1. U.S. History

    U.S. Groups of the late 1700's and early 1800's . Women . children . indentured servants . Native Americans . African Americans . Working Class Which is one characteristic common to all groups listed above? A. They rarely attained landownership B. They
  2. physics

    We are doing the force table lab in class and now we are calculating the f equilibran and the equilibrant angle. I had no time graphing a solution and came up with the right answers by measuring, but we are also suppose to do it purely mathematically and I
  3. Math

    The first row of a concert hall has 25 seats and each row after the first has one more seat than the row before it. There are 2 rows of seat. 1)Write a rule for the number of seats in the nth row. 2)35 students from a class want to sit in the same row. How
  4. math

    Mrs. Bollo's second grade class of thirty students conducted a pet ownership survey. Results of the survey indicate that 8 students own a cat, 15 students own a dog, and 5 students own both a cat and a dog. How many of the students surveyed own no cats?
  5. Math

    For a 5 man baseball team how would I find the average? Would it be total hits divided by total at bats or add up 5 averages and divide by 5?
  6. English

    So for English we're doing poetry. With a partner we both wrote our own poems and compared them. We had to find one word that fits into both poems and we got the word "Change". Now we have to be able to read our poems while not boring the class by doing
  7. Spanish Stop-motion quote

    Hey guys, I'm making a lego stop-motion movie and I have a Mexican demolition expert character. =) I'll admit, this isn't homework and I havn't taken a Spanish class...but that's why I am asking for help. There are just two lines I'd like him to say in
  8. Math-ish

    Ag Bm 101 question: Graphing and Prices? The U.S demand for tomato imports from Mexico: Q=24-P The supply from Mexico: Q=6+P $1=10 pesos When I graph I get that 3 tomatos=$9 Us price, 90 pesos Then we have to adjust for price when $1=5 pesos. I got $18.
  9. Computer science

    3.We often come across the terminology like 6b-bit processor, 64-bit operating system and 64-bit system bus. Do you understand those terminologies? What exactly those numbers represent? Please find out the exact meaning of three terminologies above (give
  10. mathematics

    Allan makes two payments a year of $337 each for real estate taxes. He makes six payments a year of $216 for auto insurance. How much must he budget monthly to cover these fixed expenses? 2 How much will it cost to mail a first-class letter that weighs 2.8
  11. Anthropology

    If a friend were to say, “ He’s the president of the college” the term “president” would refer to an: a)status b)role c)social situation d)social relationship e)social interaction a group ranked in a system of social stratification into which
  12. Econ- labor union members

    I am studying labor unions in my Econ class and would like to ask a member a few questions:) Which labor union do you belong to? How long have you been a member? What do you see as the advantages of belonging to a union? What are the disadvantages? Thanks!
  13. statistics

    In this summer school class there are 28 male students and 15 female students. An experiment is done that consists of selecting a student at random, and recording their gender. This is done 4 times WITH REPLACEMENT. 1) Fill in the following probability
  14. computers

    Need help with writing an imageJ plugin which is in java. Here is the question: Create an ImageJ plugin for 8-bit grayscale images of arbitrary size that paints a white frame (with pixel value 255) 10 pixels wide into the image. Here is the current plugin
  15. English 3

    Choose the correct relative pronoun in the sentence: (answer I think is correct) Mrs. Eggelson tells _____ will listen about her health problems. whoever (whomever) The children argued about the actor _____ should receive the award. (who) whom Few people
  16. Physics help please

    A middle C (262 Hz) on a flute is heard when an air column that is 0.63 meters long resonates at zero Celsius. a.How fast will sound travel if the temperature increases by 10 degrees? b.By what factor will the frequency change?
  17. physic

    The windpipe of one typical whooping crane is 5.3 feet long. What is the fundamental resonant frequency of the bird's trachea, modeled as a narrow pipe closed at one end? (Assume a temperature of 35°C.) Hz Need Help? Read It
  18. Physics - Doppler Effect

    How fast is a car moving and in what direction if the frequency of the horn drops from 900 Hz to 875 Hz, as heard by a stationary listener? The air temperature is 0oC. How to solve? I have no idea...
  19. Social Studies

