1. math

    suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y what class/level is this for 8th grade math
  2. Algebra 1

    A history teacher rented a bus for a class trip to the museum. The company charges $375 plus $.35 for each mile traveled over 150 miles. If the bus trip costs $424, how many miles was the trip?
  3. bioethics

    For my bioethics class I need to create a "political" cartoon about clinical trials. (I say "political" because it's not really about politics, just the general format of a political cartoon.) I was trying to think of something related to placebos maybe,
  4. Psychology

    I'm doing a presentation on Friday and I want to explain the General Aggression Model in more detail. I can't think of a way to explain "Aggressive perceptual schemata", "Aggressive expectation schemata", and "Aggressive behavior scripts" to the class. Any
  5. math

    Nelia takes 3/4 hour dress and get ready for school. it takes her 4/5 hour to reach school. if her class starts promptly at 8:15 am, what is the latest time she can jump out of bed in order not to be late for school?
  6. physics

    Tweety Bird hops up and down at a frequency of 0.4 Hz on a power line at the midpoint between the poles, which are separated by 18 m. Assuming Tweety is exciting the fundamental standing wave, find the speed of transverse waves on the power line. (Hint:
  7. Chemistry

    The equation for fermentation of glucose to alcohol and carbon dioxide is C6H12O6= 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 The enthalpy for the reaction is -67kj. Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic? Is the heat energy absorbed or released as the reaction occurs? I think its
  8. 8th G-Math

    Write an equation and show all work. One Monday, 405 students went on a trip to the zoo. All 7 buses were filled and 6 students had to travel in cars. How many students were in each bus? (My teacher taught the class but no one even understand, can you
  9. Business

    Identify and describe at least 4-6 problems that occur when managers complete performance reviews. Since the focus of our class is on decision making focus on decision issues in your findings. The temperament and skill of the reviewer plays a huge roll.
  10. communication

    Class, you have probably heard of 'Group think', in which members of a group basically agree with each other, regardless of how they personally feel about an issue. My question to you is, how does this impact healthcare decision making? Is this something
  11. Social Studies/World History

    hi I was doing a study guide for a big test I'm having in my World History class and I was wondering if anyone can help me answer this question... -what trends in political organization and economic development can be identified in 20th century world
  12. Math

    A teacher asks each student in the class to randomly choose a number between 1 to 80 and write it down. Devon and Michiko write down a number. What is the probability that both of their choices will be greater than 60? Express your answer as a decimal. If
  13. java programming

    Enhance bank account class by adding preconditions for the constructor and the deposit method that require the amount parameter to be atleast zero, and a precondition for the withdraw method that requires amount to be a value between 0 and the current

  15. english

    The poor woman had some _______(happy) days. Hari is the _____ (idle) boy in the class. The ______ (long) lane has a twining. Hunger is the ______ (good) sauce. I congratulated him on his ______ (good) fortune. There was not the ______ (slight) excuse for
  16. Geometry

    Given: ABCD is a parallelogram m∠A = 60º ; BK ⊥AD AK = KD; Perimeter of ABCD = 24 Find: BD. So I have this question it has been giving head aches and I am vary tired of doing, can you post the answer and the solution my class is starting in 2 hours,
  17. health

    i was wondering whether anyone came accross a tory in a newspaper or magazine recently about something unbelievable related to health. I have to facilitate a discussion in my life ed class about a health topic and i thought i would find an unbelievable
  18. Computer Science

    I am learning in my computer science class about algorithms. My teacher wrote on the board: n= 1 running time= 1 3 1+1= 2 7 1+2= 3 15 1+3= 4 31 1+4=5 63 1+5= 6 127 7 255 8 511 9 1023 10 How in the world does this happen? It has something to do with log n
  19. science

    Which techniques would you use if you were trying to detect the presence of a protein? Which techniques would you use to detect gene expression? How would you determine whether a tissue or cell was producing a steroid hormone? How would you confirm that a
  20. Statistics

