the upcoming school play “Miss-terious” at LMSA asked the mathematics classes to give them some estimates about income that could be expected at different ticket price levels. The class did some market research to see what
  91. physics

    The siren on an ambulance is emitting a sound whose frequency is 2421 Hz. The speed of sound is 343 m/s. (a) If the ambulance is stationary and you (the "observer") are sitting in a parked car, what are the wavelength and the frequency of the sound you

    i AM REPLYING BACK TO EVERYONE AND TO THE QUESTION OF ANOTHER FELLOW STUDENT ABOUT THIS WEBSITE. THE FOLLOWING: Let me just say WOW.To everyone and all us students are extra lucky to actually have help from each and everyone of you than not knowing what to
  93. Physics

    The frequency of the wave can be changed by changing the frequency at which the waves are generated. True or false My work I think the answer is false
  94. Science

    A constrained string with a length of 8.5 meters is vibrating at its fundamental frequency of 113.1 Hz. What is the frequency of the 7th harmonic on this string?
  95. Physics

    A mass m at the end of a spring vibrates with a frequency of 0.936 Hz. When an additional 558 g mass is added to m, the frequency is 0.634 Hz. What is the value of m?

    Mrs. Browns class is studdying how the path of the suns crossing the sky changes during the day.Each hour a pair of student goes outside to a square Mrs. Brown painted on the ground or sidewalk.One student stands a ruler upright in the center of a painted
  97. Global Issues (ms.sue)

    It is a known fact that all though there are some countries in the world that are abundant in wealth and possessions, there are also other countries at different parts of the world which are developing countries and are deprived of most of the goods that
  98. physics

    Topic: Relative Velocity Question: The escalator that leads down into a subway station has a length of 30.0 m and a speed of 1.8 m/s relative to the ground. A student is coming out of the station by running in the wrong direction on this escalator. The
  99. physics please help!!

    1. A 26.0-Ω resistor, a 12.0-µF capacitor, and a 17.0-mH inductor are connected in series with a 150-V generator. (a) At what frequency is the current a maximum? 2.A series circuit contains only a resistor and an inductor. The voltage V of the
  100. Physics Multiple choice!!

    What is indicated by a smooth, upward curving line on a graph? a.) A linear relationship between x and y b) A inverse relationship betweeen x and y c.) A direct relationship between y and with the square of x d.) No relationship between x and y is