    I am doing well with my History class, but am struggling with a few end of chapter study questions. Please assist. What Philosophies of the enlightenment did monarchs adopt in Europe? A. They sought to use education to rationalize their political and
  20. college class

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), are helping Native Americans to advance? If anything, what
  21. math

    There are 57 students in class of 6th and 7th graders. There are twice as many 6th graders. How many 6th graders?
  22. Math 201

    I am having problems with this question in my math class. Consider a student loan of ​$25,000.00 at a fixed APR of 12% for 25 years. a. Calculate the monthly payment. The monthly payment is $263.31 b. Determine the total amount paid over the term of the
  23. PLEASE HELP MRS SUE history

    how did the settlers of the middle class develop their economy? farmers grew grains and other crops that they sold to other colonies farmers grew subsistence crops that were enough to feed themselves trappers and hunters sold animal pelts to france and
  24. physics

    what are some ways to transfer the motion of electric charge through a conductor? confused please help I am confused by the question. Electrons are moving because of thermal energy all the time in a conductor. To get them to drift in one direction mainly,
  25. aed

    Five Top Strategies to Keep Students Learning in a Calm Classroom Environment Strategy number 5 – Keep the lesson moving.(Classroom Expectations and Procedures for Two Different Age Groups ) (Time-Management Strategies for Continuity) If you have a
  26. statistics

    Heights of women have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 158 cm and a standard deviation of 8 cm. Using Chebyshev’s theorem, what do we know about the percentage of Women with heights that are within 3 standard deviations of the mean. What are the
  27. social studies

    Why is there no land in the North Pole??? I really don't know the answer and last week I had it for homework,and I got it wrong. Please answer my question soon because I can't move on in class until I understand why there's no land in the North Pole when

  29. graduate statistics

    A nursing professor was curious as to whether the students in a very large class she was teaching who turned in their tests first scored differently from the overall mean on the test. The overall mean score on the test was 75 with a standard deviation of
  30. math

    12 times x =144 does(12 times x)divided 4 =144 divided by 4
  31. Physics

    1.The mass of a string is , and it is stretched so that the tension in it is 180 N. A transverse wave traveling on this string has a frequency of 260 Hz and a wavelength of 0.60 m. What is the length of the string? 2.A rocket engine emits of sound energy
  32. Oop programming

    Write a program that inputs (from the user) the number of hours worked and hourly pay rate for employees and outputs their total pay. The program should process an arbitrary number of employees; the user will terminate input by entering 0 for hours worked
  33. math

    In a class of 29 children, each of 20 children has a dog and each of 15 has a cat. How many of the children have both a dog an a cat using Vinn Diagrams
  34. English

    The fifth grade class was 3/5 boys. Of those boys, 4/6 had brown hair. What fraction were boys and had brown hair?
  35. Math

    In a maths class of 13 students, 2/3 of boys and 1/4 of the girls love maths. How many girls love maths
  36. Math

    If Rachel is at 52% in her class and she gets 50% on her final exam (her final exam is worth 40% of her grade) then what is her final grade?
  37. science

    what speed is calculated as total distance traveled divided by travel time?
  38. Art

    Ms. Sue, I need to include these sentences I posted a few days ago to Writeacher. Thank you very much! 1) I'm forwarding you the link to the European Etwinning certificate of quality. 2) Online projects carried out among two or more European schools can be
  39. Econ stats

    Sidney Crosby’s score statistics for the regular 2007 championship season were used to construct the following table: Experimental Outcome (x), Number of Occurrences during the 2007 Season (0, 358) (1, 175) (2 28) (3 3) (4 10) a. Use the relative
  40. algebra

    solve by substitution 5x-2y = -5 y - 5x = 3 could someone take a min a show me how to do this problem by steps so i can do the rest of my problems and wait a min so i may ask questions. I m failing my algebra class and desparately need help. 5x-2y = -5 y -
  41. Statistic

    Final averages are typically approximately normally distributed with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 11. Your professor says that the top 6% of the class will receive an A; the next 24%, a B; the next 41%, a C; the next 18%, a D; and the bottom
  42. physics

    Please could someone advise me on answering this question. I need to explain why when infrared radiation falls on fluorescent material no visble light is emitted. Is this something to do with infrared being at the lower energy end of the spectrum? I would
  43. math