    The mean graduation time is 5 years with a standard deviation of 6 months for the Monte Carlo College, in which the graduation time is related to the grade of the students. The class size is normally 40. Calculate how many students may graduate by the end
  21. Business Math - help needed

    Federal Express bought material handling equipment for its hub operations that cost $180,000. Using the MACRS, what is the depreciation expense in year 3 (using a five-year class)? A. $43,560 B. $34,560 C. $15,360 D. $40,000 Answer: B??
  22. Chemistry :(

    hello, i would be glad if someone answer to my question fast please as i am having a class test tomorrow. So here's the question: Q:An Alkaline with 16 carbons has a molecular formula of: (a)C16 H16 (b)C16 H34 (c)C16 H8 (d)C16 H32 (e)C16 H48 please tell me
  23. Spanish

    Write complete sentences to find out about the following people in spanish class. 1. Claudia y yo/estar/ cerca de la puerta? 2. La maestra/estar/contenta? 3. Los estudiantes/estar/ocupados? 4. Tu/estar/ delante de Ana? 5. Yo/estar/detras de Miguel? Can
  24. L.A

    In which sentence is the meaning of the word inarticulate best expressed? A. he impressed the audience with his inarticulate expressions B. the young girl was exceptionally animated and inarticulate. C. she had many ideas to share, but she was an

    I need to find the unit normal vector given: r(t)= ti + (6/t) j where t= 3 I know I need to find the unit tangent vector first, which is r'(t) divided by the magnitude of r'(t). r(t) can be rewritten as ti+ 6t^-1 r'(t) = i- 6t^-2 = i- [6/ (t^2)] j For the
  26. Physics

    (1) body is taken to depth of 32km below the surface of the earth. Calculate the percentage decrease in the weight of the body at this depth (The radius of the earth is 6400km) (2)A wire of mass per unit length 5.0gm-1 is stretched between 2 points 30cm
  27. Persuasive Essay (Please, help me!)

    Please, help me! I'm struggling to write my persuasive essay that must be completed by tonight. I don't know know whether that which I have written makes sense. I don't know what else to write, either! My essay is about why high school students should be
  28. Spanish

    What is the correct Spanish word ponare or poned or pomed? I have a hard time hearing the word on my online Spanish class, and I need to know what it means. I think it means 'to eat' or 'to put in mouth', but I can't quite hear how to pronounce it. Thanks!
  29. math

    sarah has a bag of mixed lollies.T?he bag contains toffees,mints,fruit drops,smarties,jelly beans,candies and licorice.She allows everyone in her class to choose 3 lollies,but they must not choose more than one of each kind.How many different combinations
  30. algebra

    which relationship can best described as casual? (1)height and intelligence (2)shoe size and running speed (3)number of correct answers on a test and test score (4)number of students in a class and number of students with brown hair
  31. business

    I am trying to answer some question for class I am needing to find and understand these theories can someone please explain them or help me find information on them I cannot find anything that I understand searching for these terms are they called some
  32. chemistry HELP DRBOB

    Calculate the sodium ion concentration when 80.0 mL of 4.5 M sodium carbonate is added to 30.0 mL of 1.0 M sodium bicarbonate. how do i solve this I don't really know where to begin.. is there a formula for finding concentration because we don't learn this
  33. Women's Issues

    I am writing a report for my current events class about women's issues. I am not allowed to use Wikipedia for my resources. Can someone direct me to some helpful websites or give some examples of women's issues besides inequality in the workforce between
  34. Math

    Frank teacher was teaching the class about fractions. She posted the fractions 1/7 and 3/9 on the board. Frank was supposed to answer what the least common multiple of the two fractions was. What did he answer? Help
  35. Math

    In a class of 29 males and females there are 12 females. Write the ratio of males to females. Solve. Express each ratio as a fraction reduced to lowest terms.
  36. rs aggarwal math class 8 chapter 8 soluation

    in a fraction twince the numerator is 2 more than the denominator . if 3 is added to the numerator and to the denominator , the new fraction is 2/3 . find the original fraction.
  37. Math

    A class has 5 girls 7 boys in seventh grade. 2 girls and 2 boys in eight. Randomly selects a seventh and eight grader. What is probability that the students picked are girls
  38. math

    Which is not a combination? A. Choosing 3 toppings for your Pizza. B. Lining 3 students up in a row. C. Choosing 2 toppings from a tray of 10. D. Choosing 5 students to represent a class of 30. Is the answer D? Thank you for your help.
  39. English

    I have to complete the text. I did with capital letter. Could you check it. When I applied to university, I WASN’T PLANNING ON studying a language. While I WAS SEEING courses, I talked to a counsellor who suggested it. He said many young people WERE
  40. Ms.Sue is this better?