    In each case, consider what you know about the distribution and them explain why you would expect it to be or not to be norally distributed. a. The wealth of the parents of students attending your school b. The value that a group of fourth-grade students
  44. Physics - Re-post

    A .20 kg ball is attached to a vertical spring. The spring constant is 28 N/m. The ball is supported initially so that the spring is neither stretched or compressed, is released from rest. How far does the ball fall before brought to a momentary stop by
  45. english

    hi im indiya and im here to ask you a interesting question well my question is do you no a website about balanced reports based on why children are given homework? The why is simple: Practice. Humans learn by repetition spaced over time. The average task
  46. chemistry

    the frequency factor and activation energy for a chemical reaction ate A=4.8 x 10^-12cm^3 and Ea=11.1kJ/mol at 327 K respectively. Determine the rate constant for this reaction at 327K
  47. chemistry

    At body temperature (37°C), the rate constant of an enzyme-catalyzed decomposition is 3.0 × 108 times that of the uncatalyzed reaction. If the frequency factor, A, is the same for both processes, by how much does the enzyme lower the Ea?
  48. Physics

    The 17500 Hz whine of the turbines in the jet engines of an aircraft moving with speed 280 m/s is heard at what frequency by the pilot of a second craft trying to overtake the first at a speed of 380 m/s?
  49. Physics

    An AC power supply operating at a frequency of 220 Hz is connected across an inductor. The maximum voltage of the source is 4 V, and the maximum current is 65 mA. What is the inductive reactance? What is the inductance of the circuit?
  50. physics

    An FM radio station broadcasts its signal at a frequency of 9.15 ×107 hertz. Determine the wavelength of the signal in air. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a meter.
  51. physics

    A string has a linear density of 8.5*10^-3 kg and is under the tension of 280 N. The string is 1.8 m long, is fixed at both ends, and vibrating in the standing wave pattern. What is the speed, length, and frequency?
  52. Electric circuit and Electronics

    A triangular wave of +-12v amplitude and 10Mhz frequency is generated at the output of an op-amp.Calculate the minimum slew rate of the op-amp used.
  53. physic

    A particle of mass 10kg Move in a circular orbit of ratio 2cm with a linear velocity of 0.2m/s calculate the angular velocity, the frequency and the centripetal force
  54. Math

    Find the amplitude, frequency, and distance when t=3 a. y=-15cos((pi*t)/3)+5 b. y=120sin100pi*t I think the amp for a. is 15, the freq is 3/2 cycles per unit of time, and the distance is 20, but I'm not totally sure if I'm approaching this problem
  55. physics

    A tight uniform string with a length of 1.80 m is tied down at both ends and placed under a tension of 100 N. When it vibrates in its third harmonic, the sound given off has a frequency of 79.0Hz . Part A What is the mass of the string?
  56. Physics

    A fisherman's scale stretches 2.5cm when a 2.1kg fish hangs from it. What is the spring constant andwhat will be the frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down and released so that it vibrates up and down?
  57. physics

    A dry water well is 1.5 m in radius and 5.0 m deep. In order from lowest to highest, the fifth resonant frequency (harmonic) of this well is closest to ... Hint: The water well is not just an open-closed tube
  58. Physics

    The 17500 Hz whine of the turbines in the jet engines of an aircraft moving with speed 280 m/s is heard at what frequency by the pilot of a second craft trying to overtake the first at a speed of 380 m/s?
  59. physical science

    You are at a concert and you are located 91.2-m from the speakers. The frequency belting from the speakers are 291-Hz, if it takes 0.230-sec for the sound to reach your location what is the sounds wavelength?
  60. physical science

    You are at a concert and you are located 95.9-m from the speakers. The frequency belting from the speakers are 257-Hz, if it takes 0.503-sec for the sound to reach your location what is the sounds wavelength?
  61. Physics

    A fisherman's scale stretches 3.6 cm when a 2.7-kg fish hangs from it. (A) What is the spring stiffness constant? (B) What will be the amplitude and frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down 2.5 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down?
  62. physics

    Microwave ovens typically cook food using microwaves the a frequency of about 3.00 GHz (gigahertz 10 to the nine Hz). Show the wavelength of these microwaves traveling at the speed of light is 10cm.
  63. Physics

    A source produces 2000 sound waves in 4 seconds. The distance between two consecutive compressions is 55cm. Find the frequency, wavelength and speed of sound wave
  64. Physics

    Electrons are ejected from a metallic surface with speeds ranging up to 4.50x10^5 m/s when light with a wavelength of 615nm is used. (a) What is the work function of the metal? (b) What is the cutoff frequency for this surface?
  65. Economics 205

    Hello, I need to choose an industry to study for my economics class. I'll have to write about wheter the industry is elastic or inelastic. Any suggestions? Do you consider politics as an industry? Or education? THose would both be good ones to check out.
  66. Physics

    A golf ball is hit with an initial velocity of 15 meters per second at an angle of 35 degrees above the horizontal. What is the vertical component of the golf ball's initial velocity? a)8.6 m/s b)9.8 m/s c)12 m/s d)15 m/s I know you use 15cos 35 feta to
  67. Math

    a park is 3/4 mile long and 1/2mile wide. Which fraction represents the ratio of the parks length to its width? I did it by 3/4 divided by 1/2 this equals 1 1/2 or 3/2 Is this correct?
  68. Chem

    A 10.0% by mass H2SO4(aq) solution has a density of 1.07 g·cm-3. How many milliliters of solution contain 8.34 g of H2SO4? What mass (in grams) of H2SO4 is in 248 mL of solution? It's been a while since I have had a chem class...so sorry if this seems
  69. math

    Dino used three pieces of string to make a model of a triangle in art class. The lengths of two of the pieces of string were 3 inches and 8 inches. Which could be the length in inches of the third piece of string Dino used? A)2 B)8 C)5 D)3 I think D?
  70. Math

    When the teacher buys tennis rackets for his gym class, he must buy five more than three times as many tennis balls. Rackets cost $20 each and ball cost $1.50 each. How much does the teacher spend if he needs 17 tennis rackets?
  71. College Chemistry

    For my homework I got this problem that my professor never went over in class how to do it and I don't know how to interpret it. A chemist runs a second order reaction of A->B starting at 10mili moles/L concentration of A (and no B). After one hour the
  72. College Chemistry

    For my homework I got this problem that my professor never went over in class how to do it and I don't know how to interpret it. A chemist runs a second order reaction of A->B starting at 10mili moles/L concentration of A (and no B). After one hour the
  73. College Chemistry

    For my homework I got this problem that my professor never went over in class how to do it and I don't know how to interpret it. A chemist runs a second order reaction of A->B starting at 10mili moles/L concentration of A (and no B). After one hour the
  74. High School English

    I have to write an essay comparing how fear is used in Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. It is going to be in class tomorrow on my final exam. So far I have my three paragraphs: Fear of outside sources/unknown, fear of self, and fear of others. I have
  75. English

    Your topic is courtesy, and you're writing from the point of view of a caring mentor. Which of the following sentences is most persuasive for an audience of high school graduates from a working-class neighborhood? A. Courtesy to others shows self-respect
  76. Socal Studies

    I have a project in my Mysteries of History class in which I have to invent a serial killer and make a profile for them. I also have to make a fake newspaper article on the serial killer. I already have most of the things I need, but I´m not sure how my
  77. Computer Science

    2. Student that has a name, point and course count. The class should have methods that can: (a) add a grade to the GPA and GPA should be calculated and returned appropriately, (b) create duplicate of itself and return that duplicate, and (c) see if another
  78. english-creative writing

    I really want a list of strong words; nouns, adjectives, and verbs. For my creative writing class I really want strong, concrete words to place emphasis on the right spots in my writing. Thanks. P.S.I'm in high school so please keep that in mind when
  79. Need Help--ENGLISH

    What needs to be done to correct the following sentence? A first class employee is:dependable,loyal, and efficent. 1.Add a hyphen after the word first 2.Replace the colon with a comma 3.Remove the colon 4.Remove the colon and add a hyphen after the word
  80. MATH

    Kyle is making a model of an Egyptian pyramid for his history class. Each side of the pyramid he makes has a base of 18.6 cm and height 14.8 cm. Calculate the height of Kyle's pyramid to the nearest tenth of a centimeter. Don't I need an angle to calculate
  81. Spanish