    In the article The String Theory, by David Foster Wallace, there were three writing techniques that I noticed Wallace used. First, I think Wallace was informative and explanatory. He explained why there are some professional tennis players who are unknown
  41. Science

    1.A weatherman reports, “The storm waves are about 2 meters high and about 35 meters apart.” What properties of waves is the reporter describing? (1 point) A.frequency and wavelength B.wavelength and wave speed C.amplitude and wavelength D.amplitude
  42. commercial

    in vocabulary class, we have 2 make a comercial about vocabulary. Please help. I wan't 2 make this commercial perfect so my group can get A's.
  43. Civics

    I have a stock marketing project for my civics class and I don't know what 5 stocks to pick. I don't even know what stock is. =] What is it??
  44. math

    1/4 chose basketball 1/3 chose football and 2/5 chose cricket while 3 people chose tennis how many people were there in the class
  45. math

    your class had a pizza party. 3\8 of one pizza was left over after 4/8 of another pizza was left over .you put them both into one box. how much pizza do you have altogether?
  46. math

    in a class containing 32 students, a student can either do Government or History or both. If 16 students do Government, 18 do History and 3 do none of the subjects, find how many do both
  47. math 050

    There are 12 girls and 9 boys in the class. What is the ratio of girls to boys? Be sure the ratio is in simplified form.
  48. math

    of 10 girls in a class, 3 speak French.If two girls are chosen at random, what is the probability that both speak french
  49. History Class

    Why is religion not the main problem for the cause of war? Why is greed not the main problem for the cause of war? Thank you for you thoughts!!
  50. English

    When writing a paragraph about my goals in English class, should I list my goals in the topic sentence or later in the paragraph?
  51. Statistics

    Compare the standard deviation for the heights of males and the standard deviation for the heights of females in the class.
  52. Pythagorean Theorem

    i was given this in class: Pythagorean Theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2 1.) O = 30° & Φ = 60° 2.) O = 45° & Φ = 45° 3.) O = 0 ° How would you calculate the ratio for these sides/angles?
  53. stats

    The Title I coordinator for the district has been tasked with developing a plan to test two new intensive remediation programs for students with dyscalculia (like dyslexia, only numbers are the problem, rather than words!). The students are 60 8th graders
  54. stats ?

    The Title I coordinator for the district has been tasked with developing a plan to test two new intensive remediation programs for students with dyscalculia (like dyslexia, only numbers are the problem, rather than words!). The students are 60 8th graders
  55. algebra 2

    how do you solve quadratic equations by finding square roots i have no clue how to do this. I have fallen behind in my math class because my teacher is horrible. I need to learn this to understand everything in the section in the section. I beg someboody
  56. 9the Grade Honours English

    I need info on Aphrodite,Apollo,Atalanta,Perseus,Cerberus and the Minotaur for my honors English class.I have to make a book about them two pages per person.Please help!!! The links in this previous response by SraJMcGin should give you all the information
  57. Math ASAP-Rational

    Could you please help me with the following question: Square root of x^3=8 would I square both of the sides to undo it or would I cube each side? the answer is 2root2 2/2 Ms.Thomson's class consists of 12 girls and 13 boys. They all put their names in a
  58. division of fractions

    Division of fractions is sometimes said to be multiplication of inverses. Elaborate with an explanation and example. If you have a/b divided by c/d this is the same as a/b * d/c If e.g., we have 2/3 divided by 7/9 then we have 2/3 * 9/7 = 6/7 When dividing
  59. math

    When a number is divided by 42 the remainder is 39 and when it is divided by 36 the remainder is 33.find the number.
  60. math

    A certain number has a remainder of 3 when divided by 5. That same number has a remainder of 2 when divided by 4. If "y" is an integer between 10 and 40, what is one possible value of y?
  61. statistics

    A large school district would like to estimate the mean score for all of its 5th grade students on a certain mathematics achievement test known to produce scores that are normally distributed in this population. In a pilot study, n = 25 randomly selected
  62. essay cont. to Mrs. Sue

    I disagree with Petre’s view that colleges don’t help students in real life situations. It is true that colleges mainly focus on teaching students on what’s written in books. However, colleges do offer classes and variety of workshops that help
  63. statistic

    will you help with my statistic class
  64. Cryptography

    What is a Cryptography class????
  65. Math

    Karen is making a kite for her art class. To figure out the dimensions of her final kite, she studies a model of a kite shown below. She wants her kite to be similar to the model her teacher made. If the height of the right triangle in her finished kite is
  66. Physics

    The warranty on a new tire says that an automobile can travel for a distance of 92,000km before the tire wears out. The radius of the tire is 0.33m. How many revolutions does the tire make before wearing out? hello CJ I think we are in the same class. I
  67. chem

    What is the frequency of radiation whose wavelength is 26.80 Angstrum ? at first i got 1.000e17 and it was wrong. now i only have 1 more try. i tried it again and got 9.993e16 but i don't want to put it in unless its correct. can you guys check my work?
  68. Physics

    What is the threshold frequency for the photoelectric effect on lithium (phi= 2.93eV)? What is the stopping potential if the wavelength of the incident light is 400nm?
  69. physics

    Two eagles fly directly toward one another, the first at 15.0 m/s and the second at 23.0 m/s. Both screech, one emitting a frequency of 2600 Hz and the other one of 3800 Hz. What frequencies do they receive if the speed of sound is 330 m/s?
  70. biology

    Can someone please write me a summary about this article. Its hard to understand it ! : " The relationship between the volume of antimicrobial consumption in human communities and the frequency of resistance." thank you so much
  71. 10th grade

    What is the frequency of a photon with a wavelength of 2.50 102 nm? (The speed of light in a vacuum is 2.998 108 m/s. Planck's constant is 6.626 10-34 J · s.
  72. Physics

    What is the dimesnional formula of length, mass, volume, time, radius, force, frequency of evolution, velocity, gravity, tension
  73. physics

    Determine the frequency and period for a pendulum of length 250cm, mass of 500g, and amplitude of 25cm I don't understand how to do this, help would be appreciated! Thank you
  74. Physics

    What is the threshold frequency for the photoelectric effect on lithium (phi= 2.93eV)? What is the stopping potential if the wavelength of the incident light is 400nm?
  75. Chemistry

    I dont understand this. please explain the relationship between wavelength, frequency and energy of light waves and the difference between the types of electromagnetic radiation.
  76. Math Ms.Sue Help

    Which data value has the highest frequency? A) 1/16 B) 3/16 C) 3/8 D) 5/8 A number line with four x's above one sixteenth, one x above three sixteenths, one x above three eighths, two x's above one half, two x's above five eighth, and one x above three
  77. physics

    An american system of communication is based on the radio frequency of 76 Hz. Compute the wavelength of theses waves and compare it to the diameter of the earth.
  78. Physics

    write an equation that relates to frequency(f) applied to the string to the length(L) between the two fixed end points. This was from lab of standing waves.
  79. Chemistry

    If the electromagnetic radiation used to send television signals have a frequency of 3.0 * 10^9 Hz, what is its wavelength? I forget how to do a problem like this. Just taking a guess, is this somewhat a conversion equation?
  80. SCIENCE helppp!!