    I am not taking a Spanish class, but I am reading a story with Spanish words in it. There is only one word and one two word phrase. The following are those. 1. abuelito 2. Está muerto Please help me with the following, I do not know what they mean. Also,
  82. Algebra

    James has to buy juice for his class party. There are several brands of juice at the store, and each container is a different size and price. Write a formula that will help James find the price per milliliter for each brand. Let x= price of juice, y=
  83. English singulars and plurals

    Question 1 A count noun describes something that what? cannot be divided into distinct units can be divided into distinct units has no plural has no singular Question 2 A noncount noun describes something that what? can be divided into distinct units has
  84. Math

    The student mr. Davis class either walk or ride the bus to school the number of students ride the bus is a tenant in the number of students who walk is 12 is there a 450 students in the school how many students total can you expect to ride the bus
  85. math

    a farmer wishes to enclose a rectangular region with 210 meters of fencing in such a way that the length is twice the width and the region is divided into two equal parts. what length and width should be used?
  86. Math

    1) in a possible class, Rosa will take a total of 4 tests. She has already taken 2 of the tests and received scores of 81 and 83. What is the least possible score Rosa can obtain on the third test to still obtain an average score of 85 on all 4 tests?
  87. English

    I am writing a paper for my research class and I am not sure I am using the right word in the sentence below. (This can include mental, physical, and emotional abuse that any member of a family conflicts on to another member of the family.) I am not sure
  88. 6 grade math

    Parents donated fudge for the Christmas fund raiser for your classroom.40 pounds of chocolate fudge sold for &2.15 per pound and vanilla fudge sold for $1.90 per pound.Your class made $158.20.How many pounds of fudge were sold.
  89. Physics

    Alright in my class we are learning about free fall and crap. I've wasted tons of time on thins one problem and it's now past midnight and I still haven't gotten it yet. ok Maria throws an apple vertically upward from a height of 1.3m with an initial
  90. government

    the best example of the use of random sampling to determine who will be elected as your school president would involve a. asking each student in your class whom he or she would vote for b. asking one student in each classroom whom he or she would vote for
  91. Business management class

    In global trade, when the difference between money coming into a country from exports and money leaving a country due to imports or money flows from other factors is known as the A. balance of payments. C. balance of trade. B. trade offset. D. trade
  92. Math

    I need to understand how to do the problem and not the answer. P.S. bobpursley, no offense but I didn't understand what your response meant. That information I already know but I need to know how to do the problem to get 213 as the answer. Anida won the
  93. statistics

    The students in your class with three children in their families are asked to state the number of boys in the family. What are the possible numbers? If X is the number of boys minus the number of girls in each of these families, state all the possible
  94. Computer science

    1.Fraction that has a numerator and a denominator. The class should have methods that can: (a) add and subtract two Fractions together and return the resulting Fraction, (b) create a duplicate of itself and return the duplicate, (c) see if another Fraction
  95. Physics

    A horizontal spring is lying on a frictionless surface. One end of the spring is attaches to a wall while the other end is connected to a movable object. The spring and object are compressed by 0.076 m, released from rest, and subsequently oscillate back
  96. Physics

    A horizontal spring is lying on a frictionless surface. One end of the spring is attaches to a wall while the other end is connected to a movable object. The spring and object are compressed by 0.074 m, released from rest, and subsequently oscillate back
  97. statistics

    Listed below are the duration's (in hours) of a simple random sample of all flights of a space shuttle program. Find the range, variance, and standard deviation for the sample data. Is the lowest duration time unusual? Why or why not? 71, 100, 237, 199,
  98. LAnguage arts

    Are these correct Neither Jake nor Sue gets seasick. Are Jake and they ready with their math project? Every one of the students I spoke to said he/she liked his/her math class. If a person loses his/her jacket, he/she can check the lost and found. Each of
  99. World History

    For what reform is Justinian BEST remembered? A. he healed the schism between the roman and byzantine churches by conquering constantinople during the crusades B. he pioneered the use of bank checks so that his subjects could have access to money wherever
  100. physics

    An ocean wave travels 17.1 m in 6.7 s. The distance between the two nearest wave crests is 5.1 m. What is the frequency of the wave? Answer in units of H