    Our sun is what scientists call a "yellow-green star." Does it emit energy in the frequency of red light? I have no idea!
  81. physics

    Two eagles fly directly toward one another, the first at 15.0 m/s and the second at 21.0 m/s. Both screech, one emitting a frequency of 3200 Hz and the other one of 3800 Hz. What frequencies do they receive if the speed of sound is 330 m/s?
  82. physics

    which of the following properties of a sound wave determines its pitch: wavelength, speed, amplitude, or frequency? Plese show work, Thank you, Silly
  83. physics

    Two eagles fly directly toward one another, the first at 15.0 m/s and the second at 21.0 m/s. Both screech, one emitting a frequency of 3200 Hz and the other one of 3800 Hz. What frequencies do they receive if the speed of sound is 330 m/s?
  84. Physics

    What is the threshold frequency for the photoelectric effect on lithium (phi= 2.93eV)? What is the stopping potential if the wavelength of the incident light is 400nm?
  85. Bio

    I have a question about genetic drift...wat is it actually...the book said that it random change in allele frequency but how does that happen??? and wats a founder effect?
  86. physics

    Two eagles fly directly toward one another, the first at 15.0 m/s and the second at 21.0 m/s. Both screech, one emitting a frequency of 3200 Hz and the other one of 3800 Hz. What frequencies do they receive if the speed of sound is 330 m/s?
  87. Trigonometry

    Given the equation for simple harmonic method d=1/12 sin(60 pi t) answer the following questions: b)Find the frequency i got 60pi c)Calculate the value of d when t=3 d)Determine the least positive value of t for which d=0.
  88. Chemistry

    What is the energy in Joules of a photon of light having a frequency of 1.000 1018 typical of the gamma ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum?
  89. Psychology 220

    1.65 (1 pts.) David is a junior at the local high school. The school's administration believes his recent emotional outbursts during class may be due to problems in his home life. Who might be best suited to deal with this situation? A) the principal B) a
  90. Introduction to Psychology

    Joaquin has been assigned a primary research project in his psychology class. He is to observe student behavior during a learning task andattempt to for a(an) ________. In order to do this, he must be able to describe principlesand events, and how they may
  91. Home Economics

    Produced from a blend of cheeses and America's most popular cheese Surely the answers to all these questions are in your textbook or in your notes from classes. (You do take notes in class, right?) If all else fails, put your main keywords into the search
  92. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue I'm REALLY having trouble with those question in my science homework. b. A man has a blood clot in his Femoral artery. Where is the clot? c. Where would a nurse take your radial pulse? E. How is the structure of a bone related to its function? Use
  93. Language arts

    I am writing a poem for class, so is this good? Love It can be perfect, it can be cruel, but can be broken by a fool. How can something so craveable, be breakable? One word misheard, one look is all it took, to end love. Love, you thief, you criminal, you
  94. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    HI I Like you to help me with my research on Attraction and repulsion of electrical charges If you would give me any links or websites and thank you alot thanx Check these sites. http://psych.hanover.edu/Krantz/neural/charge1anim.html
  95. Physics

    I'm doing a lab and all i need to know is how to derive an equation I'm accelrating over 5m on a flat surface and people timed it. I can average the time and now the time, distance, my weight and so forth I took down the class notes and got w = fd =
  96. Ethics

    I have a paper started for my ethics class, but I am not sure if it fits the "criteria" or not. I am supposed to write about an ethic group to which I belong. I decided to do White women. But then I am supposed to have how the group colonized or immigrated
  97. statistics

    Answer the question(s) based on the following situation: 150 students in a math class take the final exam. The scores on the exam have an approximately normal distribution with center ì = 65 and standard deviation ó = 10.The third quartile of the scores
  98. physics

    A grade-school teacher insists that the the overall sound level in his classroom not exceed 64 dB at his location. There are 25 students in his class. If each student talks at the same intensity level, and they all talk at once, what is the highest sound
  99. English

    Hello! Has anyone read the story "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant? If you had, can you give me some examples of a pre-reading, while-reading and post reading activity which I could do with my students in the class? ( students - 18 year olds, learning
  100. english

    What risks are inherent in closing a story like "Seperating" by John Updike with a question such as "Why?" Can a story about a middle-class suburban family bear the weight of a question like that? What does the young boy mean by that question--and what